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This Video Will Stop Gun Control – If It Goes Viral

Shiloh Gun Range
Shiloh Gun Range

Kit Daniels, of Infowars, has a good video interview at a Houston, Texas, gun range offering free CHL classes to members of the LGBT community that was overwhelmed by the response, and the manager reveals how to win over millions of people into supporting the Second Amendment:

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

Adan Salazar, also of InfoWars, has a companion piece to go with it:

Gun Range Selling Out Free Concealed Handgun Courses For LGBT

by Adan Salazar

A Texas firing range offering free concealed handgun courses to members of the LGBT community has had to open several new classes after being inundated with requests for lessons.

Owners of the Shiloh Gun Range on the outskirts of Houston say they’re doing their part to ensure their fellow Americans have the means to protect themselves following the tragedy that struck Orlando over the weekend.

Originally dedicating two days toward free classes, the gun range announced via Facebook Wednesday that “due to overwhelming demand” Shiloh Shooting would be offering additional classes.

“Please call us,” a recent Facebook post reads, “as we can’t access our voicemail due to the volume of calls and our email server has crashed due to the number of emails. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for all your support!!!”

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. This is great. Just what we need. That guy runs a fine business there and seems to have a big heart. The only problem I see with the video is the part where somebody is handing a rifle to those little girls. I personally do not have a problem with it as I am sure it was a safe and controlled environment but some anti gun idiots will have a field day with it and you can bet that will be the only part of the video they will be sharing with anyone. Its like handing ammo to your enemies.
    Just an observation.

    1. I agree Flinter that was not prudent and the rifle bolt was not visible as the port was closed so you could not tell if the weapon was safe from what I could tell. Even if he was their parent it was a huge safety concern.

  2. The Shiloh Gun Rang is an awesome company stepping up like this. Like Brandon Smith wrote, “Orlando Victims Died Because They Were Unarmed – Not Because They Were Gay”.

    I am also proud that Oath Keepers is offering to protect/train anyone fearing Islamic attack.

  3. The title of this post “This Video Will Stop Gun Control – If It Goes Viral”, is as goofy and glaringly-false as anything I have ever seen.

    NOTHING…did’ja read that, NOTHING will stop gun-control, barring an eradication of those of the Collectivist ethic/philosophy… and we all know that isn’t gonna happen.

    Government is utterly controlled, guided and ruled by Collectivism which is the ethic/philosophy that drives these who infest it. It is rogue, predatory, hell-bent on a global-state and driving directly toward totalitarianism.

    Government and the societal-collectivist useful idiots that enable and facilitate it (from both the left and right–a phoney paradigm), is focused on creating a government monopoly of force so that their plans can come to fruition without any meaningful or potentially effective opposition.

    It really is as simple as that.

    1. Cpt1, You are right in that Goverment is utterly controlled, guided and ruled by collectivism. Government is a machine and a predator that seeks out the weak and will do everything in its power to proliferate and expand at all cost. I do however disagree with the inevitableism and monarchal destiny with which you speak. This is brilliant that Shiloh is fighting fire with fire… Shiloh Range is adapting and overcoming… We can all learn from these patriots and best do so post haste. Freedom must be earned through the Consistent diligence of the people whom courageously march forward and overcome the machine and uproot its growth from its very roots. Rooting the weeds is continuous and never ending. But to state that the the battle has already been won by the machine is surely a death sentence to liberty. If liberty must perish than I no longer wish to be among the sheeple to be ruled by the monster machine. If that is the unchangeable destiny for liberty than I will cry those historic words at the top of my lungs,,,, “From my cold dead hands!!!” and “Give me liberty,, or give me death!” Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum!!!

      1. Appreciate the response. Obviously there is a misread/misunderstanding of what I intended to convey.

        My point was that there will never be an end to efforts to control people, in this exemplar, gun-control. If you inferred that I was calling the battle lost, that is incorrect.

        Barring a revolt/revolution/civil war finally being forced upon the percentage of people who wouldactually rebel at some unspecified point, there will never be a halt in the drive to gain a govt monopoly of force and the accompanying and requisite citizen disarmament to get it.

        We can stomp rats, cut heads off snakes, poison collectivist-gerbils, stave off a few gun-control efforts here and there whilst the overall control plan advances and we can continue to beat our heads against a political/electoral wall in attempts to stop gun-control but it ain’t gonna happen.

        There is a solution, albeit risk-fraught and with a slim chance of success…but, then, until the tipping point is reached or line is crossed (whatever those may be) gun-control will NEVER cease being pushed, enacted and advanced to whatever degree…and advance gun-control they will.

        I did not call for giving up, nor did I call for defeatism. I merely assessed the overall situation, the falsity of the article’s title and the reasons why that is so.

        As for me, I refuse to comply, I refuse any compromise, I will not obey, I will consistently, directly and forcefully confront all anti-Liberty goverment actions and confront and resisst those same calls for action coming from the collectivists in the populous.

        Hope that clarifies.

      2. You are exactly correct. The problem is, too many hope it isn’t so and that it will “go away” without anyone having to make the sacrifices that have always been demanded for freedom.

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