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Sheriff Clarke speaks at the NY Oath Keepers 2nd Annual Awards Dinner

Sheriff David Clarke

Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. spoke at the NY Oath Keepers 2nd Annual Dinner. As you will see, Sheriff Clarke speaks forthrightly. He doesn’t mince his words.

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Shorty Dawkins



    1. Thanks, Chip. Hopefully the award was inscribed ‘Warren Wilhelm’ and will sit in a place of prominence in hizzonor’s office.

      1. Changing the subject to a true Patriot, Sheriff Clarke is a leader!. It is great the Oath Keepers had him speak at the second Annual Dinner in New York. He speaks with great conviction and truism!

  1. Dear Oathkeepers site, The audio for this very important speech came through to me with interference and it couldn’t be understood, both on your site and also on youtube. Can you put a transcript of this speech in your news feed? I sure would appreciate it. Thank you, PDS

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