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Paradise Stolen – Episode 5 – Why We Are Poor

Paradise Stolen

I found this video, by Stefan Verstappen, that, in simple terms, explains why we are poor, and struggle to feed, clothe and house our families. We are tax slaves. Economic serfdom has been imposed on us by the Powers That Be (PTB). We are led to believe, by the media, our politicians and globalist moguls, that we are to blame for our economic serfdom, when it is the PTB that have carefully crafted a system (for the benefit of all, of course) that keeps us in slavery for the benefit of the few. We have been brainwashed and manipulated into not just cooperating with this economic slavery, but for many, it is the New Utopia, and they scream for more egalitarianism, even as the boot upon our necks is sucking the lives out of us. If a slave doesn’t realize he/she is a slave, are they really slaves? Does it matter if we work our lives to support our own slavery, if we can choose from hundreds of TV channels? When is enough enough? – Shorty Dawkins

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. There is always a cost of running a country blaming the government is
    Like anti gun people. Guns don’t kill people kill. We
    L government isn’t the problem. The constitution is all about how to set up a government. Guns like government can be a force for good or bad. Both sends on who’s hand it is in. Today’s people in government set it up so a few take the biggest chunk of productions gains and we get what is left. Facts are a
    Lmost all production gains have been going to the top few with capital. And less for the rest of the people. I can’t see how one an is 100 million dollars a year smarter and works harder than all his employees who do the work that caused the gains in production the pay you but also pay themselves.I am a capitalist thru and thru. But there is something wrong here

  2. These are epic times as we watch a world government positioning themselves for the total dominance of society by gradually curtailing “free speech.”

    (WE) cannot emphasize this more, “what happens in Europe will be in America soon.”

    Destroying a country by destroying freedom begins with the take-down of political dissent, thought and opinions. Gun confiscation is necessary to enable tyrants to control speech. That is why America will be the last country to fall, if THEY are successful.

    Like a prison….the inmates get $.90 cents an hour to build furniture, sew clothing material, and make license tags, etc for the government. Slave labor of those that broke B.S. laws created by a bunch of bureaucrats that maintain their life styles through corruption, stealing from approved budgets, and spending tax payer’s money on projects that foreign governments partake from.

    Like a prison, the American people are told what they should eat, vaccines they must take, mandatory health care at rates THEY set, where you can and cannot live, what color you must paint your home, the type of fence you must install, where you must send your kids to school, where you cannot arm yourself, rain water you cannot collect, ponds you cannot create, gardens you cannot plant, and soon enough….what you can and cannot say on the internet with the issuance of an “International Social Score.”

    They want a “Prison Planet” and the plan is underway around the world…..

    Keeping populations at-bay by keeping them working many jobs to occupy their minds and social behavior, the “false flag’ scams, like ObamaCare to feed the insurance companies and causing small businesses to reduce their work force to under 40 hours, while at the same time….the demand for $15/hr will ultimately shutdown small businesses.

    What this creates is a massive welfare state with all the bells and whistles of enslavement. The mega corporations increase their profits as mom and pop businesses fail, and government grows exponentially. Freedoms become reserved for only the compliant and globalists dictate the laws. What follows is THEIR collapse and massive deaths from war.

    The people will only take so much, but in the meanwhile….they’re being hoodwinked into believing that a socialist / communist way of life is the best solution for predatory capitalism.

    Therefore….we can see there are two trains on one track, both are heading on a collision course, and we are stuck in the middle.

    We either have to get off the track, stay out-of-sight and out-of-mind, or prepare to fight. To prepare is what THEY are attempting to stop, because THEY know it’s all coming to a head.

    Russia is the globalist’s solution to restructuring America and Europe by provoking a war that THEY know will be the end for (us), while they hide in their mega bunkers around the world.

  3. It seems these days that the thugs that have taken over the U.S. government consider everything you do is a special privilege granted by them if you pay the right amount of money. Name one thing in your day to day life that the government isn’t trying to control and extort money from you for for the right to live. Your taxes are suppose to pay for the conservation and management of nature. I have no problem with checks and balances of that. Then when you want to enjoy nature you are told you need to pay yet again to enjoy it through a special license. What happened to the money myself and billions of others originally paid for through our taxes? I call it double taxation! We have to pay once again through our taxes to keep a so called justice system alive and well. Yet when you need to use it, you once again have to feed to organized money machine once again. So I call it double taxation once again. I asked once why there are court coast and was told we have to pay for the judges and court personnel’s time. So what are they getting paid for in the first place? I recently noticed a bridge tax on my vehicle registration. Yet two and a half years ago we had a flood that wiped out numerous bridges. Once again two and a half years later only a couple bridges have been repaired and the rest have road blocks and detour signs still to this day! Last but not least I am turning sixty years old. I received a letter from social security about what I can expect when I retire. Once again I am told how much of my money they forcefully took from me I am allowed to have. I am also told that I am only allowed to make a certain amount of money outside of that which is not enough to even live in poverty! Once again I am told If I try to make ends meet by earning more than they allow me, they will take the money from me. So why is the government so determined to keep me in a poverty state when I retire? Who wrote these laws? Certainly not the people! I call treason upon our government for these actions! A government who is so intent to keep keep people repressed is not a government for the people and is not what was written in our constitution!

  4. Quite right and good example.. As, Technology has always increased applicable taxation in one form or another, regardless of industry or Government. It’s “Crony Capitalism” is in which is the Cronies and their companions which capitalize in the consummation of the consumer through corruptive innovations of profitable deceit previous to conquest. The example, from tree to consumer was very good. Though, I believe various corporate industries such as MSM/Entertainment, Morality, Finance/Banking, Indebtedness, Investments/Shareholding/Speculating, War,Government/Politics, Defense, Energy/fuel and food would have would have utilized all space and time available. Profiteering from From another’s occupation of Cradle, to their Life and unto to their Grave is synonymous as to the destruction of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” (alter, control and delete) in which “Independence” is forever forbidden. Where death is never denied, Life is in one form or another.

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