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James Jaeger At The Daily Bell

MAINSTREAM — How the Hollywood Movies and New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda



Your editor Elias Alias here with exciting news about one of Oath Keepers’ more dynamic RT&I projects. I will merge material from previous postings with exciting new updates about this project.  There are several outstanding new developments which I’ll unravel below, and more details to share at bottom of this article.

Our regular readers already know that I am involved in countering the MindWar assault on the national psyche. My premise for years has been that the public perception has been influenced deliberately to de-sensitize and distract the American people. Consequently, when James Jaeger told me he was going to do a movie/documentary film on Hollywood and the New York media, I jumped to accept his invitation to work with him on the production of that film.

James Jaeger of Matrix Entertainment is now in production on a documentary film about how our mental states and general perceptions are being manipulated, by design, for the purpose of reinforcing public acceptance of secretly planned policy.  MAINSTREAM is a piercing look at the marriage between the Globalists, Hollywood, and the Mainstream Media. Yes; that is directly in line with my field of interest. But what also is cool is that James has filmed Oath Keepers founder, Stewart Rhodes, and Oath Keepers national Chaplain, Chuck Baldwin, to help develop James’ thesis — which is carried in his film’s sub-title:

How the Hollywood Movies and New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda

James has posted 21 new snippets by various experts who will add luster and depth to this film, and you may see all of them now at the website for MAINSTREAM. Click > here <

Additionally, all snippets are now in a playbook at YouTube, > here <

Let’s look at a snippet from Stewart Rhodes’ role in James’ movie:

Stewart Rhodes is in MAINSTREAM talking about how the mainstream media routinely demonizes Oath Keepers.  As Stewart points out, the SPLC is one source for misinformation about Oath Keepers, and I would add the ADL into that mix. Oddly enough, the idiots at the unlawful, unauthorized Department of Homeland Security believe the liars at the ADL and SPLC. I will give two examples. These were published at Oath Keepers back in 2011, but have since been lost, so I am reposting from my personal notes and other sources here.

The ADL’s report had this to say about Oath Keepers, to whom ADL devoted a special page:

The Oath Keepers

One manifestation of the ideology of resistance to the government was the creation of the Oath Keepers group in March 2009. Formed by Stewart Rhodes, a Nevada lawyer and sculptor and former staffer for Representative Ron Paul, the Oath Keepers is a group that deliberately targets police officers and military personnel for recruitment into the anti-government movement. Its basic pitch is to remind such people that they swore an oath to defend the Constitution “from all enemies, foreign and domestic,” and to suggest that now is the time to live up to that oath by resisting an allegedly tyrannical government. “Such a time is near at hand again,” declares the Web page of the Oath Keepers. “The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of the military and police.” The Oath Keepers refuse to cooperate with the “tyrannical government” by making a declaration that there are certain “orders” from superiors that they will refuse to obey…

Stewart Rhodes is right — they came at Oath Keepers, no holds barred, right out of the gate.

But to carry on, Chuck Baldwin, Oath Keepers’ national Chaplain, has his own take on the ADL (and similar ilk, such as SPLC and  DHS etc.). Let’s watch Chuck dish some brave truth for the movie MAINSTREAM.

But what about the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)? They have an attitude about Oath Keepers also, it would seem. There is this from Intelligence Report, Fall 2009, Issue Number:  135 

Quoting from the SPLC’s article:

[ … ] Swearing at the Government

Oath Keepers, the military and police organization that was formed earlier this year and held its April muster on Lexington Green, may be a particularly worrisome example of the Patriot revival. Members vow to fulfill the oaths to the Constitution that they swore while in the military or law enforcement. “Our oath is to the Constitution, not to the politicians, and we will not obey unconstitutional (and thus illegal) and immoral orders,” the group says. Oath Keepers lists 10 orders its members won’t obey, including two that reference U.S. concentration camps.

That same pugnacious attitude was on display after conservatives attacked an April report from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that suggested a resurgence of radical right-wing activity was under way. “We will not fear our government; they will fear us,” one man, who appeared to be on active duty in the Army, said in an angry video sent to the Oath Keepers blog…

Here is a prediction — the ADL, SPLC, and Department of Homeland Security are all going to go bonkers over this movie, and they will be hammering the mainstream media to do its best to discredit the film in the mass mind of public opinion, which they dominate — which is why James is making this film.

It’s “on”, Friends!

The war for the mind of mankind is definitely “on”. And Oath Keepers is on the front lines in that war. That is where James Jaeger’s documentary films come in handy, like big guns on the front lines of MindWar.  Oath Keepers was all over MOLON LABE and MIDNIGHT RIDE, and now we’re on board with producing  MAINSTREAM. While the world is going crazy around us, we are preserving the sanity of Constitutionally-safeguarded self-governance of, by, and for a free people.

The calm, confident genius of Dr. Edwin Virira, Jr. and G. Edward Griffin are merged in this movie/documentary with the fire of Stewart Rhodes, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, TV star Sam Chew, 9/11 Truth founder Richard Gage, and others who are fearlessly exposing the controllers who forge the public perception which has permitted our “America” to grow into  a despised hegemonic empire, a sorry bastardization and perversion of this nation’s founders’ vision. This movie will go a long way toward informing the public about the Corporate Dynasty, and it will put truth on the record for once and for all. Check out this power-packed three-minute trailer for the movie:

To illustrate the criminal motive behind global control of the American media, let’s look at a snippet from another expert who has been interviewed for this movie —  a personal friend and world-renowned  truth-seeker, Mr. Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. Richard Gage has inspired more than three thousand architects and engineers to sign his petition for a new investigation into how three steel-frame buildings were destroyed/demolished on September 11, 2001. Yet the mainstream media goes totally frenzied in covering that up for the power brokers. Richard remains assured and confident and never wavers. As with Oath Keepers’ mission to restore the 2nd Amendment; as with Edwin Vieira’s books which light the way back to the Militia of the several States; as with the Ron Paul revolution; and as with Nikola Lonchar’s mission to promote alternative energies envisioned by Nikola Tesla — so too the media ignores or invalidates the thousands of architects and engineers Richard Gage has brought together in demanding a fully independent investigation into the destruction of three skyscrapers on 9/11.  The mainstream would cover-up Richard’s science, and the soul-chilling truths that science would reveal.  Check out Richard Gage:

Mainstream_smallWant to help? Contribute here:

How Oath Keepers helps James document important truths on film is simple — we do not use funds from our general fund, but instead, we solicit support directly from our membership and friends and other supporters by linking them to James’ production site. I work with James as one of his associate producers by writing articles for Oath Keepers’ national website and sending emails to our readership. James makes very classy documentaries with well-known experts such as Edwin Vieira, G. Edward Griffin, Ron Paul, Stewart Rhodes, Chuck Baldwin, Pat Buchanan, Alex Jones, etc etc. This film will take viewers into the workings of the Hollywood and New York propaganda machinery, revealing the complicity of media and entertainment corporations with the one-world government agenda. It is important to document such things for coming generations, and nothing preserves history better than well-done documentary films. Please send James your support to help us get this movie documentary completed. That link again —

So I would invite all Oath Keepers and friends to spend some time at the website for this new film and view the various clips James has mounted there — look all about the site, and then see what you can do to help us get this film made, yes? Thank You!

Below is the latest progress report from James Jaeger to his associates:

    Dear MAINSTREAM Associate,


We have been very busy interviewing for the production of MAINSTREAM – How the Hollywood Movies and New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda.  I am thus happy to announce that we now have 8 great interviews “in the can” as follows:

CHUCK BALDWIN, Pastor/Radio Host

G. EDWARD GRIFFIN, Author/Producer

JOHN CONES, Entertainment/Securities Attorney

KEN GULLEKSON, Hollywood Screenwriter

NIKOLA LONCHAR, Founder Tesla Science Foundation

PAUL GIBBONS, Technical Director

RICHARD GAGE, Producer, AE9/11Truth

STEWART RHODES, Founder Oath Keepers

SAM CHEW, Hollywood Actor

Also completed are two trailers, the first narrated by Dan Fishman and the second narrated by Kris Chandler.  You can see both trailers, as well as clips of the experts interviewed, at

If you would like to read the narration script or see the budget and 1-sheet for the movie, they are all available at the official site at

*     *     *

MAINSTREAM traces Hollywood’s origins from the early art-driven movie moguls to the profit-driven corporations of today. With the government-decreed divestiture of movie theaters in 1948, the Golden age of Hollywood was destroyed.

Along with this destruction of the “studio system,” movies became increasingly formulaic, exploitative, violent and produced by a small “control group” of insiders.

Then, with the advent of TV and various influences from Europe, Hollywood movies descended into a morass of political correctness that gave birth to what we now know as the MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

Now governed by just 6 huge conglomerates, Hollywood movies and the New York-based media (collectively the MAINSTREAM MEDIA) have become involved with hundreds of predatory, unethical and often times illegal business practices that result in discrimination against talents, crews, executives and whole populations.

Worse, the movies and network news have become a tool of the Globalist Agenda, an agenda to outsource the U.S. manufacturing base in the name of “free trade” and destroy the American Middle Class in the name of “stockholder value.”

Hollywood has become one of the “big bad” corporations it endlessly dramatizes in its movies. And all this started as an unwanted consequence of government intervention into the right of the movie moguls to market their own movies in their own theaters.

*     *     *

Unless the American public better understands how Hollywood and the New York media have become corrupted and are now working to indoctrinate WE THE PEOPLE into an acceptance of Marxist ideology on the left and fascist ideology on the right — we are doomed to lose the Republic.  And since the Mainstream Media controls 90% of what everyone sees, reads and hears, there is little chance most of the films, books and websites offered to the American public by people who support the U.S. Constitution as originally intended by the Founders, will get past the media trolls on the bridge to Liberty unless their actions are exposed.

So stop donating to political campaigns and causes that will inevitably be ignored or derailed unless the Mainstream media is handled first.  Watch the trailers and clips we have posted for MAINSTREAM so you get an idea of the show and donate what you can by going to

Believe me, this is one movie the Mainstream Media does NOT want coming to a theater near you.




P.S.  Thank you for all you have done for these movies, and this one, our 8th production.  You are greatly appreciated and all of these movies you have helped make possible are up on the Internet at as free public services.



Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. The elite-owned media furthers its agenda by spewing propaganda via all the outlets they control. Print, broadcast, Hollywood movies and more the common folks are bombarded with propaganda intended to indoctrinate those folks into methods of thinking and behavior that the elites desire.

    Elite is a general term I use for those folks and their corporate entities who have the wealth to put themselves into positions that allow them to act as tyrants. On a different level is the indoctrination conveyed via the educational systems. Government is often involved with “school indoctrination” but the influence of elites and their corporate systems is funneled through their strong influence over government thus no escaping the tyrannical self-serving desires of the cadre of self-serving greedy & power-hungry minority at the top of the socioeconomic pile.

    This stuff is very complicated and convoluted and hard to define and describe. That assists the tyrannical folks in getting their way while successfully indoctrinating a large portion of the populace. Pay attention to Elias Alias and his comrades for they can explain the ongoing scam far better than I can.

    1. Obbop,
      Thank you for the flowers. 😉
      And thank you for reading and commenting here.
      You are always on the mark, and your years away from Television (which you’ve mentioned in another comment at this site) are justified in your objectivity and your powers of awareness and self-ownership.
      You are right, that the problem of mass-mind programming is “complicated and convoluted and hard to define”, but that is my personal hobby — looking for the hidden persuasions pumped mightily into the mass-mind’s perception, and looking to identify those who benefit from that sort of consciousness engineering. Methinks thee and me see the same picture.
      Allow me to send you some clicks by introducing our readers here to the “Disgruntled Old Coot” —

      Thank you, Bro.

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