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Oath Keeper Testimonial

Tom Pain

Testimonial: “Flowers from Algernon”

By Tom Pain


“Now that you can see, what do you see in the world?

My eyes are new.

And what do they see Mr. Gordon?

Things as they are. And what they are becoming.

Can you give me an example, Mr. Gordon?

No sir, you give me one.

Modern Science – Rampant technology, conscience by computer.

Modern Art – Dispassionate draftsmen.

Foreign Policy – Brave new weapons.

Today’s youth – Joyless, guideless.

Today’s religion – Preachment by popularity polls.

Standard of living – A television in every room.

Education – A television in every room.

The world’s future – Brave new hates, brave new bombs, brave new wars.

The coming generation – Test tube conception, laboratory birth, TV education, brave new dreams, brave new hates, brave new wars, a beautifully purposeless process of society suicide.”

Parents of children should pay far less attention to what is said in media propaganda in favor of paying far  more attention to actions that are taken and the events that unfold in the real world. To that end I decided to use my best intelligence and the vast knowledge base at my disposal to determine the existing, probable, and potential threats to a family’s long-term safety and survival by ascertaining as best I could the ulterior motives and agenda of the global ruling class; otherwise known as the “Super Class’ as depicted by American author David Rothkopf in his tell-all book about “The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making.” In order to accomplish that aim I deigned long ago back in 2001 to acquire an in-depth knowledge of history with a well-honed critical eye for disinformation, coupled with a grasp of our past and present day geopolitical circumstances. It was a long road to haul that was fraught with paranoia that I came to know these things. I spent ten long years teaching countless thousands of listeners my insights as I discovered them, but it was the skeptics who berated and challenged me along the way that helped me the most to achieve my goal.Throughout those ten long years I would on occasion come across others like myself teaching similar like-minded insights, but we were a very few and far between minority. The stress I endured in my endeavor was torturous at times, but I persevered. It would seem that together without any formal affiliation, or organization we few achieved a critical mass in 2011.

I retired from my teaching activities years ago when the very few of us became many and the knowledge we had been disseminating took root in the public consciousness and became self-replicating.

We should all pay particular attention to the strategic goals of the transnational super class who are in fact the global ruling class. These Globalists have been engaged in the methodical eradication of the nation-state as we have known it for quite some time now and that knowledge is essential for any intelligent analyses of the real world. Realization and confirmation of as many indisputable facts as possible towards connecting the dots to aid in interpreting what is at play in the big picture is a never-ending task for us little people. Most of us lack the wherewithal to endeavor to uncover such insights due to our preoccupation with day-to-day living and the constraints it places on our time. Some fifteen years ago the United States Government by way of the Veterans Administration awarded me the certification and funding to endeavor full-time in the aforementioned regard. I could be specific in this writing with damning details. I could point fingers at personalities and organizations who are guilty of contemporary crimes against humanity, but I won’t. This is an essay; not an indictment, or a report. The truth is out there for those determined enough to seek it. Knowledge of what is really going on in the world is essential not only for all of us to adapt to the radical changes, but to take the necessary precautions to ensure our very survival and that of our children. The domesticated will accept their lot in life and willingly dig their own grave. The “Darwinian Man” will dig a foxhole for his family. The fight-or-flight response of the herd generally results in a deadly stampede. In the final countdown the law of the jungle is the only instinct that will matter. It will be the radiant being, with brain far-seeing who will survive.

Population control by means of war, famine, and plague have for millennia been the preferred methods of the ruling class. The current global depopulation agenda will continue to use them and speed the process with unethical medical and scientific practices. That our air, food, and water are either tainted or contaminated is a fact that can no longer be dismissed as merely the scream of conspiracy theorists. All these things and more have become an “in our face” direct threat to our health, longevity, and increasingly to our very lives. That the earth is undergoing the incremental imposition of a world-wide authoritarian police state managed by technocrats has become a self-evident well-reasoned assessment. Prearranged conflict in the Middle East egged on by the great powers has long been a no-brainer due to the religious conditioning of Christians and Muslims and no amount of cushy sounding words from talking heads will avert the inevitable conflicts which are more often than not determined by clandestine planners who script events than it is by those who do the killing and the dying. Conflict on a global scale involving the militaries of the major powers has already been scripted and we should assume at the very least that it is the fallback plan in the event any threat to derail current global planning emerges. Why else would the great powers build so many
underground complexes around the world? Given the time of their completion, one would have to assume those who ordered them to be built already knew in advance they would be needed. When protecting your children you should always err on the side of caution and plan ahead accordingly for the worst case scenario.

The never ending war on terror and the resulting chaos has morphed into a clash of civilizations. This not only promotes depopulation, but also serves to justify the further erosion of liberty. That part of the solution is to upend entrenched cultural and religious mores by labeling them radical was by design. The move towards a policy of multicultural behavioral modification of the human herd has long been a chief goal of the Super Class. The discredited science of eugenics long ago changed its name to genetics and its funding was poured into micro-biology, but the purpose behind eugenics lives on in the new science. The traditionally immoral alternative lifestyle along with transgender modification now being promoted as a human right is not only good for depopulation, but further serves the state by manufacturing same-sex plastic parents to foster children taken away from their natural parents by the social engineering specialists who have the unenviable job of destroying the traditional family units who refuse to abide by the new state common core set of values. Parents who refuse to medicate, vaccinate, or indoctrinate their children to meet state standards will increasingly be targeted and harassed into compliance. The alternative is their children are taken into state custody to be traded like commodities in the for-profit bureaucratic quagmire of the misnomered social services industry. The masses have been made to live in a PSYOP manufactured reality disseminated through every form of media to include the entertainment industry. Anesthetization of people from the cultural shock of these changes with propaganda and drugs, be they pharmaceutical or illicit, was dreamed up long ago. The psychological condition of “learned helplessness” will in time douse the light of the human spirit, paving the way for the dawn of a new “Dark Ages.” A freshly painted brave new world will emerge to portray a modern feudalistic landscape.

Consider President Obama’s promise to “fundamentally change the United States.” His intention is best exemplified by current immigration policy which is intended to cause what is termed “cultural diffusion.” Never mind the fact that it will invariably lead to incidents of racial and religious “Helter Skelter,” outbreaks of which we have already witnessed in the media. It is well worth researching the term “Obamanomics” for even greater insight into the machinations of government policy. Liberty must be sacrificed on the altar of change in order to destroy all nationalist forms of government. That government “by and for the people” along with its pesky constitution and bill of rights is in the way of change was determined long before Obama became President. Social unrest, either real or imagined due to media hype, is desirable to justify a more heavy-handed police state, especially at the more centralized Federal level. Hegelian Dialectic, or “Order out of Chaos,” has long been the most powerful tool of change available to the ruling class, and with the new military grade AI computer program simulations available to test the mass psychological effects of various stressors on entire populations it has been taken to a new level of precision more aptly termed “the long range penetration strain”. These changes leave people with a feeling of uncertainty and insecurity, isolated and perhaps even afraid. Unable to identify the cause of the social, moral, and political changes that are undesirable, yet continually increase in intensity some dare to call it treason and sing “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition.” I call it our evolution, and say “Praise be to G_d from whom all blessings flow.” We are witnessing the birth of a new species as man evolves from animal to insect. The once unhappy serf will become the happy drone.

Copyright © 2015 – Thomas William Almond. All rights reserved.


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