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Oath Keeper Testimonial

Grant Freeman

Grant Freeman:

Testimonial: Well, it took me 46 years to figure out my purpose in life, and I found it in my name. It’s always the last place you look. Anyway..

I still love & believe in this country, and I’m proud of the promise I made to God to defend it & the United States Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic -until the day I die.

I will search for truth & justice, and when I find it, I will share it with firmness & kindness to others – and even those who oppose this mission, for that is part of the promise I made.

What I will NOT do, is submit and conform to a crooked, evil group of government thugs run by U.N. Dictators who have become the enemy.

Evil always tries to represent itself as good.. but good always triumphs over evil.. And when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty!

I will meet oppression with resistance. This war is a war for the minds of good Americans, and I will prevail along with my brothers and sisters under God, with courage, determination, honor, liberty, and the continuous pursuit of freedom for all.

I will never quit, and NEVER give up. Ooo-rahh.

Grant Freeman. U.S.A.N.G. Ooo-rahh.


Shorty Dawkins