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Oath Keeper Testimonial


Patrick Lubben:

Testimonial: My oath is not just words to me. When I say the words to myself they light a fire in the very core of my being that any true patriot can relate to. The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and the oath all active duty personnel take is easy to forget and overlook. I take my oath seriously. On December 1st 2008 I swore to God that I would defend my country and my constitution and I will die a thousand times before I allow these things to be taken away. If the time comes to pick sides I solemnly swear that the people of this glorious country will know that I will stand at their side even if it means my death, because sometimes that’s what it takes change things. If my life means that this country will be safe I will not hesitate to give it.
-Semper Fidelis
-LCpl Lubben, Patrick J


Shorty Dawkins