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NavyJack – Understanding the Campaign to Destabilize the United States


Any discussion regarding the current destabilization of our nation invariably results in a demand to know who is responsible. Instead of keeping you in suspense, hoping that you read the rest of this article, I am going to tell you upfront that the person responsible is your next-door neighbor. That’s correct, your neighbor is responsible for the rapid down-spiral of our country. They did not value their freedom, liberty and rights. Very bad people, many being American,  figured this out when we interred citizens of Japanese descent during World War II and have been working on taking control of our country ever since. Don’t feel like this is a purely American issue, Germany did the same and much worse to their Jewish citizens. Stalin and Chairman Mao used the same tactics.  In the end, the willingness of a people to allow their government to strip citizens of their rights with a promise to provide for a slight measure of safety and security is the weapon that aspiring dictators have used for centuries.  Now many of you may think of yourselves as either a good Republican or good Democrat.  What people that think this way fail to recognize is that upon the assassination of John F. Kennedy, our two-party system ended. Eisenhower warned us this would happen, he even told us who would take advantage of it (“the Military-Industrial Complex”). Fascists  or what we now call “Globalists” are slightly more accurate labels for the “Military-Industrial Complex” that Eisenhower referred to, but in either case he was warning us that our nation’s power structure had been infiltrated by very bad men who would achieve total control of our nation in time. We failed to listen.

Who Benefits from the Campaign?

Like any good crime novel, the first question a good investigator will ask is “who benefited” from the crime that has been committed. In the case of our nation’s destabilization and collapse, each group contributing to the destabilization sincerely believes that they will be a primary beneficiary of the resulting new system. Organizations like La Raza believe they will be able to balkanize the country and realize the promise of a new Hispanic homeland, Aztlan. Members of the Black Lives Matter movement believe they will be the recipients of some long overdue reward for the past mistreatment of their race and be able to live in a new balkanized urban society that is not governed by white devils and thuggish white police officers.   The Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists seek to balkanize our country, much like they have done in Europe, to provide for Sharia Law zones and an eventual North American Caliphate. The United Nations is sincerely looking forward to becoming the central committee of the “New World Order” heralded by George H.W. Bush.  This is the promise each of these groups have received from the financiers of their movements. At their root, all of these movements rely on tribalism and racism to motivate their members. Now I know many of you will say that the Islamists are motivated by religion. This is false. Even the most ardent Jihadi Islamist leader is racist to the core against whites, asians and blacks. Now some of you may say “but many of the Jihadi attacks have been carried out by blacks and Asians”.  This is true, but in their purist world, all races are inferior to those of true Arab descent. In the end, the Islamists will use anyone willing to support their cause. When they achieve their goal of balkanization and conquest, the inferior races will be expelled, disposed of, or worse. This is no different than the vast majority of Black Lives Matter protestors being white, working for black leadership. In the end, these whites are dispensable and are never considered equals within the movement. Black Lives Matter even has rules for whites that participate in their protests to remind them of their subservient role and past “white privilege”.  I believe it was Vladimir Lenin who labeled these types of people “useful idiots”. There are dozens of other causes at work, each pushing for their piece of the pie when our nation collapses. The Communists (they like to call themselves socialists) are a particularly nasty group that seeks revolution through whatever means to herald in their repressive, totalitarian leaders. Communists will leverage any form of hate, racial bias or religion to achieve their goals.

President Obama Speaking at the National Council of La Raza

Who Finances these Divisive Organizations?

I know a lot of people believe that the George Soros Group of Foundations is the principle “Darth Vader” that finances these divisive groups. He is to an extent, but there is still an “emperor” behind the scenes setting the agenda and controlling his actions.  The United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Ford Foundation, the Tri-Lateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group and many more are at least equal to the influence and financial support of Mr. Soros. Many nation states are incredibly anxious to finance our destruction, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Iran.  I’m not sure if you noticed, but the U.S. Government has been financing its’ own destabilization since 1963 with the advent of the Vietnam War.  Each of these organizations wants some level of control over the people, resources and territory held by the United States when the curtain finally falls.  Some of these organizations work together, as long as it doesn’t conflict with their goals. Some of these organizations are competitive, hoping to capitalize on our destruction at the expense of other organizations working towards our demise. I know it is easy to want to point a finger at each one of these groups individually and seek to stop their evil work, but the real villain here is your neighbor. You see, had your neighbor not become complacent with their liberty and freedom we would not be having this discussion. Had your neighbor not accepted state control of the media, unfettered spying on their life’s activities, social safety nets that have been abused for decades and the willingness to disarm for paltry promises of greater safety, this discussion would not be required.

Legendary Globalist – George Soros

How does Party Politics influence the Destabilization Campaign?

Between 1963 and 1980 both major political parties recognized the advantages of making promises to the voters that were beyond our means to pay for which in turn forced our country into unimaginable debt. This debt burden has shaped our nation’s foreign policy and caused us to engage in unspeakable acts of war.  Our nation has forced regime changes in many countries to pacify our creditors and conducted false-flag operations both domestically and abroad to buttress our failing economy and achieve societal goals imposed on us by these same creditors.  Ronald Reagan came along in 1980, at the utter horror of the political establishment, and sought to upend the progress the Globalists had made.  President Reagan was only successful in delaying the progress slightly during his term in office. Many people believe that the failed attempt on Mr. Reagan’s life, only 69 days into his Presidency, was secretly orchestrated by the Globalists.  Had Reagan died, leading Globalist, George H.W. Bush, would have ascended to the Presidency. Reagan survived, but his firebrand attacks on the Globalists ended the day he was shot.  With the election of George H.W. Bush, the Globalists were off and running again with the “New World Order” label, doing everything they could to make up for lost time under Reagan.  This has continued through to our current President, Barrack Obama and would accelerate should Hillary Clinton win the next election. Mr. Donald Trump is a major threat to these Globalists, and they will do whatever they have to do to keep him from ascending to the Presidency. Anything. Nearly all of the media attacks against Mr. Trump are sensationalized stories that twist his ineloquent statements into charges of racism, sexism and worse. He is no angel, but the vicious attacks from Globalist interests tell us who his real enemies are.


What are the Relationships between these Organizations?

It would take years to diagram and explain all of the various organizations, interests and relationships at work to destabilize the United States. Various authors have focused on one aspect or one cause. To make this easier to understand, the following graphic provides a high level overview of the types of organizations, their relationships to other types of organizations and a non-inclusive list of the organizations within each type. Again, the lists within each type of organization (Quasi-Government, Banking/Finance, etc.) are not inclusive, they are illustrative.  Organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) enlist the support of high level government officials, politicians and “think-tank” researchers to produce consensus documents/policies intended to guide Quasi-Government and Banking/Finance interests. In turn, the Quasi Government organizations tailor the guidance received for use in directing activities of Social Movements with the support of Banking/Finance organizations.  Political Movements generally rely on financing that comes from Foreign Governments with strings attached that achieve the interests of the foreign government sponsor(s). The Political Movements embed their operatives within various Social Movements to gain power and influence. For example, the Muslim Brotherhood is extremely active within the Black Lives Matter movement. This cooperation achieves several goals, including the expansion of manpower, the broader dissemination of the Political Movement’s influence and the ability to leverage financing from Foreign Governments to buy influence within the Social Movement hierarchy.  Within the United States, both the Social Movements and the Political Movements are shielded by the major political parties. For example, Saudi Arabian influence has flourished under both Republican and Democratic administrations. Turkish support for the Muslim Brotherhood and its resulting influence in the United States has also been supported by both Republican and Democratic administrations.  The intent here is not to define all of these relationships. The intent is to convey an understanding of the interests at work, their purpose and the methods that they are using to cause the eventual demise and fundamental transformation of our nation.  In many ways, the various organizations are playing a game of musical chairs, hoping to have a seat when the music ends.


Some Specific and Recent Examples of How These Organizations Provide Direction, Mutual Support and Financial Assistance

Orlando Jihadist Omar Mateen, responsible for the recent Pulse Nightclub mass shooting, was radicalized by New Black Panther Party Leader Marcus Dwayne Robertson. Marcus Dwayne Robinson is not only an advocate of radical Islam in Florida he is also famous for being a bodyguard for the Blind Sheik of the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing. The Blind Sheik, Omar Abdel-Rahman, is the leading cleric within the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Muslim Brotherhood is primarily financed by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Turkey.  Marcus Robertson is a severely anti-gay Muslim activist, and provides radicalization training via his Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary in Florida. Orlando Jihadist Omar Mateen was his student.

Orlando Jihadist Omar Mateen

Other high profile participants in Marcus Dwayne Robertson’s classes include Eric Sheppard. Sheppard was charged with carrying a weapon within a school safety zone in connection with an April 2015 “F**k The Flag” protest incident in which he allegedly left a firearm inside a backpack on campus.  He was the leader of the “F**k The Flag” movement that leveraged members of the Black Lives Matter movement to generate unrest.  From this single example, we see how Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the UAE can influence and finance activities of the Muslim Brotherhood which in turn extends influence to the New Black Panthers, F**k The Flag and the Black Lives Matter movements. We also see the terrible end results of this influence causing massive death and injury by using these organizations to radicalize U.S. Muslims.

Marcus Dwayne Robertson

Another simpler example would include the formation of Marxist-Leninist groups like the Revolutionary Communist Party and localized branch organizations of the World Workers Party within the United States by Mr. George Soros. These groups in turn organize and finance protests, rallies and unrest through social movements, including La Raza and Black Lives Matter. The riots in Fergusson, MO and Baltimore MD were both orchestrated using these methods. The recent anti-Trump riots in San Jose, CA and Albuquerque NM were sponsored in the same way but utilized the emotion of the La Raza movement in-part financed by these same individuals.

Donald Trump Supporter Beaten During San Jose Riot

How Should Patriots Resist?

Seeing as the current crop of Globalists appear to be using the Mao, Stalin, Hitler playbook; I suggest that food, water, fuel and weapons are the items that will be indispensable when the curtain falls. Late fall or early winter are always the preferred seasons for would-be dictators to seize control.  In the United States, cold weather and starvation would serve as great motivators to get citizens to comply with edicts and turn in their weapons. This approach has worked flawlessly for previous conquests. We must be self-sufficient and have enough stored food, water and medical supplies to withstand this attack. Think years, not months. On this issue, more is always better.  Some high level items that should be accomplished or supported by all patriots include:

  1. We must make sure that the tyrants and Globalists are reminded that we will never just go away and we must do it often. The recent Oath Keepers press release titled “Oath Keepers Response to Orlando FL ISIS Terrorist Attack” is an excellent example of how to remind those who would subject us to tyranny that we are prepared and planning to resist.
  2. We need to exploit the negative press that our enemies receive; not on patriot blogs or on our YouTube channels, but in their world; in their safe spaces. We need to undermine their actions and credibility in the news outlets that they rely on for support. The enemies of liberty have and will do this to us. We must reciprocate on their blogs, on their news media outlets, in their safe places. No threats. We need to leverage propaganda to weaken our enemy, not provoke them to action.
  3. Resist any and all gun control initiatives; Federal, state and local. Protest the politicians that support this tyranny aggressively. The tyrants intend to slow-walk us into disarmament. Every time we give an inch, these tyrants are plotting the next inch. We have to stop all compromise on this issue.
  4. The tyrants are in our schools. They are using our primary and higher education systems as re-education camps. This has to be resisted or we will find the next generation unwilling to continue the fight. Be present, vocal and persistent. Without resistance, this process will ensure our eventual defeat.
  5. The tyrant’s financiers want our money in their banks and certainly not in the form of gold or silver that could be bartered. We should all be creating barter stores with our savings. This could be anything other than cash and certainly not in their banks.
  6. The vast majority of our nation’s military and law enforcement personnel do not want to persecute patriots. Their politically appointed leadership is another issue altogether. We need to accept this and if the time comes we will need to protect good military and law enforcement personnel from leadership retaliation. The alternative is that they will be coerced into supporting those who would oppress us. Find positive opportunities to communicate with your local law enforcement personnel, members of the State National Guard and your County Sheriff’s office. It’s a whole lot easier for them to come after someone they do not know. It is a lot more difficult for them to persecute someone they know shares their values and would fight to protect them if the time ever came.
  7. Patriots should also be making lists. Should we survive, there may come a day when the dust settles that trials need to be held to prosecute those who took us down this road. I think it will be a long list. It won’t just be politicians, weak-kneed military leaders and bankers. The list will need to include the enablers, the “useful idiots” that provided the manpower for our destruction.

As far as timing; it could be this year. If Trump can be taken out of the equation, then most likely the curtain can stay up another 2-3 years under a Clinton Presidency. She would certainly be able to better position Wall Street’s interests in the resulting collapse and could probably make significant progress on gun confiscation during her first term as President. This would certainly make the collapse less messy and less dangerous for the Globalists.

Update (6/21/2016):

Additional references:


To add to what Navy Jack said about what patriotic Americans should do to prepare for the “perfect storm” of manufactured chaos that is coming:

  1.  Get Your Mind Right.   Acknowledge and accept the fact that we are heading for a shitstorm and it is too late to avoid it.  As Pete over at Western Rifle Shooters says, there’s no way out but through.  We WILL be going through it, so buck up and prepare yourself for what is to come.  As we used to say in the Infantry, embrace the suck!  Your mindset needs to be one of acceptance of your place in history, and gladness that you will be the one to fix it, rather than leaving it to your children and Grandchildren.   Let us adopt the mindset of Thomas Paine, who said “if there is to be trouble, let it be in MY DAY so that my child may have peace.”   To help get your mind right, read Col. Jeff Coopers timeless classic, Principles of Personal Defense.  Another good book is Gabe Suarez’s The Final Weapon, which also focuses on the critical combat and warrior mindset, since the final weapon is indeed the brain.   You have to get your mind right for what is to come.  Steel yourself and prepare your mind, and then your body (and that does mean those of us, myself included, who are out of shape, need to fix that ASAP, since a strong mind resides in a strong body.  The two go together).
  2. CREATE COMMUNITY DEFENSE (with the ultimate goal being the restoration of a true militia, made up of all able-bodied citizens in your town, county, and state).   As my friend Kevin Reeve of Onpoint Tactical says, “training trumps gear.  But community trumps both training and gear.”  You certainly do need training in how to use your stack of prepper stuff, but at the same time you need to cultivate community because no matter how “high speed, low drag” you are (or think you are), and no matter what cool-guy gear you have, you gotta sleep sometime, and no lone wolf is going to be able to fight off a gang when they come to take your stuff.   The “secret squirrel” prepper model will not cut it.  All that does is store up stuff for MS 13 or whatever other gang shows up on your block.  Without real security, all your stash will belong to them, along with your head.   So, build a community defense team.   Start with a neighborhood watch made up of the people who live around you.   After your own family being squared away, that neighborhood watch is the most critical element, because if you don’t have security for your home, nothing else will matter.  And no first responder  -no cop, no fire-fighter, no EMT, no posse, and no militia, is going to go anywhere to project out and assist the community if their family is not safe.   We see that in any disaster, man made or natural.  If the cop’s family is at risk, the cop will go home and protect his family.   So will all the other first responders.  So will you.  So, get the neighborhood watch, with teeth, started.   Think of them as the Home Guard.  Then build from there, as recommended in our CPT program.  From the neighborhood, to the church, to the VFW hall, to the town, to the county, build security teams, with the goal being a large sheriff posse behind a good sheriff, and then an honest to God town militia of at least company size made up of all able-bodied patriotic citizens in the town, with the town militias then being companies within the larger County militia.   Shoot for a company size element, or more, in each town.   Then work on the county level to organize and coordinate them all.  Call them a Civil Defense team, or Town Security Team, or whatever works to get it done, and then when it is up and running, you can seek official elected government sanction as a true militia.   I will write more extensively on this in the future, but for now, start at that neighborhood watch level and also start a town level “Training Band” using your Oath Keepers CPT as training cadre to train the whole town. And don’t just think in terms of guns and tactics.  Think also about communications, emergency medical, engineering, food storage, and intelligence.
  3. Start a neighborhood and/or town level Intelligence Team.  Read Sam Culper’s excellent book SHTF Intelligence and do what he says to do in that book.   Build an intel team right now.  Because without it, you will be operating blind.  You won’t know what your threats are, and therefore won’t know what to prepare for and prioritize in your area.
  4. Start a community food storage program.  Not just for you and your family, friends, and prepper group.  Store food for the whole community.  Yes, that is a tall order, but without food, they will accept whatever dictator or warlord comes along, and you will be screwed (if your own neighbors have not already killed you for your stuff).   Store up cheap bulk foods like rice, beans, wheat, powdered milk, sugar or honey etc.  Look to how the Mormons do it.  Take advantage of their many generations of experience in how to do this.   This nation used to have a three year strategic grain reserve.  It is now gone (and think about why that is).   Food is a strategic necessity, and we will not be able to save this Republic without it.  You can’t fight when you are dead from starvation.
  5. Answer these questions:  Who’s on your buddy-team (you and one other)?   Who’s on your fire-team (Four people)?   Who’s on your squad (8-12 fighters)?   Who can you count on to actually fight by your side?  Yes, we are back to security but it is so fundamental that it bears repeating.  Who can be at your side within one minute, to fight off bad guys (that will usually be your own family and immediate neighbors – but are they trained and equipped to actually fight)?   Who can be by your side within five minutes?  Both of those are at the neighborhood level.  Without real backup, whatever fancy “militia” or prepper group you belong to at a county, state, or regional level (or online) will not matter.   Who can be there within fifteen to thirty minutes?  That is the town level.   Within an hour?   That is your county level security force.    And have you all trained together so you can fight as a team?   If not, then get to work.  No buddy team?   No fire-team?  No squad?  Good luck.  That spells weakness and failure.   Fix it now.  Make that your highest priority, and then be ready to defend your community, as a whole, and be ready to stand in defense of our Bill of Rights, against any enemy,  including violent street thugs bought and paid for by Soros and his ilk.  – Stewart Rhodes





Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.


  1. I notice there is no information regarding the author attached to this article, nor did I find any on this website. Who is ‘Navy Jack’? Is this an opinion piece, or is it based on fact? I have never been one to accept as gospel anything that I read, or anything someone might speak.With that in mind, please provide some background about the author.

    1. All I can tell you is that Navy Jack is a friend of Stewart Rhodes. Stewart has granted Navy Jack posting access to this website, and I trust Stewart’s judgment. I will bring your point of interest to Navy Jack and see if we can get him set up with an “author’s block” to accompany his articles so our readers will feel more at ease in reading his articles.

      But BTW, I think the article is excellent, and I think that I could, if I had the time, verify everything he has written. For example, he made this comment:

      “The United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Ford Foundation, the Tri-Lateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group and many more are at least equal to the influence and financial support of Mr. Soros.”

      Many readers will balk at hearing that the Ford Foundation has been financing La Raza and the Atzlan movement for a long time. (Same goes for the Rockefeller Foundations.) I have published this in other places at this site in recent years, so will trot it out once again as an example of how Navy Jack is accurate in his statements without giving all his resources. This is over ten years old, but is a classic:

      I saw nothing in his article which raised any red flags in my own mind, so I am very comfortable, and even grateful to him for submitting the article.

      However, that said, if you have any question about the veracity of any part of the article, please let me know and I’ll try to clarify. Also, I’m sure Navy Jack will be monitoring comments under this article and would be happy to answer any questions, as I also will be.

      Thank you for reading here, and for bringing this up to our attention. Also, I salute you for questioning everything, and I recommend to all readers here to always question everything. That is wisdom.
      Elias Alias, editor

    2. SheepDog – Some background information. I enlisted in the USN in 1977 and was honorably discharged in 1986. During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault ships and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and “humanitarian” missions to the Baltics, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. After leaving the Navy I went to work for a very large private company that hires separating military personnel that the DoD would pay for project work. For the first year I was doing the same job that I had when I left the Navy. In 1993, I became President of that company. On 9/11 I was slated to testify on an issue being looked into by the United States Senate. I had breakfast that morning with very close friends at the Pentagon. I was heading back into D.C. and was on the 14th Street Bridge when the Pentagon was hit. Friends were lost. I resigned my position and have not worked for the DoD since that day. I moved from Crystal City Virginia to Maryland in 2002. I live near Ft. George Meade. I have maintained my DoD contacts. Several are now flag officers or retired flag officers. Their insight is valuable and I remain somewhat anonymous to preserve these relationships and the information it can provide. I am currently the CEO of an Internet service provider.

      As for the information in the article, most of the organizations I have referenced are quite proud of what they have accomplished and do not shy away from their activities. The intent of the article was to bring the full-spectrum of their activities into context. Some examples:

      Every statement I have made in the article is supported by published articles from either the organization itself or a credible source. I do not believe any of these organizations would challenge the relationships described in the article. What is controversial is the “big picture” impact of their activities. What I have described has been evolving since 1963 and will culminate in the fundamental transformation of America.

      1. Thanks for coming forward. I have read another posting by you and was interested in knowing more about you.

      2. +

        Trust but verify. Having studied this subject concerning world government–inslavement/ feudalism/ subjects/rulers/ serfs/masters–for upwards of 40 years, even the information available prior to the 1960s, informed much that has since become transparent. Stormer’s book,”None Dare Call It Treason” disclosed much regarding Communism and government, as well as concerning defense. But there have been other areas that also should concern you. The difference between what the Constitution says and what the general government does lends creedance to all the above. Study of cooperations,foundations, trusts, government agencies, our own State Dept. during the China conflict between Nationalist and the Communist during and after WWII, Marshall’s limiting supplies to our allies, the Nationalists, as well as the forming the United Nations off the ruins of the League of Nations, etc.etc. It’s all of a piece. Hillary didn’t create the Progressive Establishment. Teddy Roosevelt was our first progressive president and was instrumental in leading our nation into pursuit of empire while still but Asst. Sec. of the Navy. False flags run all through most every military involvement that we or our forebears have been involved in. The sinking of a ship resulted in the war with Spain. We took by conquest, Puerto Rico and the Phillipines.
        Forcing a Japan already at war with China to resist (they “fired the first shot”) our blocking of her supply chains for petrolium, fertilizer and other neccessary commodities they were unable to aquire or produce otherwise resulted in our War of the Pacific. Supplying the Allies with goods and munitions prior to our war with Germany led to the German’s “firing the first shot” in sinking ships used to bait them into that response. That was much like supplying Fort Sumpter prior to the War of Northern Aggression so South Carolina would “fire the first shot.” And do not forget how the Soviet Union aquired the Balkans. Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill made that agreement. Which two gave away an entire people to the other? Accident?
        Most of what Navy Jack has written has already become apparent to those who have studied for so long. To those who have recently been exposed to the info, be patient and check as best you can, trusting carefully so as not to go off half cocked or target wrongly. Defense and survival is what it is all about.
        Personally, I find everything that Navy Jack to have said to be supported by the mass of material available. Solutions, now that the enemy has been recognized, is the issue. Good luck. I am proud to be among such great thinkers and doers.


      3. NavyJack,,, are you noticing what is happening between NATO and Russia at the moment? http://IVISTRIA_RUSNEWS July 22,2016. Putin asks U.S. to discuss how to de-escalate current tension. There has been no response from Obama. Russia is very concerned about NATO’s build up of massive NATO troops around Russia. None of this information is on American news channels. Putin seems to be very calm at the moment but will not be provoked in the end. Is anybody else noticing what is going on with Russia right now? Dossbass is building up Ukraine troops as we speak. Its getting tense… Russia worried about 9/11 attack on the US Embassy in Kiev and that Russia may get blamed for it.

        The forum is down so i have sent a few of these comments to see if others are noticing as well.

    3. An integral part of being Enlightened (assuming it’s a virtue) is to consider ALL points-of-view (no matter how distasteful), then running that grist through one’s own mill in light of history and relying mostly on logic, all done without needing every morsel of information verified by so called experts; in other words does this ring true? and you’re on your own to figure it out, then act with others. Good luck and keep an eye out for those wolves.

  2. Excellent article! As for Ford Foundation and their associations, back in 2013 I found verification of their involvement/support of a group called Sunflower Action, a group of illegal immigrants who trespassed on private property and stalked a family including their children because of the parents support of the Constitution and proper enforcement of immigration laws. I was appalled Ford Foundation gave them funding!

  3. Thanks Navy Jack and Elias for the additional details.

    Navy Jack, I enjoyed the article and while it makes a lot of sense to me in understanding what is happening to our country, it would help me, as a reader of the articles posted here [any article], to have the source information identified, and a [vetted] bio of the authors to lend credibility to the piece.

    Thank you for the article and thank you for your service to our country.

  4. {Note to OK; Feel free to not post this, but since this article appeared these questions hit me like a sludge hammer. Stewart, I am not sorry for asking these questions, but I am sorry that it is here on your site, to your friend. Cal}

    “I resigned my position and have not worked for the DoD since that day.”

    Is that when you decided to start keeping your Oath, if ever? Are you now keeping your Oath?

    If so, how come in all these years there have been no charges brought against those who have been diligently working to destroy our nation from within – you must have known considering your positions within, and without, our government?

    What about the unlawful and treasonous TSA, DHS, DoD, etc? Why did you do nothing, because it was easier? Or for more nefarious reasons?

    What are you planning to do to honor that Oath now? Anything? Do you know the US Constitution? Read it a few times? Studied what parts you might not have completely understood?

    Why am I asking those questions? Because every single agency you worked for has been working against America, Americans, the US Constitution. You owe this country something besides being either a domestic enemy of the USA or more while working in those positions. Please do not offer up that you fought in the unlawful wars of aggression, because lots of every day “Joes” did the same and never got the benefits of the positions you were in.

    I am not saying I did not read your article, I did; but then I read and comment on what the SPLC, and other unAmerican groups write because if one does not know the enemies position one cannot guard against them can one – and because if we allow them to shut us up we have already lost.

    I am not saying that you are an enemy of our nation, I am saying that the background you describe is within some of those most unAmerican agencies within and outside of the federal government. I am saying that I do not know if you are, but the background is suspect to me. Yet I know one who used to be really a communist and changed when he learned better who today I trust. He decided to keep his Oath. He makes up for that daily, and has for years, fighting FOR America. You? Where are you standing?

    Not saying that the article was not factual because I’m aware of a lot of what you commented on and it was true as far as my knowledge goes. But the best lies, the best deceit, the most believable lies, the best Trojan Horse’s all come wrapped in pretty words, lies with some truth, with nice “packaging”, etc.

    So I ask once again, what have you done FOR the US Constitution, FOR America, FOR the American people considering the positions you admit to holding?

    Stay Safe All and God Bless!


    If there were never intended to be action to defend the Constitution from those who are domestically attempting to destroy its power and authority, why would each Oath require it of those who take the Oaths?

    Chief Tecumseh: “When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”

    1. Cal – I have honored my oath and will continue to honor my oath until my last breath. I stopped working as a contractor for the DoD because it had become a rats nest of incestuous financial activities. I left because there was no longer any path for me to fight corruption from inside the system. I left because I lost faith in the DoD leadership. On 9/11, I lost allies that were not corrupted by power and money.
      I am a patriot and I carry founder’s blood in my veins. I have fought communism and Islamic extremism. I have fought government corruption. I have done more than most and continue to fight to this day. I have fought diligently to preserve the Bill of Rights and testified many times before State legislative committees and the U.S. Congress. I know my father and his fathers before him would respect the fight I have brought to the defense of the U.S. Constitution. Good day.

    2. Cal-
      Isn’t Navy Jack doing just what your former communist acquaintance did (Sipsey St)? That is, speaking out about it now? A great many Patriots happen to work for gov’t. agencies, law enforcement, etc. That doesn’t automatically make them “enemies of our nation”, and you claim you are not accusing Navy Jack of being such….but the inferences are certainly there.

      1. No, I said that he ( (Sipsey St)) EARNED my trust through his actions. I never accepted him at face value or from words he said. It was his actions, repeatedly performed, FOR the USA under the US Constitution and for Americans.

        I asked Navy Jack what he DID for America while serving within our government. I asked about when he started keeping his Oath, if he did, and why he did.

        I said the areas where he was involved and employed (other then in “wars” as a soldier) within our governments were the biggest perpetrators of actions AGAINST the US Constitution and the American people, and what actions was taken there to support and defend the US Constitution by him, if any.

        If he found reason to keep the Oath after 911, what actions were taken, because I well understand that being in a governmental agency, even an LE holds consequences for those that try to change them back to where the ONLY legitimate authority they have comes from – it can be removal from the position, interred, blackmail to injury or death, etc. Think of the whistle blowers.

        “a very large private company that hires separating military personnel that the DoD would pay for project work.” (Blackwater, etc?)

        So if you are branding me as whatever because I am suspicious and questioning, so be it. I do it openly, because I am an American.

        But if people had listened to my “suspicions”- backed by research , and that of others, that the Bush’s were closely tied with the German Nazi’s, things there might have been different, might not now be a TSA everywhere, or 9/11, etc might not have happened.

        Yes WE the people… allowed those people into office and did NOT vet them through research – not even doing so today (those running for offices), they are still not vetted by people but accepted by “party” decree.

        But then I was a nutcase, and today, I am proudly still a nutcase.

        That Bilderberg, CFR, Free Trade, CAFTA, NAFTA, the REST of the Alphabet soup, even Obama’s Obamacare were not what they were portrayed to be, or were hidden for nefarious reasons. How did I know? I read them. I studied them and what happened in nations including our own, after their meetings. I was well aware of Jeckle Island secret meetings and what harm they caused our nation by design.

        “In 1993, I became President of that company.”
        So he must have been doing what they wanted, and it was NOT for a free America.

        If he has changed, and is now going to stand for the US Constitution, keep his Oath as is required of him at all times, I, probably along with many others, will forgive him because Americans were innocent and naive believing in those that serve within our government were inherently good – though warned against doing so by the framers and forefathers of this nation.

        But God have mercy on his soul if he is still playing the game against Americans, the US Constitution, and now here at OK, because I never will; and I for one will fight for his prosecution because I do believe in the US Constitution and will follow it whatever my feelings. He would get his day in court. How many under or because of his – or the agencies he served within – actions received theirs?

        I openly let him know up front I view his actions with suspicion. I want him to be a true American; but that is something I never take for granted anymore, and neither should anyone else. We are not just in a fight for our nation, but if America falls, I believe the rest of the world will fall and finally there will be a ruler of the world as has been wanted for thousands of years. They are never benign. Our children will pay the price if we cannot stand.

        “I have fought diligently to preserve the Bill of Rights.”

        There was/are no delegated authority to any who serve in any branch or office of our governments within the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights list things outside of the jurisdiction of those that serve within our governments except in particular instances – and even then actions can only lawfully be taken in specific put-into-writing ways specified within it. The Preamble to the Bill of Rights makes that clear that it is those that serve within our governments that those restrictions, forbiddens, etc are placed upon.

        Alexander Hamilton: “There is no position which depends on clearer principles that that every act of a delegated authority, contrary to the commission under which it is exercised, is void. No legislative act, therefore, contrary to the Constitution, can be valid.”

        The contract (US Constitution) that ALL who serve within our governments are under and from which they get the authority that they are ALLOWED to use for as long as they do the duties that were assigned to the branch or office that they serve within, and for as long as they take and KEEP the Oath(s). Show me in the US Constitution where authority was delegated to a person – you cannot. It is delegated to a branch or office within a branch.

        So how did he, and others, fight? Using the tools given to us, using the contract that they ALL serve under, using the supreme law requirement? Or by just parroting the same old stuff those destroying our nation use? Pretending to defend is not defending our legitimate government. I’m not saying that is what he has done, I do not know the facts of what he did or said.

        But Dr. Vieira himself, a man extremely knowledgeable about the US Constitution, the framers, etc tells all who will bother to read and learn, that we have no legitimate government over us, and that is because THOSE WHO SERVE WITHIN OUR GOVERNMENTS themselves broke their contract, even going so far as to work against that contract and this nation.

        I quote Dr. Vieira:

        “This has nothing to do with personalities or subjective ideas. It’s a matter of what the Constitution provides…

        The government of the United States has never violated anyone’s constitutional rights…
        The government of the United States will never violate anyone constitutional rights, because it cannot violate anyone’s constitutional rights.

        The reason for that is: The government of the United States is that set of actions by public officials that are consistent with the Constitution. Outside of its constitutional powers, the government of the United States has no legitimacy. It has no authority; and, it really even has no existence. It is what lawyers call a legal fiction.” (end quote)

        Now if you do not understand those words, then you need to study.

        At this time, and for decades now we have no government, because OUR government is REQUIRED to keep the US Constitution in all things to be legitimate. WE can, at anytime, lawfully put people into those constitutional positions, but we still would not be occupying the WH, as it is being occupied by Traitors, and not one there represents America. No foreign agreements are valid and binding on the American people. Few, if any, domestic agreements are valid and binding on the American people. We are occupied at this time, and anyone who knows the US Constitution, and it SHOULD be all Oath takers as they are ALL bound to it, should recognize that fact.

        Thomas Jefferson: “When once a republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil.”

        I am not sorry for asking, and I asked BECAUSE of who and where he was working.

        If there were never intended to be action to defend the Constitution from those who are domestically attempting to destroy its power and authority, why would each Oath require it of those who take the Oaths?

        Chief Tecumseh: “When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”

      2. I never worked as a mercenary or employed mercenaries. 99.9% of the very large private companies that hire separating military personnel that the DoD would pay for project work are not companies like Blackwater. They are companies like CSC, ManTech, Masie and SAIC. Most of the projects that my company worked on were weapons system acquisition and training of military personnel on those new weapons systems. I never worked for any of the other three letter agencies.

        Cal – At this point earning your respect is not on my top 10 list. I’ll let you know if that ever changes. If you have a specific question or would like a reference regarding information in the article, I will do my best to answer it.

      3. Cal-
        I think I understand you now. He’s guilty by association until he proves [to you] otherwise.

        If that sums it up, you may want to suspect me as well [ret. LEO] and a great many others in this organization.

        Not on my top 10 list either.

      4. And there’s the rub. This is an org made up of both CURRENT serving and former military, police, and other ‘tip of the spear’ types, including fire-fighters, Search and Rescue, EMS, etc. So, if Cal is going to look with suspicion on Navy Jack, simply because he used to be a .gov employee and then contractor, then does that mean he doesn’t trust any of the rest of us? That seems to miss the point of this org.

        Cal, Navy Jack is keeping his oath right friggin now by writing all of these articles that I have personally asked him to write. He is still a very busy business owner, and yet he takes hours out of each day to do analysis, join in on numerous conference calls we have had among leadership since San Jose, and to advise me anytime I ask him. When I was back East to speak at the PA Oath Keepers summit and also at the NY Oath Keepers annual banquet, I took the time to go and have lunch with him, and look him in the eye and discuss where we are and where we are going as a nation. He is a sharp man, and he is welcome on my team any day, which is exactly why he now writes for us. None of us are free of fault, and all of us are responsible for where we are as a nation. We all let it get this bad. Now, we can turn on each other like purist libertarians are wont to do, and declare that the other guy is not as pure, or is not trustworthy until he proves himself by some standard we create in our heads, or we can all work together to try to fix this, or at least carve out some measure of liberty for our posterity.

        In his piece, Navy Jack says that if we want to know who to blame, look to our neighbors. I think a more accurate assessment is that we should look in the mirror. And that goes for each and everyone of us. We are all guilty of having dropped the ball and we have not kept the Republic we were handed by the blood, sweat, and tears of our forefathers. But the proper response is to admit our own guilt and then pitch in with all our fellow sinners and fix this shit. What we need are action plans, not finger pointing and judgement of purity.

        And don’t forget that the whole point of this org is to take that standing army (and that includes the police) and turn it into a weapon for the cause of liberty rather than a weapon against it, as the elites intend. This is Jiu Jitsu, using your enemy’s perceived strength against them. They think all military and police are mindless robots who will do their bidding without question. It is our chosen task to make that not so. We may never get to 100% on that quest, but with every SSG May, with every Sheriff Clark, with every Navy Jack, we tip the scales on the side of liberty. And when it comes to us veterans, it is all the more vital that we tap into this great pool of well trained, experienced warriors, and turn them into warriors for the Constitution, and warriors for, and trainers for, the revitalization of the militia of the several states.

        On that quest, I expect your help.


    3. Cal, remember what Frank Yerby said in his “The Devil’s Laughter”: “What measure do ye measure, that ye be not measured by.”
      Your writings have been both interesting and informative for the most part, but otherwise I have no idea as to what you have done about the country’s situation.
      I too have been involved with the establishment, working for Security Services, spying on and recon against the external enemy, under the Dept. of State in peace keeping and with defense contractors, contractors for the presidential E4 Air Force One and others including DC3 aircraft for the Contra cause.
      From the inside only so much can be done without needless and ineffectual sacrificial risk.
      Lone Wolf resistance beyond a certain limit is fruitless, and too little too late as to the time it takes in discovering prime cause of the situations. Putting out small fires in local areas or within a business is sometimes the limit of the possible.
      Now with the aid and unity of such as OathKeepers, we no longer have to stand alone. The support is there in the numbers and in the experience, dependant upon our ability to utilize it and to learn through organization with like-minded Keepers of the Oath.
      My poem, ” Etched in Scarlet” describes an attitude that might be useful.
      Her name was etched in scarlet.
      Her eyes professed her woe,
      For when she was an harlot
      She had no place to go
      Until He came and took her hand
      And led her in The Way.
      Then she became a mother
      With children out to play.

      Judge not too harshly nor too fast;
      Consider lightly the distant past:
      An ugly duckling became a swan;
      The Phoenix rose from the ashes.

      Salute, Ivan

  5. Re: exchange between Cal & Navy Jack. In my experience, we all awaken in our own time, based on our individual upbringing and life experience. Thank you both…God Bless you both!

  6. Kudos Navy Jack… It is a shame the fence sitters are so diluded to think that this will all just blow over so they can get back to their siap opera TV shows.. The storm is on the horizon and headed our way… God bless us all and may the winds of righteousness fill your sails.

  7. IMHO Stewart’s advice about joining with others in the community to form a reaction force and share prepped food and supplies is ill advised. Letting folks you don’t really know into your group is a sure fired way to admit govt. and establishment moles into your band. Right before the shit storm hits, those infiltrated groups will be visited individually by the powers that be. A better idea is to form groups with friends, relatives, and those who you’ve known for years. Prepare and train with them. Have a loose relationship with other, like group that you know of. Maybe even have occasional joint training at neutral locations, but don’t disclose what you have or where it is. Call me paranoid, but as a retired LEO I know how snitches work and opening your group to all is an open invitation to govt snitches.

    1. Oaf, you are missing the point that your neighbors will need your leadership in preserving “law and order” in your neighborhood and town, which all have a common interest in preserving. That does NOT mean you bring them into your own private preparations and family contingency planning, nor does it mean that you share your own family food storage and supplies. You must not be up to speed on our CPT Program or what we advocate. Look at it like layers of trust and knowledge. For example, a man can have food storage, gear, and a plan (and several back up plans) for his own family, extended family, close friends, and vetted “teammates” in his own personal circle. As you say, that takes years to develop. Those who don’t have it, will have to do the best they can to bring family onboard, or to train up and convert their trusted friends into being preppers, and make plans together. Your neighbors don’t need to be privy to any of that, nor do they have a right to your supplies.

      But, it is in your own best interest to then develop a second layer of security around you and your family that does include your neighbors, as they help you keep an eye on who comes and goes, and as you develop a communications plan and capabilities that will be resilient and still functioning even if the power is out and the grid is down. You should also train them to bring up their skills, and as you train them, you sort out who is reliable, and who is not, for the limited purpose of community security for the whole neighborhood, an that does not involve disclosing what you have, where it is, or your plan B, plan C, etc (such as your backup secondary relocation site, or caches of supplies, etc). Nor do they need to know how many relatives and friends will be coming to join you, or what they will bring with them. That is none of their business. So long as you and yours provide for yourselves, nobody else has any reason to know your logistics or plans.

      It is on a need to know basis. Now, when/if your family and friends do show up, you need to coordinate with your neighbors so the new arrivals are known to be with your “tribe” and are respected and welcomed into the community. And the single best way to ensure that is if they join in on the community watch patrols you have already establishes and are helping to train and lead.

      And when it comes to food and other supplies, where did I say you owe your neighbors a percentage of your personal family food stores? Nowhere. What I did say is to start a community food storage program, based on cheap bulk food, such as wheat, rice, beans, oatmeal, etc. Keep it cheep, and save the more expensive stuff for your own family. And enlist the help of your local church, the neighborhood watch, the local VFW, the local food banks, etc. and if you can get your town council off its ass, get your town to step up too.

      You said yourself to “have a loose relationship with other, like groups that you know of.” Well, that is what a neighborhood watch does. You start out with communications and intelligence, helping get your neighbors squared away on what to look for (such as indicators of local gang activity), teach them how to do a decent SALUTE Report (Size, Activity, Unit, Time, Equipment) and plug them in with your local cops, as you and the police work together to establish an “eyes and ears for the police” neighborhood watch (all very conventional and done across the nation, as you know from your time as a cop).

      You then assist them with making their homes more secure by doing a security assessment for them (advising on stronger locks, more lights, better window security, alarms, etc.), teach them to use a handheld HAM radio, and help them shop for one, and then set up a comm plan for the neihborhood (our HAM guys will be happy to help you do that, and they already have an Oath Keepers Comm Plan you can easily adapt to local conditions so you have communications when the grid goes down, or the cell towers are overwhelmed.

      Then once you have at least a few set up with decent communications, even if just a few CBs or cheap $35.00 Boefeng radios, then move on to emergency medical training. Teach them to use a tourniquet, pressure bandage, etc. and teach them about the need for basic water purification, sanitation, etc. Teach those who are willing to learn, and the rest, just use as eyes and ears.

      And then, once you have gotten to know them through those steps, you will have an idea of who the more “switched on” and likeminded ones are. And you will know who the military veterans are, what their MOS was, who the retired nurse, doctor, mechanic, engineer, etc are, and also you will know if you have any other police veterans. You will at least know what you have to work with, and also some idea of who is more squared away and who is “hinky” and bears watching.

      But if you don’t engage your neighbors in some way, you will know none of that, and you will have a bunch of unknowns, and uncoordinated, ill prepared people around you. And then what will you do when MS13 or the Crips or Bloods, or the Guerrilla Family, or some other equally dangerous gang comes in to roll up your neighborhood. How will you stop them, when they go house-to-house, taking out one family at a time? Will you have enough people in your own small family and close trusted circle to get the job done? Or will your trusted circle be spread out, trying to protect their own homes? Will they abandon their homes to come to yours to stand together? Will you abandon yours? Unless that is your plan, you will be scattered and you will not have immediate backup when a dozen gang bangers or more come calling.

      That’s why I asked you to answer those three questions: Who’s on your buddy team? Who’s on your fire team? Who’s on your squad?

      Only a neighborhood watch, and then a church security team, VFW security team, Sheriff Posse, town and county Civil Defense Team, town militia, or county militia can provide that. I think it highly unlikely that any of us will attain the level of a real town militia (with all able-bodied men involved) but having at least four, five, six, or more neighbors who can come to each other’s aid is doable. I know, because I have done it, and it can, and has been done not just here in rural Montana, but also in cities and towns all across this nation. I know because I have seen it with my own eyes, among our members who have done it.

      And I have also seen church mens groups become the security team for the church, and I have seen the ladies in churches put together a church food storage and disaster relief program, and not just in the LDS churches. It can be done, and has been done.

      And I have seen VFWs, Marine corps League, American Legion posts, etc get serious about seeing themselves as a civil defense and community defense unit. And again, not just here in Montana. It can be done.

      The bad guys come in teams. They are formed up into units, and even armies. They are getting organized and they are practicing their tactics right now, with these civil disturbances and riots. They are getting ready. You need to also. And you can bet they would prefer that you NOT reach out to your neighbors and work to get them ready and organized for mutual defense. The gang bangers and terrorists (I do repeat myself) would prefer to take you on one family at a time. The Founders expected more of you. Which is why they wrote that commandment into the Second Amendment. A well regulated militia is necessary for the security of a free state. You WILL NOT be either secure or free without it. so, work now to build it, from the buddy team up to the fire-team and squad. That may be the best we can do, so that when the time comes we at least have those fire-teams and squads, who will then hopefully be able to work together to defend the town at some choke point on the way in, such as a bridge, rather than each man trying to defend his home, as the gangs go house-to-house in urban warfare. If your security perimiter is the four walls of your house, you will be burned out. It has to be far wider. A neighborhood perimeter is better. A town perimeter better still, and even better is a county perimeter, where you catch the bad guys on the way in, at the place of your choosing, and as for the bad guys inside your county, you are far better off knowing who they are, where they live and sleep and also having enough good guys organized to handle them (and if you have enough good guys, the bad guys will be suppressed and manageable just as they are now, under “normal” conditions. But that takes manpower. And as I said above, if you don’t have security at the neighborhood level in your town, none of your local cops, EMTs, fire-figthers, nurses, doctors, power company employees, etc will go to work. They will not leave their family or their home if they are not safe. They will instead stay home and defend them That is a fact you cannot ignore. Then what will you and your prepper group do?

      You need to preserve law and order, and civil society, in your town so your “first responders” can still go to work and so the people who keep the lights on and the clean water flowing can keep on keeping on. You worked as a cop, right? Then you know the deal. Without safe homes, and safe families, those public servants will just stay home. Then you will not only have to provide your own security, but also will have to deal with no power, no clean water in the taps, no higher level medical care, etc. In otherwords, no modern civilization as we3 know it.

      Again, the Founders expected better, and they taught us better.


  8. Thanks for the excellent article. It lays it out in a summarized format that connects the dots so that even those with a short attention span can get. And one of the biggest challenges we face is the vast number of those who still don’t understand how deep in dukey they are standing. Family members, friends and neighbors who are still wrapped in their comfortable denial are not going to get with whatever plan you build until they get convinced. As an admin on a conservative website, it’s been a goal of mine for the last 7 years (as well as a heart-heavy burden) just to help make people aware of how much of our “fundamental transformation” has already been successfully acheived and how much imminent danger we now face. Oathkeepers, patriots, and us old farts who remember what this country and culture used to be, what we have to lose, are destined to be the line in the sand. I appreciate all that this organization does on our behalf to inform and defend.

    1. Well said Observer. And I agree. We are, despite our flaws and limitations, destined to be that line in the sand. If we don’t turn the tide, we will leave our children to have to try to fight their way back to liberty in a desperate struggle to the death, after we have lost it on our watch. That would be unconscionable. We must turn the tide in our lifetime. And given the age of many of us, that is not long.

      One thing we will be doing is starting College Oath Keepers chapters on University campuses across the nation. I expect to launch that initiative this coming Monday. That will be a tremendous force multiplier as we reach out to the younger generations, and especially to all the young returning Afghanistan and Iraq veterans who are now in college, and enlist them in our quest to pass on knowledge of the Constitution as well as knowledge of how to fight back so we can deprogram the young people after the “passive victim” mindset that has been conditioned into them. We will also be there on campus to stand up for free speech and assembly against the communist left’s Orwellian attempts to shut down any speech they don’t like in the name of “safe spaces” for their views. I look forward to watching their heads spin when they see Oath Keepers T shirts and banners on campus, on the ground they have gotten used to thinking of as belonging to them.

      I think you will like what we have planned.


      1. Whoa, now that IS good news. Taking the stand to the heart of the liberal cesspools indoctrinating our kids so they don’t feel silenced and alone? Nothing like watching the social justice warriors running for their “safe spaces”. It’s our responsibility to turn this around but our kids must be informed and prepared to continue the battle that preserving liberty will always be. Thanks again.

      2. Bless you Mr. Rhodes as you hot the nail on the head. Our youth!! They have been ambushed by the “Educational System” and are purposely kept in a state of politically correct disorientation regarding the true history of this great republic. I also agree that I must look in the mirror myself and ask what have I done to promote liberty and the education of our youth as well. Americans got complacent and have become afraid to make waves against the politically correct socialist machine. I mean,, if we disagree with our President we are labeled as racist. This tactic worked extremely well especially during his first term. What I mean is Americans went to sleep and want to keep a low profile or go off grid. Perhaps this is what the machine was counting on to begin with. First rule in warfare is to create a diversion and confuse your opponent. Ok,, it worked slowly enough to put us into a catatonic state.. So that being said,, What we need now is to stand tall and cry out loud into the dark abyss,,, freedom, freedom,, freedom!!! Americans have been silent for far too long… My brothers and fellow patriots,,, please hide no longer.. Keep professional and assemble peacefully but deliberately. Either we stand together in main street or I am afraid we will be gathered up in the darkness privately,,,, one by one. Thank you Stewart for all you do as you are very appreciated as well as every Oath Keeper… God bless America and all my fellow patriots!!!

    1. Yep, that’s right. And he certainly should have known, because he used them like it was going out of style. And so are the current crop of psychopaths intent on destroying our Republic. But there are plenty of useful idiots inside the so-called Conservative side of American politics. Just look at John McCain for one example among many. They are legion.

  9. Hello,
    I am always miffed a birth when Americans, true Americans defend the Constitution. We have no Constitutional Rights, they disappeared in 1871 with the passage of The Fourteenth Amendment. It granted all Citizenship as all men created equal in The United States Corporation. The Rights given to you were God given inalienable Rights and the Forefathers through The Articles of Confederation and The Bill of Rights, were ensured and never could be changed, rewritten, or added to by the Fourteenth on. No man stands between or higher than;i, a living, breathing man, God gave life to when He gave you your soul. The Fourteenth Amendment Emancipated the Blackman but then captured all of us as eternal Indentured Servants. Thus making us unknowing slaves to the Statutory System of Government we all currently live under. All here especially, should understand what the Gold Fringed Flag means and stands for that waves in every illegal court in this country.

    That’s right, it signifies you are under Admiralty Maritime Jurisdiction, not on the land of America. It gets way deep from here so I will spare my typing skills. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, then the Birth Certificate act of 1921, onto the New Deal Plan of FDR, continued to capture all here, sinking them deeper and deeper into the diabolical system we currently live under. The biggest victory for the invaders was The Federal Reserve Act, and The Voter Registration Act of 1961 which ensured the Vote could never regain America. The link attached will totally explain that and Samuel Clemens tried to warn us all in the late 1800’s “if voting mattered, you really think they would let us” His words were of a truth like no other. The Admiralty Court System is pledged to the Crown, It is not the British Crown as most interpret it to be, but the Knights of Templar Crown. Those are descendants of king Solomon who is if the bloodline of Nimrod, down from Cain himself, or Satan for a clear understanding. So where do these Knights exist today?

    They are still in Rome, and is known as The Vatican. The reason at birth, that the gauzes, rags, Placenta, and Afterbirth is put into a tub and is whisped out of the delivery room in public hospitals is it is The Vatican’s claim to your DNA. That is the root of the horror stories you hear when the dollar collapses, that we loose all of it, all we own. Because legally, we do through ignorance to the law. Ignorance to the law and to God is no damn defense and that is burned into us.

    I hope the links will post up with my words. I have been fighting hard since 09/11 being a retired Business Owner and Licensed Crane Operator doing Industrial Construction for :big traitor brother” at the Kirtland AFB Reservation in Alb. for 16 years. Being the owner of a Structural Steel Company, I knew no flying fucking beer cans brought down any steel framed building. I am 2nd born to a retired Korean War Navy Veteran serving 22 years on USS The Sullivans DD 537, he then went on to serve 26 years at the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office as Booking Sgt. of the Madison st. Jail in Phoenix. He is my hero and rightfully so. My older brother is retired Navy serving his last duty on USS The Pellelu LHA 5, and my younger brother is Phoenix Firemen Engineer for a Ladder Truck . He is as well, FEMA Search and Rescue a Private owned company!…..yes sir, Private. Gives understanding to the failure of FEMA in Super Storm Sandy and Katrina. The owners have no want to help Americans.

    Now are you ready for the real shocker. Be careful when you say you have done more than the fight Fighting on the wrong front will lose you your battle. Our efforts have to be team oriented with the good of the Whole being the cause.Our takeover took place in the Lincoln era. Since they have infiltrated to the very core across all lines.

    The Federal Reserve and The Central Banking System, FEMA, DHS, The FBI, The Department of Justice for Christ’s sake, are all PRIVATE OWNED CORPORATIONS, none of which are American owned. There are many more too. That is why we are the UN. We are ISIS. We are Al Quesadilla. Sorry. I get pissed off when I have to revisit the whole facts. and joking is the response. The DoD you thought you worked for is nothing like you think. We built our hearts out for this country, the best any builder could do. 63 man outfit so I have been there done that. I attended American Spring undwe Ret, Col. Harry S Riley. I have close retired SEAL Team 6 members, and Retired Special Forces meeting them all working for The DoE at Live Fire and the DoD at Kirtland. We also worked for another private entity, The TSD and WACKENHUT. If you are of a mind set to learn, notice the letter stand for the abrv.’s All uppercase lettering signals it is a Commercial Corporation, different from The DoE and The DoD This I know owning a Corporation in Commercial United States.

    It is what sent me down the roads of Tyranny we live under. With 63 employees at Bacon Davis wages, I had to deposit the 941’s of the employees every 2 weeks. Those are the employee withholding taxes from there paychecks. With a 93,000 dollar a week payroll, they were sizable deposits every 2 weeks. I was shocked to the BONE when it finally hit me, those deposits were to the Bank, and never to The Federal Government of America. Not only does your vote not count or matter, and it never did, never has it even been truly counted. US Citizens, and more specifically, Registered Voters, are lumped into one house to be represented. The House of Representatives located in the District of Columbia, where Congress is the only “entity” to speak on that “foreign” soil. The 10 square miles known as DC is not soil of America. It was structured that way by the Founders, so the entity would actually have no claim on America. Why do you think all Congressmen, Senators, leave Millionaires. Because The Federal Reserve prints any amount of money they need to bribe them to go along with all of it and those that do not have a price to be bought are killed or wounded, The Sonny Bono’s JFK’s, Reagan’s Congress has picked every president before you and I knew who was running. They are all complicit, all Cowards, none of them understand what the word Courage means. ALL OF THEM. None of them ever stood to the Oaths you did, I never took one but am an American.

    The Birth Certificate Act of 1921 basically is a certificate of abandonment when your blood parents unknowingly abandon you at birth. The State, through the public hospital, published in a public News Paper, your time of birth, height, weight, length, (your description) and laid claim to you as the Ward of the State. Which in turn, gave your DNA, and claim to The Vatican, and Knights of Templar. All Registered Voters are Represented by The House (where all abandon children go) and you live under their rules as all do, listening to “the head of household” Your Dad always said, my house, my rules. Bells should be sounding, and those are Battle Station Bells. The 941 taxes I deposited is interest payments to The Federal Reserve who prints our money on worthless paper using our resources, (human resources) our ink, our labor, our buildings. Tacks the cost of that onto the Deficit, the worthless paper then becomes validated worth, on our backs and titles that built this great nation. Then the bastards have the nerve to charge us interest. So, so much more, I would bore you to death.

    I believe it was General Patton that said, know your enemy, know him through and through. The plan, the most bold and diabolically evil plan so simple in the concept, it is borderline genius. Less the fact it is Satan’s Plan Son, I do not thimk you even know where to fight, that is not the trenches. Granted, the only way we will ever get America back is rooted in 1776 and there can be no doubt of that. Do you remember barry’s speech in 2008 when he took office? He said, we must build a civilian defense force, as powerful as the Military. Well, DHS is that. 6 Billion rounds. for barry’s troops, The UN. Did you know, barry holds the command seat of UN Forces?

    I have never backed down from any fight, when human rights were the stake. I have battled hard my friend, and we are losing. We will never be able to regain control of America before God’s return. The peoples heart and more pertinent, their brains are not in it. The energy and will to charge and win, is not in them. How can you fight, when our side does not even know who the enemy is, it will be a blood bath which I will be bathing in by the way. I believe I am an American, and damn sure know how to fight too.

    The links I am posting here, are Golden for Truth. Several, the White Paper, needs to be shared and distributed to all you know, and kept safe. Knowing your enemy starts here, even though your heart is in it to win it, you must have solid intel too. Otherwise, you and I, will be shot in the back!
    GOD Bless and long live The Republic for which She stood.

    1. I disagree respectfully Thundrn…. The Republic is alive and she still stands today in the hearts of all patriots. Please mark these words as truth,,, so long as there shall be one beating heart of a patriot of freedom then the Republic of the United States of America still stands. Do not dismay, for throughout the course of world history, freedom has triumphed. Weathered, shackled and beaten, broken of body and spirit, yet freedom has always arisen likened to the magnificent phoenix from the fiery pits of hell. *******Spoiler Alert******* We win in the end………….. God bless America!!!

  10. There are two other Organization’s that are very influential one is mentioned on the site
    , but briefly ; The Brookings institute and The S.P. Law Center ; The Brookings institute is Grand Central where all these other globalist organization’s move in and out of and where policy is finalized . This institute is where all the skeleton’s are hidden expungements of top Government secret’s and a lot of the time where policies are created and dispersed too all the other organizations that Navy Jack just mentioned and then returned for mitigation and then implemented ; In my opinion they really are the definition of a domestic enemy operating inside our Republic , with strong connections too The Builderberg’s along with members such as Henry Kissinger who has been a member of The Brookings Institute for eon’s ; Next ; The S. P. Law Center ; Who are know friend’s of The Oath Keepers or the Militias’ or any other Patriot group , they do Intel work for the FBI infiltrating organizations of patriot group’s too harm Patriot’s any way they can and to the public they disguise themselves as sheep in wolves clothing too make them appear as good samaritan’s doing what is essentially good for America . I think this group of Butt wipe’s should be discussed on Oath Keepers more often as for the other post’s that were posted today , this difference of certainty actually was good because member’s sometimes have pinned up energy , that need’s too be vedded ; In my opinion all you folk’s are true Patriot’s every last one of you !!!

    1. Unknown Ranger – Thanks for your contribution. Anyone interested in understanding the motives and corrupt dealings associated with the SPLC should read the following paper by Capital Research:

      As for the Brookings Institute, I would categorize this organization as a research group that feeds the “Quasi-Government” organizations like the CFR, the EU, NATO and the UN. It would appear that for the right amount of money, they will issue a “study” that says whatever you want it to say.

  11. Divide and conquer.

    (Look where the national wealth is ending up at. Google Image Search is a great way to view where the distribution channels divert wealth)

    A house divided can not stand. Who will benefit as the pieces are picked up? I am unable to prove my assertion that the USA is in the throes of full-scale socioeconomic class war. Take a little time, I urge you, and come to your own conclusion.

    I fear that moneyed interests within the USA place profit before anything; from the good of We, the People to the country as a whole. Profit is their prophet.

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