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Navy Jack: It’s Time for an Adult Discussion about Gun Control


The horrific death and injury toll resulting from the Orlando ISIS Attack demands that Americans have an adult discussion about gun control. The Government cannot protect us from an individual that is willing to die to kill you and your family. This fact has been proven over and over again; in Chattanooga, at Ft. Hood, in San Bernardino, at the Boston Marathon and even at the Washington Navy Yard.  How many more citizens have to die before we turn the conversation away from failed gun control policies,  NSA spying and various “watch lists” to making Americans capable of protecting themselves and their loved ones?

NavyJack UndefinedClackamas Mall Oregon – Attempted Mass Shooting


Police response time will never be fast enough to stop a crazed shooter, suicide bomber or ISIS terrorist from piling up a high death toll. In the case of Orlando, the terrorist had hours before the SWAT teams were briefed and ready to breach the club where at least 50 Americans were killed. The only mass shooting attempts that have ever been stopped without high death tolls are the ones where a citizen with a gun confronted the crazed shooter. The Garland, TX Islamic terrorist attack and the Clackamas Mall, OR shooter attacks are both textbook examples of citizens taking action to protect American lives. In these and hundreds of other cases, a single citizen armed and trained to protect themselves made the difference between hundreds of lives lost and hundreds of lives saved.

NavyJack UnNamedGarland Texas – Terrorist Attack


Regardless of the laws, policies and restrictions placed on guns, there is not one example where a crazed killer determined to take lives paused to consider the penalties associated with violating gun control laws. One of the most heinous of these laws/policies is the enactment of “gun-free zones”. Nearly every successful mass shooting and terrorist attack that has occurred in America has occurred in a “gun-free zone”. Every mass shooting and terrorist attack that has been thwarted has occurred when a law abiding citizen, with a gun, intervened to end the carnage. There is no longer any room for debate on these issues. It is time for Americans to take responsibility to protect themselves, their loved ones and their businesses. With the rising threat of ISIS and other terrorist organizations expanding their armies on U.S. soil, every American needs to act swiftly to obtain the defensive weapons and training needed to save lives.



President Obama with his Armed Protection Detail


The next time you hear a politician, President, mayor or movie star tell you that more gun control is the answer, remind him of his hypocrisy by having armed guards protecting him wherever he goes. It is amazing that anyone could listen to someone protected by trained professionals; possessing weapons that in many cases are not even available to the general public, talk about how you and your family would be safer without a gun. Clearly the answer is to become a responsible citizen that is armed and trained to protect yourself and others. Become the difference between carnage and safety. Be the good person with a gun.


The next time you hear the President spout off selected statistics about how gun control works, you remind him that the U.S. Cities with the strictest gun control laws also have the highest rate of violent crime and murder. Remind him that you are 37% more likely to become the victim of a violent crime or murder in a State that has enacted strict Brady gun-control Laws.  Remind him that his initiatives and the expansion of “gun-free” zones are directly responsible for the death toll our nation is experiencing from crazed murderers and terrorists. Remind him that the only mass shootings ever stopped in America were stopped by a citizen with a gun that risked their own safety to protect others. Remind him of the Oklahoma beheading. Remind him of Clackamas Mall. Remind him of Garland, TX and then tell him you are done listening to him on this issue.



Oklahoma Food Plant Beheading Terrorist Attacker – Alton Nolen


The next time you hear the President tell you that we need to ban “assault rifles” because they are “weapons of war”, you tell him that what he and other politicians have sarcastically labeled as “assault rifles” are significantly less lethal than a standard semi-automatic hunting rifle. At close range, like was the case in Orlando, the so called “assault rifles” are no more lethal than a shotgun or standard handgun.  You tell the President that since the expiration of the 1994 “assault weapons” ban, violent crime and murder have fallen to historic lows in our nation. You tell him that you know that his attempts to ban semi-automatic weapons will put you and your loved ones in greater danger from crazed murderers and terrorist that will certainly disregard his silly edicts.



Oregon Community College Shooting  – Typical Gun-Free Zone


The next time you hear a politician or the President tell you that you need to surrender your privacy to make it easier for them to protect you; remind them that all of these initiatives have resulted in total failure to achieve any of the promised objectives. The attacks continue to this day and are getting worse. You tell them that you are done listening to their failed promises and policies. Tell them that you are an American and that you have decided it is time to protect yourself, your loved ones and your fellow citizens. Go out and purchase the defensive weapon needed to ensure your safety. Get the training to use that weapon responsibly. Make sure that the weapon can never fall into the hands of a would-be killer or a child. Do this for yourself and your country.



June 13 2016

Statement from Stewart on how Oath Keepers will help businesses, clubs churches, synagogues, etc., will follow shortly.



Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.



  1. “Regardless of the laws, policies and restrictions placed on guns, there is not one example where a crazed killer determined to take lives paused to consider the penalties associated with violating gun control laws. One of the most heinous of these laws/policies is the enactment of “gun-free zones.”

    Navy Jack, I respectfully disagree with this particular statement, here’s why.
    I think these killers do “consider” where they are committing these acts and as you rightly point out, they never go to “Gun Rich Environments.” Furthermore, because they are capable of this “consideration,” they probably aren’t as crazed (Mentally Ill), as the gun grabbers would have us believe. That said, Great Article!

    1. it says they don’t consider the penalties associated with violating a gun law. it doesn’t say they don’t consider where they do these acts.

      1. Yep Bravo, I screwed that up. There was whole long run on sentence that went with it. What I meant to say is; these Jihadist filth consider every aspect of their actions. Starting at the who, then to the what, then where, and the why is ingrained in their upbringing. They disregard the consequences, but they do consider them. Typically they lean toward their own deaths. Much like the Japanese kamikazes. At the end of the day this form of symbiotic relationship is parasitic in nature Predator/Prey). As such they single out the most vulnerable, at their highest vulnerability, and kill as effectively as possible. Problem is we need to do what we should have done to the inner city gangs about a million years ago and delegitimize the whole ISIS movement. Make it not so cool or profitable to be a scumbag…….

    1. Actually, Thank You! It’s refreshing to see solutions NJ. Especially when it entails taking it to the Progressives.

      Tell you what bothers me the most. I’m sick and tired of the Progressives/Liberals marching a CAIR member out to the media to give us the name of the perpetrator. Then they always go on to inform us that this is a rare person, and that their community should not be judged by this one individual. Besides the fact that it legitimizes the action of the Jihadi, it minimizes our fight for our Rights. Example; that’s 1/ 5,000,000 US Muslims. When a US citizen goes off the rails (1/ 330,000,000) there is a knee jerk heard the world over. BTW NavyJ, I hear there are more arrests imminent. Kinda blows the Nobel Peace Messiahs narrative all to he!!….

      1. None of y’all seem to think that this was another VERY well staged event meant to “ignite the fires of hate” so that the POTUS and other demonic entities surrounding us could institute, or have a reason for, invoking “forms of law” that would OUST The Constitution and Amendments in favor of UnGodly ‘counts-of-evils’ taken against us under the guise of “we know what is best for you” and, of course, to convince those stupid enuff to turn in their weapons (and why not their children too while they are doing it) …to save them a second trip?
        I have watched everything from every angle, and considered the angles that we are being prevented from seeing. The only logical end is that we are once again being duped, and the aftermath of this too will be “hell to pay” (in our blood, not theirs), as they pile us high, then burn, then bulldoze what remains into a mass grave to be puzzled over by survivors who unearth us ….10,000 years from now (when all has been stricken from all books and carvings). ….and so history repeats itself once again?

        I carry a .45ACP …all 105lbs of me. My rifle? DPMS LR-308 with the best Millet scope they make (with 2nd gen night vision). Cost me a very nice car in order to revamp my finances to get these things, and enough ammo to make a freight train stop and take a dirt road …but I LIKE my new/old F-150 and “the feeling of comfort” knowing whomever screws with me is going to die of lead poisoning. And I am even willing to give up my weapons, well, actually my ammo: one bullet at a time. 🙂
        Get right with God and HE will “do right by you!”

        MOLON LABE

      2. This incident certainly does stink; however it may not be staged, just allowed. Has basically the same effect. Found out yesterday that Disney had contacted the FBI in April. So this idiot should have been under investigation again! We’re awake and doing right by God. Part of that includes doing everything possible in his name and a peaceful manner. As such we need to stay on the right side of history and allow for the Government to be the aggressor first. Anything less will be met with World Wide condemnation, and that may be a bigger battle than we can handle……

  2. As a natural born citizen of the United States of America, I have a RIGHT to KEEP..I have guns and I am going to KEEP them…and BARE…I have one on me right now…ARMS.
    Don’t like that…??? Get out of my country….Nuff said…!!!!

  3. As for me, I will no longer enter into any discussion reference ‘gun control’.

    I refuse to discuss any regulation, control, prohibition, prior restraint or other form of infringement of the fundamental essential constitutionally enumerated Liberty to keep and to bear arms.

    My retort is a simple ‘[One word deleted by Elias Alias, editor] You’, I will not comply and I will use whatever force is necessary to prevent any person or entity from actually and physically/personally making such an attempt against my Liberty.

    I cause no other harm to other individuals and do not intrude on their Life, Liberty or Property. I demand and expect the same.

    It really is as simple as that.

    If only such open unequivocal defiance would become wide-spread.

    1. I do not believe that you are advocating defiance. I believe that you are legally exercising your rights in spite of the threat of being bullied, jailed or killed by an illegal administration for doing so. We can only hope that others want to be free that badly.

  4. America already has enough gun owners. What America really needs are more Armed Citizens!

    I am getting tired of ‘Don’t blame the victim’. Wake up to reality! Arm yourselves damn it! If a business/organization insists that you disarm, boycott them. And parents, homeschool your children for God’s sake.

    1. “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.”
      – Richard Henry Lee, Federal Farmer No. 18, January 25, 1788

    2. Dianne, I agree whole-heartedly, and have a ‘set of points’ for all to ponder upon:

      Please consider the events of (approx) the last decade (in no special sequence of order)….
      *We have silently permitted the removal of The Ten Commandments from a “place of justice”
      *We have silently permitted the taking down of Crosses and even signs ON CHURCH PROPERTY …so as not to “hurt the feelings” of The Atheists. In other words, we fully complied with Atheistic ‘values’ and denied our own rights & beliefs when doing so.
      *We have collectively, via “far too many events to list”, openly allowed the complete removal of “everything that says GOD” from our culture …and therein have accomplished nearly a complete departure from God and His Blessing that this Great Nation ONCE “stood with” (as in “One Nation Under God”) …which will be removed from all paper money (as they fully intend to “dispense with all money” under the guise of keeping YOU safer by not carrying cash). But what of “In God We Trust”? That also goes out the window.

      Therefore, the greater majority of Americans are now standing around in confusion (of sorts, and divisions, (of sorts), wondering how in the “H” or WHAT in the “H” is going on with all these “strange and unheard of events” (to include zany-weather patterns and “rocks-in-space” that we collide with are getting larger and larger ….and so forth.

      Isn’t it a foregone conclusion that in our acts of departing from “the ways of God” (simply by ALLOWING IT TO BE DONE), that God is no longer “blessing this nation” as “She” fills up with the “worst-of-the-worst” foreign nationals (immigrants …whatever you wish to call them), who also SPIT upon God in all ways (and our government is PAYING THEM to enter our borders “unfettered” (and we now discover DHS has, for years, been secretly transporting them inland and ‘spreading them out’ so as to not be as noticeable, after which the “acts of evil” triple the normal).

      Why are we so surprised when we have all but totally departed from God, as a nation, led by ONE who does NOT worship God (does not wear an American flag on his lapel), knows everything about Muslims (and had a Muslim upbringing), yet says he is a Christian on one hand while “cutting them down” with his other (unwatched) hand.
      God is NOT going to look down upon “us” kindly, as He has done in past times, as He has and is being rejected by “more and more people” in favor of plastic gods and prophets. …and with all these anti-God events taking place with no efforts to curtail them we still feel we are blessed? Why should we be for straying from “the narrow road” into the wide and easy road …which leads nowhere (as can be seen by looking at the condition of other nations that reject or blaspheme God like China, North Korea, The Middle East (for the greatest part), Egypt …yet look at Russia who are clinging to their Orthodox Christian ways (are are suffering and conquering whereas everyone else is falling into “The Abyss” of damnation (The Roads To Hell) and are confused as to why such evil things are suddenly “surrounding us” on all fronts?
      Suffice it to say, imho, I do not believe we are as blessed as we would like to think that we are, and the evil that God must have been “holding back” has now been unloosed – -geesh, we have been threatened with “everything evil” if we allow our children to PRAY? (And so we comply rather than ‘decry and annihilate’)?

      If we do not bring God back into the mainstream of America in every last way that He has been so carefully and “surgically” removed, one tiny piece at a time …then we are no better than those who seek to destroy us (as in wiping out all whites and Christians).

      Without GOD we will soon be more like a FOURTH WORLD NATION in servitude to every other country on earth …and then it will get far worse from there on out. OR, we could, as a nation of believers, do a complete 180, put GOD BACK IN EVERY WAY HE HAS BEEN REMOVED …and THEN you just may see “miracles” (none of which will come to fruition if we do not “take the “hard, narrow and rocky road”.

      Evil has become rampant and nothing we do is going to make a single dent in their plans except “Faith” “Belief” and Prayer (NOT IN PUBLIC CHURCHES …but in “your inner closet as is described” – – prayer is meant to be “done” in-the-mind where nobody but Christ hears you, who then confesses to His Father what you ‘are made of’ spiritually.

      Until we have ousted the entirety of an evil-driven government, which is our own government turned treasonous and tyrannical, we will surely lose and in doing so condemn our children to a hideous life (if they are allowed to live at all).

      And to all who are investing in Precious Metals (PMs) in an effort to “come out ahead” in the “game” ….you are cutting off your nose to spite your face. A man cannot serve two masters. You may well worship “money and riches and the desirous things of the earth” or you can dispense with the miseries that go WITH such things, and instead concentrate on where you will soon (we ALL die) end up …and I’d rather be a “free spirit” in harmony with God than tossed into “whatever” may be for those who reject God and His Commandments.

      Food for thought (and yes, my text is in dis-array, as it was not planned, but just ‘rolled off my fingertips as I’ve seen more and more ppl struggling to put away PMs instead of directing their attentions to where they are MOST needed ….God, faith, belief and blessings and preparing for a world with NO FOOD OR WATER OR “Religious Tolerance” (WE have allowed …damned if they will as we have already learned). It is NEVER too late, yet our time “runneth short” and thus all will be lost when EVERYTHING could be turned around and regained …with just “the tiniest amount of faith”. “…the size of a mustard seed.” (not a quote nor intended to be)

      May God Bless those who have been given the eyes to see (as there are not many these days, as is written there shall not be). Think about it…

      *I’ll not return, as my work(s) are done here with many places to state the same, hopefully to ‘turn ONE ear’ (rather than none), as ONE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE …and only one. The proofs are before you and are as clear as cleaned glass. Has anyone a better way to victory than “…with the Cross of Jesus, going on before?” Oh, I forgot, crosses have been condemned and taken down as well, haven’t they…. (even REMOVED from the graves of men who died, GAVE YOU THEIR LIVES, in The Name of God so that you could be “safe” from these things …yet all sit quietly as they are each denounced, torn down and dispensed with to make room for “what is better for you.” (Their words…)…

      I am a licensed, ordained Reverend of The Christian Faith, a 21-year combat veteran of The US Naval (SF), and a ‘pistol-packing Rev’ (no I do not preach in a church, as the “church is the body of Christ”, but still God gives me all I need to deter evil and enlighten others, while there is still time to do so. Just BELIEVE. God will give us back our Nation if we put God back into ‘her’. Otherwise, nothing at all will happen except increased evils being unloosed upon us without mercy. You might say, “JESUS IS COMING AND MAN IS HE PISSED!” (a bumper sticker I saw about 20 years ago). Lastly, I have witnessed “the other side” first-hand, (how is not important). I ask you to not doubt truth when it is presented in earnest to you, so that all not be lost in vain.

      Molon Labe …(and keep your asses down)

  5. “The laws of this nature are those which forbid to wear arms, disarming those only who are not disposed to commit the crime which the laws mean to prevent. Can it be supposed, that those who have the courage to violate the most sacred laws of humanity, and the most important of the code, will respect the less considerable and arbitrary injunctions, the violation of which is so easy, and of so little comparative importance? Does not the execution of this law deprive the subject of that personal liberty, so dear to mankind and to the wise legislator? and does it not subject the innocent to all the disagreeable circumstances that should only fall on the guilty? It certainly makes the situation of the assaulted worse, and of the assailants better, and rather encourages than prevents murder, as it requires less courage to attack unarmed than armed persons.” – Cesare Beccaria, “An Essay On Crimes & Punishment”

  6. Would ANY of this be happening if we had not permitted crosses to be torn down, prayer to not be allowed in schools, The Ten Commandment ‘rolled into a basement beneath a building allegedly determining justice, and the hundreds of other events that have ousted God from and away from all facets of The United States (which is now no longer one nation under God)?
    Is it not clearly seen by anyone how the evil has been collectively building and worsening with each and every “casting out” of Christian beliefs and principals?

    IMHO …if we “take back God” (as we should), and put it all back as it should be, “with the cross of Jesus, going on before …not in a REAL CROSS …no no no, the “faith of God” in YOU is what it means …and at the same time it would not hurt to put our Flag back where she belongs and …get to hell rid of the demons-of-The-Beltway and States that seek to turn you into slaves for their enjoyment and sexual perversions. God will not help those who have rejected Him, or allowed His rejection. Food for thought… (you’ve got one life to get it right).

  7. A government that has been caught giving ” weapons of war ” to enemies of its own people has lost all authority.

  8. One of the issues we face as patriots is that our communications tend to be an echo-chamber of similar ideas on various “patriot” blogs/sites. If you find the arguments that I have made compelling, please share the article on Facebook and Twitter. Really anything that we can do to expand the reach of common sense thinking would help. I appreciate your support. NavyJack

  9. Navy Jack,

    Thank you for an Adult Conversation about Guns.
    My thought is that Common Sense Gun Laws require Eliminating Gun Free Zones.
    I have a God-Given right, affirmed by the Constitution, to defend myself, and others, with deadly force if necessary…
    But the law keeps carving out places where God Given Rights are suspended.
    Should there be anyplace, well yes. In the hospital, under general anesthesia, I should not be maintaining control of a firearm. Nobody in a hospital having a gun – ridiculous.

    Just my 2¢.

    ~ Don McGaffey
    NRA Master Training Counselor

    1. TrainingCounselor – Thank you and I 100% agree with your assessment.

      NavyJack –
      NRA Patron Life Member

  10. It is becoming more evident daily that our government cares little if we “the citizens” are terrorized and murdered. I think their only agenda is ultimate one world control period. Obama seems to display a desire to kick start a war now so perhaps to give an instant one world front row ticket in my opinion. Everything else seems like a diversion lately so we are distracted from his checkmate moves with the UN… Once in checkmate then the management of citizens is far easier to carry out under wartime military law. I do not mean that your article has no merit or that i stray off the article topic. I am just saying,,, it seems like a huge diversion to me that most sheeple will never even grasp… Maybe I am wrong I hope….

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