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Mexico President Urges North American Integration After Brexit

Mexican President

Post-Brexit, there is a move to create a European superstate, and now we learn there is renewed interest in North American Integration (read a North American Union). Surprise, surprise.  – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

This article comes from Yahoo News

AFPJune 27, 2016

Ottawa (AFP) – Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Monday called for greater integration with Canada and the United States in the wake of Britain’s vote to split with the European Union.

Nieto, who spoke during a stopover in Quebec City, is scheduled to attend a North American leaders summit in Ottawa on Wednesday with his US and Canadian counterparts.

The three countries are economic partners in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and work closely on security matters.

At Wednesday’s summit, the leaders are expected to announce joint energy and environmental strategies, including matching renewable energy targets.

“The purpose of this visit is to renew our bilateral relationship, to give it new life, to find ways to advance the prosperity and competitiveness of North America,” Pena Nieto said.

“I think what is happening elsewhere in the world invites us to strengthen our strategic alliance and especially to be much more inclusive,” he said in response to questions about the so-called Brexit decision.

Britain’s shocking vote to quit the European Union has abruptly shoved itself onto the summit agenda.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US President Barack Obama had both called on Britain to stay in the EU.

The Brexit decision has roiled financial markets and triggered deep uncertainty over how the divorce will play out, in Europe and elsewhere.

Pena Nieto is scheduled to dine with Trudeau in Toronto in the evening before the pair head to Ottawa to meet with Obama on Wednesday.

On the first day of his state visit, Pena Nieto also signaled Mexico’s intention to join a fledgling continental carbon market with Quebec, Ontario and the US state of California.

He is also expected to announce matching cuts to US methane emissions, which Canada agreed to in March.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with the globalists and their garbage! Methane gas restrictions, will, mark my words, mean an attack on dairy a beef farmers! Because, believe it or not their farts! Cattle fart somewhere around 100 gallons of methane a day. This is how the plan on creating a food shortage on purpose. Going to post a link to an article from Michael Snyder, that helps to piece the puzzle together. Elias, I’m sure you’ve read it already. You are usually on top of these things but here it is anyway

  2. NAFTA~

    U.S. Federal Solution – Fact: U.S. Federal plans (a.k.a. Agenda 21) have been presidentially approved since 1992 to further align with Canada and Mexico for a stronger and revitalized North American Union (NAU) and a new NAU currency. Agenda 21 is underway in a few areas of the U.S. Currently. This plan will assist in damage control once the U.S. announces our collapse. This clearly explains the U.S. Governments avoidance on strengthening our southern borders.

    Nowhere is it written that any U.S. Government body has the authority to turn over control of the U.S. to any other foreign body and to do so would be nothing short of crimes of high treason.

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