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Matt Bracken On The Alex Jones Show

Matt Bracken

Matt Bracken, a former Navy Seal and author, is a guest on the Alex Jones show, where he discusses the Orlando shooting.

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  1. That seal dude comes of as person with huge skills and a brain to match. Thank god he is on our side. Sure would like to know where I can get a copy of his book. His statement that 95% of our special forces are wide awake was also very comforting. I am getting a feeling that the November elections are not going to happen if trump is seen as leading though. The criminal elements in Washington will not allow him to become president. I would not be surprised if they bump him off like they did to JFK.

  2. Oathkeepers should be wary of Alex Jones and any of his different websites. Alex Jones is controlled opposition.

      1. It’s a personal opinion; one which I hold, as well. I always ponder what Jones DOESN’T cover. e.g. The FDA and FTC (pro/per)secution of Jim and Trish of danielchapterone

      2. I tapped you because you stated it as cold hard fact. I figured it was just an opinion, but thought that you should be shown why one does not declare cold hard facts, such as you did, without something more than opinion to back them up, right?
        Regarding what Jones does not cover, I will share with you my own plight as editor here. There is a never-ending stream of breaking news items, a virtual whirlpool. I do know for a fact that I cannot possibly cover more than a mere fraction of what’s out there every day. It’s a wide and busy world, Mon!
        Jones is a pioneer in revealing the Deep State, Black Ops, False Flags, and numerous other arenas, all of which are significant revelations to one of the bigger audiences on the Net. He and two British journalists broke in (snuck in) to the Bohemian Grove in the year 2000 and filmed their wicked ceremony, “The Cremation of Care”, a Babylonian death-cult human sacrifice ceremony stressing the overcoming of one’s conscience. Jones filmed the damn thing and it went world-wide on BBC. He has hosted countless whistle-blowers, backed Ron Paul all the way, built a track record which is peerless. It is only natural that skeptical “patriots” such as yourself would query why he has not been taken out, like they did Ruippert and Breitbart and Webb. Many people hold your “personal opinion”, but until it can be proven to be more than opinion, I’m for unifying the liberty movement by refraining from attacking the stalwarts who’ve established track records for the good. Bring me the proof, and I’ll walk with you. Otherwise, I’ll defend your right to hold whatever “opinion” you wish, but request that you qualify such accusations as being merely “opinions”. Fair enough?
        Thanks Bro,
        Elias Alias, editor

      3. The video of Jones disrupting a pro-gun rally in Austin, TX was the video that made me suspicious of Jones. It didn’t help that he turned around and lied about it all on his show.

  3. Jones has a humongous ego, and I have heard him embellish and contradict himself many times. That being said, he has done more to introduce people to the Liberty / Patriot / Truth movement than any other man alive except perhaps Ron Paul. He has had a hand in waking up millions and millions of people, not just here in the US, but around the world. The majority of the alternative news outlets online started off with someone who was an Infowars listener. I have listened to him on and off for a long time. Sometimes I cannot tolerate his egotistical bloviating and screaming and acting like a fool. But he has also managed to increase the reach of his message through his theatrics. I saw that protest he hijacked, and it was a [one word deleted by Elias Alias, editor] move, there is no doubt. That was him wanting to be the center of attention. We have to stop the infighting and constant accusations. The enemies of our movement love to feed the rumor mill that causes us to splinter and divide and waste energy fighting amongst ourselves. The Globalists control almost everything people read, see, and hear. When will people learn to stop tearing down our own allies. We need media who will expose the truth, and we need people who aren’t awake yet to see it as much as possible. Shall we help run them all out of existence because they are not perfect. As a wise man once said, “Let he who is without sin… cast the first stone”.

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