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‘Fundamental Transformation’ through ‘Immigration’ Invasion Picking Up Speed

More likely you’ll be given sanctuary and what they’ll tell you are “entitlements,” and put in the fast lane of that “pathway to citizenship.”

“New Surge of Central Americans Seen on Border,” Arizona Public Media reports. Foreign nationals – including those from “Middle Eastern terrorism hotbeds” are coming across the southern border. And once they’re here, not only is “birthright citizenship” granted, Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary says illegals have “earned the right to be citizens,” meaning they’ll get to vote. Preferential fast-track treatment, of course, will be given to those who kidnap children to make themselves look like a “family” in need.

And guess which party every credible metric says they’ll vote for, and how the right to keep and bear arms will be treated once an unchallengeable supermajority controls the legislatures and federal court confirmations. Go on, guess.

The fact that Mexico has strict admission laws for foreigners that make Donald Trump seem like LIRS by comparison (hey, how come no one ever calls the Mexican government “haters”?) means this is either a deliberate policy by that government to undermine U.S. sovereignty, or simply just another indication of systemic corruption as officials line their pockets. In either case, it’s on them to fix it. Barring that, strong retaliatory sanctions are not only appropriate, they’re necessary.

So what does California do? They’re “mov[ing] toward extending Obamacare to illegal immigrants” and making the U.S. even more of a magnet.

And who’s the primary shaker and mover behind that bright idea?

¿Qué pasa, Ricardo?

Yep, the guy is predictably a gun-grabber. Nothing is going to stand in the way of disarming “law-abiding” U.S. citizens, with California as the proving ground.

Did I mention that Ricardo is “the son of parents who were immigrants formerly in the country illegally”? And rather than be shown the same consideration his native land employs, he’s instead been rewarded with “birthright citizenship” and the very political power they deny to foreigners?

And, of course, if you oppose his disarmament mandates, you’re “clearly racist and devoid of any political or legal legitimacy.”

Thank goodness this has nothing to do with that “single issue,” right, NRA?

The Washington Examiner just reported that a poll shows Mexicans prefer Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump by 88% to 1%. So do citizens around the world, by a margin of 57% to 13%. I understand there are people here who don’t trust Trump and who have lost all faith in the political process. I’m merely pointing out that plenty more would pull the lever for a creature any rational person ought to be able to recognize as a monster.

The short term goal, with all the cultural terraforming that’s going on, is to bring the world’s political “sensibilities” to America’s leadership — by transforming the electorate.  Longer term, we’re talking what Bush the Elder endorsed as ‘the New World Order.” Yes, of course establishment Republicans share guilt with the Democrats. That’s the way the scam has been designed.

And while we’re focused on illegal immigration, we can’t forget the other pincer closing in – the legal kind, including the “refugee” crisis. There’s absolutely a complementary takeover agenda going on there, as documented in “The Red-Green Axis” that threatens to destroy the Republic. And while our government will lie to us, and in spite of highly-covered atrocities tell us we have “rigorous security screening,” think about it: Where and who could they possibly get comprehensive background information from? Who has the accurate, up-to-date and audited databases and records? Especially for people from areas torn apart by years of raging turf wars between competing factions of savage cultists…?

There is something government could be doing to put the brakes on the influx and fulfill its mandated responsibilities, which means, of course, it ain’t gonna happen: The preamble to the Constitution includes a handful of specific limited purposes for forming a national government that are often intentionally overlooked by those counting on the rest of us being neither informed nor on guard. Among the justifications for states ceding power to the federal arrangement: “provide for the common defence … and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

Why is it in our interests to even admit, let alone extend citizenship to foreigners who have not done what even Mexico requires of those it admits? The Constitution was written for us, so it seems fair to ask: What’s in it for us? What’s in it for our Posterity?



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. It is just Treason once again.

    Federal Immigration and National Act of 1952, President Truman.
    Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) any US citizen that knowingly assists an illegal alien, provides them with employment, food, water or shelter has committed a felony.

    Basically any city, county or State officials that declare their jurisdictions to be “Open Cities, Counties or States are subject to arrest; as are law enforcement agencies who chose not to enforce this law.

    It is also important to know that Police officers who ignore officials who violate/have violated Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) are committing a Section 274 federal felony. According to Federal Immigration and National Act of 1952, if you live in a city, county or State that refuses to enforce the law for whatever reason, the officials making those rules are financially liable for any crime committed within their jurisdiction by an illegal alien. That includes the officers who will not, do not go after those “officials”.

    We have rampant Election Fraud going on putting people into place to further the destruction of the USA and the American people.

    Then multiply that with us having a presidential impersonator (never met the requirements – and it WAS his duty to prove he did), then Election Fraud was found by a jury of the people to have been used to place H. Clinton AND Obama as presidential candidates in 2008.

    Then add that the ONLY offices within a branch that is allowed to make any type of legislation binding on the people and this nation is the House of Representatives and the Senate – read the US Constitution.

    Binding Treaties MUST be made with the Senate and a LAWFUL US President. It matters not how many years this has gone on, or how many military have been incarcerated or removed for refusing his orders and KEEPING their Oath. He is still NOT a US President, we do have requirements and it is up to all candidates to prove that they meet them.

    Add the invasions that are the Militias constitutional duty to stop, then IF they cannot stop the feds are constitutionally required to join in and stop it.

    The Militia has as its constitutionally assigned duties to:
    — Enforce the US Constitution (Supreme LAW of this land) and each state’s Constitution highest LAW of the state),
    — Enforce and keep the “Laws of the Union” (which are constitutional laws ONLY),
    — Protect the country against all enemies both domestic and foreign, and
    — “to suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”.

    Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15: Clause 15: “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel invasions. “

    1. Excellent comment Cal…….as you stated….”It is just treason once again” …When will we finally arrive at the “threshold” and properly address this runaway treason ?

    2. Right on Cal. I dont understand why we are allowing the so called leaders to get away with this. Why is Oathkeepers leadership not standing up to this? The people in office are violating their oath and the law and we allow them to stay in office. We should be getting all the supporting constitutional organizations together and paying Washington a visit. We need to identify all the trators in Washington and our state governments and arrest them for violating federal law . It is our right to do so and we are obligated to do so buy our oath. I just can not understand why we are sitting back and letting this continue.

    1. The border is not where we put a stop to it. This influx of illegal aliens is driven by the magnets of work, welfare, citizenship for children of foreign nationals born here, all the taxpayer financed freebies (school, medical care, public housing, food stamps, etc.), and the knowledge that an illegal alien is more likely to be struck by lightning than deported by the US government.

      These are the things that need to be dealt with — if it is made unprofitable and unpleasant to be here illegally (and a certainty of both punishment and deportation for those caught here), they will quit coming, and most who are here will leave. We don’t need a wall — we need to end all benefit to be derived from coming here illegally, and make punishment for being caught severe enough that illegals will leave rather than risk being caught. There will be nothing at the border that the Border Patrol can’t handle (if they’re allowed to), if there is nothing to be gained by entering the country illegally.

      1. So a two-way border policy with ICE agents actively and with potentially deadly force stopping any undocumented, (really should be only visa-bearing,) foreign nationals. Then the second part would be have fast acces lanes to leave the country as well, and the passage through that line/ predicated on giving your biometric information so the FedGov knows who you are and can regulaten or prevent your future return to the states. Some of Rohmney’s self-deportation fantasy will come true if it becomes so ecomnomically and legally difficult to work or reside in the states. But we do need qualified transnationals who can work, and under a new.system those who can prove they have abided by laws, paid into SSI in the past should/could be eleigible for a,.with a LIMITED residence visa. It seems that those people who over the last 20-30 years played by the rules and complied with immigration requirements should endorse and support Trump’s plan to punish illlegals and reward legal immigration.This is not racist, it is a last gasp of sanity before it becomes too late. And I have been surprised at how many young black males I have heard voice support for Trump. The demographics are not going to slice up the way they used to this time around.

      2. Ummmhhhhh?… We have almost 1 million American Citizen’s without jobs, and you want to give what few jobs we have to foreign nationals?

      3. Multiply your number by 82 or 110. We have 110 million able bodied working age citizens on welfare or “unemployment”.

        82 million of them are not working at all.

        The number of immigrants since the year 2000 is greater than the number of jobs created since the year 2000. i.e., More than 100% of net jobs created went to immigrants, grinding down wages and opportunity for Americans.

      4. I see you recognize that the jobs magnet is a problem. Unfortunately, Left “Libertarians” don’t. They’re fond of saying things like “We have a welfare state problem, and not an immigration problem.”

        This meme is accepted unquestioningly by millions of Americans, but it’s not true. We have a welfare state problem and an immigration problem. Any first-world country without welfare will still have a massive immigration problem if it allows open immigration. Indeed, open-immigration would be *more* destructive of our voting control, liberty, and quality of life if we ended welfare and had a true lassiez faire capitalist economy, because the USA would be even more of a jobs and quality of life magnet. Consider:

        World Population: Over 7 billion & surging.
        4 billion live on $2-$10/day
        1 billion < $2/day
        3.6 billion have total wealth less than $2,161
        2.1 billion have wealth < $1,000

        Welfare or no welfare, every one of these people would be economically better off living in the USA than where they live now. Not to mention far better quality of life, security, etc.

        They would flood the US by the billions until the quality of life, liberty, security, etc, here was crushed down so that it was actually worse than places like Rwanda. Only then would billions of people be able to answer NO to the following question:

        Am I better off staying in Rwanda (Syria, Darfur, SE Asia, Latin America, etc). than moving to the USA?

        Long before the answer is NO, the USA will cease to exist as a sovereign nation.

        Under the Left-"Libertarian" utopia of unlimited immigration and no welfare, *billions* would move here for *JOBS*, the opportunity to earn a lifetime income 50-100 times greater than they could have where they are now and pass wealth on to their kids … With far less worry about being blown up, shot, slaughtered, heads sawed off, limbs chopped off, tortured, displaced, frog marched, raped, robbed, indoctrinated, imprisoned, re-educated, subjected to "famine", diseased, and so forth.

        Of course many Left "Libertarians" actually believe we would have no problem if 3-5 billion people moved here, as long as they moved here for *work*. No problem long as they can't get welfare.

        They never explain why they think their fellow citizens should have no problem with… "Developing" every inch of private land, ultra-high-density sardine-can living, rat-race gridlock coast to coast, everyone in each other's hair, privacy & dignity forgotten concepts, cost of land orders of magnitude higher, current citizenry losing its voting control to billions of overwhelmingly left-leaning newcomers who brought horrible cultures with them and imposed them on us. And nowhere to escape from it.

        Left "Libertarians" think a USA with billions of people would be a happy meal.

        Which is why they want continued deluge levels of legal immigration and invasion-occupation even though we DO have welfare.

        Left "Libertarians" believe that it is immoral to have numerical limits on immigration. Without immigration limits citizenship means nothing and the USA as a sovereign nation is doomed. Left "Libertarians" are working to destroy the USA. They cannot honestly take the constitutional oath or the pledge of allegiance.

  2. It’s time to organize and test a chain of command from city/county, state and country that will respond as a militia.

  3. The sign should say that you can be shot anytime anywhere till you are a s citizen, and it’s legal.

  4. If Cal is correct,Federal Immigration and National Act of 1952, President Truman.
    Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) any US citizen that knowingly assists an illegal alien, provides them with employment, food, water or shelter has committed a felony.

    Then what the hell are we weighting for. The time to talk is over . They are violating the law so lets arrest them. The time for talk is over its time to kick ass. We are either going to sit back and let it happen or do somthing about it. I myself dont give a dam about myself I give a dam about my country. Thats our oath and we dam well better do somthing before we reach the breaking point of gunfire in the streets. If the law exists and we do nothing about it than we are not Oathkeepers we are cowords.

  5. To all the leadership of oathkeepers. What are you weighting for ! If a law is being violated as Cal pointed out and we stand by and do nothing arent we violating our oath? Talk is cheep and if this law is being broke by our elected officials we are obligated to take action. If we stand in and protect people at a convention why and the hell are we not arresting the guilty trators in washington and our state governments. Its a dam conspiricy and is covered under the RICO act. If we let this go on any longer we have no chance of getting our county back without an all out reveloution. Wake up my brothers and sisters the time for action is now!

  6. It looks that Cal is correct. Copy from his comment that part: Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) and paste it in Google and search. You will get what Cal is saying.

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