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Facebook Censorship Closes Off Information Ignored By Gatekeeper Media

Facebook is now giving thumbs down and warnings on pro-defense/human rights posts that demonstrate the historically-corroborated evil resulting from citizen disarmament.

Part of my morning routine involves seeing what that cat dragged in, stuff like checking emails,  moderating comments to my blog and the like. The other morning, instead of my bookmark taking me directly to my Facebook page, I was required to log in.

I’ve read about accounts being hijacked. Had someone cracked the password?  Would I need to create a new one, and would there be cleanup to perform, and “friends” to explain myself to?

It’s worse than that. And it reflects a disturbing and growing proclivity of the social media gatekeepers: Censorship of information that is not in goosestep with their Opposite Day “progressive” agenda.

A post had been removed from the Oath Keepers’ Facebook page because of a “community standards” violation.

And what was the offense against “community standards”? A poster that makes a true (and importantly, demonstrable) statement about the nexus between citizen disarmament and genocide, one painstakingly documented over the years by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, and further corroborated by professor Stephen P. Halbrook in his landmark “Gun Control in the Third Reich: Disarming the Jews and ‘Enemies of the State.’”

‘Why gun control?” the poster, with a photo of Nazi soldiers forcing Holocaust victims onto trains bound for concentration camps asks. “Because armed people will not willingly load themselves into railroad boxcars.”

ScreenHunter_01 Jun. 19 09.59
This is what the snitches reported and Facebook censored. Had I embedded this graphic at the top of this column, it would have displayed on Facebook posts featuring the article link, and could have resulted in the Oath Keepers page being closed down.

That’s a true statement. If the faceless Facebook censor has documentation to prove otherwise, that has not been included to justify such a heavy-handed rejection of expression that violates none of the posted  “community standards”:

Our mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Every day, people come to Facebook to share their stories, see the world through the eyes of others and connect with friends and causes. The conversations that happen on Facebook reflect the diversity of a community of more than one billion people.
We want people to feel safe when using Facebook. For that reason, we’ve developed a set of Community Standards, outlined below. These policies will help you understand what type of sharing is allowed on Facebook, and what type of content may be reported to us and removed. Because of the diversity of our global community, please keep in mind that something that may be disagreeable or disturbing to you may not violate our Community Standards.

Despite that hollow promise, evidently some knicker-wadded MILM had a case of the vapors over the boxcar graphic, and that was enough for a Facebureaucrat to presume to be judge, jury and executioner without even warning of a trial so that the accuser could be faced and a defense could be presented.

“Your page has been unpublished. Oath Keepers has been unpublished for repeatedly posting things that don’t comply with the Facebook terms,” a follow-up scolding warned, meaning other posts have also earned totalitarianist wrath, and if we keep it up we’ll become an “unpage.”

So what’s the big deal? Facebook is a private entity? If we don’t like it we don’t have to use it, right?

It’s a bit more impactful than that.  With a billion users, it’s the biggest dog in global social media, and Facebook honcho Mark Zuckerberg is doing what he can to open a huge new market by kowtowing to China’s propaganda chief on censorship and surveillance, all under the auspices of a “global internet governance system.” To prove his solidarity with the concept, Zuckerberg has instituted a Chinese-style snitch program on Facebook, where indignant antis can accuse and turn in users for suspicion of arranging private gun sales, and now, evidently, for shutting down information they don’t want people to see.

That snitching, invited by collectivist “community standards,” appears to be what got the Oath Keepers “boxcar” post noticed, turned in and removed.  And in the mean time, the gun-grabbers, with talking points dispatched from the Obama administration flowing down to the useful idiot level, continue to deploy “weaponized” social media posts attacking and lying about those who believe in the right to keep and bear arms, a concept evidently too “diverse” to be tolerated. Meanwhile, major media purveyors of citizen disarmament agitprop like The New York Daily News are free to commit blood libel against those resisting additional Intolerable Acts, and “community standards” are fine with that.

Here’s the major issue – the media is something like 90% Democrat and the remainder is basically “independent” or Republican squishes, with a very small sliver representing Constitutionalists. If gun owners want the truth to get out, one of the few tools available to us has been social media. If that’s closed off to us, if truthful and powerful, albeit visceral posts are summarily removed along with threats of further banishment reprisals, the establishment media will once more claim its place as information gatekeeper. Any thought falling outside of the approved dogma will be relegated to limited niche fringes with little chance of further dissemination.

What we can do about it remains to be seen. The easy thing to do is to just avoid social media altogether. If it’s used as social media, I agree. There are too many important information sharing priorities to waste sending stupid pictures and videos or playing mindless games, all the while giving up privacy and telling people who aren’t really your “friends” more than anyone outside a close circle has a need or desire to know. But if you have information that needs to be shared that will not get a fair shake let alone a mention in the media, by not using available tools to spread the word, you’re ceding a capability to the enemy. And yes, that’s exactly what those who would disarm us are.

I just found out about Gun District, an alternative to Facebook created for gun owners. I really don’t know anything about it aside from taking a quick look-see, so I’ll make a point of learning more by signing up and seeing if it provides a useful platform. In the mean time, if you are on social media, be aware that gun rights advocates are subject to snitch-initiated censorship, right down to having the Unicode consortium, including industry giants like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Apple and others, going so far in their hostility as to  exclude rifle and handgun “emojis.”

The inclination to sneer all this off by those who understand the  heavy lifting ultimately  happens in meatspace is understandable, but let’s not be short-sighted. Communications and intelligence are vital.  And we’re being cut off by a media/sociual media consortium that, were it any other industry not vital to complete control, would likely be subjected to “progressive” anti-trust laws for violations.

UPDATE: I’m giving Gun District a try. I invite you to join me.  And along the lines of snitch-based censorship, after this article was published, I found access to my blog under attack with a “report” that has caused Microsoft to warn people not to visit it.



Hats off to David for an excellent piece.  As he said, communications and intelligence are vital, and online social media is the “electronic town hall and town park” of our modern world.  We cannot leave the field to the enemy, no matter what they do to try to shut us down, and no matter how frustrating it can be.   The Facebook statement “We want people to feel safe when using Facebook. For that reason, we’ve developed a set of Community Standards, outlined below” reminds me of the radical left’s Orwellian attempts to shut down free speech on college campuses in the name of preserving a “safe space” which means a space where only their speech is safe.   Just as we cannot leave the college  campuses in their hands unchallenged, we cannot leave Facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc in their hands unchallenged – which is exactly what they want us to do.   Never do what your enemy wants.



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. There needs to be a conservative – or at least neutral – “facebook”. Enough with this leftist totalitarian bullshit

    1. Try the Tea Party Community Kim. Don’t know if they are still operational, and there was some Censorship when they were trying to get the formulae correct, but their hearts were in the right place.

      That “Leftist Totalitarian Bullshit” is the Exact same relationship a Domestic Abuser has with their Victim……

  2. I posted a comment about Muslims not being radical but fundamental, doing exactly what their book demands of them. I got the same thing and shut down for 24 hours thanks to a snow flake that couldnt take the truth about Islam in the wake of Orlando.

  3. Facebook locked me out of my account for making a statement about the government. They asked me to send them a color photo government issued ID to prove the account was mine so they could reinstate my access. I told them, “go “F” yourself.

    1. Cherokee, and every other liberty loving patriot, quit going there, I have never been there and I am fine about it. They are certainly the enemy David start another Facebook opposite day something or another. I know it is very hard to see and hear all of this it is a world I don’t even know any more.Above all pray for your country and that God’s will be done.

    2. Same here. When I opened my fb account I lied about my birthdate and the zip code. A couple of years later, having lost a computer and replaced it with a new one, they challenged me to prove who I am, and dummy me could not remember the correct answers to their questions. So I’m totally blocked at facebook, and I’m actually glad I can’t waste time there.
      Facebook is just like any centralized government — if enough people just turned their backs on it and walked away, it would fall of its own dead weight, at which time the CIA would have to create a replacement.

      Elias Alias, editor

    3. They were censoring my “Bipartisan Soft March to Fascism” page in late 2012,and early 2013. Killed the account March 2013, and never looked back.

  4. I had noticed something like this a friend could only get ahold of me through Facebook and he wanted to give me a Sig saur pistol and facebook deleted any trace that it was ever there. They infringed on my right to free speech.

    1. Since they are not the Government they can only infringe on your right thru government action. The website is their private property and they can censor all they want. You have a simple recourse which is to walk away from FaceBook.

      1. Or class action lawsuit for fraud. They are certainly not holding themselves out as a secret censorship tool.
        But no conservative attorney would have the cojones, brains or resources to do it. So only “liberals” take the offensive in the courts.

  5. Diaspora social media. Helps leave Facebook without leaving “friends” no terms, no contract, no censorship.

  6. The big question is why is OK using Facebook; putting money in the pocket of NWO globalist antiAmerican Zuckerberg?

    I don’t have and will never have a Facebook account as well as many other members of OK. Neither will I ever have a twitter account or any other social media account. Our membership should be on the backbone of the OK servers, where states and counties can organize. Period. No excuses please.

    Thanks for paying attention to this major issue.

    1. Because that is where the people are. If we just jump over to a “conservative” version of Facebook, we will be in an echo chamber and will not have a chance to reach, teach, or inspire all the millions of Americans who are not as awake, aware, and knowledgeable as we are.

      As frustrating as it can be, we need to be in the arena, fighting the statists by presenting an alternative view that is based on liberty and the Constitution. They know what we do makes a difference, which is precisely why they try to shut us down. If it didn’t matter, they would not work so hard to stop us. They would love it if we abandoned Facebook, and Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, etc and just went over to our own little corner of the internet and stopped talking to the great mass of Americans on those social media sites.

      We certainly should support and build alternatives, but even when those exist, it would be a strategic mistake to not post on those “mainstream” social media sites. Just like it would be a mistake to not post comments on mainstream news sites.

      You never know who you may reach with just one comment, one meme, one article. Look at the powerful graphic that Facebook took down. It had the potential to change minds.

      One example from “meatspace” is a bumper sticker my wife saw long ago, back before the internet, when she was 14 years old. It said “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” She told me that bumper sticker really struck a cord in her, and stuck in her mind from that moment on, and helped to shape her views on the right to keep and bear arms. it mattered.

      Well, each meme, each banner, or whatever you call them, that patriots put out on Facebook is like an electronic bumper sticker. Ditto for YouTube videos, Tweets, articles, comments, etc. you never know who will see it or what effect it will have.

      I look at it like using the enemy’s own tools against him. And the same can be said for college campuses. They too are overrun with radical Marxists and totalitarian minded Fascist professors and staff, and “student groups” like La Raza, BLM, etc funded by Soros. The statists look on those campuses as “their” turf and they get mighty upset when conservative or libertarian voices pop up on campus. Which is exactly why we need to be there, and WILL be there, starting within the next week. We are launching a College Oath Keepers wing of this org.

      The radical left does not want us to do that. They want us to stay off campus, and you can bet they will do all they can to try to stop us. Which let’s you know how vital it is that we go there. We could say “we should not give our money to those statist colleges” but that wont’ help the students who are there now, and who will still be there. They need us to help them understand liberty and the Constitution. We cannot abandon them.

      Same goes online.

      1. Maybe what we need to do is create bogus accounts and flash the site all at once repeating a Facebook fans post cramming the site with thousands of repeated posts over 24 hours. Or something like that?

      2. “Because that is where the people are.” I disagree. That is where you are. I have not one friend or family member that still has a Facebook account. The people are not on Facebook. If you use Facebook to get your message out, so be it. Maybe your circle of acquaintancse have no clue about Zuckerberg. Putting money in his pocket is supporting the very thing we are totally against. His, Soros and others like him are pure Stalinist evil.

        Ever since Google bought Youtube, there is a new bias against constitutional conservatism. There is plenty of proof that Google censors web information. Now that Bill Gates owns LinkedIn, I will close that as well. LinkedIn has become another Facebook. I did not need them before they existed; I don’t need them now. And I definitely don’t need Facebook. I will not sleep with the enemy.

        If Facebook is so important, then close this website and go all out on Facebook. Facebook, Google, MicroSoft and their likes are all in the category of globalism.

        OK is not reaching your own membership per county or state because many of us are committed to our ethics. Organizing any situation that has to go through Facebook is a catastrophe in communication. That is my point! OK has organized through Facebook! Totally unacceptable.

        Appreciate your response.

      3. We don’t organize on Facebook. We orgaize on our membership forum, and we also organize on the phone and in person. We use Facebook to reach people who are on there. Like I said, the great mass who are not as aware. The vast majority of the people I know here local to me don’t go on Facebook either. But they are already switched on and don’t need to be woken up. Just like your friends.

        But the great mass out there does. So, we have a presence where they are. Simple as that.

      4. FB provides me a reminder of birthdays and contact with groups, family and friends HOWEVER I hardly ever use other than to SHARE info.
        Perhaps OK could propose a ‘sales pitch’ (presented in these emails) that WE can post in our FB accounts bent toward attracting like minded people to the OK site?
        That may get the word out to many more people OR get all of us temporarily suspended.

      5. Stewart, I had the same concerns as WGP. Thanks for explaining your rationale. Makes sense.

    2. You have a very simplistic POV there. You don’t have to put any money in facebook’s pocket to use facebook.In fact you can use it to take money out of his pocket. I know people with pseudonym facebook accounts who use them to undermine Zuckerberg’s agenda.

  7. I shut down my Facebook account years ago, when it was first revealed that the Zuck was sharing personal info with corporate and government interests. I never looked back, and I don’t miss it in the slightest.

    Tell Zuck to shove it.

  8. I’ve been sharing stuff like mad on there. I see getting banned from Facebook like a badge of honor, still not been banned once.

  9. How about starting our own social media website? Call it Truthbook or Peacebook or something that is not faggoty, “MeWe” is faggoty.
    How about something politically incorrect? Like “TheTreeofLiberty” Or ‘Noassholesallowed” or “NotObama’sChange” Or “PatriotsvsTyrants”
    Or “TheCureforCriminalGovernmentisTruthbook.
    So many options.
    I am quite sure there are enough patriots who would be interested in investing in the process.

    1. Why does the name have to be political at all, so that it turns a lot of people off. What’s needed is a non-political competitor that actually is non-political and not a secret censorship or indoctrination vehicle. That way anyone can join and everyone can communicate with each other. Otherwise you’re just preaching to the choir.

  10. I no longer use Facebook…about a year ago, they would not let me “Log In” until I provided them with a copy of my drivers licence…I told them to go pound sand

  11. Contact and ask to add the Oath Keeper website to their PRAZOR app. The are very pro Christian, pro 2nd Amendment, and pro US Constitution. They reach 1,000,000 people daily.

  12. FakeBook banned me months ago for being too common sense and Conservative. So I know how it feels but I will keep working to tell the truth in spite of the hegemonic FB billion$!

  13. Personally, I do not and will not support those people or entities who would restrict my Liberty and those which are committed domestic-enemies.

  14. I have struggled with this issue for some time. I finally created an account in 2014, which is well behind the ‘fad’ curve. I have posted very intense memes and opinions with regard to anything transpiring that is unconstitutional. I have dared FB to yank my posts, to see if they really would. Either their bots are not that efficient, or they are relying heavily on human user complaints.

    I have struggled with acquaintances and even family that seem to miss the importance of a key vote in Congress, but will ‘like’ kitten memes all day long. I once canceled my account as it definitely ‘outs’ your viewpoints and I know that it will get me crossed up in my employment some day. I reopened the account within a few days. I also have dummy accounts.

    I would like to give up and give in because some days it just seems it isn’t worth it, but there are people that respond to things that I have learned, some of which comes directly from the OK emails and I provide links to that info, that they cannot get anywhere else. As much as it is a PITA, it is perhaps one of the few ways that people can get straight answers if they are looking for them, and as such it is our duty to provide it. The digital world is today’s battlefield and we cannot be chased from it. We must confront, challenge and win.

    If we back off, create our own ‘gunspace’ then they win. We will be operating in a vacuum and we will have left people with little means to hear the truth in a world that is closing off means of communication every day. Stay the course.

  15. I also have no use for FB or any other of the so called social media trendy sites just like many of you. I do however understand the need for this organization to reach out to the clueless public through that kind of media! If they will not come to us, then we need to go to them. I would also think that many of you who have those accounts could turn them into a Trojan Horse who kicks backwards. Keep your friends close (on this website) and keep your enemy closer (on their own turf!)

  16. I can’t believe all the fools who FB and use cellphones plus other social media. Why do you think all this expensive technology became so cheap and available to you?

  17. I had it for a short while back in 2012, got rid of it, and have not missed it. In fact I have enjoyed not being time short for dealing with it.
    However, I have recently been considering opening another account. Although, like Elias, changing my birth date and other information. If I do, I’ll be writing everything down, in case I ever get challenged I can grab my notes and refer back to whatever info I originally put in. I can’t help but wonder what liberal, or other commie groups I might be able to involve myself with, and see what they are planning, and saying, amongst themselves.
    Does anyone think maybe a 36 year old, perhaps a Devon, or Brandon, who is terrified of those mean old gun thingies, and you know, like, just loves everybody, would be welcomed into any of their circles? Why, I think that such a person might even get recruited to join in the protesting at the RNC, or DNC, or just some smaller rally somewhere, cause goodness knows we need to do whatever we can to shut those nasty people, like that evil Mr. Trump, down. Whatever it takes to keep that wonderful Mr. Obama doing what he is doing so well, of course I would need to know the plan and everything, like do I really get paid? Who would be paying little ole me just to show up. Where was it I need to show up? What time?
    (OK, I gotta stop there, I’m making myself sick!) You get the point.
    I think that building a new computer, with a fresh, never before used, hard drive, would be the best way to make sure that my previous account, and settings, could not get recognized and give me away. Along with bouncing my IP address to elsewhere.
    Anyone who has pointers, feel free to chime in here.
    Of course, I do realize that I could be giving some of you naughty gun lovers and other types of patriot folk, some wild ideas. Surely you don’t buy into this kind of thing do you? That would be very sneaky, and naughty. 😉
    What really needs to happen, IMHO, would be for Anonymous, (or a similar group), to get fed up with the censorship and pull a nice DDoS on fascistbook. See how the Zuck liked that. Then once he recovered from it, do it again.
    Alas, wishful thinking.
    I do agree with Stewart’s point though, we need to come up with something, we should not just give up on any chance to reach so many people. I dread even the thought of going back on Facebook, but if I could actually accomplish some worthwhile goal, I could tolerate it. At least for a while.
    Think people! There are too many smart people in this group not to be able to come up with some ideas about how to battle these asshats, on their own ground, and avoid their bots, and idiotic censorship.
    Post in piglatin, use some code that can be broken without too much difficulty, or post in code and give a link to a site where they can find the cryptographic key, (sites where they couldn’t help but see lots of good information), creative satire, whatever might just work is certainly worth a try. We need to think outside the box on this folks.

    “Bob, has a long mustache.” How do I know this, because I learned all about Bob, (and his secret lover), at You will be shocked at the secrets you too can learn there.

    People are curious, especially “Nosey Parker” types. They will go wherever someone promises they will find the dirty laundry. Send them to where they will learn useful, truth instead.
    Let’s get to it folks.
    For the Republic. If we can keep it.
    Strong Horse

  18. I Stopped using Facebook a long time ago ; Funny they still text me two or three time’s a day and I can’t get rid of them ! And they ask me very personal question’s , that are none of their business . Once in a while I call them silly name’s when I’m pissed off at them as a response too their tyranny ; Personally I don’t give a rat’s ass about them ; Would never use them again , it’s like spoon feeding your pimp and then some day this pimp will come back and slap you , it’s mindless street walking because they are harvesting your mind , because it’s know more than surveillance of your thought’s ; The thought police ! Their know better than peeping Tom’s ; They need a psychologist , that way they can be adjudicated against their free will into a mental hospital because they are a threat too themselves’ and to society at large !!!

  19. It’s like spoon feeding a pimp then someday this pimp come’s back and slaps you , It’s mindless street walking , they are harvesting your mind too confiscate your thought’s using Facebook is foolish behavior !!!

  20. My fb ‘test’ so far has been untouched and my post of the same ‘meme’ in this article has not been removed as of this moment in time. However, I have been banned and my comments deleted by MANY government pages which definitely tells me they are afraid of the truth being put out there.

  21. David and Stewart, I’ve posted a snippet of the article to the forum on my blog with a link back to Oath Keepers.
    Unfortunately, there is, what appears to be a substantial amount of the population that will not wake up until they are forced into labor camps at gun point. I see and hear it all the time as a resident on NJ who works in NYC. Anything I say is wrong because the sheep refuse to believe that the media lies and government has shills like Zuckerberg all over.
    What is truly disheartening is to see groups, such as the NRA, that could really turn this around. Instead they make the same old arguments without attacking all the fallacies that are spewed out on the American public with the result being that a right can be regulated. Does no one there know the difference between a right and a privilege?
    Dr. Edwin Vieira has written a letter to the NRA posing questions about the topic they should be promoting instead of using the small steps approach. By small steps I mean, ok we’ve completely lost NY, CA, CT, and a few others, but hey we’re working on a concept that has little to do with “the security of a free state”.
    Sometimes I wonder if the NRA has its own Zuckerberg’s?????

    1. Exactly! And recall that the left make up more than 50% of the voting USA and are not going to ever be swayed by truth.they have been captured like a wild pig. It is a personality flaw or genetic flaw that seems to shut off the brain to take a moment to reason, to think their own thoughts rather than spoon fed propaganda as we see with the politically correctness agenda. Some of my acquaintances who are ubber left, and very intelligent, are amazingly stupid in this regard. I marvel at how they are too lazy to think for themselves politically. They vote left, then bitch about the “system” they elected. It boggles the mind.

      Social media is an addiction brought on by weak minded individuals who feel a need to have “likes.” Their perception is that without those “likes” they are being rejected and rejection is intolerable for them. Facebook is just another hook for the left agenda. Note that Obama’s approval rating remains around 50%. Shocking!

      The NRA has never been all out 2nd Amendment. They refuse/resist the truth about its intent: to enable the people with a means to protect themselves from a governments tyranny. The NRA has let the left media talk them down, unlike Alex Jones who sets it straight to the MSM. Also, Gun Owners of America spot on in their stand to protect the 2nd Amendment.

      1. I hardly ever involve myself in comments because I’ve had my say in the article and this section is for the readers. In this case, I’ll make an exception because you’ve handed down some your-way-or-the-highway judgments.

        Alex Jones, eh? No kidding:


        You scold them to let them know about how wrong they are, too? I mean, why don’t they just shut down all their other stuff and put all their organizing into the Facebook basket? That’s what you accused Oath Keepers of earlier in this thread.

        When Paul Revere took his warning ride, he spread the word to everyone, not just a handful of the like-minded.

        I’ll tell you right now, from personal experience, so-called “social media’ was indispensable in getting Fast and Furious to the point where it could no longer be ignored by media and government. I could rattle off dozens of other stories over the years that I have been involved in — plenty of others I know have had similar experiences. It’s all in how you use it and why. And I don’t do it for “likes,” nor do I accept every “friend request” without first checking them out to make sure they’re neither trolls nor trivial time-wasters.

        And plenty of activists, including the “I will not comply”movement as just one example, use it to great effect to attract new members and attention to their activities.

        If you think it’s only an “addiction” for the “weak-minded,” you quite simply don’t know what you’re talking about. If people want to give FB personal info and use it for stupid stuff, yeah, that’s no doubt what much, if not most of it is. But it’s got 1 BILLION users, and to turn your nose up at using IT instead of letting it use you, your call. Just don’t put others down for exploiting a way to bypass media and get the word out that would otherwise leave them in an echo chamber because you’re somehow purer than them.

        On that tack, why not share your track record for successful outreach, since you disparage the “any chair in a bar fight” tactic. For the record, I have never spent one dime on social media to use it, and any “personal: information and what I’ve shared on that score have been closely controlled.

        And while you’re at it, whose pockets are YOU putting money into? Basic requirements of living in this society make boycotting every entity that’s “guilty” unavoidable. Start with who do you get your internet service from?

        Don’t want to use the tool, that’s your choice. It’s not for everyone. But your one-size-fits-all condemnation where you have everyone who thinks differently pegged as a self-deluded pawn smacks of ignorance, which is the root of all bigotry.

        Just because you’re not interested in it doesn’t mean it’s not being exploited by YOUR ENEMIES against you:
        The main person being short-changed by that is you and those who depend on you:

        And if you think it doesn’t have real-world impact the left is adept at exploiting, think again:

        It does not make sense to cede an ideological battlespace to the enemy and act like it doesn’t exist and doesn’t pose a threat.

        I don’t expect any of this to sway you, because I’m sensing your mind is closed on this and you’ll just come back with more self-fulfilling defeatism. I basically posted this to give those inclined to be influenced by your negative OPINIONS some documented FACTS to consider before making up their minds.

      2. Thanks for making my point. You can not be an oath keeper and support Zuckerberg as you do. Your other condescending personal attacks are off point and a diversion from my message.

        It’s okay to respect others opinions. Your overly sensitive defense of Facebook has slapped everyone here who does not live on Facebook and chooses not to support Zuckerberg and other social media. You appear to make your living on blogs and Facebook. Some of us don’t. Furthermore, if half the planet lives their life like sheeple and snowflakes on Facebook, that does not legitimize it.

        Have a nice day!

      3. Nice try, genius, but he didn’t make your point. He’s hardly supporting Zuckerberg, and he’s not defending facebook, let alone “sensitively”.

        You don’t have to “support facebook” to have a facebook account. You can have it under a pseudonym and use it to undermine facebook.

  22. “… “any chair in a bar fight” …” Roger, that!

    Perfectly said and being well used by me as we speak!

    1. Don’t know what to tell you– just tried it and it works for me and this is the first complaint I’ve seen. Perhaps people having access difficulties means the site is not ready for prime time, perhaps it means there are some unique browser settings you’ll need to adjust. I’m not really qualified to say.

  23. every time a make a comment thats against obama or hillary an that group or gun control[which can`t afford any] face book makes the post dissapear before i finish,can`t retreave it then

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