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CNN: Libertarians aim to slay ‘two-party dinosaur’

I cannot in good conscience ask readers here to waste their time, but this article from CNN is so significant in exposing the shallowness of the Libertarian Party’s Presidential candidate, and his running mate, that I would be wrong to overlook it. The Libertarian Party’s legacy of shooting itself in the foot has reached new extensions. I hate to say it, because I love libertarians in general, and God knows we need something other than Republicans and Democrats, but in my personal opinion these buffoons are a disgrace to libertarians everywhere.

Oath Keepers wishes to thank Don Doig of the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) for sending this. With his permission, I will include his introductory comments here, so I will not have to publish a disclaimer for the insanity I just saw coming from the LP’s candidates.  Mr. Doig speaking —

I have voted Libertarian in every presidential election since 1976. I would have voted for John Hospers in 1972, but he was not on the ballot. (I sat the election out.) I did vote for Ron Paul in the last two Republican primaries, but voted Libertarian in the general election. I ran for the U.S. House in 1982 as a Libertarian.

This year, though, I will not vote for Johnson. By all accounts Johnson ran a really weak campaign from a libertarian perspective last election. Both he and Weld are sell-outs on gun control. Johnson was given a replica of George Washington’s pistol by one of the other candidates for the nomination. He was later seen to throw it in the trash. ( ! )

I will probably vote for Trump even though I don’t entirely trust him.

Libertarians aim to slay ‘two-party dinosaur’

CNN has given two clunker mentalities enough platform to reveal, all by themselves, a shallowness, narrowness, and disconnectedness which I find to be surprising and embarrassing for many libertarians. My initial reaction was shock in fearing that this is the best team the Libertarian Party could field.  I  mean, if these two guys are the best the LP can come up with, the LP is in very serious trouble.

Here is a sample from the transcription of the Town Hall meeting staged by CNN:

MODERATOR: President Barack Obama?

JOHNSON: Good guy.

WELD: Barack Obama?  I think he’s been statesman-like the last couple of years. He had a disappointing first term and I think he’s picked up his game the last couple of years. It’s gone better for him.

MODERATOR: Hillary Clinton?

JOHNSON: Hillary Clinton, a wonderful public servant.  I guess I would say that.

WELD: Old friend. Nice kid. Knew her in her twenties. We shared an office in the Nixon impeachment.  Real bond, lifelong. Seriously, not kidding.

It appears to me that all these two guys slayed is their own Party, which is of course why CNN gave them the venue.

Want more? Go to the original article at CNN and view the many film clips which rotate in their viewer window. Please don’t tell them I sent you. 😉


Elias Alias, editor



Elias Alias

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  1. Looks like the libertarians have been infiltrated by the one worlders. Both weld and Johnson are known to have very positive feelings for the NWO . Much like our so called republican party which is mostly made up of democracy loving democrats ( also known as socialists ) who only claim to be republicans. bill weld was a total bonehead when he was governor and even more so now. Time to dry up and blow away bill. Nobody likes you.

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