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After Brexit – What Next?


The UK has voted to leave the EU. Many pundits in the main street media were shocked by the vote, along with many investors, who bid up Stocks to near record heights in the weeks before the vote. They bet wrong, and will pay dearly for their mistake. Not George Soros, though. He took a lot of his money out of the Stock Market before the vote, and bought gold and gold mining stocks. The day after the vote, stocks plunged and gold soared. What did he know?

The Mainstream Media (MSM) and politicians, in their usual chorus, all predicted dire financial repercussions, should the “Leave the EU” vote prevail. The danger of “contagion” was the talk of the MSM and most financial analysts. Worldwide, we were told, stock markets would plunge, and banks would be hard hit. The Federal Reserve promised to insure the liquidity of markets.

The first post-Brexit business day is now completed. Let’s take a look at the results.

The Dow Jones Industrials plunged 611.21; the NASDAQ lost 202.06; the NYSE closed down 457.55; and the S&P 500 lost 76.02. Not good numbers. Next week will give us a better look at what we are in for.

Gold skyrocketed $61.00, to $1,317.30, (up 4.86%) while silver went up just 2.87%, closing at $17.74. Meanwhile, oil dropped $2.46, ending the day at $47.65. The dollar gained in value by 2.24, ending at 95.63.

With the success of the Leave vote in the UK, other parties and politicians in a number of European countries are calling for referendums in their countries. Reuters reports:

“Right-wing and anti-immigrant parties in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and France demanded referendums on membership of the union, while Italy’s 5-Star movement said it would pursue its own proposal for a vote on the euro.”

It should be noted that though the MSM would like to portray all such calls for referendums as coming from Right-wing politicians and parties, the 5-Star movement is definitely a left-wing party, though anti-EU.

Another report from Reuters points out that the Scots, who voted heavily to remain in the EU, are hoping for another Independence vote.

“A second Scottish independence referendum is “highly likely”, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Friday, raising the prospect that the United Kingdom could tear itself apart after voting to leave the European Union.

Scotland, a nation of five million people, voted decisively to stay in the EU by 62 to 38 percent in a referendum on Thursday, putting it at odds with the United Kingdom as a whole, which voted 52-48 in favor of an exit from the EU, or Brexit.

As things stand, Scotland faces the prospect of being taken out of the EU against her will. I regard that as democratically unacceptable,” Sturgeon told a news conference in Edinburgh.”

So, what is going on? What can we take from this vote? What can we expect? Is this a blow against globalism? What was the driving force behind the Brexit vote?

I think it fairly obvious that the driving force behind the “Leave” forces was the “refugee” matter. The people of the UK were simply feeling overwhelmed by the number of refugees, and the simple fact that the governments of both the UK and the EU were forcing the huge number of refugees on them, without any concern for who those refugees were. The government was in constant denial of the crimes being perpetrated by some of those refugees, and that the refugees came from an entirely different culture. Political correctness became the order of the day, throwing out all common sense.

Why, you might ask, was the EU and the UK government so intent on bringing so many refugees from totally different cultures into Europe and the UK? Why did they hide the crimes, including rapes and groping of women?

The answer to all these questions can be found in one, and only one, phrase: Order out of Chaos. To achieve the One World Government they seek, the “Elites” use what is known as the Hegelian Dialectic, which can be described as Problem – Reaction – Solution. They create a problem, which in this case is the influx of “refugees”, wait for the reaction, which is Brexit, and other calls to Leave the EU, and their predetermined solution, which, in my opinion, is the destruction of the EU. Why would they want to destroy the EU, you might ask? In order to achieve their goal of a fully unified Europe, a United States of Europe, with one government, one currency and one army. This has been the goal of the Globalist Elites for many decades. In order to achieve their goal, they will use Problem-Reaction-Solution to attempt to achieve this goal.

By destroying the EU, they will create chaos, not only in Europe, but throughout the world. The economies of most countries will be crippled, by manipulation, and chaos, with the attendant suffering of millions, even billions, of “the masses”, will ensue, whereupon, because of the suffering, “the masses” will beg for “someone to do something”. This will be the moment the “Elite Globalists” bring forth their predetermined solution, which will be a One World Government, probably divided into regions, such as Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia, with one currency, one army and, if they get their way, one religion.

If this is the path they have chosen, there will be a steady decline in the economies of Europe and everywhere, which is what we have been seeing, already. There will be a general increase in disorder, be it from riots, or increases in crime. We could easily see many more attacks in public places. Some will be of the ‘false flag” variety. We will steadily slide into what has been called the Greater Depression. Some countries will suffer more than others, but all will suffer to some degree.

I doubt the Stock Markets will plunge dynamically, but will be very volatile, with sharp ups and downs, but the direction will be steadily lower over time. Layoffs will increase, along with bankruptcies.

Keep “Order Out Of Chaos” in the back of your mind as events unfold. If we are to be successful, we must see what the Elites really want, not necessarily what they proclaim they want. They are not unbeatable. We have numbers on our side.

Shorty Dawkins


Shorty Dawkins



  1. It’s my opinion, because Hillary and Obama destroyed the Middle East, not by design, but out of stupidity and carelessness, the influx of refugees into the European Union with open borders, caused those country’s leaders to eat crow.

    I’m sure they figured a way to make the best of that crisis, by forcing populations to reform to Islamic domination, as instructed by the U.S. by way of the Saudi’s and Israel, but what they didn’t expect was a U.K. vote to break-away from the EU.

    That alone set the stage for THEIR “Plan B” to begin and that could be WWIII.

    From that, a new re-unification of Europe will begin, but could be a disaster for the entire world if Hillary is crowned.

    Destroying the U.S. is an Obama / Hillary initiative, using race wars to incite their agenda to disarm all Americans.

    That’s partly the reason why U.K. citizens wanted out of the EU, because of U.S. interference by Obama.

    It’s a mixed bag of crap that leaves the globalists wondering what to do next to save face. As more European countries drop-out, the closer we will be to WWIII. That is their final solution to rebuild the world under a New World Order….only IF they can convince the world population that only a New World Order will save them (us).

    WWIII is immanent, but the globalists wanted all their ducks in-order first, but currently they’re not.

    The domino effect is on (our) side at the moment, but ONLY if Trump is legally elected. Otherwise, we might as well prepare for two wars….

    With that as the crisis at-hand, a Hillary administration would be off to Hell within months of her crowning. She is the last hope for the globalists (CFR, Tri-Lateral Commission, Bilderbergs) and this time….they will proceed to disarm all Americans. The last many decades have been a push and shove action that hasn’t really worked for them and they know WE are on to them now, just as Europeans are.

    We and the Europeans are basically in a psychological war with the globalists, plain and simple.

    THEY didn’t expect TRUMP and THEY didn’t expect BREXIT, so sit back and be ready for some fantastical fireworks.

      1. Destroyed by design? Yes, indeed, you are correct on that. However, it started much earlier, with the creation of the League of Nations after World War I. The League gave England the “authority” to partition the middle east, a move which included cutting the bottom of Iraq away and creating the nation called Kuwait, which G. H. W. Bush deceived Saddam Hussein about so Bush could invade Iraq. (Re: April Glaspee, our Ambassador to Iraq at the time.) Meanwhile, the CFR was buried up to their eyebrows in tampering with internal affairs (through our State Department) across the middle east.
        The plan took a giant step forward with the creation of the CIA in 1947. In 1953 the CIA took down the duly-elected president of Iran, (on behalf of British Petroleum – BP – who did not want Mossedegh nationalizing Iranian oil), and that really kicked the plan into high gear. In 1973 Brzezinski and David Rockefeller created the Trilateral Commission to establish a New International Economic Order using Technocracy’s ideology for taking the world off of “money” and replacing money with something like “carbon credits”. By 1979 the Iranians threw off the CIA puppet Shah and gave Carter a headache. Also in 1979 Brzezinski and Carter inserted CIA into Kabul, Afghanistan to tinker with Russia’s interests there, thus luring Russia into sending uniformed troops into Afghanistan. That was a plan to, in Brzezinski’s words, “give the USSR their own version of our Vietnam War”. Brzezinski brags about that to this day. The CIA then created the Mujahideen (spelled various ways), and later morphed it into al Qaeda, after which they morphed it into ISIS. The internationalist bankers and financiers who govern the globe’s regional economies must always have an “enemy” (See Daniel Ellsberg’s book, “Secrets”), and now the “enemy” is you and me and everyone else who still thinks the Federal government should be limited to Article I, Section 8. We are the “enemies” of the new world order, hence the militarization of our police and the endless foreign wars which are, ultimately, the elements of their chosen method of installing their one-world government with, as Gore Vidal puts it, “Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace”.
        The Democrat and Republican Parties and the Christian Right which congregates in 501-C-3 churches authorized by the government are all guilty for supporting the new world order’s mischief, placing our world in the shape it’s in today. Democrats and Republicans and Christians are almost totally ignorant of whom they really serve when they wave their little American flags and shout “support our troops”. We have all been lied to fiercely, and most Americans just don’t know that higher powers, unseen and unannounced by the lapdog media, and profited from by Wall Street and the Military Industrial complex, have literally designed, as you note, the destruction of the middle east while at the same time generating a viable “enemy” to justify the creation of a global totalitarian police-state. History will verify everything I just said, and verify what you just said. It is all be design and nobody seems to notice it. Most people think putting someone new in the White House will make a difference. That’s the height of ignorance. “They” own our government, use it, and abuse us with it all the while we send up our tax dollars on which is written “In God We Trust”. Most of the rest of the world knows this — but the American “believers” do not know it. When they find out, it will already be too late. Thank you for reading here and for your comment.
        Elias Alias, editor

      2. Thank you Yoda. Glad to know someone else can see this. 😉

        There are a number of rabbit holes down which a maze of never-ending patterns are rooted for those with eyes to see the abstract metaphysics of reality’s constructs. It has been said, “They who do not know their history are condemned to repeat history.” (my paraphrase from a faulty memory) The powers of finance own the debts of almost all nations on earth, and use the assets of those nations as tools to harvest all that is created by the hand of man. They use governments to control the masses, and they base their governments on mythologies which hark back to Sigmund Freud and Karl Marx, with a bit of the Brit and his empire on which the sun never sets, thrown in for seasoning. Woodrow Wilson, Col. House, Edward Bernays, the great tax-exempt Foundations such as Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, and Morgan, the 1919 Peace Accords, all the Rhodes Round Table groups including the CFR, the media moguls and the central bankers — used our military as an asset for global juxtapositioning among nations and power-brokers. They give us “elections” between competing bought-and-paid-for statists to keep us thinking we have a say, and to keep us staying “on the job”. They reap what We The People sow, and charge us interest for doing it to us. As Kostas wrote and Travis Tritt made popular in the song, “Lord Have Mercy On The Working Man” — “they’re billing me for killing me”.

        Thanks again for being here.
        Elias Alias, editor

      3. “By design” is to replace dictators with puppet presidents in-order to control the oil in the Middle East……doesn’t seem to be working too well for them and has caused a major refugee crisis which in-turn caused Britain to exit the European Union of which was NOT the plan.

        That proposed Trans-Arab Pipeline from Qatar to the Mediterranean (thru Syria) is on-hold, because the “by design” isn’t working for them, and the plummeting oil prices are causing havoc among U.S. / Cheney / Bush / BP oil companies, and again…”by design” isn’t working too well for them.

        The “Fast and Furious” Arab style created by McCain isn’t working too well for them as Russia showed the world what it’s really like to destroy ISIS positions, even though the CIA funnels McCain’s weapons through Turkey’s G.I.D. intelligence operatives to ISIS, thus….CIA / Obama begged Russia NOT to bomb ISIS so-called “moderate rebels,” which THAT ONE I will give you as “By Design.”

        The globalists are frantic and will likely draw us into WWIII because most everything has gone to Hell for their New World Order.

        Therefore….”By Design” can be destroyed by WE The People and so far…WE are winning.

      4. Correction….

        The “Fast and Furious” Arab style created by McCain isn’t working too well for them as Russia showed the world what it’s really like to destroy ISIS positions, even though the CIA funnels McCain’s weapons through JORDAN’s G.I.D. intelligence operatives to ISIS, thus….CIA / Obama begged Russia NOT to bomb ISIS so-called “moderate rebels,” which THAT ONE I will give you as “By Design.”

        It’s the Pentagon (and/or both) that sends weapons through Turkey.

      5. I see a million reasons and just one will do for the ties that bind me and you, is our freedom to disagree on whatever we may choose. So forever may the ties that bind us be, the Red, the White and the Blue!!! God Bless America!!!

  2. This is a really good article, Shorty. I have to say the refugee problem may well have been the straw that broke the camel’s back for the Brits. The majority never wanted to join the EU anyway but, like us, the people were not represented by their government. I think the popular vote this time around confirms that the people are waking up.
    I want to talk about ‘redneck economics’. Redneck economics says that real wealth is the land (what you can produce from the surface and the minerals that lay beneath the surface. Britain doesn’t have very much wealth according to redneck economics. America has an incredible amount of real wealth. Were we ever blessed and we still are if we can hold on to it. Combine that real wealth with folks who are willing to produce from that wealth and the effect will be downright awesome.
    A while back we entered the ‘age of information’. I personally think that the age is misnamed. I believe it should rightly be call ‘ the age of manipulation, illusion and deceit’. Evil men figured out that, if you could control the information, you could steal the wealth. Boy oh boy, has that ever worked. We would do well if we could see the real wealth and quit buying in to their illusion.
    Britain created their wealth by expansion. Basically they robbed the wealth of other parts of the world. So they don’t really have much there anymore. At least they show that they are waking up to the illusion. TPTB are going to make them pay while sending a message to the rest of us. Here in American we have the real wealth and we could tell TPTB to stick it. That would sever us from all those global trade agreements and partnerships. We would suffer economically for a while but we have the ability to withstand it. We would recover dramatically. We are so blessed that we don’t need the rest of the world. We have been lied to. Actually the rest of the world needs us. We are being robbed every day by TPTB. We bought into their illusion.

  3. I got a chuckle watching the multi-tasking spinners paint the Brexiters as hapless fools who acted without thinking about the consequence of their actions…while spinning terror & Islamic invasion into gun control. And, not to be outdone, the “antipope” calls for the Church to apologize to the Gays. I think it may be time to home-school…

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