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50 Dead, 53 Wounded In Orlando Nightclub Terrorist Attack – Deadliest Mass Shooting In US History


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The latest highlights:

  • 50 people killed, up from 20, making the Pulse nightclub attack the worst mass shooting in recent US history; New death toll came after investigators were able to gain better access to the building – they had to ensure it was clear of devices
  • 53 people were injured, many critically
  • Suspect identified as Omar Mateen, a US national, of Port St Lucie, Florida; Investigators are going through his personal papers, social media profile
  • The suspect’s van has been secured outside the club
  • An assault rifle – AR-15 – was used on all the victims

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Update 12:45 ET: According to Florida Governor Rick Scott, the overnight shooting at a gay nightclub that left 50 dead and 53 wounded is “clearly an act of terror.” He added that “for somebody to go in there and be an active shooter and take that number (of lives) … is clearly an act of terror,” the Republican told a news conference.

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Update 12:23 ET: The shooting appears to be “connected to Islamic radicalism” according to Florida Senator Ben Nelson:

shooting “appears to be connected to Islamic radicalism” – Florida Sen Bill Nelson 

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Update 12:18 ET: State of emergency declared in Florida. View State of Florida State of Emergency Declaration


  • Update 11:28 ET: ABC recounts the events events and the fatal showdown the Pulse nightclub:
A police officer working at the club responded to shots fired at 2:02 a.m., and then exchanged fire with Mateen, according to police. Mateen then took hostages, holding them for hours.

At approximately 5 a.m., the SWAT team made the decision to rescue the hostages, officials said. Mateen was killed in a gunfight with those officers early this morning.

FBI assistant agent in charge of the agency’s Tampa division, Ron Hopper, said this morning investigators were “looking at all angles right now” to find a motive. “We do have suggestions that that individual may have leanings towards that, that particular ideology [Islamic extremism]. But right now we can’t say definitively, so we’re still running everything around,” he said.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. In order to make any sense of the current Muslim problem, keep in mind the following:
    (1) The almighty God of heaven, who is in control of all human events, has seen to it that the Muslims, somehow, will be sent to us, as he has warned us he would, in response to a nation’s spiritual unrepentance and rejection of his soul-saving gospel. God prophesied in Revelation 9:14-19 about his curse called Islam, which he specifically would raise up in New Testament times, which he would send as a punishment upon those church members who had fallen away from the true gospel faith. He has simply raised up one evil to punish another one. This is not unusual with God, but standard.
    (2) Nationalistic politics, or even military force will all fail to cast out the Muslims, since God will neutralize even the best of human efforts until he no longer would be in a punishing mode.
    (3) In order to cast out the Muslims successfully, a nation first will need to have God’s blessing on their efforts, for “Unless the Lord would build the house, they will labor in vain who would build it” (Psalm 127:1).
    (4) That is, in order to have this divine blessing of a successful result, a nation will have to put itself on the Lord’s side again. How? By repenting of its sins, and by no longer rejecting God and his saving gospel.
    (5) Until this would be done, the Almighty will maintain a level of successful Muslim warfare. That is, God will keep punishing nations by Islamic warfare until he is through.
    Gentlemen, correct this matter in the biblical manner! Revolve to do it!

  2. And so it begins….

    We are now officially part of the war and we know that Obama has already come-out to label this shooting as a “hate crime” when everyone knows it was a “terrorist act” by ISIS. They took credit almost immediately.

    There are 6 other target cities (according to sources) and counter-terrorism types have been activated in those cities. Opportunity for false flags or not….it’s extremely important to be vigilant…and being vigilant, means to carry concealed or openly, regardless of permit or not (IMO).

    The Liberal morons are itching to use this massacre to further impose gun control…as if terrorists will become impotent.

  3. It has been suggested that ISIS could be the emerging army of the antichrist. One point I definitely agree with is Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s statement during his Sunday message today, that ‘We (DC with the help of other war-mongering nations) created the enemy.’

  4. This Radical Ideology, much like the inner city gangs of America, is a disease. As Such, it needs to be treated the same way we treat infections. If I were President I would call a meeting of the lead warriors and the CDC epidemiology groups. Then, have the CDC explain how they “Immunize, Contain, and Eradicate diseases.” Have Joint Chiefs translate that into a workable plan, and implement it. My feeling is that Immunization=Arm Everyone, Contain=Surround ISIS Strongholds, and Eradication=Don’t Sensationalize Radical Islam, and kill it where it lives, or where it pops up it’s ugly head…….The Second Amendment was written for oppressive Government and Threats to the Homeland. Both are in play right now. It was Written and ratified for today!

  5. This. Has all the earmarks of a false flag – just like San Bernardino, Paris, Sanyhook, Batman, ad nauseum. Look carefully at who stands to gain from it.

    1. You are more than welcome to visit the club in Orlando and view the area that the carnage took place in? Perhaops after smelling the blood stained floors and walls may intice you to snap out of your bullshit mindset and realize THIS IS HAPPENING!

  6. I agree with Jack’s false flag theory.

    Apparently there were (well over) 103 people that failed to realize that beer bottles make decent weapons. How about the bartender? A little 151 rum, maybe some PGA, a match and a bar towel? We’re there no chairs? No light switch? No mace? No tables? No fire sprinkler? No billiards balls? No pool cues? No heavy objects? Nothing to make the floor slick? No lemon juice? No bleach? No fire extinguisher? Did the guy not have to reload?

    When hundreds are murdered and injured by one, there is something more concerning going on than radical Islam and false flag operations.

    I do not claim to be a hero. I do not espouse myself as tough. I do however know that I’m not just going to roll over and get shot at without any action. For goodness sakes, I’m reminded of a time when a commercial airline was taken over by bullies with boxcutters. Never mind that there were passengers trained by the US armed forces on the planes that crashed into the twin towers.

    The loss of life is inexcusable. If my previous words seem to relay a lack of empathy, that was not my intent. May those Americans rest in peace. May their families heal, and find a way forward.

    Ladies and gentlemen, if this is what happens when an untrained, mentally unstable, single person, with a semi automatic, small caliber rifle goes full retard…… Just imagine Marshall law directed by a government with bad intentions. Just imagine another country.

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