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Some Preppers Are Getting Ready For The End Of The World, While Others Are Running For Office

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This article was written by a friend that I have had on my old talk radio program “The Liberty Brothers” many times. Michael Snyder has a keen view of what may be heading our way. This article delves into the another way we can prepare for the the future and that is by running for office. Joseph Rice is also a friend of mine that I have worked with extensively. We need to look at how we can all begin to take back our local communities. Even if that means running for office. Let us know what you think in the comments below this article.


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Deep inside, most of us know that something is coming.  Many of us may not know exactly what it is that is heading our way, but there are millions of Americans that feel so alarmed about what they sense is on the horizon that they are taking extreme measures to get prepared.  Of course the list of potential catastrophic disasters is endless – economic collapse, civil unrest, historic earthquakes, power grid failure, Islamic terror, Hillary getting into the White House, etc.  There are so many things that could bring this country to its knees, and there are lots of preppers out there that are feverishly preparing their homes and their families for doomsday.  But there are others that are taking very different approaches.  As you will see below, some preppers have decided that the best thing to do is to run for office, while others are getting out of the United States completely.

In this article, I do not intend to tell you which approach is best for you and your family.  In the end, each one of us needs to do what we feel is best for those that we love.  And for many Americans, that means finding a property that is “off the grid” and that is far away from large population centers.  According to, sales of prepper properties are really surging right now…

Some real estate companies are seeing big increases by specializing in “survivalist properties”—large parcels of rural land with homes targeted specifically to preppers, with full fortification and self-sustainable food and energy options. After all, why not grow your own tomatoes and kale while you wait out the end of the world as we know it?

For example, sales at American Redoubt Realty, a real estate firm nestled in the heart of prepper country in northern Idaho, are up 50% over the same time last year, says real estate agent Todd Savage, who specializes in such transactions. His clients typically hail from Texas and California.

For other preppers, just having a home that is “off the grid” is not nearly good enough.  For many, having an underground bunker is the best way to be prepared for when a major catastrophe strikes.  And without a doubt, bunker sales have been skyrocketing in recent years.  The same article quoted above reported that one bunker company down in Utah has actually seen sales nearly triple each year

Business is also good over at Ultimate Bunker, based on the outskirts of Salt Lake City, where sales have nearly tripled each year since the company opened shop four years ago. General contractor Mike Peters got into bunkers (literally, folks!) after watching the TV show “Doomsday Preppers” on the National Geographic Channel. He was convinced he could build them better.

His underground shelters start at $59,000 and go way up from there. His top-of-the-line model has areas for raising rabbits and fish. The majority of his sales are in the $500,000 range.

Other Americans that are deeply concerned about what is coming in our immediate future are taking a different approach.  All across the country, those that belong to the Patriot Movement are taking the plunge into politics and are trying to reform the system from the inside.  The following is an excerpt from an article that was posted by the Guardian earlier today…

Joseph Rice’s manner is a long way from militia stereotypes. The Patriot Movement leader does not present as a crazed gun nut, nor as a blowhard white supremacist. He’s genial, folksy, and matter-of-fact in laying out his views. But talk to him for long enough, and time and again the Patriot Movement leader returns to what really drives him: land.

Rice is running for Josephine county commissioner in south-west Oregon, and believes that the federal government’s current role in land management is illegitimate and even tyrannical.

His campaign is well-advertised around the county and appears well-organised. His growing experience in organising Patriot groups and community watch organisations has polished his skills in retail politics. He’s clearly done a lot of work to make himself politically palatable to conservative rural voters.

There are yet other preppers that reject both of these approaches.  To these individuals, there is absolutely no hope left for America and they feel the best approach for them and their families is to leave the country for good and never look back.  I personally know several families that have left the U.S. in recent years, and there are many others that are considering it.

And I do find it very interesting to note that the mainstream media is reporting that record numbers of Americans are renouncing their citizenship in early 2016…

It seems crazy to call it the ‘New Normal’, but once again, record numbers of Americans are renouncing citizenship. Every three months, the Treasury Department publicly names individuals who renounced. It is surely more about FATCA, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act enacted in 2010,  than it is about politics. Still, numbers are flying, with one poll saying that 1 in 4 Americans would consider leaving if Trump is elected. Others claim they will leave if Hillary is elected.

Of course it isn’t just preppers that are getting out while the getting is good.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how the city of Chicago lost approximately 3,000 millionaires last year alone.  Many among the elite have the same kinds of concerns that many ordinary Americans do, and they are relocating while they are still able to do so.

In the end, I cannot tell you which approach is best for you and your family.  And there are some that are mixing all three approaches.  For example, there are some people out there that have already moved their families away from the big cities, but they are still trying to make a difference the best way that they can, but they are also ready to leave the country entirely when that becomes necessary.

And of course there are many others out there that wonder what all of the fuss is about.  Millions upon millions of Americans still have complete and total faith in the system and in our leadership, and they believe that the greatest days of America are still ahead of us.

So what about you?

What do you think?


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Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. To old to run; no place to hide. Guess the best bet is to stick around till the final bell is tolled.
    Still on the grid and in the middle of an E.Tx. small county with buffer zones above and below that offers some wiggle room. Got a little bit of dirt and enough trees for moderate fuel.
    And about bunkers: couldn’t get my honey in one to save her life, much less, mine.
    And hey. It’s only about 4 months until Constitution Day. Think about your local schools and getting set up to give talks to senior classes about this Law of the Land to future voters. Most will be of an age to vote as well as serve in our military. They will need some introduction into that Oath some may soon take upon themselves. Providing personal copies to each student has always been
    Try that and see how receptive your area schools and students are to the message of Liberty and Responsibility.

  2. Running for office at the local or state level is a good idea, as is serving on various committees in local government. There are many areas to consider- planning and zoning is more important than you’d think, the board of education decides more than just the budget.. they also cover the direction of education, curriculum, parental involvement, etc., land use, local emergency disaster response- and each town has some version of this, are just a few examples. If you think this is useless, I would ask you to reconsider because we’ve already seen the results of progressives filling all these spots and it has furthered the progressive agenda. Not only that, remember that this idea hasn’t been ignored by the muslim community. They’ve become actively involved in government at the grassroot level but beyond too. Their own agenda is clear- furthering their own ideas about government, attempting to and sometimes succeeding in becoming the majority voice at the local level in various committees, and where there are higher populations of them, they have stated they intend to expand the impact they have on local ordinances and decisions the town councils and boards of selectmen make. If Americans care about their country, taking time to get involved is important. Educate yourselves if you feel out of your element. Make sure you know who makes the decisions where you live. If they’re doing a great job, support them with your vote, especially at the local level. Your vote is your voice too. Don’t let it go to waste.
    As far as moving out of the country goes, that is a decision only you can make and I expect most who follow through will think it out very carefully. I know people who’ve built homes in faraway places and they are doing well because the move was carefully planned and financed. Bunkers for those who stay are fantastic- wish I had one, but when you live in the a 50 mile radius of several nuclear power plants no matter where you go in any direction it makes you wonder what difference it makes. I can tell you I’d rather have one in the event the threat was from something else but in a collapse, it won’t be just ‘the enemy’ you’ll have to worry about. There will be plenty of hungry people on the move, hunger breeds fear, anger, aggression, and forget about ‘normal’ social order. Every plan has its advantages and every plan is better than doing nothing.
    I encourage people to get involved in local government at some level, even if it’s only to educate yourself about who is already running your town, the ones who would like to try it next, and thus having the ability to make educated votes. Don’t just sit there… do something! Educate yourself, prepare your family, make short and long range plans for the future, quietly encourage those you love to do the same.

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