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JUNE 3-5 2016

OATH KEEPERS SUMMIT is a call to anyone concerned about the direction our country is headed. This is a gathering of like minded people regardless of any other group affiliation. We do not condone violence or aggressive behavior toward anyone and anyone found doing so will be removed. (This is a private event and we reserve the right to ask people to leave at our discretion.) This is a weekend to gather information as to the best way to move forward and protect the Constitution in the days ahead. There will be several speakers covering a variety of agendas.

$15 entrance fee for the entire summit

Confirmed speakers are:

Stewart Rhodes founder of Oath Keepers.
Allen Lardieri and Mike Holbrook from the West Virginia Summit
Chief Deputy Sheriff William Carbaugh Jr from Tionesta Pa.
Sam Culper Inteligence analyst. Editor of Forward Observer Magazine
Shaun Adkins, author of Squashing Liberalism.

PA OK Summit June 2016

June 3, 4, & 5
872 Polecat Rd., East Freedom, PA 16637

(The landmark is the Three Valley Sportsman’s Club. Turn north into the parking lot
and bear right to the dirt road going up the mountain.)

0900 Ham Technician Class
1700 Ham Testing
1800 NITC Class* – defensive positions, proper military comms protocol, camouflage, and concealment

0700 Muster and hand to hand combatives class
0800 Stewart Rhodes / Sam Culper
1200 Lunch
1300 Chief Deputy Sheriff William Carbaugh Jr
1445 Kevin Sisson Legal Defense
1500 Stewart Rhodes / Sam Culper
1700 Shawn Adkins
1800 NITC Class* – small team patrolling and an introduction to RECCE
2100 State Leaders Meeting / General Mixer for all others

0700 Muster
0800-0900 Worship and Prayer Service
0900-1030 Active shooter response (Allen Lardieri and Stewart Rhodes)

0930- NITC live fire drills
1030-1200 Use of force continuum and home defense (Scott)
1030-1200 First Responder Aid (Rick Young) first half
1200 Lunch & Dr. Peg Luksik on Common Core
1300-1500 First Responder Aid (Rick Young) second half
1300-1500 Small unit comms (Roy Scharf)
1500-1700 Hand to hand combat techniques (Stewart Rhodes and Jason Van Tatenhove)

*NITC (National Infantry Training Center) Classes – The cost will be $25 a person, per class, plus $10 a mag for blank ammunition. You must bring an AR-15. We will provide the BFA (Blank Firing Adapter) and camo face paint. These classes are all credited toward the Oath Keepers National Training Standards Certifications. This is just a teaser class for their larger, more comprehensive 3 day/2 night tactical class they will be holding the following month at the same location.

NITC will arrive on site Thursday and between Thursday afternoon to Friday afternoon will be giving free lessons on firearms safety and weapons handling.

Bring everything you will need to survive for 3 days on a mountain in PA.
Access up the mountain is a dirt road with ruts and switchbacks and may not be trailer friendly.

Camper and tent camp areas are not reserved, but plentiful.
Most will be tent camping. There will be Porta Potties.
Some attendees may arrive on Thursday, but most probably on Friday.

More information, updates and donation link here:

Oath Keepers, Pennsylvania Summit…72568/?fref=ts

Oath Keepers of Pennysylvania…ania1/?fref=ts

NITC National Infantry Training Centre

Please Note: The following link to PayPal is broken. We will repost with a good link as soon as we get one. Please check back so you can contribute to this Summit! Thank you!…8FeUxBYgG&disp



NOTE FROM STEWART:  This is a working summit, not a place to just listen to speakers.  As with the state and regional summits we have done in the past, the primary mission is to bring people together from the state (or region), regardless of what group they are in, and regardless of whether or not they are Oath Keepers members, and form them into teams with others near them, teach them how to organize that team with skillset sub-teams, based on the Special Forces A and B team model, and teach them how to do an area assessment/area study of their own AO and then take concrete, effective steps to strengthen their neighborhoods, town, county, and state.  Saturday morning, Intelligence expert Sam Culper and I will lead participants in that crucial team building and assessment methods, and they will break out into groups based on where they are from, so they can form an effective team (the goal is to show them how to do it, so they can go home and teach/lead others).  This is a “train the trainer” and “train the leader” working summit.  Then, we will have speakers and training classes on each of the skillsets that are part of our CPT program.

There will be speakers on specific threats we face as a nation, along with some very solid skill training, but the principle goal is that team building and intelligence assessment.


Of special note is the daily infantry small unit tactics classes that will be provided by the National Infantry Training Center (NITC) – (formerly known as North Idaho Training Center).  Learning to fight effectively as a team is one of the most vital skills that all of you must have in your toolbox.   Unfortunately, very few instructors teach the core infantry skills of move, shoot, and communicate in buddy team, fire team, and squad, to the public.  Most firearms instructors only teach individual skills and refuse to teach real infantry small unit tactics.

NITC is one of those rare training schools that do so, and do so very well.  The experienced infantry instructors at NITC can give you a start on the vital infantry skills such as reacting to enemy fire and effectively breaking contact, among others.  They will be running a class Friday night, Saturday night, and then again on Sunday during the day.  Each four hour (or more) block of instruction will be only $25.00 (a real steal) plus $10.00 or so per magazine full of blanks you will fire.   Please also bring some live ammo in case we can arrange to do some jungle lane shoots on Sunday.


We will also have informal classes on hand to hand and blade combat for the gunman.  Those classes will be held before and after each meal, on each meal break, and into the evening after formal events end, and on Sunday afternoon once the other classes are over.  Jason Van Tatenhove and I will be teaching those classes.  Jason is an MMA fighter, a Brown belt in Judo, and has also trained extensively in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mu Thai kickboxing, and Western Boxing. He has fought in Thai Boxing and Western Boxing.  He has also trained in Filipino martial arts.

I (Stewart) have trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (just a rusty blue belt), basic Western Boxing, military combatives, Jeet kun Do, and in the Villabrille-Largusa Kali System under the late Lindsey Largusa (Kali is a Filipino blade, stick, and empty hand martial art and is what I am most extensively trained in).  I have also trained extensively in close quarters pistol and gun retention/disarms.

The goal of this class is to give “gun guys” some effective basic empty hand methods to counter sudden close range assault (both empty handed sucker punches and close attack by weapons)  so they can fight until they can draw their pistol, and fight while using it, or, if the bad guy is going for their pistol, how to keep him from getting it, and how to get your blade or backup gun into play.  We will cover weapon retention and disarms (handgun, long-gun, knife, and stick) in the context of that close range assault, both standing and on the ground (last place you want to be, but it happens), and while using your empty hands and also a backup blade/gun.

In addition, if anyone wants to learn the basics of Kali (starting with the stick), I would be happy to do some work on that too, as time allows.

This is a free class, but please do at least bring some leather gloves, some racketball goggles or similar eye protection, and if you can, some street hocky gloves or similar, and any plastic or rubber training guns or knives you may have, and if you have some bamboo kali/escrima sticks, or aluminum trainers, please bring those too.   I will bring a few rubber fake training guns, some rubber knives, a couple of aluminum training knives, and some padded sticks, focus mits and a kicking shield, and one protective helmet, but if you have some training gear, please bring it.

This class is open to all, regardless of training or lack of training, and regardless of physical condition.  We will adapt to you and you can go as light or as hard as you like, with no pressure, so please attend.  Hand to hand is a vital skill and something we need to make part of our CPT training.



Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net


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  1. I would like to know if the “CPT’s” are still “Community Preparedness Teams” and if the plan still is to prepare our communities for what is to come. That would be something to discuss at the summit because it seems the “security” trainer of Colorado is not on board with that model and is instead planning to conduct open field operations against a super-power, claiming that he’s training guerillas – who act as if they are going to be re-supplied by “Big Army”. I attended the “security training” this last weekend and was so taken aback, that I have to ask. I wrote up “Notes on Training” with my analysis of what I saw – and that “pending post” was just plain erased with no further word. If people are training to leave their magazines on the ground when no re-supply is in the works, hoping to find them again after a running gun battle over miles of rural terrain (towing a bunch of refugees?), to do fine motor control operations under high-adrenaline conditions, use the buttstocks of their AR’s to go to ground and possibly damage their buffer tubes and render their rifles inoperable – who don’t know the difference between a tactical reload and an emergency reload – I’m afraid this coming battle is already lost, the community abandoned and be damned. That’s NOT what I signed up for. I thought we were going to prepare the community – to KEEP IT TOGETHER and behind our efforts, rather than turn all who will follow into instant refugees. So, I’m wondering what the hell is going on. I’d appreciate a phone call… 303-856-5106,

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