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Oath Keeper Testimonials


door gunner

Paul Sturgeon:

Testimonial: 1966-1967, doorgunner, 162 aslt hel co. My record with agent orange: prostate cancer, kidney cancer, rectal cancer. Now cancer free.

{Editor’s Note: Glad to see you beat it, bro. Agent Orange is nasty stuff.}


1st cav patch

Spc. Preston Tedesco:

Testimonial: I served as a Squad Automatic Weapons (SAW) gunner in Iraq during OIF I-II 2004- 2005 under B Co.,1-5 Cav, Ist Cavalry Division. (Detached). Being one of the older guys in my detached squad, (30), I was always respectful of the fact that I was part of an occupying force on their turf. Don’t get me wrong- I knew where I was and had to act accordingly countless times. But I was always respectful of the fact that a lot of these people didn’t exactly feel comfortable with an occupying force patrolling their streets and searching their homes, even arresting them oftentimes.

I often thought about how I would feel if I saw a Bradley Fighting Vehicle roll up to my front yard and an infantry squad dismounted and surrounding my house.  My chain of command, luckily, was very squared away. A lot of the time, the intel was incorrect about a weapons cache and how we treated the civilians weighed upon my shoulders heavily in such a case. My squad was always ‘fair but firm’ in our approach. We were fair with them until they gave us reason to be firm.

As an example, oftentimes we would roll up on a rancher with ‘soft’ intel that he has a weapons cache on his land. Meanwhile, he is herding his goats with his AK-47 slung over his shoulder. We would isolate him under supervision, but we never disarmed him unless or until we found said weapons cache or any other hard evidence against them.

Now, the Oath Keepers didn’t exist during that time, but my blood was suddenly flowing red, white and blue. I have since “served my time” and discharged.

I was asleep from 2004- 2008 until I saw what obama (no capitals intended), but I woke up completely in 2008 during the obama campaign. Now, we are being invaded and occupied by a DOMESTIC enemy.  But I feel strangely optimistic about obama’s “gun grab”. I’ll tell you why:
1: For generations, gun control has always been done by “baby steps”.
2: Now that “Der Fuhrer” has been in full speed ahead, it has awakened almost everyone.
3: They are done. Period. If they continue with further gun control, there WILL be another Revolutionary War.
4: No more “baby steps”. Americans are now awake and aware of what’s going on, so this is their last push.

Molon Labe

God Bless ALL of you,

Spc Preston Tedesco


Shorty Dawkins