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Oath Keeper Testimonial

Navy Seal

Ronnie Wright:

Testimonial: Spent 9.5 years in Uncle Sam’s yacht club. Did 2 WestPacs,& 2 Med cruises. Spent last 3 years as a SERE instructor splitting time between Pensacola,Fl & Rangeley,Me. Last time I checked my oath had NO expiration date on it so I will continue to defend the Constitution from all enemies both Foreign & Domestic.


Walter Vanderpool:

Testimonial: What my oath means to me….. Hmmm, thats a hard question to answer. Well,  my oath means to me  that I have a belief in something greater than myself, that I am willing to give my life, my freedom, my very soul, for the people of the United States of America; not to a paper. Yes, I know I took the oath to defend the constitution of the USA from all foreign and domestic enemies, but it’s bigger than that. I swore that oath to the people to defend their rights, their beliefs, their way of life. I did this knowing full well that it may mean that I would have to give my life to fulfill that duty. I am proud that I took that oath. I am proud that I will still give my life to protect the people of the USA. I did not take that oath to blindly follow the people in the government. I gave my word to the people that I would stand between them and those who want to take our life, our liberty, our freedom away and even though I am no longer in the US navy, I will stand between all those who threaten our way of life, and those I have been sworn to protect. So what does my oath mean to me?………..everything.

Yours Truly,

US Navy Vet Walter Vanderpool


Shorty Dawkins