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#NeverTrump ‘Republicans’ Prove Tone Deafness with Third-Party Trial Balloon

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No, here’s what would happen: Gun owners would find out Cuban urged Michael Bloomberg to run for president and he’d be toast.

You’d have to be oblivious not to notice an increase in sentiments on this and like-minded websites that political “solutions” to metastasizing tyranny are illusory. Voting, many have concluded, amounts to self-delusion and wishful participation in a rigged scam. More and more now view the unique system bequeathed by the Founders as sabotaged beyond repair by wannabe totalitarians interested only in power at the expense of human freedom and lives.

That recognized, barring some as-yet unforeseen natural or created cataclysm, there will be an election in November and a new president will be elected by those who participate. The “choices,” such as they are, will presumably be Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Clinton, of course, is a monster. No more needs to be said, does it?

Trump has been all over the board, but has nonetheless drawn his share of enthusiastic support from flyover country. That’s because he talks an appeasing game for many — for now — on the Second Amendment, and on immigration and jobs.  Such has not always been the case, leading others to question his sincerity and to expect betrayal once their votes are no longer needed.  Time was, he called for prior restraint infringements like “waiting periods” and registration-enabling “background checks,” as well as a ban on semi-autos demonized as “assault weapons.” Add to that in 2011, immigration watchdog Numbers USA gave him a “D-“rating.  And it’s been recently reported that, after a private meeting with Trump, “pathway to citizenship”-advocating casino magnate Sheldon Adelson plans to drop $100M on the Republican front-runner’s campaign.

Government-designed and engineered cultural terraforming, despite NRA’s continued deliberate indifference, is the primary threat facing continued “legal” recognition of the right to keep and bear arms. That’s evident from the “surge of immigrants seeking citizenship, voting rights before elections.” For the long term, adding untold millions of anti-gun Democrats to the voter rolls (and factoring in “birthright citizenship”) will result in a federal legislature where overwhelming majority Democrats can enact any “gun control” edicts they want. It will also result in a succession of presidents who can and will issue royal proclamation “executive actions” with impunity, and federal judges who will uphold whatever those who nominated and confirmed them desire. Noting Heller was only 5 to 4, that means literally every judicial gain enjoyed to date will be reversed and then some.

That’s something “cheap labor Republicans” have been helping to bring about, with NRA’s just-reaffirmed Grover Norquist working hand-in-fisted-glove with Michael Bloomberg. These are the ones screaming #NeverTrump the loudest, and a new (albeit seemingly DOA) move to draft Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to enter the race as a third party candidate shows how desperate and tone deaf they are to why heartland America is angrily rejecting the establishment GOP.

As recently as February, Cuban had not ruled out Hillary Clinton. Seriously? And at a time when many Americans are struggling to make ends meet as companies relocate operations  overseas, he has echoed the sentiments of fellow billionaires, like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft’s Bill Gates, not to mention Norquist and Bloomberg, to bring in more foreign workers.

What about guns? He may come across to some as moderate, but paying attention to his words and actions shows the concept of the *right* to keep and bear arms is something he really doesn’t get.

“[W]e make a point to ask all of our guys, do you want a gun? Is it registered?” Cuban told foreign anti-gun propagandist Piers Morgan. “You’re not allowed to travel with it no matter what.

“But take it on your car, and thinking you’re at risk, if you’re going to some place where you feel you need a gun, don’t go there,” he advises. “And that’s what I tell my guys.”

An essay could be written just on the short-sightedness of that one ignorant opinion, but then again, he is talking about NBA players. Besides, when people who want to meet with you have to first be allowed past by a security guard, it’s easy to wonder what the big deal is.

Here’s the kicker on the guy’s electability, his high opinion of his prospects notwithstanding: Cuban encouraged Michael Bloomberg to run for president. That’s all millions of us need to know.

The thing is, this isn’t about Cuban anyway. This is about what’s in the heads and hearts of “Republicans” who wanted him to run. They’re not really against Trump, per se, they’re against the ideas he has brought to the fore that resonate so deeply with so many Americans.  He‘s not the threat, those ideas he promotes are. Those who passionately embrace such  ideas are the people sore loser neocons are desperate to discourage, marginalize, and discredit.

The best way to do that is to do what they can to sabotage the Trump campaign.  Yes, of course they’ll be willing to give things to Hillary, including the Supreme Court, as long as they can keep control of their piece of things. And if they can arrange that, they’ll use the loss they help bring about to blame Trump supporters, and to warn the disaffected of the “proven dangers” of straying too far off the reservation.

Never mind that following the yellow stripe down the middle resulted in losses with Dole, with McCain, with Romney/Ryan, and that the GOP establishment, while occasionally making the right noises, never really seems to produce fundamental restorations so much as make pit stops along the way to more government and less freedom. In truth, they don’t give a damn about what Constitutionally-limited government advocates hold dear as long as their place at the trough is reserved.

As Oath Keepers, per its bylaws, “is a non-partisan association,” and I don’t officially speak for the organization, this isn’t the place for an endorsement – besides, I reserve those for candidates who get my questionnaire right. Still, it’s hardly out of line to ask you, the members, what you think of the “choices” being offered this November. Please use comments to let the rest of us know what you plan to do and why.


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David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. A vote for a third party would be a vote for the Demorats.
    Not voting would be a vote for the Demorats.
    I am going to vote for whoever is the Republican nominee.
    That is, unless the idiot declares martial law. Then I’ll vote another way.

    1. A vote for the Libertarian Party is a vote for the Libertarian Party. It’s a vote for liberty.

      A vote for Trump is a vote for democrat policies, more big government and more executive overreach.

      1. Thanks, David. The Libertarian Party ain’t got no Rothbards. How easily some are mislead. There once was Cato the Elder, then Cato the Younger. But Cato the Institute is all over the board. Some positions are agreeable; others, not so (you cannot keep a welfare state with open borders). They do not rely on the Constitution for positions and only use it to defend their take on certain areas when it is useful to them. In matter of fact thinking, think tanks are just a bunch of busy bodies getting together to inform themselves as how important they in fact are. They don’t teach in the schools because the progressives have that sewn up already. They seldom enter the political melee in order to keep from dirtying themselves. Contributions are a waste of money. They don’t DO anything; they just talk (and write) about it. Oh, yes I know that Rothbard was at the founding, but he is long gone as is his influence.

      2. Doesn’t the Libertarian Party support more foreigners coming into America, and being supported by Americans in one of several ways (free education, free medical care under O’Care, all documents in Spanish, etc.)?

        As a Texan who now sees few English-speaking shoppers at the grocery store, I object, and will vote for whichever candidate seems the most likely to stop this very costly (to the American TaxVictims) invasion.

        And right now, the only person even talking about it is Trump.

      3. I may be wrong, but I think that libertarians are not for welfare, and do not advocate for immigrants to come here and get on the public dole. Libertarians I know are believers in personal responsibility, which is prerequisite to personal liberty. Libertarians do not want to support the welfare/surveillance/police state.
        Elias Alias, editor

      4. That reply is non-responsive, evasive, irrelevant.

        Left “Libertarians” (as opposed to real Libertarians) are not for classical welfare, but they are for open-immigration and invasion-occupation. Left “Libertarians” don’t believe in borders, nor that American citizens have the moral right to impose immigration controls. Which means they don’t believe in the sovereignty and rights of the American citizenry or the Republic as a separate nation. Which means they cannot honestly take the Constitutional oath of office. All of which means they are not loyal Americans.

        Left “Libertarians” are globalists, as dangerous as other kinds of globalists, including communists, anarchists and “social democrats”. Indeed, Left “Libertarians” are far *more* dangerous than communists and socialists because they can work with and masquerade as “Republicans”, capitalists, conservatives, classical liberals, and real (Paleo) Libertarians, and most conservatives will never associate them with policies that are leading directly and irrevocably to socialism, terrorism, Jihadism, Sharia, conventional crime, the “security state”, cultural and political terraforming, massive wealth redistribution and destruction, and the end of the USA as an independent nation. Indeed, most Left “Libertarians” are too cultish, to much the “True Believers”, too dismissive of obvious theoretical flaws, reality, and massive empirical evidence, and too stupid or arrogant to even be aware of it themselves or acknowledge it if they are aware of it. Which makes them all the more dangerous. The subversive or useful idiot who thinks he’s a genius in your own command post is always vastly more dangerous and damaging pound for pound than the open enemy on the other side of the wire.

        Open immigration means it’s not our country anymore. It means citizenship has no meaning. It means all 7 billion people in the world are eligible to become voting “citizens” and tell you what to do, should they get the whim.

        Left “Libertarians” love to delude themselves and others that if only we got rid of welfare, open immigration would be one big happy meal and we wouldn’t be overwhelmed with hundreds of millions of fast-breeding, left-leaning, anti-gun immigrants. The truth is quite the contrary. In the borderless, Left “Libertarian”, open-immigration paradise, immigrants would flow into the former USA by the hundreds of millions and ultimately the billions – as long as they can answer YES to the following questions:

        Am I better off moving to America than staying where I am?

        Is the quality of life, liberty and property better in the USA than where I am now?

        The answer to such questions will not be NO until America is squeezed so tight with immigrants that the quality of life and cost of living available in the USA actually becomes worse than garden spots like Rwanda, Congo, Darfur, Libya, Syria, Iraq, SE Asia, India, Red China, and other tyrannical, Darwinian, rat race, sardine can, garden spots that make the typical Mexican peasant look wealthy and lucky by comparison.

        Imagine: Welcome to the former USA: Population: 4 billion.

        Contrary to delusional Left “Libertarian” theory: With or without classical welfare, open-immigration will continue to overwhelm the relatively-conservative native-born citizenry’s voting control of OUR country. Which is in the process of ensuring the hegemony of the Democrats and the socialist agenda. It is destroying our personal liberty, culture, privacy, gun rights, creating the perfect constituency and rationale for the welfare/surveillance/police state which the “Libertarians” do not want to support.

        Another amazing Left “Libertarian” disconnect with reality: Even if it were true that open immigration would be harmless if only we had no welfare, the Left “Libertarians” then neglect to consider the fact that we DO have massive welfare and government service programs (e.g., public education), so open immigration would still be extremely harmful. But they want it to continue anyway even in the face of massive welfare and public services. Open Immigration Uber Alles.

      5. There are true Libertarians, “Paleo” Libertarians, who support rational immigration policy. But most “Libertarians” are Left “Libertarians”.

        Left “Libertarians” don’t believe in government welfare, but they still oppose borders and limits on immigration even though we have ginormous welfare programs, entitlements and services which the immigrants are exploiting. They don’t believe citizenship should mean anything. They believe everyone in the world should be able to move anywhere they want — i.e., the USA — thus overwhelming the native born citizenry’s voting control of our country. They are subversive globalists sabotaging our culture, quality of life, Republic, Constitution, sovereignty, liberty, personal and national security, privacy, dignity, freedom of movement, cost of living, cost of land and elbow room, per capita real wealth and income, job opportunities, government integrity and solvency, and our human and natural environments.

        See my reply below.

      6. a vote for libertarian candidate would be a vote for killary unless your living under a bridge she’d love to see this happen

      7. The key issue is immigration, as Codrea pointed out. If the border is not closed and illegals returned it’s game over.
        The Russian people came back after 70 years of Soviet Rule. They were able to because they were still Russian, and Trump is no Stalin.
        In 2012 the American Freedom Party told us that if we were in a swing state to vote for Romney because Obama was too dangerous. But if were not in a close race in our state to vote AFP to run up our national vote totals.. You might be able to do something like that.

  2. I’ll be voting for anyone the LP nominates except Austin Petersen (who should have run under the GOP banner rather than the LP since he is not at all libertarian let alone Libertarian).

  3. I’m voting for the one who said, “When I am President, I will not surrender the American People to the false song of Globalism.”…if he’s a con, then he’s the best the planet ever saw.

  4. Voting? You’re still voting? Why would you vote in a system in which you know your vote does not count? In both 2008 and in 2012, there were over 30 million too many illegal votes cast and counted, and that was on top of about 90 million legitimate votes. Who was the legal winner in either election? The usurper? Prove it.

    Until the election system gets changed and made open and honest, voting is simply showing your approval of the already corrupt but well organized DC crime syndicate. Is that what you want to do? You want to keep on with this maddening unconstitutional war machine? Good luck with that.

    1. One of my favorite writers, Claire Wolfe, likes to say it this way —

      “Don’t Vote! It only encourages them.”

      Elias Alias, editor

      1. No! Mark Twain had it right–“If voting made any difference, THEY would not let us do it” emphasis mine

      2. Right. Claire Wolfe is another Left “Libertarian” cultist, too wedded to delusional open-immigration happy meal dogma to see the 50 years of overwhelming empirical evidence that her immigration policies are in the process of permanently destroying all other Libertarian, conservative, Republican and American concerns.

        And “don’t vote, it only encourages them”? What’s that supposed to mean, just start shooting? Sure thing.

      3. Wow. I guess you must know everything about everything, so I must bow to your superior brilliance. Please do try to forgive me for my vast ignorance about so many things.
        However, I will say this — I have never known a “Left Libertarian”, but I have known and worked with Claire Wolfe for more than twelve years, have collected all of her books, am grateful to call her “Friend”, and have never in my wildest dreams seen anything about her or her writing that would cause me to call her a “cultist”. I can’t imagine why she has kept me in the dark about her being a “cultist” for all these years. For readers here who want a stark look into the “Claire Wolfe Left-Libertarian Cult”, here is one of her pieces which appeared first at World Net Daily and was re-published at BackWoods Home Magazine. It is a quick, cute little read, and, as the first piece by Claire Wolfe that I read, caused me to want to read more of her work and begin my own discovery, through her writings, about libertarianism.

        Additionally, C.P., I’ve never heard your term “Left Libertarian” until you gifted our readers here with your pronouncement of such evils. Please do enlighten me and tell me where their central website may be found, and how I can learn to spot them in a crowd, ‘k?

        Now, about your lack of a sense of humor, well, that’s not my problem. If you can’t see the wit and wisdom in the phrase — “Don’t Vote! It only encourages them.”, that is your problem. Do try to keep a smile handy, yes?

        Elias Alias, editor

      4. Sarcasm is a cheap way to evade issues you are unable or unwilling to address. Kudos on that!

      5. Dude, you’re stepping on my last nerve. I’ve got honest work to do and projects to complete. I don’t know what you have to do today, but I’m too damned busy to sit here and play silly games with you. So get this, and reply to it, or sit down and be quiet, okay? Thank you.

        You said something about Claire Wolfe being a “Left Libertarian Cultist”. I am totally disputing that, so it is on you to back up your statement. Your analysis of what you perceive to be “sarcasm” is totally beside the point, and I’m calling it evasion of the expected proof which would back up your statement. So get straight and show us the proof to back up your accusation that Claire Wolfe is a “left Libertarian Cultist”.
        You also stated that —

        “…her immigration policies are in the process of permanently destroying all other Libertarian, conservative, Republican and American concerns.”

        So, with not one hint of sarcasm, please do back up that accusation. Or sit down and be quiet.

        Additionally, in a previous post you said —

        “Left “Libertarians” don’t believe in government welfare, but they still oppose borders and limits on immigration even though we have ginormous welfare programs, entitlements and services which the immigrants are exploiting. They don’t believe citizenship should mean anything. They believe everyone in the world should be able to move anywhere they want — i.e., the USA — thus overwhelming the native born citizenry’s voting control of our country. They are subversive globalists sabotaging our culture, quality of life, Republic, Constitution, sovereignty, liberty, personal and national security, privacy, dignity, freedom of movement, cost of living, cost of land and elbow room, per capita real wealth and income, job opportunities, government integrity and solvency, and our human and natural environments.”

        [sarcasm] My God! I had no idea that a handful of “Left Libertarians” were wrecking your precious little nation! Heck, I thought it was the Left-Right paradigm’s Democrat/Republican tandem which is married to the Wall Street/Military-Industrial-Complex/Mainstream media consortium. Oh my! [/sarcasm]

        Libertarians, of whichever “stripe” you wish to name, have had no significant effect on the political or legislative processes at the national level, and you damn well know that. Prove me wrong.

        Look, if you can’t prove such wild statements with cold hard facts based on research with resources, quotations, poll results, other demographic considerations, then back off and quit making such outlandish statements. Or sit down and be quiet. You need to bring out something with which to back up your claims. But really, don’t bother doing so here. Like I said, I’ve got honest work to be doing and visiting with your egoism, self-assurance, political disposition, philosophical bent, or any other manifestation of your genius strikes me as a huge waste of my time. I’m not likely to answer you unless you bring forth something concrete.

        Elias Alias, editor

      6. I have lots of critical things to do, but I will put my country first in time of war, which is what this is in case you haven’t noticed.

        Censorship is another way to evade issues you can’t understand or are unwilling to address. There is no way to respond to your last comment directly, though you have challenged me to do so. I have to reply to your earlier one here.

        You haven’t really addressed or disputed any issue I have raised. Latching on the Claire Wolfe post is a way of evading the fundamental issues involved in the first post.

        It’s hardly my fault you don’t know what a Left “Libertarian” is, nor that you cant or don’t want to understand the explanation provided.

        A Left “Libertarian” is not a Libertarian.

        True or “Paleo” Libertarians support property rights, including the citizenry’s interest in public property, their exclusive ownership of the USA, their right to protect their ownership and voting control by limiting immigration or even halting it. True Libertarians believe in borders and sovereignty.

        Left “Libertarians” support open-immigration, invasion-occupation-amnesty, etc. Left “Libertarians” believe that borders and numerical immigration limits amount to “tyranny”, “slavery”, “bigotry”, “racism”, etc. Left “Libertarians” don’t believe in borders, nor that American citizens have the moral right to impose immigration controls. They believe that unlimited billions of people should be allowed to move to the USA and vote, even though that means the current citizenry’s control is lost, our citizenship has no meaning or value, our share of public property is redistributed to foreigners, and our vote is overwhelmed by left-leaning people from corrupt, brutal cultures – such that our *private* property is also inevitably redistributed. Therefore Left “Libertarians” don’t believe in the sovereignty and natural rights of the American citizenry or the Republic as a separate nation.

        All of which means that Left “Libertarians” are not loyal to the USA, the Republic and the Constitution. They are effectively globalists, no less dangerous than anarchists and Trotskyists. Indeed, more so, due to their ability to fool conservatives into thinking they’re on our side, which Trotskyists do not have.

        Those who support “Libertarian” immigration policy, who oppose limits on immigration, who support a “pathway to citizenship” for invader-occupiers, are not loyal Americans and cannot honestly take the constitutional oath of office, let alone keep it.

        Ask your pal Claire if she believes American citizens exclusively own the USA, if we have the moral right to limit and even end immigration, deport illegal aliens en masse, etc. Then get back to me. If she fully rejects Left “Libertarian” immigration policy, I’ll happily eat my words regarding her, but not regarding the issue which you are evading.

        But I will not apologize for raising these issues in blunt fashion, and saying what it is, whether or not it violates your sense of collegial unreality, gores your favorite ox, steps on your last nerve or last brain cell for that matter. This is a war. Borders and immigration policies are our most fundamental, critical national defenses. Thanks to subversive immigration policy, we are being overrun and overwhelmed and we’re losing our country. We no longer have the luxuries of time and space to play footsie with the enemies, subversives, fellow travelers and useful idiots in our own command post.

    2. Best described as the “warfare and welfare state”. No luck involved, it’s working perfectly for the political class.

    3. Well said, I wholeheartedly agree. Now if I can get my pops, the old stubborn jarhead (love him though) to even review the evidence.

    4. Why? So that when someone asks me in the future whether I made the effort to stop the liberal/progressive/communist evil, I can say that I did.

      Whether that effort was part of an eventual success or not, I at least will be able to say that I had the character to try.

    5. God I do hear you Highlanderjuan…call me a stubborn optimist. I guess I’m not ready to throw Trump out with the bathwater just yet.

      1. How do you starve a beast that creates it’s own food out of thin air ??
        The food of government is money.
        I am of course referring to the fact that the government pays for itself by the FEDERAL RESERVE creating money from nothing.
        I see only one way to stop it, and it will never happen at the ballot box.
        The president of the USA does not select a FED chairman.
        The FED selects the president of the USA.

  5. This kind of crap is why, after 40 years, I dumped the Republican party in 2006. GW and his trillion dollar Medicare drug vote buying scam was enough. The only difference between a D and an R is the cronies they support and the kind of lies they tell. Fiscal responsibility? Personal Liberty? Sound money? Economic growth? Equality of opportunity? All lies. Opportunity for them, to do or say whatever it takes to get re-elected. House and Senate approval ratings in the low double digits and yet they have a 95%+ re-election rate. Instead lets kick 95% out every time, regardless of party, and then we may get their attention. At least they will have less power to sell.

  6. I will NOT be voting for Trump and have said that since day one. It isnt my fault that Rand Paul didn’t win the nomination. I will be voting for the candidate of the Libertarian Party and vote for liberty and someone who respects the Constitution!

  7. I do not believe for a minute that Trump is a “conservative” much less an individual’s who will keep his oath of office. BUT I know Hillary will not!! It’s a gamble. I can grow potatos and I can hunt meat here in N Idaho.

  8. Cuban supported Bloomberg is what bothers you (and it should) but tRump’s support of Clinton is just fine…No thanks to either one of them (and no thanks to ole Bernie either so don’t even go there). At this point I can’t see voting for either of them but tRump has time to try and earn my vote but up til now every time I consider it the a**hole opens up his mouth and loses it.

  9. All I can do is shake my head at the ignorance and misguided foolishness of the supposed Oath Keepers on this site. Libertarian? When was one ever elected to anything? It’s that kind of thinking and rationalization that put the fraud in the White House twice in a row. America is in the proverbial toilet of the world and you supposed Oath Keepers are working at flushing Her down the drain.
    Semper Fi America. Hopefuly your sons and daughters will wake up before it’s to late.

  10. The problem here is that there is no one left in the presidential contest who is remotely fit to hold any public office, and that one of the two major parties’ nominees is going to be elected president. There is no possibility of any third-party candidate getting half the votes it would take to win, and unless we’re lucky enough to have the present front-runners drop dead in the next few months, the only choice we will have is between Hillary, or Trump.

    I would suppose that most of us feel the obligation to do the best we can for the country, even if it’s voting for the lesser of two evils to slow down the destruction of the country before it becomes irreversible (if it isn’t already). As much as I despise Trump for his continual lying, misrepresentation of his positions (which have always been those of a liberal Democrat, until he decided to run as a Republican), and character assassination of much better candidates, he’s probably the lesser evil. While I doubt that his general policy is much different from that of Hillary and Bernie, his loyalty is to Donald, rather than socialism, and there’s nothing he won’t compromise on, if he believes it to be in his interest. It’s a horrible choice, but it’s likely to be the only one we have.

  11. so the #NeverTrump crowd are the ones at fault? really HOW ABOUT YOU FIGURE OUT WHAT AN OATHKEEPER IS. trust me DT is so far from being conservative he makes BERNIE SANDERS seem sane.
    if HE is your litmus test for being conservative you need to find a new test. DT has ALREADY backed off on his “promise” to build a wall AND his “deport them all” is ACTUALLY deport SOME of them and let the rest stay and the ones we DO deport can immediately turn around and reapply to come back in AND WE WILL FAST TRACK THEM FOR ENTRY AND CITIZENSHIP.
    oh and the part about the Constitution? BY HIS OWN ADMISSION IT HOLDS NO VALUE TO HIM. He has ALREADY threatened to sue anyone who says OR writes anything negative about him. and as for the Supreme Court, trust me he has already stated he thinks his UBER LIBERAL SISTER would make a great SCOTUS justice.
    AND he supported Clinton’s ban on assault weapons.
    now convince me that YOU are 1) conservative and 2) this a TRUE Oathkeeper.
    MY oath was to protect and defend the Constitution from ALL enemies – both foreign AND DOMESTIC. and YOURS is apparently to vote for the progressive liberal if he has (R) behind his name.

    1. A vote for *anything* other than what your conscience tells you is a vote for evil. To vote “against” something while failing to vote one’s conscience is a contradiction to one’s soul, and that is exactly how the Left-Right paradigm is keeping the American people from controlling their berserk government.
      Be at peace, and vote your conscience. This world is self-destructing anyway, so why not go out with a clean soul, yes? Your spiritual value is all you’ll take with you when you leave this world.
      Am I crazy, or what? Maybe I am, but I’ve watched this political circus for many years now, and I’m no longer able to believe that there is any political solution to what is killing our country and destroying our way of life.
      Elias Alias, editor

  12. I have been steady in my belief that Washington is analogous to the three legged milking stool. Break any leg and the stool is useless. The three legs are Big Government, Big Business and Big Media and there is Billions of $$$ at stake and on one wants to upset the status quo and therein lies the Problem with The Donald. He is a clean and present danger to the Big Three Cabal.

  13. If Trump can win there may be Political Anarchy. If the system is damaged enough we may be able to replace it with a Republic again. The only reason Trump is winning is because We the People are fed up and the GOP knows it. If not, eventually real civil anarchy will come and it will destroy the whole country, not just the politicians. I’m holding my nose and voting for Trump.

  14. Forget that cuban pretends to be a republican. Know that he represents obama’s middle finger to all Americans. The two cuban con plants didn’t make the running, so now here’s another stab at US; FIGHT BACK – no matter what the consequences because they will not be as nearly as bad as the consequences of not fighting back.

  15. Gee, 7 friends and I voted for (wrote in) Ron Paul, and our county showed 3 votes. Screw voting. Until the electoral college is gone, and voting is done on paper with no hackable electronics, it’s a waste of time and gas to go to the ballot box. Each vote should be counted, and whomever has more votes should win.

    Today, voting is like putting new tires on a boat.

  16. I will only vote if Hitlary get’s the Democratic Nomination and hold my nose and vote for Trump ; Elias has a point this whole system is rigged and a vote for the Libertarian Candidate would be voting from the heart but at the same time I be wasting my vote because that candidate would never win and Trump is a bummer too ; He dosn’t talk about all the issues that I care about for example like ending the I.R.S. , ending universal background checks and getting rid all those Federal alphabet agencies like the EPA ; And there’s another thing that bugs me really bad Sheldon Eagleson just gave Trump a Hundred million dollar’s too help pay for all those campaign stops and speeches that he gave around the country ; Trump has been beholden to Sheldon Eagleson four year’s I was born at night but not last night this is a whopper of a pay off and soTrump lied when he said he wouldn’t except any donation’s and he also did a favor for Israel by promising to put our embassy in Jerusalem , which know candidate for President has ever done , that’s a no no , if you ask me their has too be a game changing event before the November election’s or we are screwed !!!

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