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The Truth About Bill Gates – Corbett Report

BILL gates

Once again, the Corbett Report gives us valuable information and insights into important issues.

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  1. Why are we silent? Not a word on Zerohedge, not a word from Alex Jones. And they continue for the second day! The sit-in comes one day after more than 400 people were arrested for participating in what has been termed the ‘Democracy Spring’ movement. The organization has planned for 10 days of demonstrations and mass sit-ins at the US capitol, with day two highlighting efforts from older Americans who want to see change

    I am not there, I can’t tell what’s going on! Is there a reason for OK to join MSM ignoring “Democracy Spring”? If this is real, not another fabricated scam than people are arrested for peacefully demonstrating for a rightful cause! If so, why are we OKs not there?? Please Steward, we need your guidance here!

    Tom, Oath Keeper

    1. First off, we have never been a democracy. We are a Republic, with a Contstitution as our Rule of Law. The only thing democratic about the USA is the way we elect our government representatives.
      Secondly, PCCC who is behind all of this “Democracy Spring” is a Progressive/Socialist/Communist organization. They are doing this as another way of causing disruption, and dividing people in this nation. Do the research. OK doesn’t need to give support to Progressives in this nation. Progressives are the ones who have been behind all the things that are wrong with this country.
      That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.

      1. @ NotSoLooney:

        I do agree with you and in any of my posts I ever denied the fact that we are a Republic! Incidentally we are witnessing fraud and foul play on a daily basis now during the primaries. Just look at what happened to Trump in Colorado last week-end! – And if you read my comment above to the end you will see that I am not asking for support, I am asking for discussion and guidance, alright.

        What I am saying is that events like this must be discussed and as the Guardians of our (YES!) Republic we must analyse the backgrounds! Mass arrests like these is a very serious matter regardless whether it is real or a Soros-spun colour revolution type event. I have been fact checking around yesterday night and reading their web pages here:

        I came to the same conclusion as you do and according to RT this morning here:
        … my deepest concerns are confirmed this morning: This is firing up colour revolution or shall I call it social unrest. It is not by accident that on a Colorado ballot sheet one Cruz delegate figures twice whilst a Trump delegate is omitted. It really enrages me and THAT is exactly what it is intended to do. That’s how Soros has always been successful (see Ukraine)- at least so far and to this point.

        The perfect storm is being engineered: Absurd international conflicts are created by our own government (South China Sea, ISIS, Syria, Ukraine, Russia the big enemy); our middle class, the horse that has been pulling the wagon is dying because the working class has been destroyed with drugs and unjustified welfare; over more than 100 years our population has been deliberately dumbed down with a school system carefully crafted for just that (read Charlotte Iserbyt’s “The deliberate dumbing down of America!) and now, yes, Bill Gate’s vaccines are finishing off what is left (check for the documentary “Vaxxed” – I am on their waiting list for the DVD)

        And there is much more hell to break loose when it all begins and just to name a few, there is the fall of the dollar, looming hyperinflation, our entire economy has ceased to exist as for now it is “wall-papered” together until the order arrives to “pull” it , just like WTC #7 on 9/11.

        But there is something more that nobody has been talking about: More than a third of our electric generation depends today on clean natural gas. Coal fired plants have been dismantled and are no longer available for reserve capacity. As of today, almost 90% of our natural gas is from the shale fields with the marginal rest almost equally divided between liquefied NG imports and conventional. The typical decline rate of a shale gas well is 72% (yes, seventy two per cent) for the first 12 months and 34% for the 12 months thereafter. In 2011 we had still over 900 gas drill rigs operating in the shale, by February 2015 there were down to 314 in operation and as of 04/08/2016 Baker Hughes reports 89 in operation!

        You don’t have to be a “Peak-Oiler” to understand what that means. The offset between the near 72% terminal decline dead ahead is merely the number of wells that have been completed but not connected to the network yet. Not even 1000 gas rigs in operation next week will be able to avoid very painful squeezes to come and all the equipment is being auctioned off by the going broke companies (i.e. Chesapeake) and is leaving the country. Now you know why Obama and Rockefeller’s UN lifted the sanctions on Iran. More oil on the fire of the fabricated oil / gas glut! It is an Agenda. Remember the blackouts in NY and LA! – And remember Henry Kissinger’s infamous statement at the Evian (France) Bilderberg Conference: Today, America would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all people of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the world government.

        If you read the 1500 pages of the ” Global Biodiversity Assessments”
        … specifying how Agenda 21 is to be implemented you will understand that it is a depopulation agenda for the 21st century to be completed by 2030 as it has been officially renamed Agenda 2030 in September 2015.

        Only awareness of the people can stop this Agenda of these Satanists and it is Satan who they believe in and worship. That is why it is so important to bring such events to the light of the day instead of ignoring them. Why do you thing the MSM is ignoring them?

        Tom Pescatore
        Oath Keeper

  2. I am nearly deaf. Audio over the internet is 90% unintelligible to me. WHY can we not see transcripts along with the bandwidth-hungry videos?

    1. I am deaf also.

      I see third world countries that have deaf and dumb interpreters, yet Australia and the USA cannot inform us of what is being said.



    The following text is originating fro Jim Stone’s web site. I have shortened it down to the essential:

    Here is exactly how the brain destroying vaccines are made: Forget Thimerosal, this is the science behind how it is done.
    For every vaccine, you need a medium to grow your pathogens in (pathogens which are neutralized after being grown, but will still trigger an immune response.) In the past, when vaccines were beneficial, the pathogens were grown in animal tissue, such as dog, monkey, cat, etc. If there was an adverse reaction to vaccines grown in animal tissue, the worst that would happen is you would get an allergy for that animal. Vaccines were the reason for pet allergies in the past.
    The criminal elite knew all along however, that if there ever was a way to grow pathogens in human tissue, that it would be possible to cause many people to develop an immune reaction against their own bodies, and that as a result they could create any malady they wanted by causing people’s immune systems to attack their own bodies. And in the mid 1980´s this became possible. And the autism stats coincide with the introduction of vaccines grown in human tissue PERFECTLY.
    Now a majority of vaccines are grown in human tissue derived from abortion. And when, as an unavoidable consequence human tissue is attached to whatever pathogen they grow, the immune system identifies the pathogen, and everything that is with it, as the enemy. They claim they get ALL the human tissue out of the vaccines to avoid this problem but this is a lie, because it is proven that vaccines grown in human tissue have 2 micrograms per millilitre of human DNA in them, and that is just DNA, the human proteins and other human materials are present in amounts that are orders of magnitude more. When the immune system sees these materials in the presence of a pathogen, it gets programmed to destroy not only the pathogen, but all materials related to it and then proceeds to attack the body.
    This is not opinion, it is the result of research I did years ago in cooperation with a PHD in pharmacology, who warned me this is exactly what the new vaccines are designed to do – re program the immune system’s macrophages to destroy whatever in the body the people who control the vaccine manufacturing process want destroyed. In the case of the MMR vaccine, this is obviously the brain. Every child who receives the MMR vaccine gets at least a 10 point IQ reduction for life, and the worst hit develop full blown autism.
    And when I explain it this way to medical doctors, I have never had a single one say “no, that cannot be so”, they all see it as a self-evident truth.
    How to choose a (safer) vaccine This will not help you avoid vaccine problems completely, but will at least help you choose one that is the least damaging option if you are forced to.

    The vaccines listed in red are the most dangerous vaccines. These are vaccines that can trigger auto immune disorders against the body itself, because they are derived from human cells that had their origins in abortion. Even if the origin was not abortion, creating vaccines in human cell cultures would be just as dangerous. Massive problems with autism occurred after vaccines that were grown in human cell cultures were created, the link is so obvious that it amounts to proof that it was done on purpose to damage any child that received them, with the worst damage showing it as autism.

    The NYU child study center in New York KNOWS THIS. They know this because it is such basic medical self-evident truth that it is flatly impossible for ANYONE involved in the study of autism in even more than a surface way to not know it. And their blocking of the showing of “Vaxxed” PROVES THEY KNOW IT BEYOND ALL DOUBT.
    The excuse they used to get human cell cultures into the vaccine production process was that “it avoided all chance of having animal DNA cause problems”. Such problems showed themselves as allergies to pets, (if you get a vaccine that is based on cat or dog cell cultures, you are likely to become allergic to cats or dogs) and this is because there is no way to completely remove the host cells from the pathogens they were used to grow. Since these cell fragments are in the presence of the disease they were used to grow, both are identified by the immune system as an enemy of the body, so when a cat or dog is around after getting the shot, an immune response is triggered toward the cat or dog, which manifests itself as an allergy. So the lie was created, that if human cells were used, allergies and other side effects would be avoided.
    The problem with this is, they can’t get the human cell fragments out of the vaccines completely either. And they know it. When a vaccine created in a human cell culture is injected into a human, those cell fragments, proteins, and DNA fragments are identified by the immune system as an enemy of the body also, just like a dog or cat cell fragment would be. Since the “enemy” is seen by the immune system as the body itself, it causes the immune system to turn the allergy inward, against the body itself, and the immune system then proceeds to attack the body from the inside. The results are devastating, and have been labeled “auto immune disorders”. When the “auto immune disorder” triggers an attack on the brain, it results in reduced intelligence and the worst affected exhibit this as autism.
    There is no conceivable way the vaccine manufacturers, FDA, and all other medical professionals do not know this. If your doctor denies this, your doctor is either totally incompetent, totally ignorant, or an outright scammer. Maybe your doctor trusts the system and walks the world with a brain that is turned off. But more and more, doctors are at least acknowledging that many of the vaccines are awful, though it seems they never cared to figure out why.
    Truthful researchers know EXACTLY WHY: Autism Link to Foetal Tissue in Vaccines
    A recent study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has confirmed 1988 as a “change point” in the rise of Autism Disorder rates in the U.S. – a date that pro-life leaders say correlates with the introduction of fetal cells for use in vaccines.
    While the EPA study does not speculate into the cause of the jump in autism rates, and makes no mention of aborted fetal cells, the researchers point out that it “is important to determine whether a preventable exposure to an environmental factor may be associated with the increase.”
    According to the pro-life group Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute (SCPI), which specializes in vaccine research, that “environmental factor” may well be the use of aborted fetal cells in vaccines.
    The group pointed out in its most recent newsletter that 1988 is the same year the U.S. Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices began recommending a second dose of the MMR vaccine, which included cells derived from the tissue of aborted babies.
    Analyses of autism rate data published by SCPI identify 3 clear change points in U.S. autism disorder trends: 1981, 1988 and 1995, all of which the groups claims roughly correlate with the use of vaccines (Meruvax, MMRII, and Chickenpox) that were cultivated with the use of tissue from aborted children. The group says that it has been unable to identify any other factor that might correlate to the change in autism rates.
    The correlation is so obvious that denial is beyond criminal. The power structure knows exactly what is going on with this. There is an overt attempt underway to divide mankind into two groups – the masses who have been destroyed by vaccine triggered auto immune responses, and the elite, who know how to avoid their own weapon and are therefore never hit by it.
    Vaccine Science & Options
    Vaccines help eradicate many diseases throughout the world.
    The production of vaccines involves growing a virus in living cells. Historically they have been manufactured by using animal cell lines that contain the Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) of that animal. Within the final product some residual living DNA remains as a contaminant in the vaccine as it cannot all be filtered out. In 1979 changes were introduced to vaccine manufacturing previously made in animal cell lines to manufacturing in human fetal cell lines. Therefore with each dose of the vaccines newly manufactured on human cells we are injecting children and adults with residual human fetal DNA and in some cases a retrovirus.
    It is a well understood scientific fact that loose, living human DNA in a human can insert into the genome of that human. As the DNA in the genes governs the function of cells, such DNA insertions can seriously disrupt the function of the invaded cell. If this lose DNA invades the genes governing the function of a nerve cell in the brain, such disruption can have devastating consequences. Therefore, SCPI researches the potential health risks of the residual human DNA found in the products we use.
    Many scientists have now hypothesized that cancer and other childhood neurological diseases such as autistic disorder are caused by mutations in the child’s DNA. This conclusion is based upon finding numerous mutations in the brains and/or blood of such children which cannot be found in their parents, these are called de novo mutations. They are caused by something that happens to the child after birth. SCPI researches have extensively reviewed the potential health risks posed by this residual human DNA. Based upon that research, SCPI does ongoing research and seeks to raise awareness of the potential health risks of manufacturing medical products on human cell lines.

    Best Hopes


    1. A medical Doctor (PHD) told me 15 years ago: if you knew what is in a vaccine you would never have a shot.

      And i have not, even the flu vaccine.

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