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The Native Survival School


I came across a very useful website, recently. is about living off the land, understanding the bounty nature has to offer. It’s founder, Mitch Mitchell, is a young man who is, for lack of a better word, a survivalist. He has learned, in his time, where to find food that nature has in abundance, as well as medicinal herbs. There are over 100 videos on their You Tube page, where Mitch teaches what to look for, and what uses various plants have. Below, are some of his videos that I found to be very informative. Take some time to view them. Should this crazy world of ours fall apart, the knowledge Mitch has to offer could save your life, or the life of a loved one.

Wild Edible Plant – Plantain

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

Wild Edible Plant – Day Lily

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

Primitive Burdock Root Dinner

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

Wild Medicinal Plant – Mullein

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

Yarrow Wound Dressing

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

Making Dandelion Coffee

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

There are many more videos available to view here.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Hello Shorty,Glad you found out about Mitch. He is a very good bushcrafter. I have learned a lot from his video’s. He was on the first season of the show “ALONE” too. His skills are just incredible. Everyone should log on to youtube and check him out. I’m sure most people will learn a lot from him.

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