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Stewart Rhodes and James Jaeger Go MAINSTREAM!

MAINSTREAM – How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist  Agenda

A New Film In Production by James Jaeger

and Matrix Entertainment


 Article by Elias Alias, editor

Film maker James Jaeger has posted a new progress report on his current documentary project. As with its predecessors, this film promises to be a powerful exposè on behind-the-scenes Deep State mischief.

This time around, James is tackling one of the most evasive, and politically volatile subjects in the entire realm of MindWar — the powerful assault on the national psyche launched by Hollywood and the New York media.

Oath Keepers national is thrilled. Readers will discover why by reading the following progress report and checking out the new website for this documentary film.

But first, let’s look at one of James Jaeger’s trailers for this new film project:

Great News!

Stewart Rhodes will join Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., G. Edward Griffin, James Jaeger, Meredith Vieira, and other media/movie experts in this most recent of James Jaeger’s documentary films. The movie will document the indescribable power of the Globalist agenda to create, embed, and fortify the desired perceptions held in the minds of the American people. It is “in-your-face” MindWar, and James wants to describe how it is being perpetrated upon an unwitting American public.

In this film James Jaeger will share segments of his original interview with Lee Garmes, a priceless heirloom from James’ past work in Hollywood. (Read about that in James’ biography, linked below.)

More good news is that James has decided to go with a new Voice-over expert, and his is the voice you heard narrating in the above trailer. I am delighted with James’ new choice for Voice-over artist.

Oath Keepers has in the past supported James Jaeger’s documentary film projects by publicizing the progress reports and encouraging our members to support the films as they are being made. We will again help James raise production money to get this important film done. When readers here contribute to James’ films their names will be placed in the movie’s end-credits (unless a donor wishes to remain anonymous). Our members who do support the making of this film will be pleased to note that all of James’ Constitutional documentaries are online for free viewing.

James and his Matrix Entertainment do need to raise money to do this important work, so please be generous in your support by going to —

And yes, I will be an associate producer on this film also, so I am asking our members to contribute along with me to make this film happen.  And here is why —

Once James completes a movie, and after he has sold a number of DVDs to help recoup costs in making each film, James generously places the movie online for free viewing. That is because, as both James and I agree, the information contained in his documentaries is of significant value to the American people and should be made available to the public.  The public helps fund production of the films, and the public ends up with them. In its own unique way, James is doing his own style of RT&I (Reach, Teach, and Inspire). To see all of these films at one web page, go HERE

James also issues frequent progress reports to keep his loyal supporters updated on how the movie is coming along. Here is his latest to me, just as James has written it.

Dear MAINSTREAM Associate,

I am happy to announce that a SECOND trailer for MAINSTREAM – How the Hollywood Movies and New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda is done.

This trailer emphasizes the fact that the Mainstream Media suppresses the Second Amendment and supports the gun-control lobby. Any surprise? After all, the Globalist Agenda entails disarming the population and, accordingly the CONTROL GROUP — that owns and dominates the U.S. Media Oligopoly — never stops disseminating their anti-Constitutional propaganda.

So screen the new trailer, and screen the first trailer which covers some of the history of Hollywood. Both are at

Then donate to help us get this movie done more quickly. The URL is at We will acknowledge you with a prominent screen credit as described at the URL.

If you would like more details about the production, the narration script, budget and 1-sheet are all at the official site which is

Unless the American public better understand how Hollywood and the New York media are working together to indoctrinate WE THE PEOPLE into acceptance of Marxist ideology on the left and fascist ideology on the right we are doomed to lose the Republic. Don’t believe this is happening? Well right before your eyes is Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed socialist. Sanders softens it by calling himself a “Democratic-Socialist” but anyone who has read and understands the U.S. Constitution should be alarmed. Socialism and communism are BOTH derived from Marxism. Both socialism and communism are big government enterprises that ultimately lead to totalitarianism. This is where the mainstream media is taking us because so many IN the mainstream media are oriented towards socialism and Marxism.

MAINSTREAM thus goes into how cultural Marxism has infected the institutions in America, especially the Hollywood movie industry and the New York media. And now these two media segments — the MAINSTREAM MEDIA – are infecting the citizenry.

The Supreme Court says that movies may be the most powerful communications yet devised. In short, they are capable of indoctrinating the youth with powerful images. We see this happening all around us. Are not most of Bernie Sander’s supporters young people? Not only are the youth being indoctrinated by the movies into accepting candidates like Sanders, but similar things are happening in the public schools, the liberal colleges and even the clergy that’s silent or terrified of not being politically correct.

Understanding the MAINSTREAM MEDIA is thus vital. There is little point writing books, making movies, giving talks and lectures, or even voting until and unless the modus operandi of the mainstream media is fully explicated and brought into the public awareness. But that’s the exact problem — the mainstream media never allows ITSELF to be the issue. The control group that dominates the mainstream media spins issues and uses the cry of bigotry to obfuscate the predatory, unethical and often times illegal business practices that keep it in power. MAINSTREAM goes into many of these things and the key book that inspired the documentary, HOLLYWOOD WARS by John Cones, goes into the details.

Thus it’s up to us to MAKE the mainstream media the ISSUE. Support this film because I will assure you no studio, network or substantial distributor is going to lift a finger. Remember, these entities control about 95% of what everyone sees, hears and reads.

So citizens at the grass roots level MUST step up. And they are. If you go to the website you can see a list of courageous film professionals and celebrities that have stepped up to interview for this film. This list is growing every week. These people understand that a democratic society depends on the free flow of ideas. They understand that a free flow of ideas can not exist when the mainstream media they work in is dominated by 6 mega corporations and just 56 politically-liberal, white males of European heritage that generally detest conservatives and religion — especially Christianity.

So watch the trailers. Read the script and then donate what you can afford. Your donations will be cumulative, so support the production from time to time as you can. I know you are suffering because the rogues that have taken over DC have ruined the economy, thrown everyone into fiat currency-debt and your wages have been flat for decades. All I can say is there are over 100 million of us — and by “us” I mean gun owners — across the nation. The mainstream media has done an excellent job of making sure we don’t connect with each other. But, if we each of us connects with the people near us and each of us does a little, this movie, MAINSTREAM – How the Hollywood Movies and New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda, will get done quickly and it may kick ass like no movie has ever kicked. Believe me, some of the issues in this movie the mainstream media control group does NOT want generally known. That is why you can bet it will be coming to NO theaters near you. It could however come to potentially millions of TV screens near you, screens via the Internet, via local TV station and via DVDs. That would be good for the Ron Paul Revolution but not very good for Globalist Agenda. So please donate what you can by going to

Thank you for all you have done for these movies, and this one, our 8th production. You are greatly appreciated and all of these movies you have helped make possible are up on the Internet at as free public services.




Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. Hard to believe that after two days, no comments.
    Thanks, Elias. Very informative, and esp. the “MindWars” info.

    1. Ivan Berry,
      I have hesitated for several days prior to entering my comment here, in hopes of seeing other comments first. It appears that there is little interest among readers here for any discussion about this film.
      My take on that is that the national psyche may be fractured and splintered by factors too numerous to list here, and a tangible evidence of that fracture glares at us from the absence of comments, as you yourself have lamented above. It would appear that across the spectrum of public perception we’re seeing a withdrawal from the fight to save liberty in this country, as folks have, for the last nine years beginning with the Tea Party activism bred of the Ron Paul campaign in 2007/8, become resigned by lack of any traction for turning things around in this country. We put two million middle-class Americans on the Mall in WDC and nothing changed. We supported myriad libertarian-based projects, but nothing has changed. 27 patriots standing on States’ rights and Constitutional remedies are fraudulently charged with make-believe crimes and are in prison for exercising their First and Second Amendment rights as responsible Americans — while one honest and honorable rancher has been murdered by law-enforcement in Oregon while his hands were in the air. And no one is rising up. The entire liberty movement at present can not make any promises of effective results of any strategy, because the American people, to put it in the words of David Allen Coe, “have given about all they can take.”
      The fracturing of the American psyche has driven home to the average American a sense of frozen futility, in which they have now no motive to move in support of anything, because obviously nothing can slow down the Globalist one-world-government train which is barreling down upon human civilization. Stunned, fear-locked, confused, betrayed on every hand, the American people are burned out after nine years of tireless effort. That is how it could appear to me, but I’ll reserve any prognosis about such matters until the fat lady sings, right? 😉
      Anyway, whatever the reason, I’ve drawn only your comment thus far. While I’m very grateful to you for taking time to make a comment, the fact that you and I are the only ones under this article after five days on our front page is a sad fact which I find to be both remarkable and alarming.
      I am very pleased that you took time to hit that “MindWar” link. Thank you for looking into that. After all, what are Hollywood and the New York media involved in if not the forging of public perception into the mass mind of the American people, the collective consciousness of this nation? As James is trying to convey a reinforced documentary on just how Hollywood and the New York media are doing this to America, the audience which obviously needs James’ information (and the info of the experts he will be interviewing for this documentary) has no tangible interest now in supporting its production. That in itself is a candid circumstantial evidence indicating that the establishment has already won their MindWar against the American people.

      By the time Oath Keepers’ membership is so despondent that they have nothing to even say about this project, I’m thinking that a shift in our demographics, coupled with a heavy dose of outright fear of Federal reprisals for even being involved with the liberty movement in general, has rained on the liberty parade. I truly hope I’m wrong about that. Time shall tell.
      Thanks Mon!
      Elias Alias, editor

  2. I don’t know how this is so patently obvious to some of us and so complex a concept to grasp for others? That entertainment and news industries have colluded to deceive Americans and indoctrinate us with Marxist propaganda. The fact we have a “democratic-socialist” in Sanders and a traitorous secret sharing criminal in Clinton running in one party and the other party we have one guy complaining about political correctness and gov’t corruption while he himself openly admits to participating in said corruption for his own gain. His solution? More government! That’s Trump. Them the other guy (the third doesn’t deserved my time to mention him), Cruz, is a guy who clearly would not have passed the standard the founders set as their original definition for a “Natural Born Citizen”. None of it matters we are in borrowed time. $19T in promised debt and $124T in debt we have simply chosen to pretend does not exist. Keep your spirits up and powder dry. We might yet live long enough to perfect the very few flaws in our founding document that have allowed this cultural, political and economic rot!

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