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Oath Keeper Testimonial



Testimonial: As a soldier with the 4th Division in Vietnam in 68-69, I saw first hand what happened to the people that fought the corrupt and oppressive North Vietnamese government. The situation here in the U.S. isn’t really that much different. We have a President that doesn’t honor our flag with a Muslim/Socialist agenda; that was put in office by the deaf, dumb and blind, and now those of us that believe in the Constitution and the bill of rights have a decision to make.

As a soldier, a Federal Police Officer (retired) and a citizen I’ve always served my country. My Grand father was a 5th Marine at Belleau Wood in WWI, my father was with the 24th Inf. Div. and fought in New Guinea and Leyte, and my Uncles fought in Korea.

The time comes in every mans life during crisis, when he must ask himself what cause is worth dying for. No one wants to die, but the time is coming when each of us is going to have to answer that question: what am I willing to die for? As young men it was our family, as soldiers our country, when married our family and kids. Now, our country is about to be challenged by a President that is out to destroy the U.S. we grew up in, our families have called home since Colonial times. Just as Hitler outlined his plans in Mein Kampf, Obama has clearly made his position clear in his books, proclaimed himself muslim and the U.S. corrupt. He’s already started, just recently naming two avowed muslim’s to posts in Homeland security. Its an old game…stack the deck and conquer from within. I’ve made my decision and am preparing for the Lexington Green I know is coming, as are my military friends and neighbors.

I joined Oath Keepers because it is freedom loving “individuals” willing to sacrifice for the common good that bind us together. We truly are a Band of Brothers (and sisters). When duty calls I hope all Patriots will rise to the task at at hand, and water the tree of Liberty with the blood of those that would destroy us.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. The voice of the Vietnam Veteran is vital to inform Americans of the dangers of a marxist government. The veterans who served in the Vietnam war saw first hand the brutality of a marxist government. The supposed socialist of our great country must be attached with the stench of their marxist leanings. As said by the great Sipsey Street Irregulars founder “A socialist is a marxist who has not found his AK47 yet”.

    The world has forgotten about the horrendous murders of innocent civilians perpetrated by the communist in Southeast Asia. Your experience is vital that is gets a thorough airing.

  2. I, too served in Nam. The quagmire in SE Asia was and is part of the same conspiracy to destroy any and all semblance of freedom and liberty for any of mankind. The avowed goal of this conspiracy is the fall of the USA. We have the last bit of freedom left in the world. We cannot return but must go forward to a Nation guided by the Constitution as it was ratified in 1791.

  3. Gentlemen,
    I too served in the Nam. Two tours…68 to 69 and 70 to 71….11Bravo40….central Highlands. The large majority of our nation has no understanding of the notion of combat in the streets or why we fight overseas. If they did there would not be this division of the masses. And those that remained divided would be the radicals who would not change regardless.

    You gentlemen have nailed it. We are the last bastion of freedom. If We the people can not join forces to combat this onslaught, our nation will not survive or will turn into to national states via civil war.

    God help us and our nation. And God bless America.

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