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Oath Keeper Testimonial


Todd Fannin:

Testimonial: Hi Oath Keepers, I want to thank you for keeping your oath and being part of this movement to secure our blessings of liberty. I am not a veteran but I was awakened in 2008 when I learned what trouble our liberty was in and being a father made me a less selfish person so I started reading and listening to other people concerned for our future. In April of 2009 I attended my first tea party rally and it brought me to tears when I listened to veterans speaking during the rally. I went home not knowing what to do next but I felt guided by God to learn more and do something courageous but more important to just do something. I went to our local Memorial day event and I heard that one of the veterans in the ceremonies was starting a tea party group so I walked up to him and said I wished to help and he said with emotion “there is going to be blood in the streets”. I knew right then I was speaking to someone just as concerned with things or even more than I was. I started attending tea party meetings without missing any and as a group we decided to get a couple buses together and head to D.C. for the Glenn Beck organized rally on Sept. 12 ,2009. Blaise Dornish was the leader of the tea party group and he was also a co-founder of the Oath Keepers that took the oath on the Lexington Green where the shot heard around the world took place. Another member of our tea party group Larry Sprague was at Lexington with him and wore his green Oath Keepers tea shirt often.

We marched in D.C. and met up with Stewart Rhodes and a few others at the Vietnam Memorial to take the oath. I bought a long sleeve oath keepers shirt from one of the men that was with Stewart. I proudly wear the shirt when I know it will be seen or read by others. Later in the day we attended a dinner with the Oath Keepers at a restaurant owned by a Cuban immigrant.

I still wanted to do more so I ran for our local school board and won a four year term. I just finished my term in December of this year and did not seek re-election. I kept my oath and consistently spoke out during public comment and made front page news in the local paper a few times. What I learned was that most of the people are still sheep and will march right to the gas chambers if told to do so. I asked my friend Blaise and several parents to come to the school board meetings with me and back me up and they did but it didn’t make any difference. Sheep are sheep. My children in school were attacked by teachers and staff because of my beliefs and I had to get a lawyer to get a teacher to apologize to my daughter for harassing her and calling her names. Then 2 years later my 9th grade son who was a good student was put in a class with learning disabled students. I demanded that my son be put in the normal class and the principal said he would not do it. I confronted the principal several times in a week until I bumped into the superintendent in the hallway and he evil eyed me and I confronted him and called him a pussy so he got scared and screamed “somebody call 911, police! I demanded they bring my son to me and took him out of public school and enrolled him in a private Catholic school and he is thriving. It changed my son and he is appreciative that I stood up for him. I believe we must stand up for our children and stand up for ourselves. I can only hope this testimonial helps awaken more parents and fellow oath keepers to do whatever it takes to win this fight for liberty. We have a hell of a fight on our hands. May God help us.

Todd Fannin


Shorty Dawkins


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  1. Todd, thank you for the heart felt testimony. I am sure it reflects the views of many of the members of OK as well as their stories. I was there when the Tea Party was born and participated in numerous rallies. If you remember the infamous incidenet when Nannie Palosi, John Lewis and others walked through the crowd of protesters she with her giant gavel and Lewis hoping that he would get spit on. Since he didn’t he had to make up a lie that he did. We know better.. We still have a long war in front of us to win back our country. Welcome aboard

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