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Exciting Jordan Page T Shirt Project

Good musicians get good by working hard, and Jordan Page is both good and hard-working. Right now Jordan is promoting a fund-raising project which you’ll see below. Many Oath Keepers like to follow Jordan’s freedom-themed music and love the way Jordan puts himself into his art. I, personally, like that Ron Paul sticker on his guitar, yah!

Exciting Jordan Page T Shirt Project

Jordan Page!

Oath Keepers is pleased to recommend Jordan Page as a strong minstrel for freedom. Here is one reason why —

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

That video above has been re-mastered and perfected professionally and is available in its best version for just $2.00 at Jordan’s website. When we buy his song, we’re helping fund the work of a great patriot who wields his guitar like a weapon for our side in the fight to save the Constitution and the national sovereignty it created.

In April, 2016, Jordan, a strong supporter of Oath Keepers, is busy doing a fund-raising project to secure production of the video for Arm Yourselves/Act III as well as the Ballad of LaVoy Finicum. Jordan has designed three sharp “Arm Yourselves” shirts, one each for his own trilogy —

Spirit * Resistance * Truth

The three shirt designs are on Jordan Page’s website > here <

Individually they are found at these three links:

Let’s give Jordan some clicks, and send him some bucks. Our thanks to all who help Jordan produce masterful work for the cause of freedom. I live near Jordan in the hill country of northwest Montana, so I’m going for the sweatshirt. 😉


Elias Alias, editor


Elias Alias

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