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‘Gunwalker’ Feint Shows Administration Still Stonewalling

A statue is a wonderful honor and tribute few of us can ever expect. The Terry family would rather have their son and brother back. In the absence of that, isn’t it time they had … the truth? [Brian Terry Foundation Facebook photos]
“Obama relents in fight over Fast and Furious documents,” Politico reported. “Four years after asserting executive privilege to block Congress from obtaining documents relating to a controversial federal gun trafficking investigation, President Barack Obama relented Friday, turning over to lawmakers thousands of pages of records that led to unusual House votes holding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt in 2012.”

“The Obama administration has decided to turn over more internal documents in a long-running legal fight with House Republicans over executive privilege and a botched gunrunning probe called Fast and Furious,” The Wall Street Journal echoed. “A Justice Department spokesman said the agency ‘believes the information being provided to the committee, along with material previously disclosed, fully satisfies the committee’s interest in understanding the department’s response to congressional inquiries regarding Operation Fast and Furious.’”

“Obama Administration Finally Complies with Judge’s Order to Provide Fast and Furious Documents to Congress,” The Blaze assured readers. And the talking point was parroted on cites as supposedly diverse as The Atlantic, Breitbart, CNN and, and numerous other media outlets.

At long last a victory for truth and justice, right? Not so fast.

“Justice Dept. fails to turn over all Fast and Furious docs,” The Washington Examiner noted. “The Obama administration failed to adhere to a court-ordered Friday deadline to turn over all subpoenaed documents to Congress about the government’s role in the 2009-2011 Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal, prompting immediate complaints from Congress.”

This is where I generally invite Gomer to weigh in.

In fact, even had all subpoenaed documents been surrendered, the truth would have still remained elusive.

“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers,” author Thomas Pynchon noted in “Gravity’s Rainbow.” And too many “right” questions have not been asked.

Among them:

  • What’s the deal with Kevin O’Reilly? This is the guy who was Director of North American Affairs of the National Security Council, a body that includes the president (Obama) and secretary of state (at the time, Hillary Clinton) among its statutory members, and who had an office in the White House. The Phoenix ATF SAC Bill Newell surreptitiously sent him GRIT (Gun Runner Impact Team) information with the caveat “You didn’t get these from me.” Conveniently, he got reassigned it a State position in Iraq where he was out of reach of Oversight, he declined speaking to the Inspector General, Counsel to the President Kathryn Ruemmler ultimately blocked his giving testimony to Oversight.
  • What’s the deal with State under Hillary and an apparent violation of the Arms Export Control Act? As U.S. Code includes provisions for “principals” who “induce” or “willfully cause” offenses, presumably those who did not physically walk guns but nonetheless induced lawbreaking were in violation. So did sanction walking guns to Mexico, and if not, why haven’t those who facilitated it been prosecuted?
  • What’s the deal with Eric Holder testifying in May he had only heard about Fast and Furious a few weeks prior, when emails reveal his aide Monty Wilkinson told former disgraced Arizona federal prosecutor Dennis Burke “I’ve alerted the AG” the night Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed?

There’s plenty more, but why go through the effort of repeating what Mike Vanderboegh and I devoted ourselves to reporting when there’s no chance most will ever even acknowledge it, let alone act on it? Besides, it’s all still here.

If that sounds cynical, it’s merely a resigned acceptance of the way things are likely to remain, especially with most of the media happily spreading the word that all is well while no one responsible for a cynical, evil operation resulting in untold deaths, with untold deaths yet to come, will likely ever be prosecuted. And, case in point on journalistic happy talk, note the WSJ reference above to the “botched gunrunning probe.”

The thing that was botched was getting caught.  There was no “sting” possible when gun were simply allowed to disappear over the border with no attempt to follow them.

The motive a confidential insider source asserted early on:

Coming next will be more info on what the agents refer to as the Phoenix ATF office “walking across” ARs and AKs to pad their statistics and especially the one that may have killed the BP agent.

“Pad their statistics.”That puts in perspective how the goal was to “prove” U.S. guns, particularly “assault weapons” (as Holder prematurely let slip) were “responsible” for cartel violence, another lie the antis were pushing with everything they had at the time. By “salting the mine”  with walked guns that would then be recovered next to bodies and traced back to U.S. gun shops, the case could be made that “something must be done.”

And they’d have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for that darned rip crew.

Don’t expect the mainstream media, and even Republican politicians, to relentlessly investigate the truth of any of these claims. With a few notable exceptions, they didn’t do anything but ignore and obfuscate while the iron was hot, and there is no incentive to resurrect “yesterday’s news” now.  Just don’t be surprised to see a new headline pop up at any time letting us know another walked gun has been recovered from a bloody murder scene.



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. So … Obama originally (way back when) said he didn’t know anything about the gunwalker thingie, which causes one to wonder why he invokes Executive Privilege when he didn’t have to be privileged to know anything about the thing he didn’t know anything about.

    Did I miss something?

  2. Why cant we just round them all up and hang them…??? Oh…That’s right…We got this thing called the constitution which is the supreme law of the land and reaffirms the rights of all. Good thing for them that at least we still remember that even if they do not. It would really suck for them if we all had a sudden memory lapse…Wouldn’t it..??

  3. So glad to see the F&F scandal come back up. I called House Congressional Oversight Committee when they began look into the F&F scandal. I spoke with House attorney and expressed concern about numerous ITAR violations. Attorney was not interested in that topic which for the commoners is a definite prison sentence if caught violating ITAR as Fed’s did. I then indicated to him that it seems as if two systems of justice were in place. He said ” you know it’s true”. At that point the veneer had worn completely off about any Justice in our system. The Fed’s involved and who planned and signed off this are in DC. No operation like F&F originates out of a local field office without DC oversight and signoff. I have heard that the ATF NEVER lets a gun walk and this op went against their own SOPs. ATF let their own fall to deflect heat from DC. many ATF agents are not amused by the corruption within DC DOJ offices. The purging of the whistleblowers continues and snitches get stitches and reassignments. Additionally a three letter agency had a support base along border during this time and still might be active. Who wonders if drugs were traded for firearms out of that same rathole to add to the Black ops budget?

  4. Gordon Call, Randy Weaver, The Branch Davidians, Oklahoma City and Fast & Furious are all excellent examples and proof the law of the jungle predominates in our judicial system, the system promulgated, supported and funded by the Uni Party in District of Corruption. Well the end is nigh as these same mandarins of misogyny and economic misbehavior have spent the next 4 generations seed corn and replaced it with nearly 0% IOUs. We are insolvent unless Federal Lands Out West are sold to pay down the debt. How can a country so mismanaged protect itself in a seriously deadly world? Hillary and Bernie are not up to the task. Patriots of America arise and take her back from those who would finish her so ignominiously. There’s not a lot of time and the left has control.

    1. The “Federal Lands” you mentioned do NOT really belong to the federal govt..
      Please watch this nine minute video below. It is ONLY 9 minutes.

      Constitutionally, the feds can only own ten square miles for Washington DC – and, whatever land the various states
      ALLOW them to have for “forts, ports, armories, etc..” THEY ARE SQUATTERS and THIEVES.

  5. Prior to the “scandal” breaking, Hillary was making sound bytes positioning the pubic for more gun control. She was talking about Guns on the Border and needed gun control in the “border states”.
    The when the story broke, she and Chuck Schumer went silent. A Question for Hillary at a future debate should be crafted to address this little snafu. Somebody to a Nexus please!!!!

  6. There should be consequences for stalling 4 years before releasing documents. I one or more Obama assistants did a month in prison for each month delay, things would have moved much faster.

  7. Traitors’ propaganda: “‘…prove’ U.S. guns, particularly ‘assault weapons’ (as Holder prematurely let slip) were ‘responsible’ for cartel violence, another lie….” among many lies. However government’s “War on Drugs” has motivated and funded such violence.

    Read Johan Hari’s book — — which reveals the real motivation for, and consequences of, this costly and destructive program. The author optimistically describes progress in countering the Drug War’s damage.

  8. Articles of the type above always bring to mind the multi-millions of illegal aliens flooding across the border who economically harm America’s working-poor class citizens and of the far-too-many illegal alien invaders who commit mayhem ranging from child rape to murder. Then I recall how few of the elite-owned media mention when a suspect or convicted criminal IS inside the USA illegally.

    Illegals appear to be a protected species in the eyes of too many politicians and their elite-class masters. Back to the thrust of the article above: so damn complicated. And complication assists the few with lording over the many. Meanwhile the media relentlessly continues its indoctrination AND diversion of the masses using entertainment and other ways to keep the people’s minds off the realities of our daily lives that finds a growing percentage of the populace sinking into an economic quagmire.

    Talked to gent from the Korean War era at the American Legion post yesterday. Discussed current events, politics, society in general and, yet again, I heard an older fellow of a conservative bent declaring the need for some type of revolt… even a full-scale revolution, if required. Back in my youth (mostly 1960s) that type of talk at a veteran’s organization could have led to a fist fight. Not today. The majority I talk with or overhear declare the need for We, the People to take control with whatever method is needed; and the majority mention that voting makes no difference so what remains? Revolutionary War Two?

    1. If congress was doing it’s job, we would NOT have so many problems!!!
      Nearly all of the representatives and senators are about as useful as castrated eunuchs.

      All of the seats in the House of Representative and one third of the Senates are “up for grabs” this election cycle. It is way past time “to take out the rubbish.” Only a very small percentage of the incumbents should remain in office. As a business owner, how long would you keep an employee that is NOT performing? – A destructive employee? Vote them O U T .

  9. “Fast and Furious” as well as “Operation Gunwalk” are nothing more than another criminal weapons trafficking to the Enemy just as HiLIARy did.

    Do you REALLY think those weapons drops “in the wrong location” were accidents??? Don’t be so st’oo’pid….

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