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Dandelion Root: Builds Up Blood and Immune System and has Cured Prostate, Lung and Other Cancers


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by Toni

Dandelion is a flowering plant that is widespread distributed in every part of the world. The plant is considered to be a weed, but has many healing properties. The root and the leaves are both used medicinally. The root of dandelion is rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, silica, sulphur and chlorophyll. Also, contains inulin and mucilage, which improves the function of the digestive system, absorb toxins from the food, cleanse the liver, etc. The leaves are also rich in minerals and vitamins such as C, A, K, B1, B6 and E.

These facts for the plant are well known for years. But recent studies have shown new exciting facts about dandelion root.

A recent research has demonstrated that dandelion root have killed up to 98 % of the leukemia cells in laboratory tests, after only 48 hours.

Dr Carolyn Hamm from the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre in Ontario, Canada explained that extract from the dandelion root was the only thing that can help with chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia. A patient named John Di Carlo after his aggressive and unsuccessful treatment for his leukaemia was sent home to spend “the last days” of his life, was advised to try tea from a dandelion root. Within four months, he was in a remission and his doctors associated his success to his using dandelion tea. Also, eminent herbalist Maria Treben recommends dandelion root tea for many diseases, including different types of cancer.

Studies showed that dandelion root extract acts very fast on the cancerous cells, in such a way that they disintegrate within 48 hours, during which time new formed healthy cells in the body are not affected.

Further studies have found that dandelion root extract has a potent anticancer activity against prostate cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, leukaemia, liver cancer and best of all lung cancer. There are not significant effects on skin cancer and brain cancer.

The immune system is controlling cancer cells in the body. If the immune system is healthy, usually cancer doesn’t appear. When the immune system is down, the body loses control of the cancer cells and cancer appears. The powder from dandelion root has a potent phytochemical that builds up the blood and the immune system. Doctors try to remove the cancer from the body with chemotherapy and radiation. By doing so, it destroys the immune system and appetite. These two are the most important things the body needs to beat cancer.

How to pick the dandelion root?

You can harvest dandelion root at any time of the year. After you pull off from the ground, cut the leaves off and gently remove the earth around the root. Make sure do not damage it and don’t wash it. After that, dry the root on around 100 degrees on a sun, or you can use an incubator with no water. The whole drying procedure will take around 5 to 6 days. If you break the root, and it snaps, it is ready for use.

Dried dandelion root keeps its active chemicals up to a year. Always store the roots in a glass jar in a cold and dark place.

It is the best to use dandelion root in a form of powder. You can take a little over a half teaspoon of the powder once a day at any time and mix it with water. Do not use it in soft drinks or anything hot. After three to four days, you will start to feel good, nothing else. In most of the cases, this will build up the immune system in about three weeks. After that, the immune system will take control of cancer cells and will stop its spreading. You should not expect a miracle because this is not an overnight cure so it will take a time until the body removes the cancer.

For more information and studies about the dandelion root immune boosting and anticancer activity you can read here


Shorty Dawkins



  1. If I get cancer I would take real medicine any day.

    If the properties of these roots were any good why are there not any real tests been made, only anecdotal stories.


    1. They can’t patent mother nature. And yes, they do study this stuff. But, if they can not replicate it in a synthetic form, and make money off of it, they brush it under the table.

      You think the FDA and pharmaceutical companies give a crap about your health if they can’t make money off of it?

      1. Big Pharma can and has in fact patented mother nature, including parts of the human genome.

        If there was efficacy to this drug, Big Pharma would find a way to synthesize it, patent it and discourage other means of production. Look what they’re doing to corn…

      2. What are they doing to corn? Genetically modifying it… then patent it.

        Mother natures corn is NOT being patented.

    2. There is research being done – what gave you the false impression that there isn’t? The studies are on using an extract that can be patented.

    3. Cancer proliferates wildly even with the introduction of “real medicine”. Why?

      Theobjective of the pharmaceutical companies is to make profit and not to cure. They will provide poisons that will inhibit the spread but not cure the cancer to make sure that patients will be dependent on these poisons and will continue to buy it for a long long time. Ergo…they achieve their objective.

  2. Lot of work left to be done on this. There is some promise and here’s hoping. Nobody should be drinking tea instead of seeing an oncologist, if they have cancer. First rule of cancer is don’t wait. Every day of denial and bullcrap is a day of tumor growth. The clock is not your friend. Please, OK, do not go into dangerous, stupid stuff, like going anti vaccination. If you just turn into Alex Jones, you will become even less relevant.

    1. I had skin cancer on my ears. Probably from years of construction work in the hot desert sun. They wanted to cut out some of both ears.

      I used a combination of graviola and turmeric tincture mixed, applied it every morning and evening to the cancer and it is gone. Beats having a quarter size chunk missing from your ears.

      1. This was 6 years ago Ed. I see my doc for regular check-ups. I’m fine.

        Ed, reading some of your responses reminds me of the doctors office I used to go to through my last insurance carrier. The doors were a revolving pharmaceutical salesperson door. I know, because I asked my last doc about it.

        And Statins Ed? Red Rice Yeast.

    2. True, do not mess around with cancer. But let’s just say that those of us with deep microbiology, genetics, organic chemistry, bla bla bla, understand that mother nature is the real cure, not big pharma, FDA, typical oncology and insurance corruption. Wild animals in areas free of human contamination do not get cancer, at least not the animals that hunters bring home. You will note that cattle that eat green grass have clean meat free of e-coli because green grass is high in nitrilocides that kills anaerobic cells like cancers. Dogs eat grass for the nitrilocides, they actually smell and choose the grasses highest in nitilocide concentration. Also, cancers thrive in low pH, thus keeping your pH high with diet is another avenue of defense.

      Also, there are many types of skin cancer besides melanoma. Chances are the cancer on the ear is basal cell carcinoma. Melanoma is typically from a blackened skin mole.

      As for the typical oncologist…screw them. My father had stage four colon cancer. The oncologist was all about the $$$,$$$ he would make on poisoning him with toxic chemicals and was eager to start a toxic regime.. We put my dad on Laetrile and Cesium chloride. He was cancer free in no time.

      Never discourage eating high nutrition foods such as dandelion. If one chooses chemical treatment, then all the more reason to eat food highest in nutrition that might promote the immune system to defeat a cancer.

      What does your condescending remark about Alex Jones do for your case? Nothing.

      1. Basal cell is more likely, melanoma is deadly. Cancer has been with us from the beginning. Many ancient medical writings describe classic cancers. Modernity has brought many carcinogens, but natural and healthy are two different modifiers. Coral snake venom is all natural, Small pox was all natural, until we wiped it out, in a very man made fashion. It is always funny that folks talk about how nature has all the answers, and the when things get real, they break their, their appendix flares, they become septic, they become psychotic for days; everybody brings their family to the hospital, because they know their chances for survival will go up. Mother Nature wants you dead in your forties. That is the average life span for hunter gatherers. I was an anthro major. I have rad more ethnographies than you ever will. Classic hunter gathers enjoy pretty good health, but they drop dead in their forties. Big pharma does a lot of bad crap, but aspirin, HCTZ, statins, and many others are miracles we take for granted.

  3. Thanks for that information folks!

    I have been enjoying dandelion salad every spring. I did not know about the roots but I knew of the health benefits of dandelion! Dandelion salad is widely appreciated in France and other parts of Europe. The young leaves in spring time are tender and a little bitter. Prepare with a red wine vinaigrette topped with bacon and some boiled eggs and you will have a full meal.

    Live on it for a few days in a row with different dressings and you will feel the freshness fill your body!

    Dandelion grows everywhere. You can keep the roots in a cellar and grow winter salad. This is a survival food very rich in nutrients.


  4. Just a word of caution… be very careful of using the ‘C’ word (cure)… the FDA is just aching to fine / jail people that make claims, no matter how true and accurate. The cancer ‘treatment’ industry is one of the largest in the world, and any threat to that annual multi-billion $ market sets up anyone who dares try to actually help people.

  5. The fact that “Obamacare” does not include nor cover herbal treatments is all the endorsement one SHOULD need……

  6. Does dandelion jelly count for the heath benefits? made some for the first time this year, and yes, it’s loaded with sugar.

  7. As a Navy Hospital Corpsman I learned alot about both regular medicines and alternative medicines. Dandelion leaves themselves have always had healing affect in soups and teas, also as compresses.Dandelion roots also have nutritional and immune properties. There are alot of herbs and plants that are both nutritious and can be used for healing properties

  8. I read somewhere that 90% of our medicine is derived from some sort of plant material… Yet modern medicine has only researched 10% of the plants on our planet…so it is feasible to believe that the cure for cancer and other diseases is here, undiscovered in a plant…the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, treated his patients almost exclusively with herbal remedies…he had huge volumes of info on herbal remedies that was passed down for many generations..after chemical treatments where invented, the catholic church outlawed herbal healing…Unfortunately followed by many years of book burning and persecution of herbal healers…and the skepticism continues to this day…dandelions make good tea, wine, are edible in a survival situation… A good, all around herb…make sure u harvest where no one has sprayed pesticides!

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