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Boycott Target Petition!


The American Family Association has begun a Boycott Target Petition, in response to Target’s policy of allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice. Men can use women’s bathrooms and changing rooms, and women can use men’s. In less than a week, the petition has garnered more than 530,000 signers. If a company takes a political stance, they can expect to see a political backlash. Of course LGBT community will claim the response comes from racist, sexist or whatever other crazy label they want to use for those who think it is a matter of privacy and decency for men to use men’s facilities and women to use women’s facilities, but then again, common sense is not common these days.


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Shorty Dawkins



  1. I’ll bet a lot of you are like me. I didn’t even know what a homo sexual was until I was in my early teens, let alone LGBT I thought that was a sandwich when I first heard it. I don’t ever recall my folks being afraid that any of the neighbors or strangers that I met would do me any harm.
    My goodness I don’t recognize this country any more. I don’t hate these people, I hope God shows grace and mercy to them. But I will sign that petition, thanks for putting it out there Shorty.

  2. Thanx Shorty. I just signed the petition. They are at 830,000 signatures so far. I have always said…I don’t care how many dresses you wear or how many surgeries you have. It dosnt matter if you feel like a woman trapped in a mans body or not. If you were born a man, you will always be a man and nothing you do can change that. Men belong in the mens room and women belong in the womens room. that’s it…That’s all.

  3. Signed the petition a few days ago and places links to it at my blogs and various places where I regularly post across the Web.

    There has to be limits in society and some basic civility and decorum and the LGBT and the other acronyms that PC mob uses are crossing those lines too often.

  4. I don’t understand why this was posted on the Oath Keepers site. Target is private corporation and if they want to let transgender people use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity then they have every right to do that. If people want to boycott Target for that policy they have every right to do that but Target’s bathroom policy is NOT a constitutional matter.

    Frankly, the transgender bathroom issue is to conservative stupidity as guns are to liberal stupidity. Liberal idiots claim guns are dangerous and want ban them. Conservative idiots likewise claim transgender women are dangerous and want to ban them from the women’s restroom. If someone uses a gun to commit a crime then prosecute them for the crime, don’t punish all gun owners. If a transgender woman commits crime in a bathroom then prosecute her for the crime, don’t punish all transgender women.

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