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Your Life May Soon Be Sacrificed By The Collective


This article was written by Bob Livingston and originally published at Personal Liberty Digest

Most groups organize themselves around some kind of common ideals, some code or tradition.

In America, we have ideals like “representative republic,” “freedom” and “individuality,” upon which our nation was built.

For 100 years or more, Americans have been victimized by a state-sponsored socialist, altruistic, collectivist social and educational system. It has produced a popular mentality of diminishing the individual and independent thinker to a collectivist mind (mentality) which can be esoterically swayed, directed and channeled against his own best interest. The virtue and sanctity of the individual person and ego is no more, and anathema to the state.

What does it all mean? It means that a state of mind is developed and nurtured that freely gives oneself and one’s production to the state. Each individual, in order to be a good citizen of the state, must contribute most of his means and be grateful for the services the state returns — whether they are necessary or useful or not.

The elites who rule this collective use very elaborate propaganda and controlled chaos to advance their agenda. These psychopaths continue to steal our liberty (and wealth!) to this day.

The mindset that drives the ruling elites has been around for thousands of years. The actions of the ruling elites are evident throughout history, and their methods and results can be studied.

Unfortunately, there are few people today who study and understand history (that is to say, history that has not been whitewashed by the elites). That’s why the elites are able to continue their ways.

Their first order of business is to use their own words to help individuals identify with their version of these ideals; ideals designed to garner for themselves more wealth and power.

The wide use of the word “democracy” is proof that people can no longer tell freedom from a gallon of milk. The word “democracy” neutralizes and disarms the mind to the reality of authoritarianism and the danger to personal freedom.

Hitler called his Nazi (national socialism) Germany “a great democracy,” and he successfully melded the German citizens into a single-minded collective. Today we have “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”

With these phrases like democracy, and other words I call “code words,” (see here and here) the elites who become the masters over the collective can get individuals to commit acts they wouldn’t normally commit. The individuals get the benefit of attributing those acts to the collective, thereby avoiding individual blame and responsibility.

Individuals are happy to relinquish this responsibility for themselves in order to seem altruistic. They might even feel patriotic.  What they don’t realize is that they are making a terrifying trade-off. Once an individual sacrifices himself to the collective, the collective can then sacrifice the individual to further its own ends.

The elites want to disarm Americans. Is it a coincidence we see mass shootings? No! These people are being sacrificed to further the aims of the collective, which is to demand disarmament.

If you look at national statistics on murder, we’re the safest we’ve ever been. But it doesn’t feel like it because the media show you “the video,” which is powerful propaganda. “Seeing is believing” is another code phrase. But in truth, you should believe half of what you see and less of what you hear. A full 90 percent of all you see, read and hear is controlled by six giant transnational corporations.

The collective also demands that the only way you can maintain your individuality is to always align with the goals of the collective. Seems like a paradox, doesn’t it? This is where the code words come in. The collective gets you to believe you are exercising your individuality by choosing what you believe. In fact, what you think and believe are carefully and subtly chosen for you by the propaganda you see everywhere around you.

Now you see that advertising is not all around you in order to get you to “buy things.” The people are pacified with propaganda, bread and circuses. The collective wants the desire for freedom and liberty to be replaced by the desire for material goods and leisure. The people don’t know, and they don’t know that they don’t know. They are fed pabulum in their churches and schools, and they never ask questions.

My purpose in publishing Personal Liberty Digest® and The Bob Livingston Letter is to raise awareness so you can use the rules of individual behavior within groups to your own advantage. When you can see things for what they are, you will be only one in millions who can do so. You will have successfully broken through the barriers of conventional wisdom.

You will soon see that the system and its controlled masses are hostile toward reality. They want no discomfort of thought. They are at peace with regimentation although they are not aware of it. The system is pabulum for lazy people. The first wake-up call is to come to know that there is a system.

Once you have risen above the system, you will realize that your rights do not come from any piece of paper, even one so great as the Constitution. These rights are natural to us. We are born with them. Even if you don’t believe these rights come from God, as I believe they do, you must begin to realize that the Constitution merely acknowledges these rights and binds the criminals in government with chains to prevent them from infringing upon those rights.

The Constitution exists to restrain the elites from trying to take your rights away and submitting them to the collective. Most Americans have forgotten — or ignored — that. Instead, they have pledged fealty to the false god of democracy, whether they realize it or not. Democracy equals socialism equals communism equals fascism. They are all totalitarian and anathema to life and liberty and property.

The sooner you remember, the sooner you can save your liberty. And that could save your life.


Brandon Smith



  1. Awesome article By Mr Livingston. People look at me like I have two heads when I tell them that democracy sucks. They have no clue about our REPUBLIC. That is the result of brain washing in our public schools.

  2. If Mr Trump can do one tenth of what he hopes to do, he will be a great President. God bless him.

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