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Appreciation for Value Received Makes Vanderboegh Appeal a Different Kind of Fundraiser

Vanderboegh joined Stewart Rhodes (and unidentified Oath Keeper) for Lexington oath ceremony in spite of “authorities” withholding permit.

It’s true that hope springs eternal and no man knows when his time will be up. That said, it’s been two-and-a-half months since Mike Vanderboegh told Sipsey Street Irregulars readers:

Boil it all down and the odds are that I will belong to the vagaries of history in six months, perhaps more, perhaps less.

As Mike’s friend and colleague, I took it on myself to urge readers who have benefited from his work to show their appreciation by helping defray some of the crushing expenses that threaten to burden the Vanderboegh family for years to come. His financial situation, due to years of disability and devotion to the larger issue of self-sacrifice for freedom, is not good. He is doing what he can to get his affairs in order, but the reality is, his wife will be left in bad shape.

A short time after publishing that, Stewart Rhodes invited me to make an appeal to Oath Keepers. Seeing a post on SSI this morning, where Mike is offering T-shirts for sale (which could end up being collector’s items), makes now seem an excellent time to take Stewart up on his offer.

I don’t refer to helping Mike as a “donation.”  I call it a “gratitude offering.” That’s proper, as this is being directed to those of you who have received value from Mike’s work over the years. That gratitude should also extend to Mike’s wife, Rosey, who has had to make plenty of sacrifices of her own to enable Mike to do so many necessary things we have benefited from.

In truth, many people have and owe Mike plenty, and don’t even realize it.

There are those who identify as “Three Percenters” don’t know Mike is the originator of the concept, and who have never heard of Sipsey Street Irregulars. You can tell in some cases, because, by their words and conduct, many reveal unfamiliarity with the Catechism of the Three Percent, and its “ironclad commitment to no first use of force.”

Plenty more have heard of Operation Fast and Furious gunwalking.” Few know the first report came from Mike, and how creatively and hard he worked after that to dig out more exclusive information, and to make certain the story got noticed by politicians and the press.

The entire movement to restore recognition of the right to keep and bear arms — and more — owes Mike for his uncompromising leadership, for his refusal to comply with infringements, and for the risks he has assumed with acts of public defiance.  So no, I’m not begging anyone for donations on his behalf — I’m flat out observing many of us owe him, and now’s the time to show it tangibly.

Most won’t, of course. The Southern Poverty Law Center devotes a whole page (and more) to Vanderboegh in its “fighting hate/extremist” files, falsely painting someone working to advance Constitutional government as being “anti-government,” and someone who embraces the dignity and right of all people to keep and bear arms as an extreme hater. They do the same thing to Oath Keepers.

And Mike has made his share of enemies from “our side” as well—mostly by being uncompromising, sometimes by being irascible. The biggest indictment appears to be that he started out his political activism as a self-admitted communist, and some are unwilling to either forgive him for that, or to let it go because they can use it like a club against him. I’ll not try to convince you why I believe him now to be a sincere and committed freedom advocate and a Christian, other than to say years of working with the man leaves no doubt in my mind.  You can also hear Stewart and Mike candidly address that in the video at the end of this article.

I then look at Mike’s work and his deeds, like appearing with Stewart to hold a Lexington oath ceremony in spite of a rally ban, and supporting Oath Keepers at Bundy Ranch. I also look at the way his enemies, knowing Mike’s condition, continue to troll him with anonymous comments gloating that he has cancer, and reveling in anticipation of an agonizing death.

Does anyone think such demented creatures are on the side of angels?

Here’s the deal – if you’ve received value from Mike’s work, you know it, and only you can determine value you think you should return. You’re the one I’m addressing this to.

You can buy a shirt, in a few days he’ll be listing some military surplus for sale, or you can just make a gratitude offering in recognition of value received.  There’s a PayPal “Donate” button in the right sidebar at Sipsey Street Irregulars, or if you don’t like using them, checks, money orders (made out to “Mike Vanderboegh”) and cash can be sent to him at PO Box 926, Pinson, AL 35126.

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David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. Much man! Wonder if we could have him cloned…. We need more like him in this Republic. I didn’t know that the Communists/Progressives/Socialists/Collectivists/Etc., also had a system of Taqiyya. I’ve always known they are liars – but I always thought it was purely out of ignorance. Now I know better.

  2. I read your bio on the Sipsey creek website and I have to say I was reluctant…
    I have my own specific hatred of communism cemented during the Reagan years, as a distributor of electronic components and then as a union member. (they despised me).

    But considering all that my wife has introduced me to it is clearly a godsend that I have read your history. I must say in no minor terms – thank you for proving my deepest suspicions dead on right.

    Thank you for everything you do. God bless you Stewart and Mike Vanderboegh.

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