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Tea Party Activist, Trump Supporter Jerry DeLemus Arrested

Jerry DeLemus

This article comes from the Portsmouth Patch.

By Tony Schinella (Patch Staff)

FBI agents took custody of Delemus on 9 charges including conspiracy to commit an offense against the U.S., threatening, obstruction.

ROCHESTER, NH – The Federal Bureau of Investigation has taken custody of Jerry DeLemus, a New Hampshire Tea Party activist who previously made trips to Nevada to take part in the Bundy Ranch stand-off and the federal forestry building seizure in Oregon two months ago, according to reports.

DeLemus faces nine federal charges including conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, threatening a federal law enforcement officer, obstruction of justice, attempting to impede or injure a federal law enforcement officer and several firearms charges, when he was in Nevada to support the Bundy family at the ranch.

According to the indictment, DeLemus was a “mid-level leader and organizer of the conspiracy who, among other things: recruited, organized, trained and provided logistical support to gunmen and other Followers and organized and led armed patrols and security checkpoints.”

According to Jack Kimball, the former chairman of the New Hampshire GOP, state Rep. Susan DeLemus, R-Rochester, Jerry’s wife, called him and said they had taken custody of him today (March 3, 2016).

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Just like the secret police in communist countries, nothing will happen until they get off by themselves, then they’ll get picked off one by one.
    J Edgar may not have been the best, but at least he kept the douche bags in check!

  2. You point guns at federal officers, you’re likely to be arrested and charged. Most of us already understand that basic fact.

    1. Exactly.
      And the damned-by-God federal agents can point their guns at we citizens with no problem at all. Always remember — the BLM’s thugs pointed guns at innocent ranchers and their kids BEFORE anyone at Bundy ranch pointed any guns at the thugs. But that’s just life in a police state, right? The Almighty Federal government must have obedience from all Slaves, or it will murder them with their hands in the air like they did with LaVoy Finiicum, right? Or they’ll burn women and children to death like they did at Waco, Texas. Or they’ll blow up their own damned Federal building and blame that on the Militia, like they did at Oklahoma City. And there is never any punishment for them.

      We all know the stakes in standing up for the Constitution under a government that has gone berserk and that employs mindless thugs to enforce its unlawful edicts. This government simply thinks that might is right, and it will roll over anyone who honors his Oath to the Constitution, or anyone who objects to its illegal takeover of our government from the inside, even people who just speak out about it.

      The sin is blatant, and the evil is defining itself with vivid and alarming clarity in recent times, and the damned-by-God BLM agents, the DEA, ATF, and other unlawful federal organizations are hopped up on government-issued propaganda that makes them willing to steal our lands, our assets, our homes, our cattle, anything the greed-infested federal government wants. And they call it “legal”. Murder of innocent Americans is now “legal” as long as the government’s thugs are the ones doing the murdering.

      So yeah, we all know the consequences of pointing guns at the evil bastards hiding behind badges and statutes and color of law. Object to the illegal activity of this insane federal government and you can be dead by bullets or be imprisoned and fined.
      What a lovely America we’re now living in.

      May every FBI agent involved in any of the three arrests today rot in hell with the blazing final recognition burning into their sordid minds that they are today’s parallel to the damned Roman cops who beat Jesus Christ while he was carrying his cross up the hill to be tortured and executed. Those agents who are enforcing this bullshit against the American people are heathen brainwashed thugs who are helping this government drive America over the cliff to extinction in the great abyss of a one-world government. And they don’t even know it. They will murder you or arrest you in their testosterone-poisoned ego-mania and go home to tell their wives what a great cop they are.

      Elias Alias, editor

      1. Sir, why don’t the American patriots fight back against this evil tyranny when it comes on their properties? There is no more justice in the courts. Don’t they realize that? Why be put through a corrupt and evil process, only to be thrown in jail or a FEMA camp to be abused and grow old in? Why can’t American patriots have a protective and sane system where mobilization and basic defenses be put in place immediately when American patriots are targeted and surrounded by tyrannical thugs dressed in black? The American patriots are basically being taken out one by one without any kind of justified defenses. The American patriots should be willing to fight to the death for the Republic, or the Republic will totally die in front of them. The tyrants have just declared war against the American patriots and the Republic with the tyrannical orders to seek and hunt down American patriots and to neutralize the sane and humane and U.S. Constitutional opposition. Why are those American patriots just allowing submission to those damn tyrants?

      2. That was absolutely fantastic wording and truth and should be shouted from the roof tops.

        We live in very scary times. I fear this was well planned after the BLM/FBI got their hinies slapped at Bundy’s ranch and they had no intentions of letting it go. It is very obvious since they are arresting people from 2 years ago.

        They are intentionally trying to dismantle the patriot community , taking us out one by one by sending a clear message they can do what ever they want above the law and they’ll make sure the corrupt MSM backs them up.

        They are like cowards because they prance on lone wolves because they know they don’t stand a chance with thousands/millions of patriots together.

        I don’t know how they sleep at night and look at their families and feel sorry for their children. I can only hope their own children are understanding of the Constitution and overreach of this corrupt government.

        Very well stated, Elias Alias.

        Roger Waters – The Tide is Turning

        I used to think the world was flat
        Rarely threw my hat into the crowd
        I felt I had used up my quota of yearning
        Used to look in on the children at night
        In the glow of their Donald Duck light
        And frighten myself with the thought
        of my little ones burning
        But, oh, oh, oh, the tide is turning
        The tide is turning
        Satellite buzzing through the endless night
        Exclusive to moonshots and world title fights
        Jesus Christ imagine what it must be earning
        Who is the strongest
        Who is the best
        Who holds the aces
        The East
        Or the West
        This is the crap our children are learning
        But oh, oh, oh, the tide is turning
        The tide is turning
        Oh, oh, oh, the tide is turning
        Now the satellite’s confused
        ‘Cos on Saturday night
        The airwaves were full of compassion and light
        And his silicon heart warmed
        To the sight of a billion candles burning
        Oo, oo, oo, the tide is turning
        Oo, oo, oo, the tide is turning
        The tide is turning Billy
        I’m not saying that the battle is won
        But on Saturday night all those kids in the sun
        Wrested technology’s sword from
        the hand of the war lords
        Oh, oh, oh, the tide is turning
        The tide is turning Sylvester
        The tide is turning

        Stay safe

      3. Thank you for the flowers, and for the music.
        Love Roger Waters and Pink Floyd.
        Went ahead and listened to Comfortably Numb while digging on Pink Floyd.
        And if the dam bursts open many years to soon, I’ll see you on ….

        ‘Tis a flood, for sure. Give me Bob Dylan, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, and I’ll get through the fall of America and the rise of spiritual man, individual man, free man.
        Be safe, and thank you for the trip.
        Elias Alias, editor

    2. Your comment is completely useless, at least to a genuine patriot. But it might be if it was of opposition origin. Man, we are so past your mentality. There are no risk-free effective options. The continued search for one simply delays and darkens the inevitable. In asymmetric warfare, small and risky things can have large and positive effects. Do not be so quick to disparage them, that is, unless you are part of opposition psyops.
      The only reason this turned out the way it did is that we underestimated the tenacity of a lawless, and sometimes criminal beauracracy, and we failed to live up to all our bold talk. I believe things are much worse than we recognize. The magnitude of a tyranny is proportional to the degree that it holds the levers of power, and inversely proportional to the degree that the public is aware that it is a tyranny. The Hammond’s case is a national story now only because of Oregon. And by the way, who pointed a gun at OLE?
      Never, never discourage your brothers in arms! It ain’t Monday morning, and this ain’t a football game. Nothing is more dear than freedom.

    3. I did not go to the Bundy ranch. The reason I did not go is simple. Had I been there and those morons in the white Tahoes raised thier weapons, I would not hesitate to instantly fire upon them. So, I did not go. Now I wish I had. We had a lot of public support at that moment.

  3. Is it a coincidence that he is now arrested and is connected to the Trump campaign? These evil bastards in Washington DC are quaking in their boots. Arrest DeLemus, a veteran and Gov’t protester, but let a Secretary of State who leaked hundreds of top secret emails walk. I’m interested in what Mr. Rhoads has to say about this…he may be next on their list.


    If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever!

    George Orwell’s last words in this film: “It depends on you!”


    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    Martin Niemöller, we will speak out because we must speak out! We cannot let it happen again.


    further in the news today:

    “It’s really an incredible thing where the United States works with South Korea…to carry out these war games immediately off the shores of North Korea that literally simulate the bombing, invasion, and complete destruction of the country at the same time that they’re openly threatening to carry out these acts if North Korea doesn’t bend to their will,” Sloan says.

    “Everyone in North Korea…knows the great destruction that was reaped principally by the United States on the country…where there were millions of Korean people killed, where the country was divided, where families were separated, where the bombing carried out was so intense that the US bombers were complaining that they had no targets…left standing.”

    Read more:

    Tom Pescatore

    Oath Keeper

  5. Yes, they do have their list. Obama is expert at keeping lists of his detractors. Once these Patriots are in the system, it’s going to be nearly impossible to get them out. They’re considered Enemies of the State. In fact, that’s pretty much what Lynch said in her last speech about terrorists.

    1. I don’t know about that. They once had cattle rounded up that should have been impossible to get out-how much more are patriots worth than cattle?

  6. These invaders of this Gov will not stop can not stop until the virus is put down. One
    by one they will be picked off and put away.You are right though no one should “just ” point guns at these invaders anymore because you will be arrested or murdered for defending your property or family .Discusting what we allowed to happen to this nation.

  7. Jerry DeLemus did not arrive until AFTER the stand-off. I remember, he was saying he missed it. The BLM agents, Sheriffs deputies, and Metro officers were all GONE by the time he arrived. As I see it, he headed up the private security for the Bundy family on private property, to protect the family from the death threats they were receiving from sick violent individuals. And to protect us unarmed people who were there in support. So how in the H can the federal prosecutors claim that he was assaulting officers? Said officers were already GONE hours before DeLemus arrived! I hope he has a good attorney who will challenge the prosecutor’s fabrications.

  8. Coincidence??? I’m not much on conspiracy theories. If it smells/looks/tastes like sh*t, it’s prob shit. There are no conspiracies. Only truths. I have made many heartfelt comments here; praising Liberty/freedom/ patriotic Americans. To the point, I recently had my credit checked by a realtor to rent. He finally calls after 5 days. He tells me “sorry it took me so long, but everytime I tried to run your credit check, my computer froze. Yours was the only one?…” . I was silent, but it did not surprise me. Call me paranoid, but he was confused why he couldn’t retrieve mine for days. Just sayin…

  9. BS- I saw a video of DeLemus’ arrival and talks wit the FBI in which he stated to them that he had just driven from New Hampshire to help resolve the standoff by getting the “protestors” out peacefully; and the FBI had no problem at the time.

    One by One, Patriots will be picked off unless…

  10. Elias Alias mentioned…… ‘the rise of spiritual man’. All that is happening is inspiring all of us to comprehend what that means. Most of us here know how to be warriors, and very good ones should the need arise. Yet, let us KNOW that our thoughts ARE the power of God in action, they ARE CREATIVE forces!!! Let us keep in mind that we are all better off uniting FOR LIBERTY, instead of uniting AGAINST anything and everything. What we focus on, we attract!!! This IS fundamental, universal LAW!
    We ARE in times of change. That will NOT go away..
    I am forever grateful for those who have given their lives for ‘liberty’. For their principles.. For those of us who remain, let us LIVE for the principle of LIBERTY.
    If any of us do not comprehend what the ‘rise of spiritual man’ means, reflect on it. Killing the bad guy is not enough!
    Does that mean we should lay down to tyranny? NOT AT ALL!
    Tyranny exists in our minds FIRST! The stooges out there that enforce what we perceive as tyranny have been taken over MENTALLY!!!
    Let us defeat them from our CONSCIOUSNESS FIRST!!! All of us who are good and righteous would naturally want to ‘kill the bad guys’. But that just ain’t gonna cut it!
    This IS in truth, a mind game. To pull off a victory, we MUST go inward FIRST!
    I could elaborate on this subject but I believe that Elias has a complete understanding of what I speak.
    No matter how ‘things’ look, GOODNESS ALWAYS PREVAILS!!! Stand up for GOODNESS!!! BE GOODNESS!!!
    With much gratitude for O.K.’s,
    Robert D. Gubisch

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