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Official Call to Action


Oath Keepers is calling on ALL members and Patriots to attend this weekends National Stand With Me Rallies to Support the Finicum Family and Demand the release of our of people. We ask that if possible State Leadership try and speak at these rallies. Please emphasize the reason these fellow American’s went to Bundy Ranch was to prevent a reoccurrence of Waco and Ruby Ridge. They went to help safe guard the lives of the elderly, women and children. We stand in Solidarity with the Finicum family and also demand an independent investigation of the killing of LaVoy Finicum and release of all video, audio and all pertinent information. Please be civil at these and future protests. Please if you carry, carry concealed if you are able or consult local laws. We must continue to hold the moral high ground in all that we do.


God bless our Republic and those standing to protect it!


Jason Van Tatenhove

National Media Director, Oath Keepers






























New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







West Virginia




Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. One of our own in NH has just been arrested for his just and constitutional part in the Bundy ranch operation. His wife is a NH state rep. Will she be taking part in this vigil…??? If so….How many of the NH oathkeepers will be there to support Jerry Delamus and his wife…??? My experience with the NH oathkeepers has been one of ‘ no one really cares”. Sad but true. We here in NH are under the thumbs of a party line democrat governor and several party line democrat and republican senators . None of whom give a rats ass for their constituants. Jean Shaheen and Kelly Aotte are no friends to liberty. Just the usual run of the mill politicians. Tell them what they want to hear and carry on with the usual establishment BS. Contacting these people is futile to say the least. They do not answer your questions and do an end run around everything you say. Typical political BS every time. What exactly are we supposed to do with people like that…??? They do not listen and have no affiliation to anything but their political parties. That’s the way it has been and that’s the way it is. Whats the point…???

    1. “Whats the point…???”

      The point is the accountability of those that SERVE WITHIN our governments. It matters not if they believe it, they are LAWFULLY bound to support the US Constitution and to KEEP the Oath required of them in order to be ALLOWED to remain in the position they occupy.

      But if you (we) are not willing to show that they have committed at least one felony and the CRIME of Perjury by breaking the Oath. That they can get away with anything and no one will try to recall them, bring charges, etc… then you are correct. Let’s just roll over and let them destroy our nation, our lives, the US Constitution along with our sovereignty.

      I am not saying that they will not send people to “knock” on your door, they will and have on those who already work to stop their unlawful actions. But guess what? They are going to anyway.

    2. How can you find out where the “Stand with me” rallies are located if you’re not on facebook? I don’t do facebook.

      1. Me too! So, does anyone get that facebook is probably why dozens show up, instead of hundreds, or thousands! Many of us hate facebook! Not because it is social, but becuase it is fascist! Use something else to convey messages, please!

      2. No Facebook for me as well. I may have to try “meet up dot com” to find other
        like minded people in East San Diego County??? Sometimes it sucks being solo.
        Thanks Paul. I hope your link works.

      3. I do not even let my granddaughter get on her facebook account while she is at my house. Zuckerburg ain’t nothing but a “yes boy” for the NWO.

      4. That is for sure! He sold his soul to the government, and is now doing their bidding. Censoring pages that they deem inappropriate!

      5. Agreed!

        Our dues are already paying for this web site. Within this site assign each state a web page and under those the specific counties etc..I see no reasonable explanation to pad Hitler youth little boy Zuckerburg’s bank accounts.

      6. Don’t like facebook? Do what I did: sign up using a new email account and never use either the facebook or email account for anything else.

      7. As a follow-up: I just tried my own advice from scratch. Ouch. I did succeed in creating an empty Facebook account and was able to view the links, and they’re all private groups within Facebook.

        Just an email address isn’t enough anymore for google/facebook signups. Without using meatspace credentials or forgery, you’ll need to get creative with your Internet search skills, make use of online SMS providers, and exercise your patience.

        It seems there are quite a number of barriers to using “social media” nowadays. It’s now much easier to just use a static website to share information.

      8. Why does it have to be done through facebook, and why is it set so you have to log in to see in? Why does oathkeepers feel that facebook need a record of everybody interested? There is some serious mismanagement going on. 3%ers and oathkeepers have lost a massive amount of credibility from the way they handled Oregon. It will continue, as long as the “former” Maoist Communist MIKE VANDERBOEGH has so much influence over 3% and OK’s.

      9. Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.
        Meanwhile, Mike Vanderboegh started the III% movement. He did not start Oath Keepers, and does not run Oath Keepers. That would be Stewart Rhodes, our President and Founder. I have made presentations at events with Mike Vanderboegh at Lexington Green and at Bundy Ranch, and I absolutely admire and respect Mike, so don’t come in here trying to damage his image at Oath Keepers. Who the heck are you? Why does the nation know about Mike Vanderboegh but not about you? It’s because he has had a huge effect on this nation’s willingness to stand up to federal tyranny — what have you done? Who are you to judge anyone?
        Oh, and Oath Keepers does not organize the meetings for the rallies — we can only post what their organizers give us to post. I hate facebook and do not go there myself.
        Have a great life, and stay off my friend’s back. Mike is an excellent triple-A patriot through and through.

      10. I’ve stuck my neck out, and taken risk with nobody to back me up. You guys were too busy trolling good Patriots on the internet at 3 in the morning. if you want to know who I am. All Mike V does is attack Patriots with vague accusations and insults. He hates Trump, and called him a turd with ketchup on it. He hates Putin, even though Putin is a conservative. He accused people in the Bundy camp of being federal provocateurs without providing any evidence. And on and on and on. What makes a young American man gravitate toward Communism in the first place? Did Mike V think Mao killing millions of people was cool or something? There’s got to be something fundamentally wrong with somebody like that. I didn’t know about his history until I searched, so don’t pretend everybody knows. I could go on for a week about how Mike V divides Patriots and discredits them.You people don’t disclose who he is to new members, so in my book that makes you less than honest. You can’t have a former communist running a group like the three percenters. It doesn’t take a military genius to figure that out. These guys are deciding who the ‘fringe element’ on locations? Give me a break. The fringe element is the group with the Maoist Communist for a leader.

      11. You are entitled to your opinion, and I to mine. I know Mike, have been with him at Lexington Green, Massachusetts, Monticello New York, Hartford, Connecticut, and Bundy Ranch in Nevada.
        Yes, he does a bit of name calling, but he also takes a lot of guff like you’re posting here. I am not his apologist, nor yours. Think what you will.

        However, Oath Keepers did not appoint Mike Vanderboegh to “run theIII% movement”. Mike is the guy who started it. It was his idea.

        Additionally, I’ll leave you with this one thought, regarding your judgment of Mike — Ever hear the story of Paul the Apostle? Recall (it is written) that he was persecuting Christians in the early churches, and was taking a trip to someplace where he planned to persecute more Christians — when suddenly a blinding light (my paraphrase from old memory) descended upon him and he was changed in his soul immediately. He went on from there to become one of the primary authors of the New Testament.

        By your sense of logic, no one today should trust Paul’s writings in the Bible because he used to persecute Christians in his past. Bro, people can have changes in their perception. It happens all the time. Mike Vanderboegh has stated often that he fights for the Constitution specifically to undo his previous work for the communists. He converted. Judge him now if you will, but now you know a way to see him in a better light, if you’re willing.

        Speaking of the Good Book, someone in there once said, “Judge not, that ye be not judged”. Right?

        Elias Alias, editor

      12. It’s not a personal thing. I’m only pointing out his actions. I could go into a lot of detail, but to keep it brief, I just want to point out that the entire main stream media, the democrats, the republican leadership, and Mike Vanderboegh, are all attacking Trump. The leftists are calling Trump ‘Hitler’, and so is Mike V on his website. – the picture toward the bottom. And Mike V is always making veiled threats of violence, such as the t-shirts he’s selling, ‘100 heads insurance company’. Like Spock’s dad said, “Threats are illogical, and payment is usually expensive.” But it isn’t Mike V paying for his threats, it’s the people who follow him. Like I said, I’m just pointing out facts. It needs to be done. What he does is not right.

  2. I would make every effort to participate…if the linked page for my state had any relevant info. Also – I wish OK national would realize that many of their members refuse to do Facebook or other social media (myself included). We need better comms or these types of events will never have the impact they should. This should not be so difficult. Just my .02…

    1. Yeah, when one is doing something wrong or unlawful. Yes, it is even used to go after people who are NOT committing crimes, but wish to replace the CRIMINALS and Domestic Enemies who serve within our governments as we are REQUIRED to do.

      But those who serve within our government KNOW that they are committing crimes, why else would they LIE, distort information, use propaganda, etc? Remember that they have a POLICY of lying; which they get angry over if a person, their children, their wives/husbands, etc do. They get angry BECAUSE they know lying is wrong.

    2. Yes. Yes it is, but so is this site and anything else the eye of Sauron decides to look at.
      It is possible to remain truly anonymous, however burner devices are expensive and it is time consuming to set up fake emails all the time and most people get lazy and get caught if they are up to something suspicious. I used to think I had no worries because I am a law abiding citizen and am no threat to anyone, but I’m not so sure anymore. Seems like the first amendment is ignored more often than not.

    3. Startpage, secure internet searches. Privacy guaranteed. Big bro cannot access. They do have email, but a monthly fee. You can still use the other features with security. It’s a proxy server.

      1. I have friends who use startmail, and I absolutely love Katherine Albrecht.
        However, please allow me to simply say this please — THERE IS NO SECURITY ON THE INTERNET.

        Also, know that using encryption is a red-flag for the NSA’s snoops.

        I repeat — there is no such thing as privacy on the Internet. That’s just where we’re at in today’s world.

        Elias Alias, editor

      2. Spot on Elias – I echo this assertion with full volume There. Is. No.Secure. Internet – ask IRS, DHS, FBI, DoD – all of whom have recently been hacked, big time. Peer to peer mesh networking is one option, ala Retroshare, but still has the same inherent fault that ALL modern electronics has, i.e. reliance on large-scale integration, with millions(!) of switching devices on a single monolithic chip of silicon – microcoded device controllers – ASIC’s, etc…any one of which can be compromised with little or no knowledge on the part of the end user. And where’s most of this crap fabricated? China – hardly a good friend with the USA. We’re likely to be fighting them with sticks should they make the final push to secure our natural resources.

        As for commercial-grade encryption,..that will slow some folks down, but not .gov, .mil and certainly not the cyber crime syndicates. Much of what is “encrypted” is readily circumvented and/or compromised – it offers a false sense of security – One Time Pads and strict OPSEC discipline is the one and only time-proven method. Meatspace and trusted couriers…when the time is right.

        As for Facebook:the faults are many – avoid – participate at your own peril. You’re crafting your own multimedia-enhanced probable cause, spending countless hours at a keyboard and limiting your own thought processes, all at the same time and by your own hand. Brilliant.

        I’d have been honored to join one of the local rallies, except by the time I heard about this I don’t have sufficient travel time to get there. Coordinated action is great, just what is needed – timely notification is a necessary component and that ain’t happening..Now, what’s the media strategy? YouTube??!! If Watchman News can build a table for ready dissemination, why is that not on the OK page? C’mon guys.

    1. Yep! That’s how they put their cases together, social media. God Bless Apple for saying “NO”. Maybe citizens will catch on.

  3. I’m leaving this life my brothers. I’m weary and I must go. Keep up the fight. I will join u in spirit. I love u as brothers… As mine has gone before me. Such a bond never to be broken. “I am my brothers keeper”. Hell yea, I AM!

  4. A lot of people, myself included, have opted out of facebook. Really need an alternative

    1. There is another social media that many of us are using now. FB is censoring a lot of the sites that have anything to do with guns & the gun groups are going over to MeWe. They advertise that privacy is precious so hopefully they’re legitimate. But on the other hand, this would be a great way for government to gather info. They know that patriots & the like are sick of FB’s censoring so it would behoove them to create another social media that claims privacy. Also, I’ve heard that there is something called ‘Tor’ that focuses on anonymity. I’m not computer savvy so someone with the right education would have to check them out & let us know if they are something we can trust. My opinion is that nothing can be trusted any more. Going back to the basics is even risky so who knows .

    2. I have been using Tsu for over a year now, and it is quite useful. is my profile there and we have an OathKeeper Group and a Veteran’s Group. A lot of info goes through there and I post daily. It is a ‘Social Media’ like FB, but it pays Members for Original Content. Wild concept but it is also funding many Charities. Very cool – hope to see you there Old Scout.

      As for the ‘Call to Action’, OK Members can see my After Action Report here:

      For our ‘Visitors’: We had a Rally and Tribute to Robert LaVoy Finicum at the Arizona State Capital Saturday from Noon to 3. Video of Speakers (of which I am one) is on YouTube here:

      Pictures here:

      May God Rest the man’s Soul. Prayers for his family.

      Ed Vallejo
      Arizona OathKeepers Event Coordinator.

  5. This is what is on my State’s page for those scared of FB.



    Calling all American Patriots! Join this national Rally for Liberty! Stand for the wrongful death of LaVoy Finicum! Stand for the Rule of Law under the U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, and our Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms!

    Now’s the time to rise and stand for freedom! Stand for LaVoy Finicum – who loved Liberty more than life and who was assassinated in Oregon by the FBI and Oregon State Police on January 26, 2016. Do not let his sacrifice be in vain. Stand for the Patriots who were made political prisoners ….Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Cliven Bundy, Tha Hammonds, and all the other Patriots.

    Show Jeanette Finicumand her 11 children our Support!! We need this ENTIRE NATION standing for Liberty.

    Please go to your closest federal building or court house or city park or where ever your state can gather together and talk about this issue.

    Mark your calendars – our goal is for a rally the 26th of every month, and to set aside the following day for fasting and prayer for all our Patriots!

    Continue LaVoy’s legacy. Help educate those around you!

    – Jessica Edgar and Shelly Fauth, LaVoy Finicum’s nieces


    1. A government paid lawyer?

      He who pays the piper calls the tune.

      Better to collect money and hire one.

      But it won’t be cheap.

      I will donate $50.00.

      If you can organize this please contact me:

      Far be it from me to tell you how to deal with this Elias but you can print my email address; I’m a marked man anyway.

  7. There are now 19 persons in jail regarding the Bundy/Hammond affair.

    The link us on:Blacklisted News.


    The American Revolution was started with a small, UNFAIR fight on this day in 1770 (much like the BLM issues on the west coast today). A Few Weeks later on April 19 at Concord and Lexington Green is when the “Shot Heard Around The World” was heard when American’s returned fire after being fired upon.
    Americans have always been able to hold the high moral ground enabling us to have God on our side and win battles and wars. It is IMPERATIVE that we do so once again going into the dark days ahead.

    1. “A Few Weeks later on April 19 at Concord and Lexington Green is when the “Shot Heard Around The World”

      Lexington and Concord was 5 years later in 1775, was it not?

  9. I showed up at West Los Angeles at the Federal Building ; Their was nobody there I got there at 12:30 PM , somebody said that there were 15 people there earlier ; I don’t use Facebook and I didn’t have away of gagging the schedule too find out what the timing exactly was ; When to be there !!! Very disappointed !!!!! There should of been some other means of obtaining the locations and time to be there for people that don’t use Facebook !

  10. Drove past the St.Paul Capitol yesterday, just happened to see this post and was visiting a friend in the area right around 1. Whole Capitol was under construction and blocked off and I didn’t see anyone there. Disappointing, but pretty much expected in Mn, people only talk around here and very few even get that far from what I’ve seen. The twin cities is full of extremely progressive/liberal bs.

  11. We have to quit complaining and talking about what we can’t do and adapt and overcome. It will get worse way before it gets better. LaVoy paid the ultimate price to defend Liberty for you, me and our posterity, and it is our duty to carry on; if not for his memory, for our childrens birthright. I don’t do facebook either, but have a fake account with an alias which allows me to look at these sights. Make friends with someone who has facebook that can keep you informed until we can find a better way. Make solutions, not excuses. We must never, never give up. They want us to get frustrated and give up so that we will accept what they plan to come next. Not on my watch. I was in Salem yesterday with 300 Patriots standing in the rain for hours. That’s right, 300 Patriots, on a Saturday getting soaked, and it isn’t the first time and won’t be the last. My brothers, we have to have the testicular fortitude to see this thing through or we will lose our country, and we need everyone. Liberty is popular and everytime it has been fought for, the people have won. If they give us lemons, we must find someone with vodka and have a party. We must never give up!!!!!!!!

  12. I know they are watching, and that is ok we are not doing anything illigal. Let them watch.

    If they keep taking people out through jail or murder, this thing will spread fast. So I for one am willing to take a few risks to do what is right and expose the murder and corruption of the federal government. We had a small gathering in Pittsburgh, PA but we were still there to be counted.

  13. We had a decent turnout at the capitol (Olympia) in Washington state.. Take time out of your life and do something instead of complaining.. Lavoy took a stand.. Perhaps would still be alive had patriots stood up.. Quit being a armchair patriot and organize.. There was a 7 year old girl.. (Faith) at the rally that spoke and has more patriotism than the excuses I’ve seen posted on this forum for not getting involved..

  14. I see the Malheur County District Attorney has determined the state police / fbi shooting death of LaVoy Finicum to be “justified and necessary”. Necessary!!! Seriously???

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