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James Jaeger: New Movie Underway: MAINSTREAM

MAINSTREAM – How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist  Agenda

by James Jaeger

and Matrix Entertainment

An exciting progress report from James Jaeger.



Film maker James Jaeger has posted an early progress report on his newest documentary project. As with its predecessors, this film promises to be a powerful exposè on behind-the-scenes Deep State mischief.

This time around, James is tackling one of the most evasive, and politically volatile subjects in the entire realm of MindWar — the powerful assault on the national psyche launched by Hollywood and the New York media.

Oath Keepers is thrilled. Readers will discover why by reading the following progress report and checking out the new website for this documentary film.



Dear MAINSTREAM Associate,

I am pleased to announce that our new movie project, MAINSTREAM – How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda is well underway.

MAINSTREAM will be our 8th documentary, the 7 previous ones — made with your support — are as follows:


These seven documentaries have brought the message of Liberty, envisioned by the Framers, to millions of people.

When we started talking about the Federal Reserve in FIAT EMPIRE around 2005, hardly anyone was talking about the Fed. Now we have the “Audit the Fed” movement. When we talked about the “original intent” of the Founders in ORIGINAL INTENT, few even knew what that term meant. When we talked about “political correctness” in our movie, CULTURAL MARXISM, almost no one realized what it was. Today “original intent” is revered and “political correctness” is vilified as appropriate. And, when we discussed “free trade,” and the destruction of the middle class due to NAFTA in CORPORATE FASCISM and SPOILER, few other than Ross Perot had warned about it. Today “free trade,” the trade deficit and NAFTA are key issues in the Trump platform and one of the driving forces of his popularity. This is driving the Globalists wild.

Lastly, with your generous support, we have produced two movies on the Militia System: MOLON LABE and MIDNIGHT RIDE. Never before have movies anything like these been produced. Out of the millions of movies that have been vomited out of Hollywood and the New York networks, there have been ZERO movies that discuss the Militia System stipulated in FOUR (4) places in the U.S. Constitution. This planned, usurping oversight is abominable, for it’s the Militia System that gave Americans their greatest security for hundreds of years – well before rogue politicians took over DC and formed the Nazi-styled Department of Homeland Security.

Our movies are the ONLY movies that unequivocally explain why the Militia is “necessary” and what could happen if we ignore it. If our record of achievement continues, we can predict that people in mainstream America will eventually see the truth in this and be talking about, not only the FIVE reasons we “keep and bear,” but the reasons for the Militia of the Several States.

The point is: the movies you have helped produce are not only cutting edge, they’re making a difference. They’re making a difference even though the MAINSTREAM MEDIA has done little or nothing to help MAKE that difference. We need to speed things up, and this is why we have embarked on MAINSTREAM – How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda.

So what is the Globalist Agenda?

The Globalist Agenda is an agenda based on the philosophy of extreme “collectivism” — the idea that the individual is nothing and the collective is all. The nation state is nothing and the global state is all. With almost every Hollywood movie and every New York news program, the Globalist Agenda is promoted and the idea of the American Republic is suppressed. In short, the MAINSTREAM MEDIA wants to reduce the United States to but one province in some Global Government. This does NOT have to be our future.

So the new movie — MAINSTREAM –– is very important. It’s important because we dissect the MAINSTREAM MEDIA and see “what makes Sammy run”. We find out who is behind the secretive, and insular Hollywood studios and the massive conglomerates that now own and control every molecule of your news, entertainment and education. We are going to find out what motivates these nefarious entities and how they have been able to use predatory, discriminating, unethical, and often times illegal business practices to maintain power.

Yes, the “CONTROL GROUP” that dominates the Hollywood studios and the New York media, not only suppresses Constitutional films, they HATE the U.S. Constitution itself. And they especially hate the Biblical-based values that inspired it as well as anything conservative or libertarian. In short, if you are a Republican in Hollywood, you are SPIT on.

MAINSTREAM will take a close look at how a small group of liberal males of European heritage were able to take over and control the entire U.S. Mainstream Media Oligopoly for over 100 years. Today just 6 mega conglomerates, and an about 54 executives, dominate everything that you, your family and friends watch, hear and read. They even own and control — “Happy Birthday to you” — songs that you sing.

In a democratic society — where the market place of free and diverse ideas is necessary for an informed citizenry — is it okay that the most powerful communications medium yet devised — movies and TV – to be dominated by a small group of executives and corporations that suppress any political, economic or cultural thought that does not reflect their interests, biases and prejudices?

Hollywood and the New York media are trolls on the bridge to Liberty. MAINSTREAM is the weapon we propose to dislodge this conTROLL GROUP.

Help us make MAINSTREAM – a film never coming to a theater near you. Earn a screen credit in the producer unit or as a Production Associate. Visit to read the script, budget and donate what you can afford. Donations are cumulative. A trailer will be available shortly.

Is the mainstream media really looking after the folks? Do WE THE PEOPLE really get to participate in free speech? Is the mainstream media antagoinstic to the U.S. Constitution? If the mainstream media is so supportive of the U.S. Constitution shouldn’t it be inviting the 16 experts in MIDNIGHT RIDE and our other movies on TV to talk about the issues of gun rights, militia revitalization, the 2-party system, the original intent of the Founders, cultural Marxism and the Federal Reserve System’s fiat currency — all subjects extensively addressed in the movies we have produced? But it is not. Why not? Americans should be asking these questions.

Visit our new site, read the script and donate what you can. It’s all at




Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. Many thanks to James Jaeger and all involved in bringing these important movies to the public. As so many people do not have good reading skills, movies are a great way to educate people. With that said, I suggest you listen to the interview of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts yesterday with Greg Hunter at on “criminal bankers control U.S. government – push war” At Dr. Roberts website, he has many articles he has written, plus guest contributors…..just a wealth of information in seeing the global picture….and he does indeed have a global audience.

    There are so many articles of importance…but one that stands out is by Dr. Steven Starr, head scientist at Missouri State Univ…and he says that there will be no survivors on earth if we have a nurclear war..because of the nuclear winter it will cause..(even the fools that may cause such a thing will not even live to “gloat” over it)…I will find the direct website to Dr. Starr’s article and post later… you can access other interviews with Dr. Roberts at his website…they are all great. Sometimes he seems so sad because of what he sees..I concur….

    1. I read at PCR’s site often, and appreciate his unique perspective all the more because of his credentials. The man was deeply enough “inside” to know how the powers that be work.
      Elias Alias, editor

  2. The globalists have infiltrated more than just Hollywood and the eastern media. Consider the internationalist approach to all major sports in our country. Millions of American children grow up in our country every year who could, and should, be superstars in the sports of their choices. Many are never given the chance to attend college or be drafted into those sports though because the globalists have ensured that colleges and all pro sports teams recruit and draft from all over the world. I don’t attend any of these games in person anymore, and will not in the future, unless colleges and pro teams start playing Americans in our American sports.

    1. It’s basically a quite difficult issue to solve. We will never completely remove possibility of a nuclear war if countries own them, but at the same it has to be acknowledged that nuclear weapons might discourage great powers from engaging in another WW2 scale conflict. While Russia would lose in a conventional war against USA, they could commit such a blunder without a threat of nuclear retaliation.

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