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Investigation into Alleged FBI Finicum Shooting Evidence Tampering Faces Credibility Hurdles

Lavoy executed
What possible reasons could there be for the FBI to remove casings from the scene of LaVoy Finicum’s shooting? Will we ever find out?

“Bullet casings disappear from LaVoy Finicum shooting scene, sources say,” The Oregonian is reporting. “FBI aerial surveillance video shows that before the detectives could get there, the FBI agents searched the area with flashlights and then huddled, according to law enforcement sources who have seen the video. The group then broke and one agent appeared to bend over twice and pick up something near where the two shots likely were taken…”

If confirmed, such evidence tampering at a crime scene would not just be a career-ender for those involved, it would be a crime that merits prison time. And while “Former FBI agents and criminal justice experts have said they’re baffled why elite FBI agents might hide the shots,” the incentive to engage in cover-up does not appear all that puzzling of a riddle.

The “if confirmed” is a big “if.” Being investigated by the Justice Department did not prove all that fruitful when Fast and Furious “gunwalking” was up for scrutiny. Nor did DOJ’s Office of Inspector General come up with anything of substance for an operation that has resulted in untold deaths to date, including of two federal agents, Brian Terry of the Border Patrol and Jaime Zapata of ICE.

As far as the Senate Judiciary Committee and House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform go, again, what of substance was resolved? Eric Holder thumbed his nose at demands for evidence and his contempt of Congress case may as well be in limbo for all the likelihood that anything meaningful will be resolved in the courts — if and when the legal logjam is ever cleared out.

Private efforts, with whistleblowers willing to put it all on the line, seem unlikely. When those thinking of coming forward see the retaliatory smear tactics used against men like John Dodson, and the legal misconduct of ATF and DOJ against Jay Dobyns, why should they? And again, even with whistleblowers, what actually happened in Fast and Furious besides a lot of noise? As far as private investigation goes, the phrase “ongoing criminal investigation” provides all the cover the feds need to reject FOIA requests.

What once was an option – but is no more – would be a special prosecutor. But the law conveniently changed so the function now reports in to the attorney general, making an independent counsel a thing of the past. Even were that not so, with all the machinations at the highest levels of government, and all the seemingly inexplicable compromises and concessions, it’s increasingly fair to wonder if that’s attributable to big club membership or to simple blackmail.

If the complete truth of what happened ever does come out, will it be for noble reasons, because it’s the right thing to do? Or will it be because those revealing it face a worse personal outcome if they don’t come clean?

Simply put,  government trustworthiness is in question due to government actions and conduct.

Meanwhile, the Bundys and their followers, who harmed no one, are being treated like terrorist threats. Those sympathetic to their plight and to western land use issues, and those working toward a government of limited enumerated powers, one that exists to secure the Blessings of Liberty, are portrayed as extremists and haters.

And LaVoy Finicums’ family will be left knowing that not only was he violently terminated, but those bound by oath to uphold the Constitution are prime suspects in the cover-up of why.



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. Yah know how Mumai Abu Jamal was a terrible choice for poster boy for the anti death penalty movement? More than a hundred guys have been proven innocent off of death row by genetics, but Mumai, the totally guilty cop killer is who you talk about? Really?

    Yeah well, Lavoy is a terrible choice for poster boy. Go with the Hammonds. Way more sane and sympathetic.

    1. My personal opinion is that LaVoy Finicum shall go down in history as a martyr of huge stature. I will sing his praises widely and often. You have your opinion, I’ve got mine.

      1. 95% of all humans who watch the video see a guy acting nuts. Shell casings simply do not matter. The whole thing was recorded surprisingly well and released nearly immediately. You wanted it different, you imagined it different, but the guy did everything he could to get shot. Trying to make him a martyr is desperate and bad PR. The real pity is it all directly hijacked the Hammonds tale, which is way easier to frame for the public.

        1. Well Ed, you have finally convinced me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are a paid troll. Thanks for stopping in. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

          Shorty Dawkins

        2. Everything I see, and hear about the feds, and fbi, just serves to enrage me! I assume that you, ed, are one!

          The fact is this” The feds are unconstitutional! Period! End of story! Only an ignoramus who has never read, or understands, the roughly 5 printed pages of the Constitution, and the 1 printed page of the bill of Rights, could make your assertions!

          The simple fact is that the U.S. Is a lawless wonder, and the feds lead that circus! Where in the Constitution do the feds get their power? Where? The constitution is all about limiting their power, and reserving that power to the states, and the people! But, traitors (like yourself) have subverted its clear meaning, and ignore everything they want to ignore! The states, and the people, are busy not giving a crap! Nothing more!

          The U.S. Constitution is mostly about the structure of government. Article I talks about the legislative branch (congress – the only ones who can pen laws). Article II talks about the executive branch (the traitor in chief), article III talks about the judicial branch (the 9 supreme fools). And, yes, I give them the respect they deserve, because in “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” – Romans 1:22

          Article III (judicial branch – the supreme fools) is the shortest at just three sections, which will easily fit on one printed page! Article II (executive branch – traitor in chief) is a page and a half! Article I (legislative – congress) is the meat at roughly 2 pages! Article IV (the states) 4 sections, about 1 page! Article V (amending the constitution) is one paragraph! Article VI (debts, supremacy, oaths) is three paragraphs! Article VII (ratification) is a whole 4 paragraphs! I’m exclaiming everything here because this is a two hour read!!! A freak’n two hour read! And no one knows it! And it seems government, and lawyers, are all about subverting it! The hell with their oaths!!!

          Most of the constitution talks about the structure, and maintenance, of our government. The other 2 percent talks of the role of government in our lives.

          The 2 percent:

          Article I, Section 8: has 18 paragraphs that define what congress (federal government) has the power to do.

          Paragraph 17 as it pertains to oregon: “To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;”.

          In other words the feds have Washington D.C. And can maintain Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings within the states. Nothing more! No alphabets here!

          Article IV, Section 3: paragraph 2 talks of territory, and other property, which is irrelevant as states are not territories, or property, after they become states!

          Article 6, paragraph 2 (the supremacy clause): “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land.”

          Simply put “in Pursuance thereof” means laws that are constitutional (even capitalized) are supreme laws of the land! They have to be constitutional! No exceptions!

          The Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

          So what do we see here? What is the 2 percent? It is very small, and very limited! And all powers not defined belong to the states, and the people!

          So in the end, if our government were lawful, there would not be a BLM, and they would not be stealing land from ranchers (our food supply you freak’n morons!) There would not be a wildlife refuge managed by the feds! The Bundy ranch standoff would never have happened! LaVoy would not have been at Bundy ranch, or oregon, and no one would be sitting in jail under trumped up charges, waiting to be tried in kangaroo courts!

          These are all state rights! They belong to the states, and the people!

          If the feds want to follow the “rule of law”, they should rewrite the U.S. Constitution, so they don’t have to be oath breaking, traitorous, law breakers!

        3. Where did you get your 95% from? The FBI?

          You obviously do not much in the way of filming.

          And just as obviously you would not be brave enough to face the cops as LaVoy did.

          Que sais-je

        4. “95% of all humans who watch the video see a guy acting nuts.”

          That would depend on WHO – speaking of groups – of people you are talking to.

          Speaking of everyday working/no longer working people, they see a murder committed by traitors. But they see no way to bring those traitors to the American people into face justice as it is supposed to be practiced in our country.

          They are the ones silently buying weapons and ammunition, afraid of what is coming, afraid to speak because they have no trust in “law enforcement”, etc, but knowing the wrongness and murder, lies, and treason, real *terrorism when they see it, and they see it daily if not on TV and the computers, on their streets.

          28 C.F.R. Section 0.85 Terrorism is defined as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives”.

          Ed, it would be wise of you to read the US Constitution. To understand that those who stand with those traitors will one day face prosecution and the people will be screaming for blood, and it will be delivered through a constitutional trial – which is much more then they believe you will do for them.

          Is the paycheck worth being a domestic enemy or traitor to America? Study what those who are working to destroy our nation want, and realize that you are NOT the 1% so you will OWN nothing, not even the clothes on your back. That when it goes collective, you personally lose.

        5. Ed you certainly do not speak for me nor do you speak for most of the people I know.

          As far as I am concerned LaVoy did what he did, said what he said, and acted the way he acted to save the lives of the other people in the truck with him. He only sped away from the stop AFTER the truck was fired upon. He only yelled “shoot me, shoot me” and exited the truck to draw the fire to himself and away from the others in the truck. Keep in mind that bullets were hitting the truck BEFORE it came to a stop. LaVoy is a giant of a man compared to you Ed and it is clear to me he acted bravely to save the lives of other people without concern for himself. He saved the people in the truck including a teenage girl from an execution. LaVoy is a hero in my book and I will ALWAYS think of him that way and hope that if I am ever in a bad situation like that I will act as bravely as he did.

          “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” JOHN 15:13

          I do not belong to any organized religion myself but that saying from JOHN 15 is as true as anything I have ever heard. RIP LaVoy Finicum.

          1. Lonestarhog you are right that video does make the blood boil and I think that may be the point of it.

            In fact I suspect it is a psyop piece directed at us patriots to try and enrage and provoke us even more.

            Everything about the video smacks of it being a psyop. First of all he keeps intentionally flashing a coffee cup with Hillary for prison 2016 written on it. This is designed to give him “patriot credibility” you see. However the cup is positioned in such a way that when he raises it it is difficult to tell if it is pro Hillary or anti Hillary. This is done so they can trap people who call him a Hillary supporter into looking like fools when he says it is a Hillary for prison cup. It is a clever trick that many will miss. Also the video is very professionally done indicating skill on the part of whoever set up the video. The sound quality is superior which indicates expensive equipment was used. In another video here he uses a lavalier microphone which can be seen on his vest by his red shirt near the bottom of the screen,
            Now just having this type of microphone doesn’t prove anything other than he has some very expensive equipment. To use this sort of microphone the camera has to be at least at the prosumer range and cost about 3 to 6 thousand bucks or more. The mic itself is probably at least 4 to 8 hundred bucks. So you are talking about $4,000 bucks minimum in equipment just to make the videos. Again that doesn’t prove he is an agent provocateur but how many people do you know who use this kind of professional equipment to produce “amateur” looking videos for youtube? I say amateur looking because they are not amateur at all in fact they smack of professionally done videos. They are framed well, the lighting is good on him and there are no obvious edits which means he said everything in one go. Also he makes no errors in what he is saying where most amateurs would stumble here and there or pause to formulate their thoughts. This indicates to me that he uses cue cards which is a big pain in the ass to do and only professionals do it because of the hassle and time involved. If you watch carefully you can see him reading the cue cards. So this was not what it appears to be, which is a guy just saying what he thinks off the cuff, it was a professionally done video with prepared cue cards made with expensive equipment on a well lit set. He probably used lights for this also because of how well his face is lit up. If it were only sunlight he was using then there would be pronounce shadows under the brim of his cowboy hat but we don’t see any. So if he used lights also that adds to the expense and difficulty as well since lights need a power source. Now most youtubers would simply set up a relatively inexpensive camera and use the onboard mic and no lights to produce a video like this and they sure wouldn’t use cue cards and have a carefully scripted speech if they were just talking off the cuff.

            Then if you listen to what he says it goes right along the official narrative put out by the feds. He doesn’t deviate at all from their narrative that the LEO’s involved were the heroes and LaVoy was the out of control maniac who was asking for a confrontation. That is the psyop right there in a nut shell. He portrays himself as a patriot former LEO who at first thought LaVoy was murdered but now “after seeing more evidence” and after “calming down” he has realized that LaVoy caused all this himself. Now that narrative is designed to make us mad AND make us feel isolated and that even our own are turning against us. So that is my assessment for now so tell me what you think.

          2. In this video Wild Bill for America specifically targets Muslims as savages and the men as rapists. He mentions Jews and women specifically and says they are in danger from the “savages” flooding America. Watch it yourself and you will see what Wild Bill is really made of.

        6. “The guy did everything he could to get shot,” well for Gods sake, let’s kill him! But we better cover-it-up because the public will be outraged with evidence that shows us shooting the vehicle before Lavoy Finicum exited with rage.

          My question to the FBI and ATF, are you all trained to be so insensitive to the fact that Lavoy had his 18 year old daughter in the backseat, and you as a father or mother, would not react in the same manner with outrage and vengeance while being shot at?

          Human reaction to violence being directed at them is to react in the same manner. “For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.” Newton’s Law of Physics applies to EVERYTHING and EVERY LIVING THING.

          As a father or mother, or a soldier of freedom, you are likely to go into a fire fight directly when provoked….no matter who is firing at you. Being shot at by the FBI (without cause) is enough to force anyone to react in-kind, no matter the consequences. AND THE FBI KNEW THAT !

          Why is it that most every (local) law enforcement officer would not have murdered Lavoy Finicum in the manner by which it was done?

          Even if Lavoy Finicum had a death wish and wanted to be “suicided by cop,” a local police team would go to great lengths to NOT kill the individual unless he posed a grave danger to the officers.

          Lavoy Finicum was not a suicide by cop candidate, but was a planned provocation for murder in-order to send a message to any and all patriots in the Liberty Movement, including all Militia organizations, that anyone that questions authority and/or presents constitutional value to the circumstances, is subject to political diversion by death.

          Then comes the propaganda cover-up by trashing the Malheur Wildlife Reserve with “feces” that (if tested) just might come back to FBI agents since the cover-up was a poorly scripted plan to make Lavoy Finicum look like redneck trash and hope that “95% of all humans” accept the murder as a threat to well armed FBI and Oregon State Police.

          All videos show the Bundy and Finicum group fixing and cleaning the offices and the latest propaganda videos by the government show a completely different scene.

          What the Lavoy Finicum murder shows the Liberty Movement, is that future (face to face) negotiations with laughter, jokes and hand shakes) are a joke and not worth the exposure. The FBI met with the Bundy’s several times, allowing the group to travel back and forth to town, from the Reserve….and none of them were arrested for trespassing on Federal (managed) property, nor was Lavoy Finicum arrested for taking down cameras from a utility pole.

          The FBI could have easily shutdown the electricity to the occupied offices (with a warning) and all cell tower activity could have been shutdown to end the on-going support that was coming-in from other like minded citizens of the country, but instead, wanted to keep their phones and videos going to justify a murder (or two) at any given time.

          That time came when over 400 residents and the sheriff of the adjacent county invited the Bundy’s and Finicum to address their concerns over the BLM land grab tactics that were (and are) seriously out-of-control. Now the sheriff of that county is about to lose his state certification.

          The ambush was ordered by Governor Kate Brown via Washington, and the first blockade was meant to allow the vehicle to get through, while the second blockade, around a corner was the death trap.

          Those tactics were meant to stop support for the occupation by sympathetic Americans, and to stop the group leaders from speaking to the rising concern by area ranchers concerning the land grab for foreign interests, i.e., The Hillary Clinton uranium sell-off of mineral rights to Russia’s ‘Uranium One, Corp,’ in that area! (While she was Secretary of State).

          Then of course, the sell-off of BLM (managed) land to a Chinese Solar Production company by Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) in the area of the Bundy Ranch in southeast Nevada, the Bundy’s being the last ranch of 50 other ranchers that had no choice but to sell their land.

          Because of that encounter with the Bundy’s and threats by the BLM to “shoot everyone that crossed the line,” the Bundy’s and their many supporters advanced on the BLM, causing the SWAT TEAM to back-down. Harry Reid said “this is not the end,” and as of recently and on-going, the FBI is rounding-up everyone involved with that incident. Cliven Bundy was arrested as he walked off a plane in Portland Oregon to see his sons at the jail.

          When you mix it all up and throw it in a pan, you can see that everything is going to cook. That is the future and both sides are not backing down, but what it has done, is educate everyone, including federal agencies, that a can-of-worms has been opened and there’s no putting the Jeannie back in the bottle with the murder of Lavoy Finicum, let alone the murder of U.S. Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry by weapons purchased by the ATF to demonize the 2nd amendment under “Fast and Furious.”

          Lavoy Finicum did not need to be murdered and could have been easily arrested.

          These events have deepened the anger of those that understand where we are headed as a nation under tyranny and communism, and the dumbed-down public that believe what they see and hear on mainstream media, plays right into the hands of the aggressors that will kill you for expressing your freedom of speech and whistle blowing of the abuses by bureaucratic stuffed shirts.

        7. What he was acting like is; Like he was being shot at. Those casings go a long way to explain events if the FBI started the shooting while his hands were in the International position of “I surrender.” Best you wake up Ed, for soon the Cannon will be pointed in your direction for say, “Jaywalking?”

      2. Elias
        You are so right, I never thought to see this day in our country but it is here.
        After helping to be one of the founders of Texas Fathers for Equal rights some thirty years ago, well I tried my best to wake people up. After graduating Black Stone School of Law, and being in many courts up until this last year, It has become very clear to me and my family that the rule of law is no more in this great country. The death of LaVoy is the final piece to the puzzle. There is no longer a rule of anything in this country but the barrel of the gun as has been used now for too long by the wrongdoers of amerika. I am so very saddened by the death of Finicum and pray for his family and all who have fallen. Have been with Oathkeepers from the start and pray for us all everyday, that we too might not have to take a stand as our better halves have done.
        Tuxkabin has spoken, “Tuxkabin” is Mayan for ‘where are you going?’

      3. LaVoy Finicum is an example of a real man. A man that was honest, kind, humorous, a wonderful father, husband and friend to everyone. He was one of a kind. We have lost a brave hero.

      4. Mr Finicum a godly man and type to be honored. All I have gleaned and heard of his life is one of a very good man. We need many more like him because they are so scarce. I have ministered many years, taught school, almost 8 years of college, I also have many other credentials to be used to defend him and myself as well. Anyone who disagrees, then I would ask what is yours. We need more men of intregity, but most of bureaucrats are sold out to evil and becoming servants of satan. Who do you serve?

    2. Actually, genetic research in various ways can be considered as altering/tampering. DNA samples can also be tampered with, altered, mutated or contaminated. It’s not necessarily all that uncommon for evidence to be tampered with to reach a desired verdict or outcome.

  2. I can’t help but wonder if the OSP officers involved in the shooting aren’t beginning to feel as though they were set up and used by the ‘elites’.

    1. I wondered that same thing. They must feel duped, used by the Feds, they’ll just have to live with what they’ve done.

  3. I had seen pictures of the supposed “damage” done by “the militants” at the wildlife refuge, and so went looking for an article on the subject today. I watched alternative media reports in nearly real-time and never saw damage or destruction on the part of the occupiers. I wanted to see if there was a supporting article, so I went to OregonLive, which keeps a running monologue…ahem…diatribe…***cough***… chronicle of the events, just in case you missed any of it.

    The story is rife with exaggerations, misinformation and outright lies. Quote from OregonLive: “Finicum was shot and killed while charging at police, according to a Facebook video by one of the militants.” Now, anyone viewing the video can clearly see that, at no point, does Finicum charge anyone. However, this is one example of the “the truth”, and our mainstream media won’t touch it except the occasional parrot of OregonLive. The alternative media person onsite for and documenting most of the occupation is still in jail, last I heard.

    If this passes as “truth” in this country now, what chance have we that we’ll ever find out what happened to those shell casings, who picked them up or why? Thank you, David, glad to see you’re not letting this drop–if you don’t do it, no-one else will, it seems.

  4. What we know about the ambush and murder of LaVoy Finicum:

    1. Both Senators and the Governor of Oregon demanded that the Obama administration and Oregon State Police use lethal force to “stop the virus from spreading”. The “virus” of which they spoke was the enlightening of 400 people in neighboring Grant County, which has a constitutional Sheriff, about their constitutional rights and federal abuse of power, i.e. sedition and treason. It was not a coincidence that the ambush was sprung, and Finicum assassinated, on the way to that meeting. LEO testimony confirms this in their repeated statements about orders coming down from “National Command Authority”.

    2. This was NOT a “traffic stop” in any meaningful sense of the term. It was instead a meticulously planned ambush with officers admitting they had scouted the area days beforehand. In fact, the original kill zone was slated to be in Grant Co., but having constitutional sheriff there nixed that. One OSP trooper’s testimony stated that Grant Co. is considered a “UN free zone”; i.e. not accountable to the United Nations.

    Also, there were multiple vehicles waiting off road to spring the ambush once their victims were in the kill zone. Part of this preplanning included making sure the kill zone was in an area with no cellphone coverage and no witnesses.

    3. Law enforcement’s premeditation also included at least one highly specialized surveillance aircraft or drone of the type deployed by the military in combat zones overseas. This was NOT a standard-use police helicopter or Cessna.

    4. At the first stop, Finicum’s vehicle was fired upon. At least one round struck Ryan Bundy. Whether a lethal or non-lethal round was used is immaterial as the occupants could not tell the difference. After the ambush was sprung, and they were fired upon without cause, they now FEARED FOR THEIR LIVES at the hands of “law enforcement” and were justified in fleeing to the neighboring Sheriff for protection. Even as they fled, they never once showed any weapons or intention of violence toward LE.

    5. The second ambush site was prearranged on a blind curve in what is known as an illegal “kill stop”. Even at the normal speed limit it would have been nearly impossible for anyone to have stopped in time to avoid some kind of mishap. The Supreme Court ruled that this is a “Dead-man’s roadblock” and is considered deadly force. Snipers were also pre-staged in trees and/or in special stands.

    6. Even as Finicum tried to avoid the kill stop, the first LEO intentionally ran out in front of the truck while firing at least 3 shots at them. It was a miracle that Finicum was able to avoid this LEO’s reckless endangerment of everyone concerned. For the second time, Finicum knew he and the others were being targeted for assassination. Finicum also realized that he now had to draw LE fire away from the innocent women in the truck.

    7. Even the slow-motion video from the liberal “Oregonian”, taken from Shawna Cox’s phone, and released by LE, shows that Finicum had his hands over his head as he exited the vehicle while being shot at by LE. This is at least the THIRD time Finicum had been fired upon by LE while not showing any signs of violence.

    8. LE then waited until Finicum was facing away from them, trudging in knee deep snow, and facing multiple attackers from all sides, before shooting him in the back, not once, not twice, but THREE times!

    9. Last, but not least, between 2 and 5 FBI agents are now under criminal investigation for the shots they fired and tried to cover up. There is little doubt that the Oregon State Police will also come under further scrutiny as the investigation unfolds and civil lawsuits enter the courts.

    1. Very well done assessment, There are always will be trigger happy, overzealous LEO’s because nowadays government climate allows them to feel above the law. My only hope is that RIP Lavoy will be commemorated by some kind of monument erected at the murder scene for the future generations to reflect upon what it means to be an AMERICAN.

    2. Excellent investigative work and post.

      Thank you for keeping the heinous, violent, Valerie Jarrett ordered “ASSASSINATION ” of Lavoy Finicum front and center.

      Citizens must demand the “timely release of the complete names of each individual officer” that fired a weapon at Lavoy Finicum. We must demand this until we get those names.

      “Silence in the face of tyranny, is your consent to that tyranny”

    3. While only having passing professional experience with forensics, I do have some passable powers of observation.

      1. Past photos of Lavoy show him to carry two different handguns. Both are oriented to a right hand draw. One was a right hip holster holding a large caliber single action revolver. The second, a right hand draw shoulder holster located under the left armpit containing a medium sized semiautomatic handgun.
      2. One report stated that LaVoy was armed, with a pistol found in his left coat pocket. No other mention detailed any other handguns located anywhere on his body.
      3. Lavoy reached toward his left hip twice during the time after he exited his vehicle. Once it appeared to be a reactive reflex. Was he struck by a nonlethal round, such as a bean bag and reacted to the pain, searching for blood?
      4. Why were LEOs leaving cover and approaching him if they feared that he was armed and dangerous? This is completely contrary to every bit of training I’ve had or read about. The person must be compliant and cooperative, stable and in a position where he has a lowered ability to effect a physical attack. Did they know he was unarmed?

    4. Well said Crispus I agree with every word. My concern is that the entire system is so hopelessly corrupt at this point that no legitimate investigation can or will take place. I think what we will see is a massive orchestrated cover-up of the truth. I think we have crossed the Rubicon here and we have to decide for ourselves what we are going to do about the fact that we have a completely lawless rogue government on our hands.

    5. Please let me add to your statement, it was planned. A witness overheard the conversation among FBI agents, and saw the Grid on the laptop while in the planning stages. The cell service…..deliberately blocked. Witnesses to that. Plans included “several casualties”, local hospital was closed to public and “instructions” to bring additional medical personnel in. Witnesses to that. Sorry to be cryptic, but these witnesses must be protected.

    6. “4. At the first stop, Finicum’s vehicle was fired upon. At least one round struck Ryan Bundy. Whether a lethal or non-lethal round was used is immaterial as the occupants could not tell the difference.”

      My understanding is as follows: Ryan Bundy was not hit at the first stop. A non-lethal round (I believe the police report stated that it was a bean bag) was fired at the truck at the first stop when Ryan Payne stuck his head and empty hands out the passenger window. The round hit the side-view mirror near Payne. The occupants apparently were not aware that it was a non-lethal round, judging by what Shauna Cox related in a telephone interview. Ryan Payne exited the truck and walked back toward the police, where he was arrested. There is video taken from on the ground showing a kneeling Payne being handcuffed from behind. Ryan Bundy was hit in the arm by shrapnel at the second stop. The shot through the roof broke the window near him. At least that is my understanding of events.

      1. Corrections:
        The round fired at Ryan Payne at the first stop was “a 40 millimeter less lethal sponge tip round.”

        I do not know if the shot through the truck roof broke the window by Ryan Bundy. That’s my assumption, not fact. I think this because the OSP officers on scene do not say in their statements that one of them aimed at the left side of the truck and broke the window. One OSP officer fired a less lethal round at the right front passenger window and broke it, but I believe this was later, after the window near Ryan Bundy shattered.

    7. I hope a lot more than 2-5 FBI agents are under investigation, Anyone involved all the way back to the root of the demonstration. We all know in our Hearts what happened to LaVoy! So sad! It is very apparent that there is an underlying agenda for more control of our freedoms. We must ask ourselves what it is worth to be free. If there may be troubles, bring them in my day so my children will always be free! It is up to us to either allow them to control us or be controlled by them. Time is of essence. God bless America!

  5. Yes. Thank you for keeping the attention on Lavoys’ unwarranted, unnecessary murder. What a waste of a life lived honorably.

  6. Mr. Finicum did the right thing , he drew fire away from the women in the truck . He was 55 years old old lived a great life and went out with guns blazing ( Unfortunately at him) . Wake up , There will be millions of Fincums in the future . Over the last 100 days there has been 10 million firearms sold, more than all of 1999 . If a person can have a fever so can a nation . The nation is on the boiling point and nothing and no one can bring it back together .

  7. The Special prosecutor as mentioned in the article seems to me similar to a Royal Commission in Australia where it is known as a white-wash.

    He who pays the piper calls the tune.

    It was always thus.

    Que sais-je

  8. I was on the facebook page of the attorney for Ammon Bundy and someone posted a link to a facebook page of possibly one of the fbi on the scene there. The guy went by the name Jasoon Mendez.

    It only took a matter of minutes for that the go viral and barely a minute later the facebook page of Jasoon Mendez disappeared. Maybe they made it private? Maybe it was a fake account? Who knows? But we might be getting closer to finding out who they were.

  9. How will hoping for a legitimate investigation of the Finicum murder scene be any more or less fruitful than hoping for true answers at the Scalia murder scene???

  10. Elias,

    I have been a long time follower of OK. We’ve produced a couple of videos covering LaVoy’s life and shooting which may well be worth posting for your readers. Please feel free to pass the word. Keep up your good work from the Montana wilderness!

    Bryce Canyon

  11. Let me the majority of the folks on this post, I am sickened by the unconstitutional movements of law enforcement in our country. While I am in no way saying that every LEO is like this, I have found that many are. Years ago I learned about Constitutional Law and took an oath of office. I was so excited to be part of what I thought at the time was something good. Then I hit the streets. It seems many of my co-workers worked to try and circumnavigate the rights of people just to make a case. Thank God i was able to retire and get out of the rat race. Just like in the Revolution, there were loyalist and Patriots. I Am A Patriot. Liberty Tree Member from SC.

  12. As well as this FBI ‘cover-up’, Harney County officials’ fb page has a comment with a video of the supposed damage to Indian and other artifacts they say was done by the folks who stayed at the refuge. And, another comment which said there’s going to be a civil lawsuit against ‘anyone and everyone’ who even remotely supports the Bundy’s/Hammonds/refuge folks. Here’s what was said: (quote) “…I’m taking names of everyone on this page who encouraged, supported, and otherwise helped the Bundys do this. The citizens will be filing a civil suit for the over $6 million dollars in damages that is coming out of our innocent taxpayer dollars. YOU will be held responsible for your encouragement of this illegal activity…” Wow. Pretty delusional. Or, desperate to spin the facts.

    1. This info from Gavin Seim is posted on the Bundy Ranch Facebook page:

      “The TRUTH is out. Share everywhere. U.S. Fish and Wildlife conspired to spread a false story. Patriots did not ruin the refuge and here’s the evidence.”

      Gov. FABRICATED Refuge “Damage” Story!

      Gavin Seim for Liberty
      March 26 at 6:11pm
      They LIED and here is the PROOF!
      The “refuge damage” story was STAGED by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and others. If this is not judicial tampering, what is? — Gav
      Source Links…
      — USFWS Photos on Flickr:

      — RT Interview:

      — Rat Infestation:

      — David Fry assasination day:

      — 01/26 Drone Footage:

      — Patriots Cleaning Barn:

    2. From Ammon Bundy’s attorneys, Arnold Law:

      Government Admits to No Refuge Artifacts Missing
      BREAKING: No Native American artifacts were missing from the refuge, according to USFWS LEO.

      On February 25, 2016, attorneys for the protestors toured the refuge AFTER the FBI processed it. Ammon Bundy’s attorney requested a defense investigator be present for the FBI processing. That request was objected to by the government and denied. …

      The tour was provided by the USFWS law enforcement officer Special Agent in Charge. This is what he had to say about whether any Native American artifacts were missing. He seemed very candid and forthcoming about his observations and opinions during the tour. It was fortunately caught on tape by Ammon’s legal team:

      “I think I have probably already told you this before: They did an inventory of all the stuff and I didn’t hear of any archeological stuff missing. So all the stuff that was supposed to be here was still here. From my understanding.”

  13. War has been declared by the false and corrupt government in Washington DC upon the citizens of this once great country. We cannot stand by and let this go any longer. Resist in any way possible.

  14. Just like Josef Stalin’s chief of security’s motto: “Show me the man and I’ll find the crime”. Looks like the manipulative fbi and fed have taken lessons from this tidbit of history.

    How convenient.

  15. Did Sheriff Mack dodge a bullet while protesting in Burns Oregon prior to the Malheur occupation? Well…according to the AP article and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the CSPOA and Sheriff Mack are instigating sheriffs across the country to defy federal authority in their counties, according to Constitutional Law….of which the SPLC says is totally false.

    Reading the article (below) it is quite apparent and possible, Lavoy Finicum was murdered for the purpose of stopping CSPOA Sheriff’s, like Sheriff Palmer from gaining Constitutional Authority (approval) from patriots acting on their behalf.

    Lavoy’s murder was a psy-ops, politically motivated in-order to send a message to any and all sheriff’s in the country to NOT engage in Constitutional Law with patriots.

    If Jesus was around today, spreading the truth and teaching the people about tyranny, Jesus would be shot ! The SPLC would classify Jesus as a “radical extremist” spreading lies about the government’s authority. Is it any wonder why Christians are on the list as “bad guys / potential domestic terrorists?”

    THEY want us all to be Judas, “see something, say something.”

    1. Nice posting there, Rabid VDog. While I can’t verify your supposition that LaVoy was murdered for a specific reason, I feel personally that several people in public office wanted him dead before he could “spread the virus”. And your analogy of Jesus in relation to today’s SPLC, Right On! Totally the truth there. Thank you,
      Elias Alias, editor

  16. The Finicums and Bundys will live in fear. Uranium one is not a household name. Every ip address and phone number involved in restoration of liberty is a target. Y’all be real, Oregon was an enrichment course. The government isn’t going to change. Trading hope for expectations is like offering the devil a senior citizens discount. It is a shame that Lavoy is gone. He did the right thing, but so did Lincoln, JFK, MLK……… His virtues are wonderful things to keep near the heart. Bullets can’t kill love though. RIP Lavoy, you are missed and remembered.

  17. More than 90 days have passed since the Finicum shooting, and I went looking to see if the shooters’ names had been released. It doesn’t look like they have.

    I saw in the news reports that the bill provided that the officers involved could request extensions of the shield, but I wasn’t finding anything about the court proceeding where the initial order had been entered, the name of the judge involved, or any requests for extensions.

    So I went looking for the text of the law in the Oregon Revised Statutes. When I couldn’t find that, I dug into the legislative history. I’m not an Oregon lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but as near as I can tell, the law has never been enacted (passed the house and remains stuck in committee in the Senate:

    Has the bill become a law? If so, can anyone provide a statutory cite? If not, why haven’t the names of the officers involved been released?

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