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College Debate Team Argues Whites Should Die

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So much for “domestic enemies”: Yesterday’s college radicals are among today’s “leaders” in government, academia and even the corporate world. Creatures like this one appear poised to follow that same path, to assume positions of influence and power.

“Black students advocate white genocide at Harvard,” the title to a YouTube video posted by “All Lives Matter” claims. The debate, which was supposed to be about renewable energy, occurred at Harvard University, viewers are told.  Those advocating whites kill themselves or otherwise die are identified as Damiyr Davis and Miguel Feliciano, from the University of West Georgia.

While the white debaters asked why they couldn’t just “struggle against the structure,” whatever that means, instead of telling the racists to get bent and walking out, it’s difficult not to wonder how such conduct is even allowed, especially in light of campus “hate speech” rules and “safe spaces” for everyone (at least as long as they belong to a “Progressive”-approved race, gender, sexual category, and political affiliation). Indeed, if a student is “not of the body,” he can expect to be ostracized and forbidden from being part of the discussion. Bearing in mind that for “progressives,” every day is Opposite Day, this is what they mean by tolerance and diversity.

Who thinks white students would be allowed to ask blacks to justify their right to live without being expelled at a minimum?

Some interesting contradictions are presented here. It’s tough to sympathize with people claiming to be “underprivileged” when they’re representing even a modest college like UWG, where the annual tuition significantly exceeds per capita income for most of the world’s population.  Add to that The Harvard Crimson presenting arguments that “hate speech policies are necessary,” while complaining “Our nation is obsessed with the concept of freedom.”

Chew on that one for a moment.

“[O]nce my message went viral, the anti-white activists deleted these public videos of the debate in order to conceal the truth,” the video description claims. “This just [shows] you how dishonest these people are: when you point out their hypocrisy, they delete the evidence.”

That’s an old Marxist trick.  Stalin was a master at erasing history so the memory of those he found inconvenient to totalitarianism would be “disappeared” from all records. That’s why it would be good for those who know how to save and store the video if it gets pulled from YouTube.

It’s also telling that the totalitarian lobby calls those who believe in limited government the haters. For example, the Southern Poverty Law Center presents its posts about Oath Keepers under the banner of “Hate Watch.” Not so curiously, they never mention the organization bylaws:

Section 8.02. Restrictions on Membership: (b) No person who advocates, or has been or is a member, or associated with, any organization, formal or informal, that advocates discrimination, violence, or hatred toward any person based upon their race, nationality, creed, or color, shall be entitled to be a member or associate member.

There are those who, either out of ignorance or intent to misdirect, scoff at the notion that genocide could ever happen here in America.  The thing is, they never have a compelling reason why this land, above all others, will always be spared.

Has not despotism and mass destruction plagued every civilization that preceded ours? Is it not, in fact, still commonplace throughout the globe? By what suspension of reality, by what denial of the observable and the probable, by what art, device or magic are we sheltered few immune from catastrophe? Are we certain, from our brief and privileged vantage point, that such things will ever remain headline curiosities? Is it not just plain stupid to proclaim that our familiar way of life will forever be the norm, when everything that has gone before us shows we are, instead, the extremely lucky beneficiaries of a rare and fortunate convergence of circumstances; and one, by the way, that has only been preserved under force of arms?

Which is why domestic enemies indoctrinate useful idiots to scoff at the idea of the Second Amendment being any deterrent against monsters who advocate people should die because they’re not members of the right group.  These are the ones who want your guns, and who are counting on a critical mass of oblivious dolts to deliver the votes they’ll need to enact ever more restrictive disarmament edicts. That is, until such time as they no longer need to pretend that votes are needed…

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

(Special note: Did you catch the part where the impotent child got agitated? It was like a demon was trying to break out. I’m making the assumption that this video is on the up-and-up, and has not been produced to fool viewers into getting outraged over something that was staged. There’s no reason to suspect that, but then again, there’s no track record of credibility on the part of the anonymous person who posted it that warrants departing from a position of “trust but verify.”)



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. I am totally perplexed. If whites should kill themselves or otherwise die, then how does Obozo resolve the issue of being half Black and half White?

    If lucky enough to have been in the presence of such omniscient and even omnipotent individuals such as these two paradigm examples of the University of West Georgia student body, that question would have been presented.

    Surely two individuals with solid Common CORE Education System training would not have considered the question to be enigmatic.

    A primary concern of Dr. Stephen Hawking and other top scientists is the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence merging with advanced robotics to the destruction of human life. Personally, I would be more concerned with the proliferation of these Common CORE idiots infiltrating all levels of society.

    LoneStarHog (Hog)
    Texas Life Member #140

    1. I agree and was asking myself the same thing. Add to that the fact that nearly all “black” Americans are at least some part white. America is a blended society so I’m wondering which one of these idiots makes the decision on how much white blood is too much? Another point, besides the obvious bullshit that they spew, is that they are falling for Obama’s “Black Lives Matter” B.S. and they don’t even see that he is using them to start a race/class conflict war which is step 8 of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”…instructions on how to take over a country. And THESE are the “educated” ones? Obama wants a civil war to break out so that he can stop the upcoming election and militarize this country using U.N. soldiers. These U.N. soldiers are currently HERE and on standby. These are great little meat-puppets that do what their master really wants them to. And their master is NOT white but a Muslim dictator. And P.S…you’re welcome for the over 630,000 WHITES that died in the last civil war to free the slaves.

      1. Exactly. The traitor in the WH will use any war or declared crisis of any sort on any continent to declare his/their agenda. They are pissing their pants eager to use that ammo they purchased.

  2. That debate should not have been allowed to have taken place. It is garbage like this that continues to fan the flames of hatred in this country, if not the world. All involved in this debate, including those that allowed it to take place should be summarily dismissed with prejudice from that poor excuse of a college.

  3. Hmmm…no more whites…?
    These “higher education” people haven’t figured out yet, just who’s paying for their EBT?

  4. LoneStarHog,

    To somewhat answer the question you proposed in your first paragrah: there is a singular commonality amongst people of mixed race that is worth mentioning, at least for those who have a white parent and a black parent — they usually indentify themselves as being black, and not mixed or biracial. I’ve never understood why that is and it seems to almost be a “disowning” of another part of them self, but I think it has more to do with a sense of belonging, and since the Afro genes tend to be the stronger in most mixed race cases, it’s easier for them to identify as black. Therefore, “Obozo” , as you called him, is known to the world as a black man inspite of being mixed race.

    1. As the white parent of two mixed race young adults, I agree with you. My son totally views himself as being black but my daughter does recognize and think of herself as both, but I think mostly because she and I have always been so tight. She does, however, get irate at any racism directed at black people or herself. Apart from the obvious physical traits, they found growing up that other people thought of them as black and treated them as such, and that also helps to shape their personal identity, perhaps even more than their physical traits. Obozo, as you call him, considers himself Muslim, which may explain why he really has done nothing in 7 years to help the black community other than to foment more racial turmoil and do everything he can think of to promote and protect Islam. Being Muslim also explains why he has been so reticent to protect Christians in the Middle East and here at home. So, I believe, it is not a black/white issue with him (as he uses that for his political advancement), it is a Muslim/Christian issue that is at the heart of what he cares about.

  5. “Black students advocate white genocide at Harvard”

    This is blatant “race baiting” intended to stir up racial tension. The video has been edited — clearly! Who’s to say that this was actually a college debate and not just some idiot blowing steam: The guy doing the “debating” is Latino; the black guy didn’t open his mouth once.

    People need to get out of their emotions and use their. Stop letting the media brainwash you.

  6. Mr Codrea, I was confused by your use of the term “impotent” in the special note ….. am respectfully querying as to what was intended was “impudent ” or possibly “insolent” as the changed from discussion of behavior to virility ? Thanks , if you could PLEASE clarify meaning ….. Respectfully, RW

    1. No, I meant what I wrote. The word has non-sexual applications — in this case his utter personal inability to achieve the eradication of whites.It also implies this guy isn’t much of a man, because just being male doesn’t qualify. Being a man is supposed to mean something.

      1. A bit of background. I am an disabled veteran medically retired from the Army. I am a staunch proponent of the Oath Keepers and a proud member as well.
        I will be graduating in May of 2016 with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Emergency Management / Counter-Terrorism.
        I am currently in a HIST101 (American History up to 1877) course. Just last week I was debating as a proponent for slavery and why slavery is beneficial to the Confederacy and the Union as a whole. My main argument was that Negros are too stupid to be able to take care of themselves and are not even real people as they are a mere 3/5ths of a human being. They are incapable of rational thought and are best suited doing hard labor.
        Now David, the fact of the matter is this:

        I think slavery was despicable and I cannot imagine the horrific life that many the slave must have endured.

        I have copied and pasted the instructions from our Professor on the parameters of this week’s debate topic and format below:

        Week 6 Forum Hide Full Description

        Group A Group B

        1. Booker 1. Braden

        2. Churchwell 2. Gibbon

        3. Gudonis 3. Johnson

        4. Labarga 4. Lee

        5. McLemore 5. Metcalf

        6. Nichols, Michael 6. Nichols, Robert

        7. Reisman 7. Robinson

        8. Smith 8. Undernehr

        9. Vestal 9. Walker

        10. Wall 10. Winter

        You have been divided into two groups. For this forum, Group A will assume the role of an individual opposed to slavery, while Group B will argue in support. The following is a statement from the social theorist George Fitzhugh. Each of you should post a statement in support, or in opposition to Fitzhugh’s argument. Your Initial Debate Discussion is to be a well-crafted five-paragraph essay. Try not to make assumptions. Instead, assume the historical role of someone who lived in the United States in the period prior to the Civil War. Not all northerners opposed slavery, and not all southerners favored it. You could be a plantation owner, a slave trader, or a southern politician. Conversely, you can be an abolitionist, a northern politician, or even a slave. Be creative.

        After your initial submission (Five-Paragraph Debate Discussion) , you are then required to continue the debate by responding to four of your classmates. Your responses should be a minimum of 100 words, and should contribute to the dialogue. Your Initial Essay is due by 11:55pm, ET, Friday and your responses to 4 other students by 11:55pm, ET, Sunday.

        David, the fact of the matter is none of the students in this example truly feel the way they are framed as in the context of the debate. (Well maybe some do, but you get what I am saying)

        Simply stated, as the above information indicates (I was included as one of the students directed to argue in favor of slavery. (I am student No. 7 Robinson)

        If someone were to video tape our debate, one would have the inclination that I am a racist bastard. Taking our debate out of context, I would imagine the Huey P. Newton Gun Club would love to use me as target practice. But again in summation, I am not racist whatsoever. I (just like these guys in the video) had no choice in the subject matter of the debate


      2. Aside from the fact that they are not doing such “role playing” to argue any other group deserves to die, the description and documentation links at the YouTube video just don’t support your suppositions. I suggest you read what the guy has to say, test his proofs, and make your argument to him.

  7. I think that the really interesting thing is simply this. For all those on both sides of this argument. Both black and white folks that hate one another. How then will a race war really work . When the reality of the situation is simply this. There is a very large percentage of our country (Our People) that are from mixed relationships. So how will a race war work. Maybe I’m just an ignorant person ( I don’t think I am ) but if those that want a race war so bad get their wish it would be interesting to see Howard son is going to kill which parent !!!! The black mom or white Dad or the black Dad and the white mom. We need to stop looking a race and look at actions. I will be the first to admit I can not stand the thug culture. But I hate to break the news. Whites , blacks, Hispanics , Asians etc. all have shitey people. I mean seriously if white folks think Hilary Clinton is a evil thug just because she has money then we are crazy. Thugs , criminals , bad Americans come in every shape , size and color people. We need to stop letting the elite divide us . Last time I checked FREEDOM isn’t just for the rich, FREEDOM isn’t just for White folks, FREEDOM isn’t just for Americans. If we are going to STAND and FIGHT for real FREEDOM let us do it for all men , women and children not for just people that we like or look like us.

  8. This cultural marxist side of the Harvard debate team actually has a bit of notoriety on the web as being the most absurd and idiotic debate team in the country. They won a national award (I believe) using a “new debate style” in which they kind of rap and slur their arguments together while huffing and puffing like spastics (like the kid in the video does for a moment). I’m pretty sure they won the award because the judges wanted to appear “progressive”, not because they actually presented a viable argument.

    It’s funny because one cannot debate an entire ethnic group’s “right to live” without ignoring individual liberty or individualism period. Only collectivists who ignore inherent liberties and conscience can then go on to suggest that an entire group should die predicated only on skin color and the supposed potential for future crimes. If we are going to go around arguing the eradication of groups based on the potential threat they pose to the “greater good of the greater number”, then I would suggest eradicating all cultural marxists and collectivists, for it is they who are renowned for committing mass atrocities and genocide due in large part to their ideology.

    Another little note, statistically the majority of crimes (murder at the top of the list) against black and latino people every year are committed by OTHER BLACK AND LATINO PEOPLE. So, it would appear that ethnic communities have far less to fear from white people than they do from each other.

    Also, there is no such thing as “white privilege”, so, the commie moron’s entire position is null and void.

  9. after reading all of the educated comments above and not seeing a solution to this stupidity brought forward ,I can only say”Bring it on”

    1. Agreed! Hope I live long enough to see their tune when the money train runs dry. Then they’ll really get nasty! Beyond just ignorant talk.

  10. This just sickens me. Straight out of the playbook of Obama, foment a race war. This has to change. it is only going to get worse from here without some accountability. Counting the days until Obummer leaves the White House!

  11. As Georgiabama correctly stated, this video has been heavily edited. What I would like to know is if this was the true view of the Latino in the foreground, or if this was a debate where the Latino played the “devil’s advocate” to simulate a high-tension situation and what to do to defuse it. HOWEVER, I have personally experienced hate against white people and this kind of rhetoric was used. This video MUST be researched and the truth found.

  12. Well then I guess I had better clean the guns and start filling magazines. If they want a war I’ll give it to them. Iraqis didn’t get me, Lebanese didn’t get me, and the Panamanians didn’t get me so I’m sure some snot nosed college punks won’t be a problem.

  13. Horribly complex topics at hand. A minute slice of these topics sends my OPINION forth: It is easier for tyrants lording over a country to maintain control if the commoners they use and abuse for their own benefit are too busy bickering among themselves to unite and present a united front against tyranny.

    And the unholy alliance between big business and government continues and those atop the socioeconomic hierarchy have enough wealth and power to fuel the systems of command and control that increasingly results in a nation swarming with peons struggling to eke out a living from the scraps tossed to them.

    1. The current, effective ‘tactical weapon’ of choice of TPTB is “Divide & Conquer.” In this case fear, ignorance, and hatred are the desired results. P L E A S E don’t fall for it.
      Leave the colors in the Crayola box and the races at the track.

      1. How about informing the Muslims who enjoy murdering and injuring USA military personnel at in-country Army bases and other facilities? I refuse to embrace warm-fuzzy, Kumbayah BS. I prefer viewing reality without indoctrination by those unable to do so.

        Additionally, your response make no sense to me so my response to you is a very general catch-all reply.

  14. I posted this video on my Facebook page to get it circulated before it is taken off YouTube.

  15. This moronic thinking is beyond the realm of human understanding. They make a good argument for selective birth control. In their case it looks like the condom and sperm became confused and mated with the trash can…..

  16. See here now. I’m an old white guy and never thought I was over privileged to a point of killing myself to make room for morons. Never been considered racist and nether is my Smith and Wesson. You come at me and my Smith is totally color blind . Really it is. I’m all about live and let live so leave this nonsense off the table or plan on paying. Been to war ashamed to say but the Bible is replete with the right to self defense . That’s all!!!!

  17. Wow all I can say is this is what you get when you sit back and let it happen. As an old fart I have witnessed it all from back of the buss to what we have today. Yes I am a white man and yes these folks are full of crap. I went through all the equal rights changes that affected my life substantially, from being overlooked for promotions on many occasions because I wasn’t black man or a black women or Hispanic or some other minority that meet the companies affirmative action quota. I was born and raised in an inner city slum and went to school with blacks Hispanics so I don’t come from a privileged upbringing. All I have to say is no matter what strides obtained by the so called minorities it just seems it is never good enough. You say you want equal rights however you always want the distinction of being different and of course to be able to say and do anything and not be held accountable because you believe you have the right to say and do just about anything you want without any consequences.
    I have known and associated with all races all my life and there are good and bad in all. I believe with my life experience I have obtained the ability to distinguish between the two. These two are the kind of people that have it made and just continue to cry and complain like little children because they see themselves as different. Suck it up, stop the crybaby complaining, stand on your own two feet and be Men. If you want respect then earn it. Just shut the hell up it is really getting old.

  18. I found out the hard way just how racist some blacks can be, I was assaulted by 5 black men while holding my baby years ago. I didn’t know them, they attacked me because I wasn’t black. I won’t go into black neighborhoods for this reason. Most black Americans are just trying to make a living, just like any American, but, there are a number of them that are hateful racists. It is good that this truth is now surfacing, it will destroy the narrative of the fascist libs and the issue will have to be dealt with. I am guessing that the majority of black Americans are not racist, however, the numbers are high enough they cannot be ignored.

  19. The Democratic Party and Republican Party are gearing-up with propaganda news articles to discourage Trump voters. The left is portraying Trump voters as “un-educated, racist bigots,” suggesting that Trump voters come from run-down neighborhoods and live on welfare. Gee…that sounds like Clinton voters??

    They go on to say that Sanders and Clinton voters are highly educated, up-scale individuals and morally sound.

    Reality says something completely different…….

    Those that are coming out-of-the-woodwork for Trump are Christians and pro-second amendment folks, that look poor, but tend to their own land in the backwoods of America, they believe in homemade apple pie and sound government. They understand the politics far better than the gang bangers living in the ghetto on welfare. Other Trump voters are from every profession imaginable, and the difference is quite evident….they want their country back.

    America has been stolen and destroyed by both parties and the divide is clear to everyone that understands politics.

    Hillary is playing with the minds of all her supporters that do NOT understand what her and her husband have done to this country and only care about what the government is going to give them ! If Hillary wins, will they clean-up their disgusting neighborhoods or will the ghetto expect Hillary to come in and do it for them? Will they stop burning their own neighborhood businesses down when a white man oppresses them by driving through their neighborhood or arrests them for selling dope on the corner? Will THEY expect Hillary to force the “privileged white man” to rebuild those businesses they burn down?

    On the other hand, the Trump voters (mostly) hate Bush and what he did by imposing the Patriot Act on Americans while creating the “Police State,” but who they really hate is what Obama has done to America by staging False Flag shootings and allowing the worst of the worst to occupy government positions, i.e., Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, John Kerry, and Eric Holder, Department of Justice.

    To top the list…..the border is wide open and disease and despair continues to cross into our once sovereign nation, not to mention meth and heroin. Americans are murdered everyday by illegal aliens. Hit and run killings are at an all time high.

    That subject alone is the reason why most Americans want Trump and is the reason why the Democratic Party and Republican Party will do everything they can to stop Trump. The establishment only cares about their bottom line…free trade and cheap labor.

    It’s a battle for the White House and WE must prevail at all costs, no matter how deadly it can become. This is a war like no other since 1775 and we are all in it! We lose it this time…it’s all over for Christians and (YES) WHITE PEOPLE.

    The Hillary Clinton voters HATE WHITES plain and simple, but they want to turn the tables to make it appear that it is the WHITE MAN that is the racist. NO….it’s about losing this country to a demographic sect that believe socialism / communism is the answer to their lazy existence.

  20. Why aren’t these morons expelled? They have no business being in an institution of higher learning, they need to be robbing convenience stores…that’s more on their intelligence level.

  21. Back in my classic Debate days, two person teams, Affirmitive / Negative, 1st A Construct / 1st Neg
    2nd A Construct / 2nd Neg / with a cross examination between each and Rebuttals after…

    Anyhow; the topic for the YEAR was presented before classes ever started up and the Affirmative case was mandated by SHIT:
    S ignificance
    H arm
    I nherency
    T opicality

    An Affirmative Team needed to clear said benchmarks in order to serve up a Prima Fascia Argument…

    Just sayin

    Now – on to the question on the age of this Video footage???

    Someone quotes a DECADE…

  22. all lives matter you are all human beings no matter what the color of skin you have and you the youngsters have not been under slavery my people got messed with first . made to live on a reservations ,given blankets with small poxs ,given bad food ,and our land taken from us.,

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