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Zika Virus – What YOU Need to Know!

Patriot Nurse

Patriot Nurse has a common sense video where she talks about the latest “scary virus”, being blown out of proportion by scaremongers.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Once again, Patriot Nurse hits it out of the ballpark! One thing I feel compelled to share that I’ve discovered in my research on Zika is, the birth defect called microcephaly seems to be largely confined to Brazil, and a certain region of Brazil to boot. While cases can be found throughout the entire range of countries that have seen the spread of Zika, the statistical majority of the cases are concentrated in Brazil.

    New articles published on the subject detail how the increase in cases of microcephaly PRE-DATE the Zika outbreak. Researchers and physicians are now forming new theories about the surge in birth defects: 1) a certain vaccine given during early pregnancy, and 2) a certain type of mosquito-control chemical that has been applied DIRECTLY TO THE WATER SUPPLY, that is designed to inhibit the development of mosquito larvae. This is the water supply from which towns and cities draw their drinking water.

    Media sources have been throwing around microcephaly statistics that range from 2,000 all the way up to 4,000 cases. However, careful digging shows that actual, confirmed cases of microcephaly stand at around 450 cases–the vast majority of these cases are in the specific areas where the larvacide has been applied to the water supply. LOL, I’m not a chemist or virologist, but it would seem to me that Patriot Nurse is definitely correct in her assessment of–follow the money.

    My apologies for writing a short book, LOL, but I just hate for women to panic over this–it’s just a needless thing to worry about. PN’s overall recommendation to eliminate the mosquito breeding grounds is sound advice. Dengue fever, malaria and all the other nasty tropical diseases would be decreased using the same method–get rid of the mosquito. I have personally experienced dengue fever, and promise you it is no picnic. It’s well-worth the effort expended to police your living area and add fish like perch, breem and crappy to your ponds. LOL, a big mess of fried crappy on the table is a welcome addition! If you would like to research this further, let me know and I’ll dig out the links to support this. Stay healthy, patriots!

    1. That virus was developed in 1947 by th Rockefellers. It’s been “under lock and key” all these years. Suddenly, it appears. Also, the newly pregnant women are being given DPT and MMR shots. A deadly combination with the environmental assaults taking place.

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