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What Is The Best Method Of Rebellion Against Tyranny?


This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at

I have heard it often said that there is no one right way to accomplish a goal. I agree. However, I would add that while there is no such thing as “one right way” to achieve an objective, this does not mean there aren’t numerous WRONG ways to achieve an objective.

Doing “something” is not always better than doing nothing if that “something” is based on terrible strategy. Unfortunately, there are people out there with otherwise good intentions, even in the liberty movement, that seem to think that taking action without planning is preferable to patience. They do not understand that there is such a thing as negative returns.

The reality is that action is easy. Patience and planning are difficult. Emotional reaction is simple. Quiet professionalism is complicated.

This is the dynamic that is plaguing the liberty movement today; the battle between our emotional drive to jump headlong into conflict with our progressively corrupt establishment, and the absolute necessity for intelligent strategy and proper timing.

The issue here is not “fighting.” Most of us know and accept the fact that a fight is coming whether we like it or not. I say by all means, let’s fight, but fighting is not enough. If we fight, we must fight TO WIN, and this requires fighting smart.

On the other side of the coin, the weak handed and weak hearted will argue that fighting in any respect is “useless” or “immoral” and will result in failure.  This is the pacifist camp, which never produces much in the way of practical solutions.  There are very useful and peaceful methods for non-participation and nullification, most of which I am happy to promote.  That said, non-participation is only part of the battle.  If you are dealing with a psychopathic adversary (which we are), ultimately that adversary will use overt violence to stop you from nullifying their authority.  If you are not willing to use active self defense against true evil based on some deluded Gandhi complex, then you and the historical memory of you will be erased.  It is perfectly possible for a person to fight in self defense while maintaining his core principles.

If you fight, then there is a chance.  If you do not fight, then failure is guaranteed.  The “odds” are irrelevant.  How you fight (fighting smart) is the only matter of importance.

Recently I have seen a growing contingent of people within the movement that seek a fight but question the concept of planning or waiting. They’ll argue that planning is somehow impractical, or that there will never be a perfect time for action. This way of thinking has only been inflated by the latest events in Burns, Oregon.

The Oregon standoff is a stunning example of how emotional action leads to failure and tragedy. Many will argue over the circumstances surrounding the death of Lavoy Finicum — did he reach into his jacket, or was he reacting to being shot? Were the police officers involved in fear for their lives, or were they out for blood? The majority of liberty activists will undoubtedly assume malicious intent on the part of the government due to their track record of murder and lies. I don’t blame them. That said, I would point out that while Finicum may be dead because of ill intent on the part of trigger happy cops, he was put in that position in the first place due to inadequate planning and leadership.

The argument that the FBI should have never been in Burns in the first place overlooks the fact that Bundy and team, strategically speaking, should not have been there either. They could have been in a far better position if only they had thought their conundrum through.

Oregon and the death of Finicum are not failures on the part of the liberty movement. They are failures on the part of Bundy and team, who refused to listen to scores of people with far more experience and knowledge in such situations; the same people who tried to help the occupiers adjust their tactics and offer them safer ground and safer footing. The failure in Oregon is what happens when amateurs, not just in training but in tactical philosophy, undertake a rebellion.

Some will argue that experienced tacticians within the movement (and there are many) refused to show up for the fight, and thus sentenced the occupiers to defeat. I would argue that the Oregon standoff was FUBAR from the very beginning. From its inception it was doomed. Half the movement saw it plain as day. For me, the end result was obvious.

A team of well-meaning but unorganized and untrained activists thrust themselves into a situation beyond their capabilities and under the potential influence of agents provocateur. There was no vetting for random strangers seeking to join their ranks; no direct goals and no clearly defined strategy, only vague demands and notions. No thought of planning one or two steps ahead, let alone five steps ahead. A circus atmosphere inspiring public ridicule rather than public respect. A complete lack of understanding of the gravity of the situation leading to a false sense of safety and comfort, or in some cases even hubris.

This is why most liberty tacticians had no interest in showing up to the Oregon standoff; not because they were fearful, not because they are “sunshine patriots,” not because they are waiting for a “perfect” moment that will never come to kick off a revolution. They did not show up because it was a scenario that could not be salvaged. It was a carnival. Period.

To compare events to the first American Revolution, I do not see the standoff and the shooting of Finicum as a Lexington Green moment (though it hasn’t fully ended yet). Rather, I see it as a Boston Massacre moment. The Boston Massacre was an absolute tragedy, but also not a cut-and-dry affair. John Adams, acting as legal defense for the British soldiers accused of initiating bloodshed, realized that the Sons Of Liberty were desperate to use the event politically to rally support for direct revolution, but also understood that the timing and the circumstances were utterly wrong. The Sons of Liberty wanted to hold up the Boston Massacre as a symbol of ALL the oppression the colonials suffered under the crown. Adams, though an avid champion of the cause, correctly treated it as a singular tragedy and not an opportunity for exploitation.

The colonials would eventually enter into revolution at Lexington and Concord; clearly defined defensive scenarios in which the militia obstructed the path of British soldiers sent to arrest leaders of the Sons of Liberty (Samuel Adams and John Hancock), as well as to confiscate firearms and black powder caches. The militia had a direct goal (to impede the British from reaching Adams and Hancock) and the British used clear and overt force against them, resulting in an immediate and violent justified response by other militias. This is one right way to start a rebellion.

So if Oregon represents an example of the wrong way to do things, what is a better way? I described alternative methods with a much greater chance of success in my article “Real Strategies For Removing Federal Presence From Western Lands,” but I would like to explore beyond specific tactics and discuss mindset — the overall philosophy behind a winning rebellion in our modern era.

Divided We Win, United We Fall

This might sound counter-intuitive; I’ll explain.

A movement should be united in its stance and its values in order to succeed and I believe the liberty movement is indeed united for the most part on these terms. However, when it comes to concrete action the more centralized our efforts the less we will achieve and the more likely we are to fail.

I find it interesting that whenever a call goes out to the movement to take action it usually involves concentrating large masses of us into a small area with no outlined plan or directives. With the exception of Bundy Ranch, which I believe was entirely organic in how it came about, most of these calls to arms are initiated by questionable personalities or people possibly under the influence of provocateurs who seek to march us all into a box, whether it be a bridge in Washington, D.C. or a scrub brush refuge in Oregon. In the face of a vastly superior opponent in terms of arms and technology, it seems to me that the establishment would prefer us all to be hyper-focused on only one battle space at one time, putting all our eggs in one basket and leaving us vulnerable.

Instead, a rebellion in this day and age must be asymmetric in nature; meaning smaller groups acting covertly on their own initiative everywhere rather than in only one place. Amassing in one small region might be useful under very specific conditions, but if you want to pose an actual threat to a large criminal system, you need hundreds of events, all of them far better planned than Oregon.

Organization Through Localism

If you cannot even secure your own family or your own neighborhood from potential threats, then why would you expect to be successful in projecting out to a whole other state and community and securing it instead? Local organization is more important than national organization or grand posturing on the national stage. If you can strengthen your own community while others do the same across the country, then the effects will be felt nationally by default.

Far more can be accomplished through localism than by rolling the dice on mass theatricality and Alamo-style tactics.

Communications Networking

Unity does not come best through concentrated action but through solid communications. The fact that most of the liberty movement has no coms networks outside of the mainstream grid is a sad state of affairs that will lead to our downfall. As far as my information shows, the Oregon occupiers had no ham radio communications and relied primarily on cell phones. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

When there is a national network of ham operators providing communications to the liberty movement, then and only then can we claim to have the means to organize effectively outside of our own communities. Do not assume for a second that you will have access to mainstream grid communications when you need them.

Prepare To Aid People Outside The Movement

The establishment would like nothing more than for the liberty movement to completely isolate itself from the general public. The more we refuse to interact with our communities the easier it will be to paint us as dangerous outsiders. The more we offer valuable services and training to a community, such as classes on emergency medical response, personal defense against active shooters, food storage and preparedness, etc., the more likely we will be seen as valuable assets to that community in the wake of a crisis.

I have been undertaking such efforts in my own community for the past couple of years and have met many excellent people who are of like mind but not necessarily “activists” in the traditional sense. If you discount efforts to improve your local situation and to build bridges, you do so at your own peril.

Focus On The True Culprits

Eventually, someone is going to have to bring the international banking elites to justice for their direct influence over government corruption and destructive economic policy. Making stands against the Bureau of Land Management and other questionable federal agencies might be a necessary part of this fight, but the fight will never end until the original perpetrators are removed at the root. Beware of any group or “leader” who calls you to action but ignores the money-elite; they are probably more interested in exploiting you than helping you.

Quiet Professionalism

Perhaps most important of all is the need for liberty activists to adopt an attitude of quiet professionalism. This means analyzing situations objectively. This means having one’s heart in the right place without being driven emotionally. This means attaining personal excellence in any field of knowledge that might help you to gain victory.

Winning this fight will require the extraordinary dedication of extraordinary individuals; anything less will result in disaster. Giving our all does not mean simply being willing to sacrifice our lives. That may be what happens, but this cannot be our only trump card. If you are not striving every day to master your own skills and initiative then you are not giving your all. If you are not organizing effectively at the local level because you assume no one will listen to you, then learn to communicate better and try again. If your only plan is to go out guns blazing, then you might as well stay home because you will do more harm for the movement than good.

Become a local pillar rather than a mere complainer. Seek to produce results rather than demanding others do it for you. When you act, act intelligently. Be steady in your resolve and do not let anger or panic rule your thinking. Be fair in your assessments, and above all, once again, if you fight, fight to win. Fighting merely in the name of fighting is a fool’s game.

If the movement had 10,000 individuals of this caliber victory would be assured against any odds.


Brandon Smith



  1. Very, very well said article. As Knowledge has very little commonality with Intellectual collectives, Think Tanks and other dim-witted idiocies of basket cases and the webs they weave…. Knowledge is the knowing as to how one or many properly apply their acquired intelligence, education and training and as to the direction that would most benefit in the defense and preservation of the health and well-being of the Individual’s Independence, Families, Communities, Counties and etc etc. History shows that war is continuous. As, the War on Terror, the Gulf Wars, Vietnam, Korea, WWII, WWI and etc were only battles since the world previously became a battlefield indicating that War is a corporate enterprise and the separation of Church and State been proven a hoax by the Executive branch of Government (DHS) previously hiring various pastors and preachers along with the Elite’s offering of a religious war for pastime entertainment. Yep, the Tower of babble in the chapel within the castle in Basel, BIS, Bank of International Settlement will of course make a few sacrifices in terms of turning a few of their minions into meat for their cause.

    1. the smart way to fight is best, no question about that. Emotions must not rule. As Oathkeepers and hopefully Christians our MO is biblical… love our enemies for they who are doing evil are of their father the devil… the injustice in this earth is shocking but the battle is in reality spiritual manifesting in the natural. Has not Jesus told us of the end times? Lets face reality that America is on its way out along with the rest of the earth and we can not stop it… I am a fighter but the strategy for a successful fight must come from above… in the end we are all winners if we follow our Commander, Jesus. Not a thing wrong with keeping your powder dry for that is a tool that may be required sooner or later and we must fight legally working to get people in authority who too are oathkeepers in that they take an oath and are honorable to keep it… remember God ultimately has victory for us … without His wisdom we lose …

      1. i disagree somewhat. This country has allowed an alien, american hating usurper in our white house for 8 years. He should have been taken out by force by now. We are to blame for this through inaction. Psalms:144 is a prayer to God by David, Lord teach my hands to war, and my fingers to fight. God granted David victory over all of his enemies, and it wasnt through pleading for people to be nice, or intelligent. The state in this country is because americans have failed to protect ourselves against the likes of obama, and communists in this government. WE ARE TO BLAME. TALK ALL YOU WANT, IT WILL NOT HELP.

      2. I totally agree with you Lil. Sometimes all the planning in the world goes for naught because as an example, say your house is on fire, do you ponder and say, oh wait now, we have to decide which is the best way to put this fire out ..all while everything is going up in flames. No…I think we have to be ready and alert for any eventuality, even though it may look as if we’re eager beavers getting ahead of ourselves. We have suffered all kinds of abuses from this government, yet it seems the public by and large have been too apathetic to actually do something. I’ve asked myself a thousand times, what’s it going to take?
        I believe…..and correct me if I’m wrong, but the early colonists tolerated the British King’s abuses for nigh on ten years before it culminated into a revolution. We’ve tolerated Obama’s abuses for nigh on eight years now…and more than that if you count all the stealth agenda that’s been going on for many decades.

      3. Then by all means Lil, go right on ahead and act on your words..
        Or, are you wanting the Oath Keepers to give up their lives for you and the rest of us..
        I agree, talk is cheap, but as the bible says, Don’t look at the speck in others eye but the plank in your own..
        These men have families too!
        If you have the answer, we are all ears..

      4. This is nothing short of Biblical in its proportions. Attempts at globalization have ALWAYS been on men’s minds and is foretold for ‘end times.’ What has changed is the technology. Many times in the course of history, we have seen horrors perpetrated against the population. Their clarion call now is ‘for the greater good.’ Who could argue with that. Problem is; THEY’VE created all these problems to which they have prepared SOLUTIONS- sinister solutions. When the ‘greater good’ entails the systematic removal of all that we hold as noble and necessary (including ourselves) in deference to civilization destroying third worlders and ways foreign to our own (accomplished through and by the machinations of elitist progressives); it’s time for us to take up the mantle passed down to us by our forefathers. At the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention, Franklin was asked, “Do we have a monarchy or a republic,” he replied, “…a republic, if you can keep it.” Washington warned future generations of “cunning, ambitious and unprincipled men with a love of power and a proneness to abuse it.” We stand at a precipice. The Lord said, “Occupy til I return.” He didn’t say to roll over and play dead. Fear has a way of paralyzing or causing us to set our teeth and saying- NO MORE. From a scriptural standpoint; I believe we are MYSTERY BABYLON. MB has a spanking coming. A place of safety is mentioned, with “hidden storehouses of manna.” We will continue to pray for direction. Our skills have been acquired and our powder is kept dry. Even so, come Lord Jesus, come.

      5. Amen.. Very well said.
        God is in total control & he is on our side as long as we obey him and honor him.
        We are only passing through this life.
        May God bless you and your family!!

      6. This;

        ” There are very useful and peaceful methods for non-participation and nullification, most of which I am happy to promote.”

        There are much more lawful, peaceful and effective means than non participation and nullification to defend and enforce the constitution, if that is the goal.

        It legal power by due process of state citizens invoking the 9th amendment with agreement upon prime constitutional intent, preparing for Article V.

  2. Mr Smith your words are excellent, eloquent, and undeniably true. I have referred to the same strategic and tactical errors in a previous post, but your clarity of thought and command of the subject humbles and enlightens me.

    In my opinion many in the liberty movement (overt and covert), particularly veterans, model themselves subconsciously as warriors of the same form and type as they were in younger days. With a few exceptions (SOG, LURPS, Recon, etc.)this is a dangerous delusion. If we are to be successful in defending our rights and liberty we must realize that we are the insurgents. Yes, we are the Viet Cong, the Taliban, the Palestinians.

    The American empire -for the purpose of this discussion we will not consider others- has spread blood, misery, and terror across the globe. It has constituted the most powerful military force in the history of mankind. In spite of this fact the empire has not won a war in my sixty-five years on this planet. Insurgents, who were willing to suffer and die for their beliefs and freedom from domination, and who enjoyed even limited support of the civilian population have stymied leviathan at every turn. The powerful know this, and in my opinion, analysis of this fact, and where it leads should direct the thinking individual to conclude that ” full spectrum dominance” is not a strategy aimed solely at other people in far away lands.

    The world is upside down. We find ourselves in a death struggle with the institution we the people created to guarantee our rights! Our brothers are murdered in cold blood but many, if not most Americans see them not as patriots and protectors of the Constitution, rather as clowns or criminals. Divide and conquer. Everybody is familiar with that maxim- but it works every time!

    Asymmetrical warfare, intel, medicine, food production, are all critical to any hope we may have for the success of liberty. We can occupy space on the grid, but independent of it in all the ways that matter. Population replacement is definitely a strategy employed against us by the global elite who must disarm and contain us if they are to see their horrendous wet dream become reality. We on the other hand must seek our own methods to starve the beast, and in doing so, create for ourselves the opportunity to live in freedom, liberty, and mutual respect. Time is a wastin. We are condemned, on the scaffold, with our heads in nooses, the time for action is BEFORE the trap is sprung and it really does not matter anymore.

    1. Sir, While I share your opinion about the solutions to our problem. I must disagree with your conclusion on the many wars we have fought over the last 65 years all of them were Wins just not How we the Foot soldiers might see it. The Goal of these wars was not to beat some foreign enemy, but to keep those that would appose the elites busy and to make the nations energy funnel into the Military industrial complex, to develop the technology to defeat ourselves. One must Consider that these Elites have been playing this deadly game for the entire time we have been a nation. If we are to defeat these guys we have to think like them, so that we can understand their motives for doing what they do. Then We can counter their moves five steps ahead of them, to keep them guessing were we will strike next, put them on the defensive. Time is working against them now. They are going to start to force the issue so we need to figure out when and were counter and redirect five steps ahead then it is a matter of giving them enough rope to hang themselves. That is what they are doing to us right now.

      1. Absolutely agree with you Sir. This discourse is like a day of sunshine in an otherwise damp and dreary Northwest winter! I fail to see where there is any serious disagreement here; and even if there is I think it would be key to remember that the founders disagreed to the point of not producing a document which was acceptable to enough men to enable ratification. The original Articles of Confederation was superior to the Constitution in my opinion. As Capt. Anderson states the financial elite- who seem to have been running things since Jesus “kicked ass” and drove them from the temple- were undoubtedly pleased with the compromise Constitution which set the stage for consolidating the power of the London based banking cabal.

        I do not question the intelligence or sincerity of Ammon Bundy or LaVoy Finnecum. In fact, I believe that LaVoy was targeted because he would have been a formidable adversary in any court proceeding. I do question the tactic of occupying a federal facility in ‘tank country’. We will question the right of the federals to take certain actions but we must not ever question their power to act, right or wrong. In younger days I witnessed a NVA commander, who for whatever reason (surely he was an experienced tactician) exposed his command on a valley floor in broad daylight. Technology, primitive by today’s standard eliminated his unit as an effective fighting force in less time than it takes to read this response.

        Harney County Oregon is famous for its long sight lines, and in the refuge area in particular, lack of terrain mask. Grant County Oregon (where the insecure convoy carrying the Bundy group was headed, would have in fact, offered many terrain advantages and also the help and protection of a Constitutional sheriff.

        I thank all you Liberty Lovers for your wisdom and courage. We will need an abundance of both if we are to persevere in the storm many of us see gathering on the horizon.

        Our statements and responses on these pages serve the purpose of an after action report and unit debriefing. We must learn from our mistakes, as most certainly our enemy will.

      2. Capt Loyd and Sun Tzu, agree on all points and would add that we are engaged in a battle for minds and thinking processes, hearts as well. Our weapons and tools are our mindset and ability to think clearly and realize the many illusions we all live under here in USSA today ! So we can explain it all to others in a coherent fashion.

        This comment from the article “Eventually, someone is going to have to bring the international banking elites to justice for their direct influence over government corruption and destructive economic policy.” is a very big part of what we are all facing. Our systems of government are so incredibly corrupted by money and special interest, it has polluted any resemblance of laws or justice on every level one can ponder. The control freaks we call government are well past out of control, but so is the corporatocracy they have created. Only when enough people realize all of this will anything actually change for the better. Many still think all is well and a behemoth government is your friend. The simple truth is they do not work for us in the slightest positive regard, we work for them as tax slaves and they waste our money on endless horrid and many times illegal policies. So we must educate people and point out these many illusions that we all live under here in USSA today. .

        Further, these systems are breaking down because the many illusions are breaking down. Also we are NOT in a weak hand at all. Many more people are waking up because they are seeing and feeling the outcome of these systems breaking down. Nearly every issue has been exacerbated and put on steroids by the current regime. That will only increase going forward so a focused and realistic message is all that is necessary because they are now shooting themselves in the foot in many ways. It will all become much more obvious and far clearer to the masses as the economy melts down and those illusions are seen as lies. It is on many fronts , economic, social and political so we must be patient and clear minded with a plan and purpose to expose the many illusions !

        I am convinced we will see some sort of outlier events pop up and tip over this teetering shell game we call an economy and our current governmental mess of lies, distortions and manipulations. So we will have ample opportunities to see if we can hang together as this system melts down. It will all come to us as a natural occurrence and in fact is already in motion as we speak. All we are seeing is the desperate acts of an oligarchy that is diminishing and the control freaks we call our government that do not have a clue about how to do anything right ? Here is my proof of my thesis :
        is any of what you see before you here in USSA , sustainable in perpetuity ? can any of it go on and actually succeed to any good outcome at all ? or is it all in chaos and the lies deflating and unwinding since enough time has passed to prove them to be lies ? These control, freaks have over stepped their bounds and they know it ! so they will become ever more desperate and try ever more insane acts and policies. all of which will be easily over come and exposed going forward.

        This is why we must clearly understand all the underlying fundamentals and dynamics in play. It is all at my site for FREE for any who want to know the truth of many matters ! We must keep well informed and keep a cool head because no matter what we do today this system is already in decline and we cannot stop that part. We need to understand that part is our friend and the answer to many questions ! I urge everyone reading this to get clear minded and understand your purpose as well as get healthy and fit and well trained out for any event , because things are changing rapidly and you will need all of your faculties ! Beans and bullets are NOT the only answer by any means. Our mindset is critical.

  3. Great Article Brandon!
    So far as the Western Hostilities go, our best method for gaining strength is to out the illegal actions of the Federal Agents (Provocateurs). You may say, “We did that in the Malheur case.” Well actually, we didn’t. I found at least 5 Federal Laws Broken by Federal Agencies before this fracas started.

    There is a bunch of meat on the bones for these Grazing and Grouse Agreements to point out to the ranchers, future Trojan Horses that they will encounter. That’s where we should start.

  4. I have to respectfully disagree with this article being so well said. While I believe the author’s intentions are pure; I cannot let certain statements and innuendos therein go un- rebutted.

    The very first issue I have is this notion that- at this stage- we have to either support or denounce Ammon Bundy’s protest in OR. I think all this postulating one way or the other has had two negative impacts. It is dividing( some within) the Liberty movement UNNECESSARILY! Right or wrong, it has been done. And while still not yet concluded, arguing over whether they did the ‘right’ thing is moot and divisive. Second, it is insinuating the notion that individuals or small groups MUST obtain permission from some self styled national leadership, or risk being cut off from any support or a national call to action. This is blatantly contrary to one of the best assertions in this article, the idea that we all should be educating and resisting Tyranny LOCALLY, and in concert; both with patriots and the community at large. Every man who aims to be free has the Right and Duty to act in accordance with HIS OWN conscience.

    Next, I have to state this: I feel this article is being given the WEIGHT of ‘expert guidance’ by OK site administrators. Yet it is rife with divisive intonations; inflammatory wording; and, in some cases, outright erroneous terminology.

    The repeated use of words like ‘failure’, ‘defeat’, ‘FUBAR’, and ‘doomed’ only further divide us, as well as seem to ‘scold’ certain people for acting in accordance to their consciences. Is that the Author’s intention; to scold and attempt to dissuade others from acting according to their beliefs, if they don’t have popular support?

    I feel compelled to call into question the Author’s qualifications to pass judgment on the LEGAL, and Constitutionally protected actions of others. No disrespect to the Author’s opinions, and his ability to author an OPINION piece.

    There are some outright egregious uses of terminology contained in this article. In particular, and most grave, in my opinion, is the repeated use of the word REBELLION to define what these peaceful protesters have done/ are doing. The word has absolutely NOTHING in common with our shared goals of Liberty and restoring the Republic. We do not seek to rebel against the government, merely to demand and effect the government’s return to Constitutional limits. Rebellion infers a desire to overthrow or change our style of government. Or to break away from it by force of arms.

    Other terms, such as ‘grandstanding’, ‘theatrics’, ‘circus’, and ‘carnival’ are less dangerous, but still mean to offend their supporters and bolster the uninformed against us.

    I would advise the Author, and the rest of us, to always remember that ‘words MEAN things’. I am also guilty of forgetting that, but we must know and understand the true definitions of the things we say, lest we are betrayed by our own writings.

    “The failure in Oregon is what happens when amateurs, not just in training but in tactical philosophy, undertake a rebellion”
    The final issue I must address, is the above quote and it’s siblings in this article. I shall, again, question by what credentials the Author makes such a statement. Were our Founding Fathers veteran tacticians? Were they experienced in the ways of ‘Rebellion’ (they DID, in fact, rebel)? NO! They were as amateur as any of us, and inexperienced in the ways of War. To make such a statement, as above, is to say that those mere amateurs have no hope of being anything more than cogs in the wheel, held together by self appointed ‘expert tactical philosophers’.
    Men can, and do, rise to the occasion. And I am here to tell you, that experience is the ONLY way with which to elevate above being ‘amateur in tactical philosophy’.

    And that fact belies the REALITY that this is not expert advice, merely the opinion of the Author, given center stage by Forum administrators.

    Which is NOT to say there is nothing of value therein. Quite the opposite; the article contains much great advice about SMART ways to carry the torch of ideas forward. But, just as important, the Author makes, and proves, his own points about ‘going off half-cocked’. Indeed, he does just the same in his article, for the reasons I have enumerated. So it serves as reminder to us all, to think before we speak/ act and to understand WELL the meaning of the words we choose.

    1. PsychoKat impressive, well-reasoned critique of Brandon Smith’s good article. Thank you. Permit me to interject some thoughts that come to mind on behalf of Ammon. I have listened to him speak at a meeting in Mesa, AZ. He’s a clear thinker and very spiritual man. His religion puts ambition and other personal goals at a distant second to family. I know this to be true from working around people of his denomination for decades

      As I see it, he knowingly risked all this because of the injustice he saw being done to the Hammonds. Only an ignorant person would question that he is a true sheep-dog. While it makes sense that tactically Ammon was wrong to takeover the Malheur Refuge unoccupied building, he did it peacefully and asked no-one, neither the PPN or OK, to protect him. He is taking full responsibility for his actions. We forget sometimes that it isn’t all about tactics.

      It is my understanding he did talk to Stewart and others before making his decision. If so, excellent tactic. But then I read in Stewart’s own words that Stewart was later communicating through Lavoy. I’m estimating that this happened after OK started condemning Ammon for his decision, even mocking him and his religion. A tactical error on our part? Most likely yes.

      So there is plenty of mistakes and learning or experience to go around, as you so well put it PsychoKat.

      As for provocateurs, Ammon may have been influenced by such but that provocateur would have had his work cut out for him. No question that Ammon is his own man – at one point even his father wasn’t sure what was going on. Ammon is truly a sovereign individual. The sovereignty of the individual is sacrosanct. A truth we all must struggle with everyday.

      1. Ammon felt called to alert the world to government injustices against the ranchers, loggers and miners in the way he did because all legal avenues failed. The injustices took place for years. Ammon and Lavoy were fully aware of the risks they were taking. They are/were EXTRAORDINARY men…HEROES. If not for these heroes, the world would not be having these discussions. They have truly made a difference. It isn’t over. No doubt there is much more to come.He accomplished much in the month they stayed at the refuge.

      2. It did go around, it was on Australian Government run television as ‘ breaking news ‘.

        And it was reported with dignity.

      3. Brandon;
        I agree mostly with your article, however I would like to point out your comment above”what exactly did they accomplish?”
        I live one county over in Klamath County. Oregonians have been under attack for many years, however since Obama stepped in much has changed for the worse. Our former Governor (Kitzhaber) who was a criminal, was removed pending court action. His replacement who was not voted in is Kate Brown, former secretary of state. She has been on a rampage of trying to push bills taking our gun rights, as well as destroying the economy. Many here in Klamath Falls have seen the Safeway stores go out of business. They do not know it was Kate Brown who told them they had to go due to “too many stores owned by white people” . This is inside info, most just heard Safeway moved. The economy is suffering here in Oregon since she stepped into office. She is an abomination to the rights of people here in Oregon, and thanks to her, she ordered the hit on LaVoy. Now, back to the question “What did they accomplish?” Now, the world knows about the murder, and illegal actions of the FBI,OSP, Kate Brown, and any other police or law enforcement involved,( ie ) Sheriff Ward in Burns. It is most unfortunate that this is due to the ambush and assisination not the peaceful protest. Looking back, I don’t know if the same outcome would occur if they would have left the refuge when they should have, or better yet never have taken it over.
        However, now looking at the situation, maybe this is the only way people will see the truth. A good man died, but he knew he probably would when he came to Oregon. Other good men are in jail, but they are shedding light on a subject that needed to be shone to the world. And, this light will not get dimmer, it in fact is getting brighter. People ARE WAKING UP! I see it in the posts on many internet chat rooms, radio stations, and alternative news. Just you wait and see, this has had a HUGE impact for the liberty movement! Now, it may not be what YOU might call a success, but even Jesus’s death had a reason, and that changed humanity. You must not judge so soon the sacrifices that these good men and women did! You are judging too hastily here, and you must step back and watch. Things are CHANGING!
        Thank you for your article.

      4. It informed me that there are groups of Patriots waiting in the wings and I’m sure their are more than just me. I need to get in contact with one other in Michigan who feels the same way. Then another and another.,.,.,.,.,., We The People

      5. @dle

        Public awareness is a fine thing, but the issue here is staying power and cost.

        The standoff and one man’s death earned us about two weeks of random media coverage in the mainstream, and now it is mostly forgotten. I’m sure you would agree this was not a good trade.

        A group of us could go to the refuge and set ourselves on fire and I’m sure people would be made “more aware” of what is going on in Oregon. That does not mean this would be a good idea or good strategy anymore than what Bundy did.

        I’m going to have to disagree with you that the system will change in Oregon based on the standoff. I think if anything, the standoff made the liberty movement look impotent and less formidable, which is exactly what many people were warning Bundy about before hand. The weaker we look due to bad strategy, the MORE emboldened the corrupt system becomes. All in all, I see the outcome of this as Bundy making the situation worse, not better.

        The same amount of public awareness and coverage could have been achieved if Bundy and team had walked onto the refuge, bulldozed the buildings into the ground, and then walked away a couple hours later. In fact, I would argue that this method would have been MORE effective in the long run.

      6. @Brandon in reference to your latest comment, @dle 10 February, 2016, 11:22

        Apply Sun Tzu’s advice from Art of War in the context of this reality that you perceive.

        Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.

        If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.

        Also, to be kept in mind in this regard…

        When the common soldiers are too strong and their officers too weak, the result is insubordination. When the officers are too strong and the common soldiers too weak, the result is collapse.

        When the general is weak and without authority; when his orders are not clear and distinct; when there are no fixes duties assigned to officers and men, and the ranks are formed in a slovenly haphazard manner, the result is utter disorganization.

        When a general, unable to estimate the enemy’s strength, allows an inferior force to engage a larger one, or hurls a weak detachment against a powerful one, and neglects to place picked soldiers in the front rank, the result must be rout.

        How to make the best of both strong and weak–that is a question involving the proper use of ground.

      7. @Jester

        I certainly agree with Sun Tzu, but just to be clear, the key word is “APPEAR”; to “appear” weak. In order to appear weak you must first be strong. Bundy’s planning and position was simply weak.

        I’m not saying you do not understand this, I am just clarifying for other people.

      8. It’s sad but true that it’s yesterday’s news. The media and outspoken hecklers get their fill. Those wanting the blood of those acting in rebellion, the brainwashed cop suckers, the fearful parasites whose greatest concern is to be able to ignor them, the judge who wipes the blood from his black robe as he sentences a young man for ten years for a Facebook post. They think we worship the ground they walk on, feel accomplished and never realize they are a tool in the effort toward their own demise. Those who are not wealthy enough to matter, kiss the asses of the elite, not realizing the only thing they get from it is the smell.
        We, who chose liberty from our hearts have our bodies shackled all so the psychofans can boast of getting their share of the kill. A monster looms, it’s goal is enslavement, obedience and our demise. Regardless of that, we go through hopeless motions, the fight to regain our constitutional liberties must continue daily. It is hard to have compassion for those who see a wrong, and make a decision to ignore or grovel.

      9. Brandon, I agree with the majority of your article in spades. And there is no way or reason to try and manufacture some sort of event. That will come to us no matter what. I am completely convinced of the sincerity of these guys in Burns. But this takeover was a misguided action without a focal point or exit strategy. The question is will we be ready as individuals as well as a united group of thinkers fully capable of taking the right actions when necessary and making the best decisions at the correct time ? There will be many more issues to face going forward , see my comment above for more details and explanation of events coming at us and what we can do about all of it.

    2. I think you are concerning yourself with the wrong issues, Psychokat.

      1) I never argued that people only have the choices of supporting or denouncing Bundy. Rather hypocritically, it is YOU that has basically suggested that we only have the option of remaining neutral on the issue, otherwise we are promoting “division”. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Disunity on the basis of reason is far better than unity on the basis of stupidity. Bundy and team went to the refuge claiming to be the TIP OF THE SPEAR with the full expectation that the rest of us would simply fall in line and follow them regardless of their lack of leadership ability and strategic sense. Anyone who thinks we do not have the right to apply some criticism, and yes, even public criticism, is simply delusional. “Unity” be damned.

      2) Arguing over whether or not they did the right thing is not “moot” exactly because the event is not over, nor are the consequences! You present a logical fallacy when you claim that we should not directly question the foolishness of the event simply because the event has already happened. We have the right to argue over and question the event before, during and long after. You are welcome to keep your mouth shut about it if you wish, but most of us certainly will not. Honest discourse provides perspective. The only people that are afraid of honest discourse are those that are in the wrong.

      3) I never insinuated any notion that people need to refer to some national leadership (which doesn’t even exist) before taking action. However, when Bundy ASKS or DEMANDS support from the rest of the movement, then he opens himself up for criticism as well as advice. When people smarter than you and with more experience than you give their valid advice and you ignore it to the detriment of all, then you have FAILED in your leadership role. Period. There is no other word for it.

      4) I am not interested in other peoples feelings. Bundy and team treated their operation like a summer BBQ, and I am not afraid to be blunt about the ignorance involved in that behavior. It is not my “opinion” that Bundy failed, it is undeniable fact. He is in custody and a good man is dead and virtually nothing tangible was accomplished by it. Following your conscience can be done without abandoning your intelligence and acting wisely. Popular support has nothing to do with it, and at no point do I suggest it does.

      5) I’m not sure what qualifications you think are required to pass judgement on the Oregon situation, but I’m pretty sure you are not qualified to outline what they are.

      6) You keep trying to police my speech on the assertion that I should not promote “division”. You sound like a communist or something. Again, unity based on stupidity is unity not worth having.

      7) The founding fathers, many of them, were MASTER tacticians with brilliant strategic sense. Many of them were veterans of the French Indian Wars. Your lack of knowledge is really prevalent in the fact that you seem to think Bundy and team deserve the benefit of the doubt. No, they do not. You have to PROVE through success and through intelligent action that your plan is relevant, and worth following. Smart tacticians are never going to follow or respect someone that does not display the proper qualities and know-how and they will criticize amateurs for bumbling about and making messes that the rest of us might have to clean up. The fact that you expect otherwise is just plain astonishing to me. Amateurs are more than welcome to prove themselves through intelligent action, but that does not mean they get a free pass when they do something stupid.

      8) Again, most of my criticisms are based in reality, not opinion. You appear to be having trouble understanding the difference. I challenge you to show me where Bundy succeeded, rather than trying to dictate whether or not I am allowed to criticize.

      9) Finally, yet again, you assert that criticism is akin to misdeed or “going off half-cocked”. Your entire diatribe could be boiled down to this single false assumption – that discourse is wrong and it hurts the movement, so shut up and toe the line so that we can at least pretend we are “unified”. This is an ignorant argument that does not consider the complexity of the situation and plays on fear; fear of disunity.

      Not once did you actually address or provide counter evidence to a specific criticism I made. Rather, you took the lazy route by merely arguing that I should not have made the criticisms in the first place. I’ve been writing and organizing in the liberty movement for over a decade now, Psychokat. I have more than earned the right to publicly analyze and even criticize the movement itself and the concepts and actions we are asked to support. If you don’t like it, then don’t read my work. But you are challenging the wrong person entirely if you think you can argue on the basis that I should follow the herd, or encourage the formation of a herd based on bad ideas.

      1. “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
        ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
        And that includes fighting amongst each other. We are up against a great powerful evil and we need to be focused on our objectives, not calling each other names or attacking one for their thoughts. We all have different reference points and need to learn how to try and understand what each of us has to bring to the table. These kind of arguments are similar to what our forefathers endured when creating our nation and from their experience, we need to learn. Speak your piece but then shut up and listen. If we can do that, then we may succeed when the odds are heavily against us.

      2. @Rockdog

        Yes, we need to learn from the example of the founding fathers and CONTINUE to question and even criticize. Without discourse, stupidity reigns supreme. They understood this and so should we.

      3. It is easy to understand the failures of this so-called mission and Brandon’s use of the vaunted term “FUBAR” is spot on.
        A few things, Bundy spent the prior month and a half or so beating the war drum about the ills suffered by the Hammonds. The vast majority of the accusations were so egregious it brought the Hammonds to the forefront. But the problem was there was no proof and Bundy ignored repeated requests for clarification. I have always been outspoken (sometimes to a fault) but I for one was not swayed based upon these accusations. I took many hits and am still taking them for my views of Bundy. Unfortunately this whole thing occurred in my home state and many folks from organizations I am active in participated in the 02 January 2016 Hammond Support Rally. The morning of the rally I made contact with Bundy himself and asked him to provide proof of these allegations.
        Yes what happened to the Hammonds is shameful but Bundy was big with Double Jeopardy. Any first year law student knows this wasn’t a case of double jeopardy. Every allegation Bundy pushed as fact were in fact nothing but allegations and he stated as much on the morning of 02 January 2016.
        In fact, it is my staunch belief that his participation in the rally was nothing short of a ruse to mask his (and a handful of others) true intentions. The Rally was not a ruse, but Bundy’s participation was.
        Bundy blindsided those who set up the rally
        Then this callout to come stand with Bundy at the refuge. Man oh man, my status as an OK took a beating but the truth was Stewart was right on the money. Unfortunately many of folks I felt a kinship with were willing to go stand with Bundy based solely upon his word. I was not, this wasn’t the time nor the place to do this and the fact is, it had little if anything to do with the Hammonds.
        Unfortunately there are some big on balls but little if any tactical forethought . What happened to Mr. Finicum was sad, and many blame us (those who chose not to deploy to the refuge)
        The open calls for help most certainly brought informants and it was just a piss poor operation.
        Whomever was running security for the major players , well let’s just say you don’t leave the refuge as much as they did and you never travel with all the major players in one or two vehicles. They walked into their subsequent arrests and sadly Mr. Finicum was a man of his word and did not allow himself to be taken into custody.

        Numbers in this occupation were meaningless and pointless. Even now based solely upon a grainy FBI video with no audio, there are far too many so called patriots calling for blood for the murder of Mr. Finicum. These folks see what they want to see and dismiss what they don’t want to see.

        Most of those calling for action are not veterans and certainly have never been in a firefight,
        Emotion gets people killed, PERIOD!
        Smart people understand the mantra of Plan / Equip / Rehearse / Execute.

      4. I am in total agreement with Brandon and the other OK that tried to warn Levoy and Ammon. .
        In fact, when you listen to the recordings, you can hear the urgency in their voices, on warning Levoy to get out of dodge.. At one point I heard a very heavy sigh from one of the OK..
        But Levoy said he will talk it over with the other guys, and low and behold he’s making a YouTube video, saying they’re not budging ..
        Everyone keeps insisting that the Oath Keepers should have gone in there like a Jihad Martyr..
        Well, they used their expert knowledge and stayed out.
        Just my honest opinion. ..
        Thank you to all the brave men and women who ever served in and all are currently serving in the military and police and fire dept..

    3. Psychokat, I could not not disagree with you much more. In my heart I am celebrating this article as an oasis among a desert of well intended expressions by the many wonderful Patriots among us. It is the first that I have personally read that begins to articulate to the every day American how to resist and restore our beloved nation.

      As Brandon stated so well, doing things “smart” is the only way. Rushing in to “battle” with poor planning and/or un achievable goals is a path to failure.

      It seems to me that you somehow lack the ability to understand his points and how very relevant they are.

      I will not go in to detail here, for I doubt you would comprehend it since you obviously don’t understand what Brandon wrote. I will say however; that I wrote a very highly rated book on guerrilla warfare and make no mistake about it, we are in one. The points Brandon made are spot on.

      1. I am in lock step agreement with your response to Psychokat. It appears that many so called gung-ho patriots are eager to engage in a firefight. This tells me that for the most part, anyone harboring such a notion has never been in a gun battle and/or witnessed first hand what a bullet can do to a once living breathing human being.

        Additionally, ANYONE who is eager to participate in a scenario where they are outmanned / outgunned / with no access to force multipliers (IE…indirect fire support / Air assets / a QRF on standby / etc…) are bat shit crazy.

        To those who still don’t get it, I tell them to go on YouTube, click on any number of videos where there are Apache’s / Cobras’ / AC130 Spector Gunships gun cameras using Thermal optics laying siege to Iraqi Insurgents or Taliban, just mowing them down. I then tell them to think of, instead of the location being Afghanistan or Iraq, think about this being in the United States, and instead of Insurgents or Taliban, those thermal images are Americans.
        When I see patriot training videos using conventional infantry techniques, I am SMH. Using those tactics is a surefire way of turning folks into pink mist.

        God forbid the day comes when the government turns on her people, the ONLY way to survive is via guerilla warfare tactics

    4. @Psychokat : I agree with you and thank you!
      Words do count and the fact that they are repeated (by Oath Keeper leaders) shows that they are not considered to be used in error. Mr.. Stewart and Mr. Smith’s reaction, writing, and comments leave their positions very clear; ‘leave it to us experts’. Their quality is showing. They are over defensive and don’t seem to ruminate on the opinions of others. I do not require the Oath Keepers to be my shepherd and their easily butt-hurt reactions don’t encourage me to ‘follow them’. If nothing came of this incident…then why are still talking about it? Over 300 people in Burns, came together to listen to Kris Anne Hall speak on the Constitution; and just as many came for her class the second night. Chatter on what is or isn’t Constitutional, Authority, Jurisdiction, etc. is all over. Not just in Oregon. THAT IS NOTHING according to Mr. Smith. He states we should fight smart. How do we fight smart if we don’t know what we are fighting for? As someone outside of the Oath Keepers looking in…this situation and the Oath Keepers leader’s attitude makes me back away from what they claim to stand for.
      Thank you again.

      1. @Kay

        I think you are projecting.

        I never claimed that Bundy and team should “leave it to the experts”, but clearly you are not an expert in this area if you take offense to the idea that expertise is necessary for success. I did say that they should not IGNORE people who clearly have more experience and knowledge than them. A true leader takes into account the fact that others might have valuable input, or may even know more than he does.

        Bundy did not follow this simple rule of leadership, which led to his outright failure. The ONLY reason we are frustrated with this result is because we tried to warn him on numerous occasions to no avail. This is what you do not seem to grasp; we tried to help the guy, and he would not listen. If anything, our position has been fully vindicated by the fact that the standoff turned into a public joke and then a dismal tragedy. You can get your panties in a twist all you want about the language we use to get our point across, but you cannot argue with the failure exhibited in Oregon.

        Hundreds of people showed up for the protest BEFORE Bundy ever took over the refuge. The standoff was not needed just to get people to listen to some random liberty speakers. Again, NOTHING was accomplished through that particular action. We are still talking about it because we are ensuring that people understand the gravity of the failure in Oregon and ensure that this kind of poor planning does not happen again.

        Beyond that, if you still don’t know what you are fighting for, then you should not be itching for a fight in the first place. You don’t have to be a member of Oath Keepers to stand for what is right, but you do have to have a brain in your head. I’m thinking you are going to have to work on that particular requirement.

    5. With a handle like psychokat, I’m not sure how serious you wish to be taken. When (at length) you question the knowledge and experience of war-planners with real-world experience and then go on to attempt to deride our Founder with the buzzword- “self-styled leader”; your credibility continues to diminish. This forum is available to express opinions, some (obviously) by others than oath swearing Oath Keepers. Yours is a prime example of what happens when you aren’t privy to what goes on behind the scenes. Thinking out of ignorance until you know better is no sin- speaking out of ignorance is.

  5. This is a good article and painfully honest. I meet two different types of people that are in the Patriot movement. The ones who look at a situation and how it affects them and the ones who look at a situation and how they affect it. Even in purely training based senarios on the range the latter always outperform the former. The self-centered, hot headed ones who won’t listen or observe vs the cool headed, service oriented, able to think under pressure types. Train hard, align yourself with good people and Pray for Peace. Prepare for War. Do not use what God gave you senselessly.

  6. I found this on the Oath Keepers National Facebook page tonight. Excellent discussion with several intelligent gentlemen. I learned a lot. My gratitude, Sirs, to all of you who participated for all that you do for our country. God bless you all.

    FO Podcast Episode 034 – Liberty Thought Leader Round Table
    In this week’s podcast, we have a round table with the following most prominent liberty thought leaders:
    – Peter White, Western Rifle Shooters Association
    – Matt Bracken, former SEAL and fiction author
    – Mike Vanderboegh, III% Founder and Sipsey Street Irregulars
    – Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers
    – David Codrea, War on Guns
    – Bob Wright, New Mexico Militia

  7. You are right about what is needed, but this will go down in two different ways. 1. We will plan, train, and prepare, and then will act at the right time. One way to do that is to get a book prepared by the Swiss Army to train civilians to resist tyranny, and put it in the hands of community leaders, and not just in the hands of elected leaders. That book is called “Total Resistance” by H. Von Dach, and it is available from Paladin Press,, and 2. The hotheads will definitely be picking some more fights, and paying for it with their lives. We will learn valuable lessons from the ways that they die so that when the time does come to fight – as there is no doubt that it will – then we will be ready to do it in a better way.The hotheads will both kill and be killed, and so will incite kneeejerk reactions from the enemy which will further alienate them from the people of this nation. When that happends then we must stand ready to train and organize them, and to gather intelligence from them as to what they have observed as well.

    Some of you may think this is cold-blooded, and it is, but we must do so anyway. Dying with the idiots will not result in victory. We cannot win in a static battle situation. When this is forced upon us then it will be a guerilla war. The Feds would love for us all to go occupy federal buildings so that they can surround us and pick us off. Brandon is right. Burns, OR is not over, and you can bet that it will not be a happy ending. Put yourself in a static battle position against a superior force, and you will either die or wish that you had so plan, train, supply yourselves, and get ready to do it right instead.

  8. Very good. I’ve thought pretty much the same thing since the beginning of the mess in Oregon. You simply don’t commit to anything like that without having some specific positive outcome in mind, and a reasonable chance of reaching it.

    Once they took control of federal property (regardless of whether government ownership is legitimate), there was no question that they were going to be put out and arrested by whatever means was thought necessary. The government wasn’t about to consider any of their demands, or negotiate anything (other than lie to them to make it easier to arrest them). There was no possible outcome, other than the one they got — if there had been any thought involved, they wouldn’t have put themselves in that position.

  9. Psychokat makes valid points, the protesters at the refuge took a stand for liberty and stood against tyranny, they most definitely got the fire going again as I see a lot more discussion amongst the liberty movement. Seems as if this movement went into idle mode until right after they stole the nomination from Ron Paul, but now the events that have taken place in Oregon I see the movement getting fired back up. There are a lot of younger people in this movement that weren’t around during Ruby Ridge and Waco who now have witnessed that our government has no problem killing it’s own citizens when they refuse to comply and accept their criminal actions. While Psychokat made some valid points the author of this article is right about a few things as well, big groups of people make bigger targets, we do have to win the hearts and the minds of the people, educate the people and make change in our communities from the bottom up. No one wants a violent resolution; however everyone should know by now that our three branched of government have been compromised. Our government even at the local levels have been infiltrated by foreign corporations. Elections in the higher political arena aren’t legitimate, they are only there to create an illusion of freedom to the people. The biggest problem in this country is that there isn’t any accountability, they have the courts in their pockets , most LEO in their pockets there doesn’t seem to be any legal recourse of action that we the people can take. These criminals who have taken this country over from within do what ever they want to do and they get away with it. Educating the masses will be the most difficult task we have, people are psychologically conditioned to the environment in which they are subjected to and it is the government and mainstream media who create our social environment , government created it through laws and regulations by the legislators then law enforcement enforced them and the judicial uphold them. People comply out of fear of being incarcerated or being fined or both. Mainstream media does it through propaganda manipulating the masses into consensual reality! I’m not against laws and regulations as long as they don’t impede on our natural rights. If we are to have any hope for a peaceful resolution then maybe we should look to Iceland and how they took their country back from the bankers and their coronal government! Of course the idea is to restore the republic but we have to get rid of what has taken over our republic and it won’t be just our own government that we will be dealing with, I believe the UN will step in if all hell breaks loose. I think it is moe important to win over the hearts and minds of our military than even that of the people as most American people always stand behind our troops!

  10. The primarys are all redeady sending a strong message to the dem and rep parties. We need to reinforce that message. Vote out all the incumbents in congress and keep voting them out until they restore our voice and rights.

    Note the American people no longer have any control over the government. The gov wrights laws and rules the people find unjust and unconstitutional. They fail to follow there oun rules and laws. This is tyranny.

  11. Quick note: Watching Vladimir Putin is a study in patience & planned action. For example when Turkey shot the Russian plane down. Putin did not bust in and start bombing all hot headed. He announced to Turkey that they would regret what they had done. Then he began to plan their demise. He actually used adversity to his advantage instantly by bringing in more & bigger guns (planes) along the Turkey/Syrian border and then he increased his flight runs destroying the tankers running ill begotten / stolen oil. Thus hitting him in the wallet, infrastructure & manpower. And only just now has he demanded an apology from Erdogan . Erdogan is beside himself, because he was promised protection via the Khazarian Mafia (USA/Israel/Saudis and cohorts) and Russia has taken away all the tea for the tea party. Erdogan is now pleading for the West to pick between him or the West created ISIS. He basically can’t grab his ass with either hand! Putin is smiling, his wait & planning was a success.
    This also reminds us to never trust the Khazarian Mafia in Washington as they NEVER keep their word. Study history. Putin is teaching / reminding the World what Sovereign means, just as America is waking up to this lesson. One last thought…….years ago the late great Prophet Edgar Casey made a prediction that a time would come when Russia would save America. I am interpreting this as the ‘People’ not the corrupt govt. Food for thought!

  12. All sounds very good. The question is how long do we stand down. What is the time and date of the cracking point.

    1. No one will know that until it happens, but you cannot engineer the “right time” or the right moment out of thin air as Bundy tried to do. Also, it is a fallacy to suggest we are “standing down”. Organizing and training locally is not standing down, it is attacking the problem in a different manner instead of running headlong into conflict without thinking.

  13. I would like to know what the mindset of our military would be during all of this. Would they all fire on civilians if ordered to do so, or would it be just some of them? How about the special operators (SEALS, Rangers, Green Berets, Delta, etc), both present and retired? How about local law enforcement? Keep in mind, that all of these guys would probably be thinking about their careers, their retirement, etc. These are questions that have always lingered in my mind. John

    1. I can tell you that there are seven that I know here locally that will stand down if ordered against civilians. Some have even indicated that ability to directly aide the civilians if attacked. That being said, the latest (within the last few hours) is that the FBI has moved in to a closer circle around the Malheur Refuge. The last four occupiers are now in legitimate fear of being killed. The special agent in charge has stated that it is time for this to end, now. I do believe that there will likely be blood shed very soon, from both sides, and those last four will be added to the body count.

    2. Guerilla warfare is the only way we will win the day. I have a Toyota pickup parked in my driveway, not a cobra gunship. We have to and must win the hearts and minds of the military.

  14. Excellent commentary to address any finger-pointing and in reference to proper planning.
    However finger pointing can be on both sides of this issue and it should be suggested, as well, to restrain from judgement on those that have at least took a stand against a long train of abuses whether it seemed “professional” or not.

    As I read it in all fairness as my only “qualification”…this entire travesty could have also been avoided had the Federal government been earnest in their negotiations and compliant with limits already in place in our duly ordained US Constitution/ Bill of Rights.
    I agree that proper planning and logistics are important to secure victory, yet who is to say that there was no victory in this?
    What victory? One may ask. The victory is exposing the continued train of abuses and unjust authority oppressing a free people.
    I have reviewed LaVoy Finicum’s videos and heard his complaints. He surely was no fool and his plan appeared to be that of negotiation. His points were clear concise and professionally presented and inferred no threat of violence on his part.
    In fact he was on his way to negotiate and further explain his/their cause to authorities when he was ambushed and gunned down like some kind of exotic game animal in a canned-hunt.
    The freedoms permitting the BLM and other assorted federal associated agencies to be armed and occupy lands and buildings that are owned in essence by WE THE PEOPLE are also guaranteed to WE THE PEOPLE as well. We should be equally safeguarded by these freedoms and equally restrained by Constitutional limits too.
    The victory? … an “in-the-face” slap showing the reality of an out of control government that can do as it wishes with the patient political diplomat awaiting incarceration and or execution.
    The victory? … The knowledge that we are dealing with what ultimately is a battle of good and evil and just how evil those that have chosen to serve evil can truly be.
    The VICTORY?… The death of a good man Robert LaVoy Finicum was not in vain.

    When will be a “Lexington Green” moment? Only God knows. But of the lost battles on the road to San Jacinto one stands most clear… those brave souls that gave their lives at the Alamo… that some may have called “foolish amateurs”
    In the resounding echo of William Barrett Travis who equated his death for the cause of liberty a VICTORY…
    Great is thy Faithfulness sir
    God rest your soul and comfort your family

  15. What was said here is what a leader is to me. I keep Oath Keepers close at hand but I also keep a Marine I know close at hand. Gives me 2 opinions to make a decision from. These two have been trained to do what I believe needs to be done to stop the fall of what I love Freedom and true justice. When I hear stay home and do what you can for the good of the cause that’s what I did. Chicken no I am not , but know this if I fight I fight to win. What we are up against make no mistake it is pure trained evil. I have not been trained to fight this. That’s why I have looked for people way smarter than me in this area. Yup they do piss me off at times cause stay home and get prepared was not what I want to hear
    Here’s what I do know you are never totally prepared for war.No matter how prepared you think you are and I honestly be leave that can be used to my advantage.

  16. Return America back to good old Franklin D Rosevelt government policies that worked for the American working Class. Also, Purge the political and union labor system from Communist control and infiltration like the grandparents tried to do in the 50’s. This time, you can prove that they exist by the way they h as ‘ve caused havoc and disfunction in the US political system!!!

  17. Here you go Brandon,

    “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” ― Sun Tzu

    The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand.
    Sun Tzu

    There are historical examples for the charge right in crowd too, but remember that the winners write the history.

    In every battle there comes a time when both sides consider themselves beaten, then he who continues the attack wins.
    Ulysses S. Grant

    This is as true in everyday life as it is in battle: we are given one life and the decision is ours whether to wait for circumstances to make up our mind, or whether to act, and in acting, to live.
    Omar N. Bradley

    This is what a losser in war said,

    It is humiliating to remain with our hands folded while others write history. It matters little who wins. To make a people great it is necessary to send them to battle even if you have to kick them in the pants. That is what I shall do.
    Benito Mussolini

    Here is what we all should think about if and when we go to war,

    Humanity has won its battle. Liberty now has a country.
    Marquis de Lafayette

    Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base. All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood.
    George S. Patton

  18. “A team of well-meaning but unorganized and untrained activists thrust themselves into a situation beyond their capabilities and under the potential influence of agents provocateur. There was no vetting for random strangers seeking to join their ranks; no direct goals and no clearly defined strategy, only vague demands and notions. No thought of planning one or two steps ahead, let alone five steps ahead. A circus atmosphere inspiring public ridicule rather than public respect. A complete lack of understanding of the gravity of the situation leading to a false sense of safety and comfort, or in some cases even hubris.”


    Now how about we identify those agent provocateurs? The same ones who showed at the Bundy Ranch. With a few crises actors added into the mix to boot.

    COINTELPRO is alive and well and acting in their intended capacity.

  19. There’s also the saying that a bad plan today is better than a good plan tomorrow. Thinking and conceiving and basically letting everything else happen that could have been prevented happen while you sit back and wait isn’t a plan at all. It’s called indifference.

    1. That’s the dumbest “saying” I have ever heard. No true tactician would ever make that claim. A badly planned action today is worse than taking no action at all. Some people do not seem to be able to grasp the fact that there is such a thing as negative returns.

  20. Forums such as this one that O.K.’s provides is of immense importance. I have always had a high regard for Mr. Smith and all that he puts out. I also have great appreciation for all that is expressed contrasting or even disagreeing with Mr. Smith. Through discussions such as the ones above comes more clarity, more focus and clearer vision.
    I have a level of respect for all opinions being expressed, whether I agree with them or not; at least active participation is taking place!
    We ARE in the fight and we ARE continuously refining ourselves through experience.
    Thank you ALL for standing forth!
    And thank you very few men who keep this website up and running!
    Through ALL that is happening, the U.S. citizenry is being compelled to awaken in some degree, which will lead us to taking BACK OUR POWER from a rogue criminal government that has stolen it!
    With warm regards,
    Robert D. Gubisch

  21. The only thing these corrupt politicians fear, is that we would ever organize, arm and sit in front of their buildings in DC and promise not to leave until they make changes or get dragged out by us and prosecuted. And until the leaders of these agencies and their bosses are replaced we could fight hundreds of these fights across this country and get nowhere. The best way to peacefully force change is one massive show of force directly to the head of the snakes.

  22. Replyed to Brandons post and it didn’t get posted. Why?? No swearing no call for violence just went to cyber space I guess. Well here I will try again. In his original post he made reference to Vietnam, a subject I am very familiar with. I worked in II corp and we worked in LURP’s and Surp”s. Do you really think there is time lets say a 100 years to dig tunnels like the vietcong had real bad comparison. If we would have waken up to this when Reagen got shot maybe? Time is not our friend in this. Let me add for all the key board warriors if it had not been for the Bundys and Ammon we would of all been sitting back wondering why Hillary shouldn’t be in Jail along with Billy boy. So they may have done it wrong but you are dead wrong that people have sweept this under the carpet. Do you really believe Brandon when Travis saw the army of 5000 mexicans facing him down that he had a good plan. When the shot at Concord was fired and they came running out of the church do you really think they had a good plan. Wake up. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. We sit around pontificating on this when innocent men and women are in jail or dead then we have lost the moral high ground. I attended the funeral of LaVoy and sure as hell saw a lot of good men and women with the heart and the will to stand against this tyranny . Stop with all the legalize and get in the game. Do you think thats why the founders out in the 13th amendment so no lawyers should hold office. If this was about the law hilly and billy would be behind bars. Their finger prints are all over this incident with LaVoy. I hate the thought of violence I fought my war but here we are again. More over there is more than ample info on the net that these jerks in Burns are merc’s and UN troops. I kinda thought that was an act of war. Correct me if I’m wrong? We are not like the vietcong . Our time has run out and 6 pack Joe and the stupid bowl have quit possibly won. The old kids rhyme sticks and stones will hurt my bones but names will never hurt me has past . We should have been doing all the word games a hundred years ago. We and our family’s missed the boat. Take would have could have should have and play with whats left!!!!! GOD will protect us as he did the people in the truck if we let Him. Remember Mi shake Shad rack and Abindigoe. LaVoy put that in one of his videos.
    Ken Weberg

  23. Oath Keepers, You have established yourselves as courageous, wise , leaders. There is a downside to this, to some you have become the White Knight , the heros of Americans who don’t know what to do. I was certain Oath Keepers would heroically rescue those who foolishly but courageously rallied in Oregon, you didn’t and we lost a hero in the process, Lavoy Finicum.. Many like me are heart broken and angered, over his loss and the law enforcement who engaged with them are traitors, simple as that. The traitors are alive while an American who fought for our freedoms is dead. I transgress, the point is this, there are thousands maybe millions of Americans who have embraced you as American heros who will fight for us, who we can trust. I guess what I’m trying to say, is you might want to address this view some of us have.

  24. I agree with your analysis…in a perfect world. I also agree with those who disagree….

    The stumbling block that has been put in place is the ability of the out-of-control government to prevent coordination and planning by accusing those involved of ‘conspiracy’.

    Bogus as it may be in light of our first amendment guarantees, the feds have given themselves a ‘compelling interest’ argument (public safety) to abridge that protection….the very protection put in place to not just allow, but foster views in opposition to an over-reaching government.

    Planning and coordinating would likely be construed by the gov’t as ‘threats and intimidation’ with a goal to prevent them from executing their (illegal and unconstitutional) duties…… Sound familiar?

    Used to be that you could talk amongst yourselves, even plan and coordinate, and nothing could be made of it unless you took concrete actions toward implementing the plans. ENTER the Patriot Act, where it seems that anyone can be branded a terrorist simply by discussing anything that the ‘government’ might perceive as a ‘potential threat’. Add to that the fact that most Constitutional Patriots have actually prepared for possible conflict against tyranny in whatever form it might arise, and it will be used to ‘prove’ that ‘steps have been taken toward concrete actions.’

    Amazing….that when the gov’t plans, coordinates and prepares for possible conflict, in support of their constitutional overreach (actual illegal unconstitutional actions), we aren’t supposed to question their intentions….lest we be branded ‘conspiracy theorists’. But why are they not guilty of conspiracy themselves? …Conspiracy to overthrow the duly constituted limitations intended to constrain the ambitions of a centralized ‘government’.

    Nevertheless, It’s time for ALL Constitutional Patriot Groups to publicly convene and proceed to plan and coordinate contingencies to contain the tyrannical overreach….’just in case’. No advocacy toward action, no threats, no intimidation, just ‘common sense’ (gotta love that adjectival phrase) preparation.

    It’s about time that WE moved forward on ‘common sense’ government control.

  25. Well said Brandon; at no time did the Oregon situation appear to be a winnable strategy. The depiction of the participants, no matter how well intended the individuals were, was one of mockery and derision. At no time did the Liberty Movement control the message, and I do not believe they forwarded our agenda nearly enough for the price that was paid. To think that a lone static, armed standoff in the piney woods would positively impact the movement, with little or no effective media relations was short sighted and ill planned. We must do better, and that will not be accomplished without a sound and endorsed national strategic plan.

  26. The current battle is for hearts and minds of the populace. Tyrannical ruling elites have the finest propaganda/indoctrination systems ever created that We, the People must contend with.

    Entire systems of command and control are our enemy; not the mere lackey politicians and bureaucrats operating the systems. Remove the lackey and the system remains with a new lackey serving the elite overlord ruling class.

    Use the tactics of Marketers, publicity agents, advertisers and others who mold minds. Make the masses aware that tyranny has entered all levels of the USA; governance, economics, corporate USA and other aspects of the whole that is America.

    It IS possible to defy then defeat tyranny without a single shot being fired. That is what the Founders and their followers then and now would want us to do. If possible. Strive for a bloodless victory. And while doing all we can to win the battle for hearts and minds We, the People will have ample time to ensure preparations, training and other necessities are honed to a sharp edge if tyrants send their well-paid well-trained well-indoctrinated lackey enforcement arms to start what could result in Revolutionary War Two.

    Let the tyrants initiate evil. Let future historians report that We, the People strove mightily to follow the peaceful path to victory.

  27. “The best laid plans, of mice and men, often go awry”…self sacrifice my brothers; it’s a good faux death. All ancient warriors lived by this creed. From the samurai, to the native Americans. It’s better to die (spiritually) while standing than waste away in frailty; Without purpose nor meaning. It’s about giving your (spiritual) life for a cause. Something you believe in. Something that makes a difference for your children, and future generations. It’s a losing battle. A lost cause. Hopefully it will inspire a new generation of patriots. We can die emotionally, but live on…??

  28. While I do not agree with the command leadership and the way the Oathkeepers are being managed, this article is ok and I agree with some of the tactical things mentioned.. something I have been talking to those around me about quite extensively. The biggest mistake most are making is just this. Publicly talking about everything they are doing, who they are, location and so on.

    However there are some things, which I state at the end of my comment that I think are completely wrong in this article.. especially a near the end comment made in this article.

    My ‘friends’ and any ‘groups’ any of us may or may not be a part of do not talk about it, we don’t spread the word. We don’t even acknowledge anything at all in fact. There is a whole lot bigger picture here and it is something 98% of those out there are missing.

    But enough of my opinions on that

    And so, and unless I missed it, there is one other huge factor missing in all this including the article. A true and real leader. And THAT we do not have. And the leader will not be someone elected. It will not be someone that gives themselves the power over others. It will not be someone that forms a militia or like group and calls themselves the commander. It will not be a talking head that plays political word games, back and forth about taking a stand then remaining peaceful. It will not be someone that tells others what they are doing is wrong or that what they are feeling is wrong or that they should change their convictions and “save it for a later time”.

    No, a real leader will be the one that people start listening to who tells it like it is. Who has NO interest in getting those around him/her jailed or dead yet has enough tactical experience and training to know how and when to do something AND extract safely from it. Someone that is not looking to start a war but knows it may come to having to fire on others. But more important, someone that when they draw a line STANDS that line no matter what.

    In the case or Oregon, it was a disorganized mess.. in MY opinion. That being said, the groups that constantly talk about being patriots also showed their true colors. What should have happened is an effort to get a show of people in support, UNARMED if need be to make the point that we were not going to just stand by and let this go quietly. While that was taking place they then should have inundated major media and minor media with the FACTS backup by Constitutional Law and precedent.

    If that did not work, then it should escalate until it did work. You see when you say something and draw a line, the ONLY thing that gives that any power is by DOING. If you draw a line only to find reasons and excuses, “oh this is not the right time, live to try again another day” or “don’t do this you will only end up in jail or dead” or so many other excuses I have heard, it pretty much tells everyone that in essence nothing will happen except a lot of keyboard commandos typing bull on the internet and talking tough when in reality they are not willing to stand.

    When tyranny comes calling, you DO NOT HAVE THE CHOICE TO PICK AND CHOOSE YOUR BATTLE.

    You either stand or you don’t. Plain and simple. You either make it clear, make it loud and make it public that you are standing against the wrong being done but you have no intent to escalate things but WILL NOT back down and will hold the line until the wrong(ed) has been made right by whatever means, change in the law, the courts, whatever.

    Finally, the other thing lacking is the obvious tactical knowledge and training.. but more important the planning of any of this. If you truly are going to stand, you don’t go off half cocked on a whim. You take as much time as you can before you have to act and insure you have a tactical sound plan that EVERYONE will follow AND ABIDE BY.

    From not only internal communications but external public and media communications. From keeping watch both daytime AND at night to who is doing the cooking. Other things include the RULES very complete and VERY specific on how members will and will not act and/or react. _Planning for scouts, ingress and egress. Escape and evade. And numerous other things.

    This is not a game. It is not a joke. We are talking about real life here.. and REAL dire consequences IF a true leader does not have what it takes to actually LEAD.

    This article closed out with a statement that I COMPLETELY disagree with. Near the end of this article is this statement: “it IS possible to defy then defeat tyranny without a single shot being fired. That is what the Founders and their followers then and now would want us to do.”

    WRONG. First, here is the literal definition of TYRANNY:

    1) Cruel and oppressive government or rule. “people who survive war and escape tyranny”
    2) synonyms: despotism, absolute power, autocracy, dictatorship, totalitarianism, Fascism; More
    3) a nation under cruel and oppressive government, cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control.

    Tyranny has NEVER been defeated without force of arms. We in the the USA are not yet under the confines of tyranny therefore we still have a chance AT resolving differences peacefully. But should the day come where tyranny truly takes hold, there is NO WAY IN H E L L that tyranny will be but down without shots being fired.

    And our founding fathers? THAT comment was an insult to them for they too tried peacefully but when true tyranny struck, they took up arms and formed what we have today. And our Founding Fathers would EXPECT US TO DO THE SAME THING TO PRESERVE THAT WHICH THEY STARTED.

    What we need is a leader. Someone that understands that. Someone people can and will respect.. and someone those that understand and believe will follow.

  29. I fully agree with the message they were conveying but, as stated in another post, they were the tip of the sword only, the rest of the sword wasn’t present because not all were on board. Good article, thank you.

  30. One current resource to be utilized at getting to the puppet masters is the North American Law Center’s ( and the Constitutional Accountability Coalition’s ( articles of impeachment of the usurper in the oval office. Get the articles in front of your congressman today and put the pressure on until we get one member of congress to present the articles of impeachment to the House Judiciary Committee.

  31. I agree with Brandon, when they occupied a federal building, I believe they gave up any moral authority they might have had in any of the ongoing protests over the mistreatment of the Hammonds, therein lies the argument for poor planning. We are a nation at war, the ideals of personal freedom backed up by personal responsibility are being challenged daily by other Americans who fail to connect those dots together. Personally I don’t believe that Man, by himself has the capacity to do very much worthwhile outside of the presence of God in his life, it is for this reason that I am spending a great deal of my time asking my God to help us as a people, and a nation to do the right thing, to get on your knees and seek God for the ouster of those who the American people have foolishly elected to powerful positions in government, I don’t believe for one second that they will respond favorably to any request or demand that they obey the constitution they must have pledged to uphold, therefore in my heart and in my mind I am turning them, and their cause over to my God, who alone is faithful. I am thankful too that we are in an election year where there are people like Donald Trump, and TED Cruz running for president. This gives me renewed hope that we have a chance at least in restoring our constitutional Republic on that level. Thanks too to all the men currently in uniform, and all of you vets who swore to uphold, not politicians, but the Law of our land, the Constitution.

  32. since yall saying that it was inadiquite training and tacktics behind the standoff, yall need to start training some of these people.

  33. Planning=conspiracy to overthrow the government. With the surveillance of us in the “Constitutional” community being what it is, how would wide spread planning occur? Any ideas?

  34. I’m in general agreement with the article, with a few caveats.

    I don’t necessarily look at the Malheur occupation (or the Boston Massacre for that matter) as failures, but as almost-necessary events in the progression toward Revolution. The cost of Malheur was the life of a single patriot, and now the FBI et. al. are scrambling to not come out looking like murderers and thugs. Just watch the videos they have released, particularly the one taken inside Finicum’s truck. They may be failures in a tactical sense, but not strategically, odd though that may sound.

    One may try to organize the Revolution, but ultimately it boils down to the decision of a million differently-motivated individuals.

    As to comm, certainly it’s worth preparing to use radio as backup, but didn’t the cell phones and internet actually work for the Malheur occupation? Egypt tried to cut off the internet in their last rebellion; how long did that last? A couple of days? This country is much more dependent on it. One can only hope the rulers actually try something that stupid.

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