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The Day that SHTF Happened – A Scenario

Country cabin

The following is a potential scenario of when SHTF, prepared by the Ethical Preparedness. As this scenario points out, collapse might not happen suddenly, but simply get worse through time. Are you prepared? Do you have a safe place to go to? Do you have a CPT type group that can provide security as well as grow food, have medical knowledge, communications and water and sanitation needs taken care of? If you don’t, why not? – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Do I have a CPT group? Nope. Why not? Because everyone I know runs as far and as fast from this subject as possible. There isn’t anyone in S.E. WI to turn to.

    1. You must start one then. Join email lists such as Mother Earth News, and SurvivalBlog (Rawles). I’m in Tennessee and we’re starting a training group for the day we need to bugout and survive the downfall of society either by man-made or natural disaster. We need instructors who have expertise in hunting, fishing, farming, medical, tactical, dental, law enforcement, sanitation, construction, engineering, auto mechanics, well the list is long, as is the circle of contacts. The immediate small unit is primarily military, but not limited to it.

  2. What a beautiful scenery!

    When the eleven mega cities have been built and filled this will be a black market item, the possession of it will carry the death penalty.

    Better to die before that happens.

  3. I am very fortunate that I grew up in a setting where on a daily basis we were taught self reliance. My family would be called preppers today but they were great depression survivors and understood that reliance on government was foolish. They experienced the hunger and deprivation and were determined to not be in that situation again. I have no fear of a collapse. My skills in survival and self reliance were honed during my childhood. I can produce all I need to survive without modern conveniences. The greatest danger are those idiots who are not prepared and that is where weapons enter the picture. I have a select number of friends who will join me and m wife if things get sporty.

  4. The sheep will die off soon enough, they will keep the wolves busy for a while.
    That’s when it’s gonna get interesting.
    The question is, how many “malitias” are out there, and how well will they get along?
    It’s gonna be hard to know who is who.
    No CPT around here, baaaaah! No place to bug out to. Gonna dig in and do the best we can.

    1. Where we are, there are a ton of militias out there. Some better than others, but all help and at least point the right direction. What we have to worry about are the zombies out of the major cities. Your right, when the wolves roam, it will be very interesting.

  5. The ability to live off the land will be a Godsend. Not sure how all this will go down, but we do know islamic terrorist want this. And with the way people are now days, it could get real interesting.

  6. So what I am reading in the comments is that when the SHTF most of the nation’s people will have the every man for himself mindset, when the wolves are finished with the sheep that things will be very interesting and the zombies from the cities that will be descending on the country folk looking for sustenance will represent a target rich environment.

    Firstly, those attitudes are defeatist from the start. If the society melts so much that it is every man for himself, then you who have that mindset may as well insert muzzle into your oral orifice and put yourself out of your future perceived misery. If you cannot get at least five like-minded people in your immediate area to band together for mutual support and defense then your either are not trying hard enough or simply not doing anything other than posting on the Internet.

    If you are working diligently at forming a CPT for you, your neighbors and your community’s benefit during a SHTF scenario but having no success then it may be a common sense and reasonable suggestion to relocate to an area of the nation where people reside that are more receptive to the idea of self-reliance with the individualism that made our country so strong up to this point in its history.

    Secondly, when I hear someone say “very interesting” in the same sentence as SHTF I cringe. Societal meltdown is anything but “very interesting”, it is a terrible and horrifying state of affairs for everyone and if you have never witnessed it personally, read about it firsthand or actually listened intently to someone who has, then you will most likely be left in a state of denial and useless to yourself or anyone else or worse, comatose, from the shock of the deadly reality that this sort of breakdown causes to all who are unfortunate enough to be caught up in it.

    If you who are in the rural areas have the attitude that anyone who is not in your circle of people banded together for mutual security and defense is a threat to be dispatched then you are no better than the land pirates that will be roaming the countryside and will be defeating the purpose of CPT and presenting yourselves as targets to be eliminated by groups that are dedicated to eliminating land pirates (just fair warning to the wise among you).

    If you are a true Oath Keeper and love this country dearly, then you will be doing everything in your power to promote the precepts that our constitution entails and the Bill of Rights that pertain to every citizen of this nation. Even when the SHTF and all seems to be lost, we must be there to stand for these principles that we have given our solemn oath to uphold and defend. We must be the guardians and examples for those that have lost their ability to think for themselves and in turn became victims of the nefarious designs perpetrated by the PTB.

    In other words these people that you are calling zombies have been hit hard for their entire lives by scientifically designed weapons of mind control, (e.g., pharmaceuticals, fluoride in the water and foodstuffs, hygiene products, education techniques).

    Weapons that grow in their effectiveness and destructiveness causing our people to grow disassociated from civil responsibility and individual responsibility to the point where they become mired in a state of sleep walking more prevalent year after year.

    We must be the leaders in the new world after the collapse. We must stand out as the example for these poor souls and extend our hands in loving brotherhood and support to bring them back to the natural state of humanity that they were jerked from by the evil that permeates the existing power structures of this country, (and the world). We must with patience and loving care, teach them to again be thoughtful contributing members of society instead of the consuming, oblivious creatures of habit that they have been trained to be.

    If we do this, we can then realize the dream of returning our country to its intended state of natural law controlled by our organic constitution backed up by rule of natural law and the people. Not a country controlled by powerful elitists compelling compliance to mans law backed up by law enforcers.

    Alright, now let the ripping into this statement begin, but be thoughtful and use your God given mind to do so, not your emotions or bias.

    1. R.E. Massey I agree with many of your suppositions. My hope is the local churches will step up like they have for generations to assist the so called zombies. Many people will need to stand up and assist the churches during the difficult times. The zombies do not concern me but the wolves certainly do.

      Our government has worked tirelessly over the last few decades to create deep divisions in our society and it will raise its ugly head during a time of distress. The government will also use the upheaval to mask its own violence. Cloward – Piven (–Piven_strategy ) ( )actually discuss how to use a collapse to create a leftist utopia. So there will be many moving parts during a collapse. There will be many factions working overtime to undermine everything you do. So trust will be at a premium.

      The democrats have cultivated their minions with hate and they will become wolves from hell during the early days of a collapse. They will be unleashed on neighborhoods to defeat their mortal enemies (Liberty loving Americans). It has occurred in every nation where Marxist have taken power. Obamas army as large and as strong as the military will move across our nation like a specter. The elites will be hunkered down in safe areas waiting for the violence to burn itself out. We will have to fight them or die.

      I personally believe the local county government is best since it is closest to the people. I will support my neighbors, churches and the county sheriff as my base. Feeding the hungry will be a monumental task. The government will seize all food production and distribute it as they see fit. Therefor if the democrats are in charge the great hinterlands will be on their own.

      The democrat party has created so much hate that the only option will be violence. Those of us who stand up to help our fellow man will be targeted for removal. A Marxist utopia cannot exist in a nation where liberty exist.

  7. Nice try with the WTSHTF video. It is missing all sorts of evil and tyrannical scenarios. During that horrible event, and it will be horrible. On a side note, I wonder what the basic purpose is to expose so many viewers to that popular cable TV series: The Walking Dead. A coincidence of timing? In your dreams. What a sick way to further make innocent strangers not trust each other WTSHTF. And, to provide sick alternatives to survive. And, what about all those state of the art drones that will be flying around, especially in rural areas; with fully armed drones, thermo sensitive, etc. And, all those radical SOBs that came over here, and will continue to come over here for “safe asylum”? They will be mobilizing and organizing their hell holes here on American soil. The terrorists attacks will become a daily play ground for those SOBs, until they have full control with their sharia patrols running around all over the place. Americans will be hunted down by those SOBs, and oath breakers will be looking the other way. Under Martial Law there are no Contitutional Rights. Everybody and everything will be game. It will become a Mad Max backdrop. And, when those poor, ignorant, and gullible people are voluntarily or forced into those FEMA camps, they will receive all sorts of vaccination injections with who knows what will be in those injections. And, what about the water that will be lovingly provided to drink there? Anybody with a fluoride water tester there? And, what about the GMO and other “additive laced” foods that will be lovely served there? Oh, you are sick? Too bad. You can visit that “hospital” where you probably won’t come back again. What are those back hole diggers doing out there far beyond the guarded fences? Suspicious of acts against humanity? Keep those inquiries to yourselves, if you want to live another day. WTSHTF there is no going back after several years of hiding into a third world country. It will become an islamic nation under sharia law. The future of America, and the Republic is not pretty at all. Enjoy the peace in your “foxholes and bunkers”.

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