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Stoner Jihadi Proves Smarter than Gun-Grabbers while Key Information Remains Unknown

The FBI took some easy pickings and got themselves some headlines. So why not give a more complete picture on who this guy is? (WXYZ /Khalil Abu-Rayyan social media photo)

It’s the type of low-hanging fruit bust that gets sensational headlines, even if the actual level of threat deterred is uncertain at best. Khalil Abu-Rayyan, 22, is alleged to have been planning to shoot up a Detroit area church in support of the Islamic State.

‘It is my dream to behead someone,’ he told an undercover FBI agent via social media. He also spoke of his plans to shoot up a local megachurch and bragged he had an AK-47 with a 40-round magazine.

Rayyan was already on law enforcement’s radar for drug and gun charges following a speeding arrest last October. If allegations on the criminal complaint are pursued, he could also be prosecuted for lying on a Form 4473 about his drug use. Inexplicably, he “has not been charged with any terrorism crime.”

Whether he ever possessed the capability to be a credible threat is unknown. He comes off more like an idiot stoner, and has so far proven to be nothing except self-incriminating, almost comically so. His conduct led to the traffic stop and arrest. His uncontrolled mouth led to the Detroit cops finding a .22 revolver in his car. And his online cheerleading for ISIS and indiscriminate sharing of his “plans” make it fair to question how far from reality this guy lives. Basically, he just comes across like a real dumb-***.

In spite of that, he’d still win in a game of “Are You Smarter than Gun-Grabber?” That’s because, unlike them, he’s at least non-delusional enough to understand that so-called “gun-free zones” empower monsters and set victims up for defenseless slaughter. And he also knows such kill zones give the attackers what they crave most: Success and “fame.”

Here’s what he had to say about that:

“[I]t’s easy, and a lot of people go there, plus people are not allowed to carry guns in church. Plus it would make the news.”

Yet if Rayyan had carried through on his plans, the very ones responsible for demanding citizen disarmament would be the ones exploiting the carnage, demanding more “common sense gun safety laws,” and accusing liberty advocates of having blood on their hands. In reality, the obscene blood dancers would have it on their feet.

There’s an interesting and perhaps telling omission – at least the information does not seem to be prominently featured in all the news accounts so far – and it’s unclear if that’s due to oversight or intent: Does Rayyan come from a family of “refugees”?

It’s legitimate to wonder in light of Obama’s DHS assuring Americans they are employing “rigorous security screening” procedures, especially after the Boston Marathon bombings and the San Bernardino killings. It’s relevant in light of a report that DHS is “scrubbing” Muslim terrorist records.

One other bit of information that also appears to be incomplete: the complaint affidavit and all resulting media reports note Rayyan shared ISIS social media posts about, among other things, “men being thrown from a high-rise building to execute them.” At a time when Americans are being primed to warm up to “cultural diversity” and more massive immigration, it’s fair to wonder if mentioning that those were executions of accused homosexuals might work against the “tolerance” narrative the rest of us are expected, pressured and coerced to live by.

At a time when Americans are being told the real threat comes from its patriots, and those spinning that web of lies are culturally terraforming the Republic into something else altogether, those seem curious (and even  intentional) pieces of information to leave out.



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. We can talk about these kind of situations until the next three generations come and go and it will not change the tide of stupidity

    Only until we get the common sense logic into the heads of the gun grabbers we are accomplishing absolutely zilch.

    1. “The article says that this young man is a refugee.”

      No it doesn’t. It specifically says that information is not present in the affidavit and in media accounts I found about the guy, and questions if that is by oversight or intention..

      1. Oh my gosh! My error. I’m so sorry. I misunderstood what I read in the article. My apologies. Thank you for correcting me, Sir. I would edit my comment if I could. And please let me take this opportunity to thank you, Mr. Codrea, for all the excellent articles you write. I read them here on the Oath Keepers website and always learn so much. I just need to read more carefully so I fully understand everything! Thank you, Sir, for everything you do for our country. God bless you. And again my apologies for my error.

      2. Please– we’re all human. No big deal as long as we’re all committed to the facts. If it turns out anything I wrote needs to be updated with a correction, that’s what I’ll need to do. It’s happened before and will happen again.

  2. The only way to hurt these people is ” DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM ” You have to buy gas but that’s all. I took an oath that I would never buy anything from anyone unless they spoke English.

    Karl H I love the Dearbornistan…

    1. HAROLD B, I have a neighbor grocery store down the street from me. Nice people but they look like they could be Muslims They are not, they came from India many years ago and have nothing to do with Islam.I asked them what they are and I can not say I remember, but some of them where turbans on their heads. I’ll keep buying from them. .

  3. If you have been watching what is going on in the EU then you will get an idea what will be transpiring here in this country soon whether the DHS or Mass Media report it or not.

  4. Because we are classified as a ‘terrorist militia” we need to be very aware of provocateurs from any of the alphabet agencies. NSA has every piece of information we put on cyberspace including our phone calls and nobody knows what else from our “smart” devices. How simple would it be to exploit that information and psyops anyone with ill intent into going over the edge? How many of these crazies kill themselves at the end of their terror to hide any such coercion?

  5. Not sure about the churches this guy is talking about but i guarantee he comes to my church he would be staring down at least a half dozen armed Christian Patriots.
    Just sayin…

  6. Why are we letting people like this into our country?

    Is he a “persecuted refugee?” He sure sounds eager to fight. Send him back to whatever Third World cesspit he crawled out of, and his entire extended family too. If he wants “jihad” there’s plenty on that side of the world. Keep it out of my country.

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