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We know that there are always at least two sides to every story. We also know and recognize that the FBI and law enforcement agencies involved will do everything in their power to make it appear as if the needless death of our husband, father, grandfather, brother and son, LaVoy Finicum, was justified.

Like almost everyone else, we were not there, so we don’t know exactly what happened. Like most others, we have no choice but to rely on other sources of information. One of those sources of information is the account of Victoria Sharp. Another piece of information is the video recently released by the FBI, along with the FBI’s chosen narrative of what happened. In response to this information, we would like to make a few observations.

The first observation is that from what we understand, the occupation was on track toward a peaceful resolution. LaVoy and those he was with were en route to a public meeting in an adjoining county when they were stopped in something far different than a “routine traffic stop,” as has been portrayed by the media. Unfortunately, the powers that be were not interested in being patient enough for the occupation to come to a peaceful end. Some had called for LaVoy and those he was with to simply be gunned down, just as he was, with no due process. Oregon Governor, Kate Brown, was putting pressure on the FBI to end it sooner rather than later. The Harney County Sheriff’s Department working in conjunction with the FBI tried to do everything they could to emphasize how disruptive the occupation was to the local community, when in reality it appears to have been their own reaction that was causing most of the disruption. And it was the FBI that chose to escalate the situation to force a confrontation, and violent ending.

With respect to the actual facts and circumstances surrounding LaVoy’s death, the video really speaks for itself. People will interpret it according to their own views. As the FBI’s own narrative stated, LaVoy was not wielding a firearm or any other weapon when he was killed. His hands were obviously in the air. Knowing LaVoy, it is our view that he was moving away from the vehicle in an attempt to draw any hostility or violence away from the others. Unfortunately, we don’t know what he was saying, and what was being said to him. He appears to have been gesturing, or trying to keep his balance while moving in the deep snow. Although he may have been animated, he does not appear to have been threatening or posing any real threat or danger to anyone. The FBI claims that LaVoy had a loaded firearm in an inside pocket of his coat.


After rereviewing the extended video, at this point we are not accepting at face value the FBI’s statement that LaVoy was actually armed. But even if he was, as far as we can see, that firearm posed no more danger to anyone than it would have if he had stayed in the vehicle with his hands on the steering wheel. Contrary to what has been stated by some sources, LaVoy was not “charging” anyone. He appears to have been shot in the back, with his hands in the air.


It is our understanding that according to applicable law, the use of deadly force is justified only if there is a genuine threat of death or serious bodily injury. It is our understanding and position that deadly force should only be used as a last resort. In LaVoy’s case it appears that they were determined to go straight to the last resort. It is our understanding that the U.S. Supreme Court and Ninth Circuit Court of appeals have ruled as follows:


“The reasonableness of [officers’] actions depends both on whether the officers
were in danger at the precise moment that they used force and on whether [the
officers’] own reckless or deliberate conduct during the seizure unreasonably
created the need to use such force.”
“[W]here an officer intentionally or recklessly provokes a violent confrontation . . .
he may be held liable for his otherwise defensive use of deadly force.” Although
officers may claim self-defense, they may still be liable for using excessive force
if their reckless and unconstitutional actions create the need to use excessive

It is our understanding that in addition to shooting LaVoy multiple times, after he was left lying harmlessly on the ground the officers also fired upon his truck and the passengers in it, putting them all at risk, despite the fact that they were posing no threat to anyone. The video clearly shows one of the windows being blown out. It has been gut-wrenching for our family to view the video of LaVoy being shot, and then left to lie in the snow while a whole army of so-called “public servants” terrorized the others. We can only hope their families never have to watch such a thing. We will be interested to inspect the vehicle. We will also be interested to see the autopsy report.


At this point we will await the outcome of any investigation, but based on the information currently available to us, we do not believe that LaVoy’s shooting death was justified. We likewise can’t see any justification for the force and risk of serious injury or death that was exerted against the others in the truck, who posed no threat.


We know that under such circumstances law enforcement typically makes every attempt to cast such shooting victims in the worst possible light. In that regard, we also want to observe and emphasize that LaVoy had a squeaky clean record, and had never had so much as a speeding ticket. In addition to raising his own eleven children, he had also been entrusted with the care of at least 50 foster children over the course of approximately 10 years.
On January 7, 2016, LaVoy issued an official statement from the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. Among other things, the statement said:


“We want to clarify that we share any and all concerns about safety for everyone
involved, including ourselves, our families, the public, and law enforcement
officers. All lives are important to us. Ultimately, we want everyone involved
to be able to return safely to their homes and families.


We are deeply troubled and saddened that our governments do not share the same concern for human life. We are deeply troubled that our governments would view whatever was happening at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge to be worth spilling blood over. We are deeply troubled and saddened that our governments have come to place so little value on life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness.


We love LaVoy as our husband, father, grandfather, brother and son. He was a hero to us. We believe he died as a patriotic martyr. Regardless of any and all differing opinions, we know that he died standing for a cause HE believed in.


LaVoy’s funeral will be held in Kanab, Utah on Friday, February 5, 2016.


We take comfort in our faith and our belief that LaVoy is now in a better place. May our dear Lord bless and receive him into that realm. We sincerely appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that have been sent our way. We pray for those who chose to
take LaVoy’s life. We desire justice and genuine accountability for what happened, but we pray for them.


And finally, we thank God for this country and what it is supposed to stand for. We pray for this country, and that God will please bless, help and forgive us all.


Editor’s Note: Oath Keepers also is calling for a full and transparent investigation into the shooting death of LaVoy Finicum. Nothing is known until everything is known. God bless this American family and God bless America.

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Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net


  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum may your faith in God help you find peace in the days ahead. God bless Robert “LaVoy” Finicum and family Amen!

    God help us

    1. May the memory of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum be blessed unto the Most High God and healing for his family.

    2. This is the cost of FREEDOM…. and as a nation will not go quietly as we watch a kind, gentle man, who gave his last breath protecting our Liberty be buried. LaVoy believed in our rights to Freedom of Speech, Peaceful Assembly and to Bear Arms and he used those rights to call out a corrupt government by calling attention to what it is doing and speaking out against it. He believed in our great country and stood for the rights of us all to live without fear against Tyranny. But first and foremost LaVoy believed in our God who endowed each of us with inalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Thank you LaVoy, Rest in Peace, Hero. May God rest his soul and may God have mercy on us.

    3. Our thoughts go out to the Finicum family from Fallon, Nevada. We had people on site and at the rally. We know the truth. The legal challenge should be vigorous as the law enforcement agencies involved committed crimes.

    4. See below link to sign petition for what its worth. I think it will take much more drastic action to fix what is happening but this may be a start. Everyone needs to sign it and call their representatives etc. I dont know if it will do any good or not.
      God Bless Lavoy and his family.

      Here is a Must see Video that reminds me of Lavoy and his Patriotic soul

  2. May God bless and comfort LaVoy’s family and friends. I never even knew him until this standoff began, but my heart goes out to his family. LaVoy was passionate man whom lived by God’s word and the US Constitution. He was murdered simply because the authorities felt he was a troubled maker and they wanted to make an example out of him. As if by killing an innocent man will deter the hearts of all patriots. In fact, it’s made us all more determined. LaVoy’s death will not be in vain! He was the face of reason and loyalty to this once great country. We love and miss you brother LaVoy Finicum RIP!

  3. The statement from LaVoy’s family is right on target. It is difficult to add to it but will provide my own observations.

    LaVoy’s rights were trashed. The fourth amendment was trashed, again. They could have shot him in the leg. They could have shot him in the right shoulder. The State Police and the FBI didn’t have to shoot at all. The feds could have stormed the car at any time during the encounter. That did not happen. That will not happen. The rules of engagement against American Citizens is exactly what you saw in the video. If you are a suspect, you will be murdered with no recourse just like the women and children were murdered at the Waco siege in an attempt to serve a warrant. The FBI calls it “suicide by cop”. Meaning: if you resist with a weapon of any kind or in some cases with no visible weapon, you will be killed with no one held accountable.

    LaVoy’s death is an American tragedy which could have been peacefully resolved but our government decided to just end it with a death. A death over a peaceful occupation. When will our elected officials stand up to this assault on American citizens? From all indications they are not going to. It’s up to the people now.

    1. He was killed to serve a message to all Americans, and that message is clear, the U.S. Government no longer cares about any of us. Our new america consists of a royal political class and if you are not born into it, you have no value. Our Constitution has been shredded. The Liberal Agenda is working because our schools are now being used to indoctrinate, not eduacate. Gone are the days when children being intelligent was a value to our government. Today, our own government is using an education system that was designed by our enemies. Common Core was created in the islamic country of Qatar. It serves two purposes…to dumb students down and to spread islam. OUR OWN CONGRESS IS NOW BEING PAID BY THE SAUDI ROYAL FAMILY AND OIL RICH MUSLIM NATIONS TO TURN OUR COUNTRY INTO A SHARIA COMPLIANT NATION. lAST MONTH A us sENATOR, dIANE fEINSTEIN, ACTUALLY STATED THAT aMERICAN WOMEN SHOULD ACCEPT RAPE. sHE SAID RAPE ONLY TAKES A FEW MINUTES BUT DEATH IS FOREVER. sHE EXPLAINED THAT IF WOMEN WOULD JUST RELAX ITS NOT THAT BAD, AND WHO KNOWS, SOME OF US MIGHT LIKE IT.





    2. They tried to surrender when the van was stopped the first time. The Feds just sat there. One of the men in the van put their hands, with no weapon, out the window to surrender and show they weren’t armed. The Feds shot at his hands.

  4. I didn’t know LaVoy, I’m not a rancher nor have I ever been to Arizona, Utah or Oregon. I am however an OathKeeper in South Carolina and let me say that I stand with the Family and Friends of this fallen Patriot. As a retired LEO, I too believe LaVoys life was taken uneccessarily. I wish I could have met him. We have a lot in common.

    1. Thank you for your words, Scott. I am sure you do have much in common. He was a fine man greatly loved by his family. The funeral was heart wrenching at times when his daughters spoke of their father, how kind he was, so loving to them all.

      For me, I am too old to be an Oath Taker, but still have a pretty good eye.I just pray that we can turn this country around. I am thankful for folks and real men like you. God bless! Sam Kent

      The funeral procession is on my Facebook page.

  5. “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”
    (John 15-13)

    I never met Lavoy, but I knew him. He was trying to draw fire away from his friends in the vehicle. I’ve seen it before!


    Vietnam vet, 1966 – 1967, the Mekong River in the Delta.

    1. I think you are 100% correct Bob C and I will add that I believe he was acting in defense of the others in the vehicle when he sped away from the initial stop. According to witnesses (note the plural) who were in the vehicle with him the passenger who put his hands and head out the window was shot at for doing so. LaVoy speeding away was another act of defense, not for himself but for the others in the vehicle. Then when he was unable to escape the roadblock he immediately did what you said Bob C and tried to draw fire to himself and away from the vehicle. According to two witnesses in the vehicle they were shooting at the truck and LaVoy before he ever got out and they shot him before he put his hands down. As far as I am concerned LaVoy is a hero and he acted only to save others. In my opinion this was an ambush execution and they intended to kill everyone in the vehicle. I think LaVoy’s actions greatly contributed to the others survival. When you view this in context it makes perfect sense that LaVoy was shouting “shoot me, shoot me!” because he was doing everything in his power to draw attention away from the others. I am so disgusted by what this lawless group of murderers posing as LE did I cannot even describe it. My most sincere wishes of love go out to LaVoy’s family and I want them to know that he will NEVER be forgotten. I pledge to do everything in my power to expose these murderers posing as LE.

      In that effort I recommend we all shift focus to forcing the investigation and control of the evidence out of the hands of the murder suspects. If we have to throw a cordon of bodies around that truck so they cannot scrub the evidence we need to do it. We have to force the release of all the video and audio recordings of the entire event including the cell phone video taken by Mrs. Cox. We have to pin these scum down NOW before they can scrub everything and coordinate their lies in official reports etc.


      1. Yes! I am so tired of being told, wait for the investigation. What investigation?! They’re investigating themselves!!

  6. I’m not a rancher, I didn’t know LaVoy and I’ve never been to Arizona, Utah or Oregon but I do stand with his Family and Friends. We have a lot in common.

  7. The involvement of Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) is never offered to families. The families must request the participation of PGR. Does anyone know if PGR has been requested by the family to participate in the services for LaVoy? This Patriot definitely deserves our services. It is possible that the family is not cognizant of PGR.

  8. I have seen the video play in my mind over and over, in the middle of the night even. I cried out loud for hours when I heard the news. I had to stop several times while reading this. I wake up thinking about him as if he was my own family. I wish I could be at his funeral. I hope his family sues them into the dirt. SO heart broken, triggered all my PTSD again.

  9. My heart felt sorrows to the family, you folks will be in my prayers. May he guide you and protect you in this hour of need.

  10. It is of the utmost importance that Finicum’s body be examined prior to the funeral, to determine both the quantity and location of gunshot wounds.

    1. I agree. We also need to allow the testimony that the 2 women that were inside the van gave, no gag orders.

  11. Angered that we are seeing the dismantling of our Country. Angered that even with video evidence, the MSM refuses to acknowledge a real “hands up, don’t shoot’ moment. But most of all, angered that another Patriot brother has lost his life for the sake of freedom.

    Praying for his family here in GA, and wishing I could attend to honor Mr. Finicum.

    OOYAH! Mr. Finicum. Fair winds and following seas, sir.

  12. My country – My home … a nation with strong roots grown deep in the name of Freedom and Liberty. This desire to be free of tyranny and freely practice our religious beliefs is something we are willing to fight for – have already fought for. Our Forefathers didn’t envision the power hungry, greedy country we have become. We were to be the bastion of hope for all who lived in oppression. That we would help others obtain the same freedoms when asked. We weren’t supposed to become a military empire. We were supposed to take everyone to the level of not needing war to solve our problems. Our Forefathers and Foremothers envisioned peace for future generations, not perpetual war. That is what the Constitution is supposed to remind us of … a future of freedom and liberty for ALL. That is what the occupation was about. Making fun of these people about snack foods was just so low and mean that I knew right away that the main stream media could not be trusted, once again, to tell the whole truth. BLM land grabs are criminal. Now they are in Texas stealing land along the Red River. This is not ok. It is not a constutionally ok thing for the US Gov to do. LaVoy Finicum was a good man with a good heart. My Grandpa would have liked him. LaVoy didn’t have die. Our Federal Government is not acting in the best interests of We The People. This little Texas citizen is outraged and jumping mad. It could have had a peaceful resolution. THAT’S what LaVoy wanted. Mr. Finicum, I salute you. Thank you for standing up and defending our beautiful Constitution. Your life is an example for us all. Peace and comfort to all his family and friends. You do not weep alone. ♡ End the wars. Let freedom ring.

  13. Though I was not there physically I had learn so much about Mr. Finicum. Watching him on the live streams and hearing him give updates I knew he was a gentle soul. He talked with a calm voice with grace and respect. He never showed one ounce of anger or violence. He always showed a deep passion and love for his Country and land. He was an honorable, respectable man. He always will be. I wish I could have met him and shook his hand.

    May the truth come out and justice served for a man who only spoke the truth and stood up to defend our Constitution.

    My deepest condolences to all his family and friends.

    National Prayer Service for Levoy

    1. Agree, but concerned about that. Shauna Cox was not an eye witness – her original interview she said she and Victoria were hunkered down on the floor of the back seat, she SAW nothing, but could hear everything. I don’t like that her story is changing. She needs to stay consistent. People will be looking to tear her witness testimony apart. If she loses credibility, its a big loss for the case.

      1. Im sorry you are misinformed. Shawn Cox has stated over and over that she did not see the shooting. But that Victoria did. She was on the right of Victoria and said that she was trying to get Victoria to get out of the window because they were already taking fire before LaVoy got out of the vehicle. Why don’t they release her cell phone recording if they have nothing to hide? Shawna Cox is a very reliable witness. Even though in some interviews they have tried to get her to say there was no weapons on LaVoy she has said she cannot be sure. But she did say the coat he had on did not have any inside pockets. She also stated that LaVoy always before left his firearm at that ranch when he went to the public meetings. She stated she was the last one to get into the truck and she did not see any weapons but she could not be sure there werent any weapons in the truck. The FBI however have changed their story. The First time they said he was going for a gun in his left inside pocket. Now they claim it was in his waistband of his pants in the front.. This is rideculeous since anyone with any knowledge of firearms and a 9mm in particular knows that you would not put a firearm down the front of your pants to begin with and to be sitting in a car driving it would be extremely uncomfortable and unsafe to carry a 9mm in this manner. LaVoy always carried a 45 holstered on his right side accourding to his family and many, many witnesses including people who knew him and were there with him. If there our small variations in her testimony since the first one. You have to understand this is typical of people who have experienced the type of trauma she experienced. Sometimes it takes a few days of reflection and replaying events in your mind to get a clear account of what took place. This woman is clearly not an anti-government crazy militia type in that she does know or use the terminology of someone who has been involved or trained in tactics for overthrowing the government. She did not even use commonly used phrases for someone who knows anything about police or military tactics period. This is what makes her credible. And as a Christian she believes in the commandments and will not bear false witness.

  14. Some of us have never even been near a ranch but we can relate to property theft and those who would bear false witness for their share. Wish I could upvote all these beautiful comments and those with helpful suggestions like Patriot Guard Riders. Thanks for the new to me song too Finicum Family. Many of us can only be there (Kanab) in our hearts and minds. Bless us all.

  15. I have followed Mr. Finicum since the Bundy ranch fiasco, if you want to know the man read his book Free on Amazon kindle. From his writing I find him to be deeply religious and concerned for our country. After viewing the video I to have doubts as to the story, I am of the understanding the OSP a required to wear body cameras?? If so where is that footage also the dash cam audio from the road block vehicles.

  16. Mr. Finicum left behind a beautiful family, all of whom, I’m sure, are devastated by his loss. How thoroughly sad, and pointless.

    [This comment was edited by Elias Alias, editor]

  17. Rest in peace Lavoy. Much sorrow and condolences to your family. I can only hope that justice will be done although given the nature of OUR government, I have doubts that will happen. Time will tell. No matter the surcumstances of your death, It cannot be justified. [One sentence deleted by Elias Alias, editor] May our nation and our constitution live forever and may you dwell in the house of our lord for all eternity.
    Lavoys family has my deepest regrets and sympathy.

    1. RG this petition states the facts wrong. It says LaVoy was on his way to turn himself in which is wrong and it says he was headed to the Harney County sheriff which is wrong. I signed the petition anyway but I do not consider the attorney general to be the appropriate entity to investigate this case nor do I trust AT ALL that it would be a legitimate investigation if he did. I signed it but to be honest I do not care at all what the AG says, we need to do our own investigation. It seems odd to call upon the feds to investigate the feds to me. I see no way in hell for it to be anything but a cover-up. Also the White House uses these petitions as toilet paper anyway, they only created the site to make people think they care about what we the people want. The truth is they don’t care at all what we want.

      How about a petition to remove all feds from the states and restrict them to Washington DC? That I would sign. How about a petition to call for a vote of no confidence in the presently installed government. I would sign that too. They would ignore it just the same but I would still sign it.

  18. I am so saddened that a True American, a man with such values and love for his Country, has been nonchalantly murdered by those that claim to be “law enforcement”, and who have sworn to uphold and defend our Constitution.

    In memory of, and with respect to LaVoy, my flag will be lowered to half staff on the 5th..

  19. Fair winds and following seas, Mr. Finacum. To the Finicum family, there is no words that will ever eleviate you sorrow. So please take comfort in the fact he had many friends and has gained more brought about by his willingness to be selfless and a great Patriot!

    God Bless the Finicum family, and may God save the Republic from the cultures circling.

  20. RIP to a great patriot, LaVoy Finicun. We did not know him, but I know a great injustice was committed upon his person. He and the others broke no laws and yet he was murdered by corrupt individuals in the FBI, and others. My heart grieves for him and his family. I have cried many tears, and was horrified at the 2 women’s account of the attack. I feel the FBI wanted everyone dead, just like Ruby Ridge, and Waco. I have been following the accounts on Facebook as many of my friends share and keep me posted to the injustices that plague American’s like us. I am old school, Christain, and a disabled veteran. I used to live in the Pacific northwest, however lately for a number of years we live in TX. I never heard of your organization until today. Question, is there any chapters here in N. TX.? God’s Blessings and safe keeping to all of you.

  21. I live in a small town in Idaho . I have talked with dozens of local people & we believe that LaVoy was definitely murdered by the FBI !! How sad it is, that the very people that are here to protect us can shoot a man down and do it in plain view for all to see. We have a faction of people who think this man was wrong because he dared to exercise his constitutional right to stand up to what is quickly becoming a police state !!
    If you have ever had the unfortunate luck to run up against the Fish & Game or Federal Fish & Wildlife , Forest Service , BLM ,IRS or now any one of the dozens of Federal agencies that have been created in the last 30 yrs. you feel like your life is actually being threatened !!!
    City people rarely come up against any of these agencies, so they have little or no idea of how intimidating the officers that represent these agencies have become !! They feel that we are interlopers and that you actually pose some sort of threat to them !!!!
    I have actually had a Forest Service Ranger pull his weapon on my son, a van load of young people, and myself as we were hauling wood to a Troubled Youth Facility!!
    I for one am not at all surprised as to the outcome of this Oregon situation & the very unfortunate murder of Mr.Finicum, do to the lack of support by Americans today for our civil liberties. Most people in our major cities feel like if you wear a cowboy hat or a bill cap w/Caterpillar on it that you’re too stupid to exercise proper application of laws. c
    We are under attack by these Federal agencies and the only way we will survive this onslaught is through solidarity, which you must know by now is sadly wanting ! I believe that if we would have come and supported LaVoy like we should have (we, being all who believe in freedom ) LaVoy would still be alive ! I ask your forgiveness for my apathy and pray that I for one will not let this happen to some other great American such as LaVoy was !!
    As you mourn for your loved one I hope in some miraculous way that the truth will be exposed and the guilty party will be put in prison where he surely belongs !
    I pray Our Lord will comfort you & your family and in some way ease your pain although I don’t know how when your loss was so unnecessary and brutal!

    Your friends, Don & Linda

    1. Don & Linda if you dont mind me asking, what town or area in Idaho do you live? Looking to relocate to the Sandpoint area in the next couple years so i like talking with folks that live in northern Idaho when possible to see how they like it, etc…Thanks

    2. This is a sincere and beautifully written sentiment. Sadly, it is true that most city people have no understanding of, and certainly no appreciation for, people who make their living from the land.

  22. I never met Lavoy but after reading about him and hearing him speak in his videos I wanted to meet him. He seemed genuine, sincere, passionate and wise.

    I am terribly sad how our government murdered him. No I am very very angry. But in my spirit I rejoice as I will meet Lavoy when Jesus returns for his bride.

    R.I.P. Lavoy and take comfort Finicum family. He is waiting in heaven and in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  23. The actions of the officers in the video appeared very much to be done with intentions toward a fight. As a veteran, the actions I saw in the video would have been followed by a courts martial. We have service members in prison for ROE much stricter than this. My heartfelt condolences to LaVoys family.

  24. I am so truly sorry for your loss I know your loss it’s just not right. I know your pain because they are responsible for the death of my baby boy. I hope you one day get the justice I have been refused the right to get for my son. It’s just not right that they can just kill people like this, and get away with it. I am so truly sorry I wish I had the power to make this right for you.

  25. Prayers go out to the family, we hope that they realize the support they have and to continue standing up for what is right. Can not understand why the Feds feel that they have to own the West, go East, disrupt the lives of those people, let them know what it is like to have to fight for what is yours. They look at this as the wild west, well, you know what, it is fast becoming that again.
    God go with you and the family.

  26. Prayers for the family of LaVoy, and prayers for the truth to come to light and for justice to be served. It is very clear to me what really happened here, and hard to understand how it’s not clear to everyone else. Truly baffled.

  27. I did not know Lavoy but am so sorry for his family. Such an unnecessary deed our government did and to what purpose. It saddens me also. My prayers are with you and I totally believe your statement of what occurred.

  28. I believe that the government officials killed this man with out due cause and should be arrested and prosecuted for murder and those who were in charged should also be charged for the same. I am truly sorry for the family of this true patriot and American, your family can be prowd!!!

  29. The difference between #blacklivesmatter and the patriot movement is simple. Most white folk have a somewhat decent living. When one man goes down, no one does much but blink an eye. Black folk however dont have much but the shirt on their back and they have plum had enough. They have nothing to lose so they will riot or do whatever is necessary to gain attention. And it works. All people of all color should rise up against this tyrannical US government led by arrack Hussein Obama. We must just join together be it peacefully or by the blood of tyrants so help us God. Amen and God Bless America.

  30. I have followed both the prior standoff as well as this one, from the beginning. I believe in the cause, and know from personal experience just how corrupt these (systems) can be. My heart goes out to the family, and friends. After reviewing the FBI footage, taking into account both stories. I see in front of me, a man, stepping away in compliance, arms raised. possibly shot in the gut, reaches to feel it,, possibly told to get hands back in the air, only to be shot again,, this time stumbling and grabbing the wound with both hands, till turning and taking yet another shot from the agent walking out of the woods. I do not doubt this at all, He was gunned down, while in full compliance to the officers. They need to be held accountable. I can’t help but feel for this family. What a courageous man. what shrill and cowardice from our government.

  31. This death was planed before the shot ,thugs work with the Idea of fear.There are more than billions to steal here , one man’s death for all that gain (money,fear) is justified to the SOROOBAMA thugs
    Was the plan great , was the wolf in sheep’s wool with the pack to be hunted saw . You think the ones of justice here want justice, fools they fill there pockets till the day of true justice.

  32. prayers with the family, this should not have happened but will never be forgotten, we all together will bring the FBI to justice,

    U.S. Sen. Rand Paul invoked New Hampshire’s state motto while speaking to its residents this week, seizing a chance to emphasize the idea that his libertarian-leaning ideals align with Granite State history.

    “When the founders of New Hampshire came up with the motto Live Free or Die, they didn’t leave a lot of wiggle room,” he said to a crowd in Milford’s town hall in his first New Hampshire appearance since announcing his run for president.

    “New Hampshire founders didn’t seek out the mushy middle. They admonished you to live free.”

    The Kentucky Republican didn’t just use the phrase. He attempted to explain where it came from.

    And it looks like he got a little mixed up along the way.

    We reached out to Paul’s New Hampshire advisors, but didn’t hear back.

    New Hampshire was one of the original 13 states and ratified the U.S. Constitution on June 21, 1788. Before that it was formed as a royal province in 1677, and John Cutt was its first president.

    The words “Live Free or Die,” as cited by New Hampshire law, were written by General John Stark on July 31, 1809 – long after New Hampshire became a state.

    A legendary military man, Stark offered the phrase as a toast. Because of his failing health, he declined an invitation to head up a reunion of the 1777 Battle of Bennington in Vermont, but left the group with those famous words.

    A similar invitation was extended again the following year, saying, “The toast, sir, which you sent us in 1809 will continue to vibrate with unceasing pleasure in our ears, ‘Live Free or Die; Death Is Not the Worst of Evils.’ ”

    It must still have been vibrating in 1945, when the motto was formally adopted by the state Legislature.

    Who “the founders of New Hampshire” are depends on your definition, but Stark isn’t typically considered among them.

    They could be the group that turned a community of towns into a “royal province” in 1679 – 49 years before Stark was born. They could also be the Congress of New Hampshire, which created in 1776 an independent constitution. Or they could be the people that ratified the U.S. Constitutiona few years later.

    But none of those groups included Stark.

    Nevertheless, a strong liberty-oriented sentiment existed in the state long before Stark, and even before it was called New Hampshire.

    Among the earliest explorers of New Hampshire was Captain John Smith of England, who upon seeing the land is quoted as saying, “Here should be no landlords to rack us with high rents, or extorted fines to consume us. Here every man may be a master of his own labor and land in a short time.”

    And in 1775, less than a year before New Hampshirites drew up their own constitution, Patrick Henry uttered famous words, “Give me liberty or give me death,” that people outside of New Hampshire often confuse with the state motto. Henry delivered those remarks during a speech in Virginia during the American Revolution.

    It’s fair to assume liberty, and independence from the the royal rule of England, was on the minds of New Hampshire’s founders at the time it became a state, but not specifically Stark’s words.

    New Hampshire’s motto is often invoked by politicians, like it was last month by Sen. Ted Cruz and in February by Texas Gov. Rick Perry, as the Associated Press reported.

    And Paul isn’t the first one to get the facts about Stark wrong. In 2011, Vice President Joe Biden referred to Stark as a former New Hampshire governor. That same year, Perry referred to him as “John Spark,” Holly Ramer of The Association Press reported.

    Our ruling

    Rand Paul said “the founders of New Hampshire came up with the motto Live Free or Die.”

    New Hampshire’s motto is attributed to General John Stark, who was instrumental in defending it and the other colonies. But he wasn’t a founder of the state, and the motto wasn’t adopted until well after his death.

    As one of the original 13 states to ratify the U.S. constitution, it’s not a stretch to think New Hampshire’s founders were focused on liberty, but not specifically the words of Stark.

    We rate the claim False.

  33. I pray God’s grace on us all when He comes to judge, until then may LaVoy’s family be comforted by these words John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” LaVoy is not Christ, but I believe he lay down his life to save those still in the truck.

  34. Where is LaVoy’s truck ?
    Where is LaVoy’s autopsy report ?
    I want to count all the bullet holes !
    If this info is not released we’ll assume there are too many to count !

  35. my prayers and whatever assistance I can offer, I know law intell, law enforcement, and I know the evil men do, these coward fbi will not go unpunished, the fight has begun, they are the enemy combatants on our home soil, we will prosecute them and any non common law judge with extreme prejudice, due diligence, the pen and paper are mighty, then ultimately they answer to God, they are cowards, they deserve to hang

  36. love and life, people, take the fight to door of the enemy, research history facts and law, you defeat the enemy with truth, Ill be the first to pick up a rifle if it comes down to that, but I know, we can beat oppression, usurpation with facts and truth, but those who took my Arizona brothers life, will answer, [seven words deleted by Associate Editor].

  37. two eyewitnesses who nearly got murdered in the back seat of that vehicle gave testimony that it was an ambush and that Lavoy was gunned down in cold blood ! nearly everyone out there who loves America is asking to see the vehicle and the autopsy report, now oathkeepers GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND DO YOUR JOB AND GET THE INFO!!!

  38. Courage isn’t bluster and bravado–it is a quiet, unflinching composure in the face of adversity, knowing that one stands on truth and justice. I grieve for Lavoy Finnicum and the bewilderment he must have felt when his own government fired upon him and took his life in an orchestrated ambush designed to kill. How do sharpshooters who are “just following orders” sleep at night? The murder of Lavoy Finnicum is a sober reminder that our government is no longer run “of the people, by the people, for the people” and has not been for a long time. Alas, America. My deepest condolences to his family and friends. May the God of all Comfort sustain you in this fiery trial.

  39. I reviewed this tape and his arms were not in the air when they shot. He reached to his side twice before he was shot and they did not shoot at the truck after. It was called a flash bang. It is to get the other people out of the car because the officers do not know what is going on inside. After Lavoy did several things in this video to become a felon. Any officer would have done the same thing as they should protect themselves. A flash bang is a non lethal bomb to disorient anyone in that vehicle. And they are not going to run to a dead man said when their are other possible threats in the vehicle. Do you claim what you have to claim to make yourself feel better about it but take ownership for your choices and the consequences that you know will follow!!

    1. You are wrong. They fired around 200 bullets into that vehicle. I guess the flash-bag shot the man in the shoulder.

  40. Sidehill is correct about Fed agencies in rural areas. My husband & I ranch on the Cannonball River in SW ND. We had been watching this protest. We watched the video of the shooting & my husband, a 49yo cowboy and rancher bawled. I bawled. This man was murdered. When you live in nature and work with nature for a living, you understand not just animals but people and their actions. You know what body movements mean. Finicum was drawing fire away from the vehicle by getting out. Finicum was stumbling away in deep snow. His hands were up and whenever they went down, he was responding to the forces of bullets hitting him as well as balancing in the deep snow. In fact, in the close up view, you can see his motion slightly change due to a force hitting him, a bullet. He was not reaching into his coat pocket for a gun. If you are an observant person, you do not need a degree nor be a LE person to see the reasons for his movements in that video.
    Federal agencies actually bully landowners. All the time. All of our ranch is deeded acres except for a state land lease. We do not have any national grasslands we run on. But we have friends who ranch south of Medora ND in the grasslands. You should hear their stories dealing with the Feds. You cannot imagine what the alphabet Federal land agencies do to we ranchers.
    Years ago a USFW person was driving around where we live on a 4 wheeler and roughly DEMANDING to know who owned this land & who owned that land from our nephew, and others he found. And that if they did not tell them they would be sorry. WTF acts like that when you can get that info from the courthouse?
    Read all you need to know about this sort of thing in the Wayne Hage case.

  41. As a retired police investigator and after reviewing several versions of the areal video.I do not believe that the use of deadly force was justified and wrote my opinion on this:. However the final determination should be determined by a Federal Grand Jury not a Sheriff, the same Sheriff who could have prevented this tragedy. Why didn’t he? . The people of this country are at the very least suspicious of our Government and Police Agencies and at best distrust them and their loyalty to our constitution.

  42. You are reporting a funeral service with a viewing. That means there is a body. That means someone could inspect the body, locate, and count entrance wounds. This is very important information in the investigation of his murder. Any idea if the family received that information? If not did they inspect the body themselves?

  43. I’m so sry for your loss he is Guardian Angel in Heaven he is a Patriot Brother of mine I want justice for your family the Federal Agents that did this need hung for murder us Oathkeepers will not stand for this

  44. First, I want to express my condolences family. I feel that we are all guilty of the sin of apathy by allowing our government to be as corrupt as it is. My hat is off to Lavoy for doing the best he could to stand up to the corruption in this government. I do not identify with this government anymore. It is not the same government that I was taught about as a boy. It is more like something you might see in North Korea. We need to see all know recordings of this incident. Besides the helicopter video that I believe has no audio for a reason, there are at least 3 other recordings. There are to eyewitness accounts and 1 camera recording that belonged to Shawna Cox.

  45. Elias,
    Whatever happened to the article with the family’s ballad and the petition to request an investigation into LaVoy’s death?

    PS- I’m not a member yet but will be once I sell a rifle for some extra cash. Oath Keepers is doing the country a great service.

  46. I’m just an observer of this tragedy, I’ve served in the military, and have strong patriotic feelings for our country, but to me our country isn’t defined by the corrupt actions of our government, or the lies of bureaucracy, it’s defined by it’s back bone, which is the integrity of courageous loyal honorable men like Robert LaVoy Finicum. Like I said I’m just an out side observer, but it’s easy to ascertain that LaVoy had these qualities. My heart felt sympathies and prayers go out to his family,and friends.

  47. I have tríed to sign the petition for a full investigation into LaVoy’s murder, it appears that it has been taken off the white house’s website. It was there 2 days ago. If someone knows where I can find it please let me know. Otherwise it appears to have been erased. There were over 4000 signatures when I saw it last.

  48. My thoughts and Prayer are with your family. I said from the beginning this was an ambush and a cold blooded murser. I aire u our strong faith and I respect you very much.

  49. God Bless you Lavoy and your precious family. Lavoy is a hero.

    Here is some Telephone Numbers to call and protest for an independent investigation and to ask for the resignation and prosecution of all involved in the murder of a great Patriot, father, husband and friend of many.
    1. Governor Kate Brown 503-378-4582
    2. Rep Greg Waldon 202-225-5774
    3. Sheriff Dave Ward 541-573-6156

    And go to and get all the numbers you want. And addresses to send mail to.
    If enough people raise enough hell, and STICK TOGETHER we may still be able to save our constitution and the country, United we stand, Divided we fall or FAIL.

  50. No trust in the gov. Or police style state. Time for a change the people need to wake up and realize the society we live in. people run and control this country. Not politicians the and governments and police We the people do!
    I say eye for an eye!
    And I know alot of Michiganders feel the same!

  51. My Fb page was shut down today. Fb said, there was a complaint that I was impersonating someone. So, I sent them my drivers license and a web site trying to prove that I am whoI say I am. I think, it actually had something to do with the LaVoy Finnicum FBI murder. Because, as you can see, I am and was very vocal about it. I’m not sorry, in my opinion. LaVoy was murdered and the Agent that was ahead of that area should be brought up on charges. He’s the one that gave the orders, not the guy with pistol in hand. LaVoy was unharmed. The Bundy’s have finally been released from jail and found not guilty. Thank you jury. Now, it not just the FBI Agent but also a BLM personnel that need to be rep-remanded. Two Government employees, who we pay their pay check with our tax dollars..

  52. So sorry for untimely death laroy. This whole setup really shows how some of our government personnel get away with murder. Hope our new Pres. Will improve conditions as the current one has nearly destroyed our country. Again I am truly sorry for your loss.

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