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Special Report – Oregon: Episode 3.5

In this special report of The Patriot Report Jason Van Tatenhove welcomes back to the show guests; Stewart Rhodes (founder and President of Oath Keepers), Sam Culper (editor of Forward Observer magazine) and Retired Sheriff Denny Peyman (who is also on the Board of Directors of Oath Keepers.)

In this special broadcast we talk about what we do and do not know regarding the events surrounding the recent events in Oregon including the arrest of Cliven Bundy and also the rumors of 68 arrest warrants that may have been issued for members of the Patriot Community that have been apart of recent Oath Keeper and PPN Operations. We also game out what it could mean for all of us if this is actually the case.

Please share out this important communication to your friends and fellow patriots.

Follow this link to listen to the report.


Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. Opportunity knocks if the warrants are real.
    The liberty movement has been developing personal assets for years and it is time to use the collection. All of those suspected of having warrants must go to ground.
    Operation Hunker Down.
    1. Constitutional Sheriff.
    2. Supportive town or city.
    3. Supportive governor.
    4. Supportive house and state senate.
    5. Create highly visible media operation to create high quality video. Control the narrative.
    6. Anyone giving an interview without the consent of the sheriff will be told to leave. Separate yourself from the instigators and government plants.
    7. Develop a fund-raising operation for purchasing quality media equipment. We have plenty of guns.
    8. This will show American sheriffs and population at large how much authority they have.
    9. The intelligence assets must work overtime to create a clear picture of the AO. Video and broadcast the results. Let the feds know they are being watched.
    10. Create supportive protest carrying signs every day.

    1. excellent ideas. spot on. The need to control the narrative or at least to counter the Fed’s vilification and Alinsky tactics against citizens is of dire importance.
      Suggest adding and developing comm network to allow rebroadcast and dispersion of info to alt media to release important updates.Think Hamm and other means to ensure coast to coast coverage that can’t be entirely shit down due to govt media kill switch capability.
      You can see on this website that there are too large of gaps with info and intel that tend to create speculation rather than constant updates.
      The info war is crucial in ensuring public support or awareness of crimes of the govt that it seeks to shield and vilify any transparency of their misdeeds.

    2. Smitty,

      I have all the professional video production equipment already and the know how to use it. I offered my services early on in Oregon standoff to the PPN. I sent in my information in response to their call to action so I could be vetted by them and get on the ground there and start reporting. The problem is communications my friend. No one responded to me! I have been ready willing and able to take on this task of doing professional reporting for the Patriots for a long time now. The issue is that I cannot survive without an income and our groups do not have a whole lot of money to do this kind of thing with. Look, I am not looking to get rich, I just need enough to pay my bills and pay production costs. I would absolutely LOVE to quit my current job and be a full time reporter for Oath Keepers and PPN. As I said though the problem is communications within our groups. I can only imagine how many people like me responded to the call to action and were never contacted back and were left wondering if their message was even read or not. In my view this is the most serious problem we have is a lack of an organized communication structure.

      I stand 100% ready to “Create highly visible media operation to create high quality video. Control the narrative.” Just sign me up. I have been an Oath Keeper since the very beginning and I have already done video work for the Oath Keepers. Bottom line for me and I suspect for others too is that we have to have SOME income from doing this in order to devote full time to it. So that is a matter for the OK and PPN boards to decide if we can collectively support a real media operation. Volunteers are great but they can’t always drop what they are doing at a moments notice and go do the job. Anyway Smitty I like your ideas a lot.

      Adam Ruff

  2. Cliven Bundy’s arrest is not only payback for the Bundy ranch standoff where the feds got their butts kicked but the FBI and their paid assassin contractors are trying to silence the 1st Amendment. A classic calculated response by the feds. Unfortunately Cliven will not have access to a microphone and the media–exactly what the FBI and their paid assassin contractors want to happen.

  3. This was clearly a victory for the FBI. The Bundy group looked more incoherent every day, culminating in David Fry sounding psychotic for hours, livestreaming.

    If you want a different outcome, before thinking about media strategies, you have to have a coherent policy alternative for people to consider. The ideology of OK and many others is a fuzzy mess, where you might as well type constitution in all caps.

    Example: Bundy never explained how he would change public land use in a way that was fair to everyone. He seemed to think that folks who lived near it should use it for free, but how is that fair to people who do not live near publicly owned land. The average voter is never going to support subsidizing in such an unfair way. Did Bundy want the government to start selling off land? That is workable, but he never said. He just showed up, said this ain’t fair, and never really explained how we get to fair. Being angry is not enough fellas. You just end up looking stupid, which is exactly what happened here.

    1. The fact that terrorism charges were used to prosecute the ranchers is a good start. When a government is allowed to turn people into terrorist for starting a backfire something is very wrong.

      Bundy wanted to pay his grazing fees to the county government. He stated he would go to the county tax assessor every year with a check to pay the fees. He nor any of the ranchers want a free ride they want the land to revert to the state and county control (Like we have east of the Mississippi).

      If the warrants are real the FBI is about to decapitate the liberty movement or at least they think they are. You either surrender to a federal system who controls the very judges that make the calls on the case or you figure out a way to resist.

      The greatest weakness of the liberty movement is the inability to get its message out. The left crucifies the liberty movement on a daily basis. They were able to blunt the tea party because the tea party never pushed back with their own productions. Now the tea party is a shell of its original self. Inaction is death in a marxist environment. And don’t be fooled we are facing dedicated marxist who truly want to see us dead.

      1. You don’t get to pick how you pay your fees or taxes, otherwise everyone would set preconditions that would never be met and nobody would pay taxes. Government of any kind requires funds. Sad but true. If you want to change grazing fees, tax law, or any law, then you have to convince the legislature to change said law, or get new representatives elected. If the law says you owe the feds, then the law says you owe the feds. The position of I do not like this law, therefore it does not exist, is never going to convince anybody to vote your way. If I know you will just ignore any laws that our coalition produces, at any given time, simply because you now do not like said law at any future time for any reason, then what is in it for me to ally with you? Sucess in a democracy requires other trust you. If you reject rule of law, then there is literally no framework to trust you within. You will remain an unhappy fringe, which may well be your goal, but meaningful change requires different tactics.

      2. There are fair laws, unfair laws and laws that are not legal according to the USA constitution.

        Regarding unfair laws:

        I live in the Wyong area of NSW, Australia.

        The Council of this area made a law years ago that if somebody parks across or on the council footpath, which is grass in my case, the home owner has to pay a fine of ~$500.00.

        That means I can go on a trip and come home to a fine because somebody parked in front of my house while I was not there.

        Would you pay a fine for that?

        I won’t, they can put me in jail which won’t be the first time.

        Civil disobedience.

        A law by the NSW state government says that you will be fined if you leave your car open even if the keys are not in the ignition.

        The police are corrupt and now we are victims of that and their incompetence.

        All laws are not equal and neither are people.

        The sheeple pay up and the ones who think for themselves finish up in jail.

      3. My problem with this comment is, the only ppl who label this resistance as ‘refusing laws you don’t like’ are the politically, constitutionally ignorant ppl. There is a document which defines the moral boundaries for all govt offices — all levels, all positions, all functions. The boundaries are quite clear when put in their historical context. WE CAN know what IS right and wrong. What we “like” is not the issue, it has nothing to DO with the issue. THE ISSUE is the govt, with its self-appointed / unelected judges, wrongly interprets and / or applies the law as it is laid out in the Constitution. The ISSUE is the RULE OF LAW (vs the arbitrary rule of man). What has been TOTALLY lost in the civil education of American Citizens, is, ALL of us (but esp ELECTED officials) have the duty to understand and interpret the ‘rule of law’ and apply it appropriately. Yes, some things are a little unclear and opposing viewpoints could be roughly equally valid. But a LOT of things the govt seems to want to do nowadays is CLEARLY a violation of the ‘supreme legal document’ and there shouldn’t be any disagreement with them. Words mean things, things that are static and conceptually concrete and plain: (in this case and for example) the Feds cannot own land in the way a Citizen (or State) can. The Feds can only “own” land for the minimal and legitimate functions of the Federal govt — such as a city block for Federal buildings, several hundred acres (or thousands) for military training installations, Federal post offices… NOT just purchase a bunch because it has a lot of money, or, worse, just SHOW UP and DECLARE YOU “own” and control that land! That is the worst thing! The Constitution is pretty clear about this — how some judges and Federal officials get that all muddled is crazy — heck that may be the root problem …. to many American people are mentally and morally crazy! (Which means that tyranny and chaos are inevitable…. so stay quiet and build a refuge for yourself? just sayin’… don’t get arrested and stuffed in some bland govt prison building somewhere, away from all friends and support… if the SHTF, the govt won’t give a DAMN about you…) So LAY OFF the “disobey laws you don’t like” tripe … that is totally ignorant of the issue and is a stupid and politically incompetent mischaracterization of the issue at hand and the Constitutional rule of law.

      4. …my comment was for Ed, not Henk-2. Ed doesn’t ‘get’ it. Henk does. Henk’s final statement PROVES the collective wisdom of America’s Founders: the very idea that man can govern man, justly, is at best a mere hope. In fact, given enough time, it is a fool’s hope. BUT… if the USA was going to be taken seriously in the world, it HAD TO form a govt… so … they went out of their way, they tied themselves into knots and created a flurry of political complication and called it the Constitution. (if you study and learn the political structure of the USA, it is VERY elaborate and ‘complicated’ and detail-oriented — but learn-able!!! The strategy here was to DELAY the inevitable collapse into tyranny as LONG as possible — the more ‘spread out’ and complicated the political system, the HARDER it would be for ‘lesser men’ to subvert the system to their wills — it was do-able, but only with sufficient numbers of soulless ghouls operating within a similar time frame. It was worth the shot, ya know….) Where “we” have blown it, is, THEY gave us a political system WITH a MANUAL (vs having a baby but it comes with no User Manual) … BUT … WE DIDN”T READ THE MANUAL… AND… WE didn’t let THAT ignorance STOP US from mucking around with a system we didn’t care to learn how to manage, nurture, maintain… AND SO… this ‘political system’ which we have incompetently ‘managed’ has become the thing which will eat us. Thus, here we are….read Henk’s last statement…. Herein lies the problem with the ‘liberty movement’ and the govt it wishes to change. Too many players are ‘politically in over their heads’ — like a three-yr old playing with a loaded gun. Political power is a dangerous thing. Fooling around with it incompetently will get one incarcerated, poor or dead. Usually all three. I appreciate and respect the OathKeepers … it is an honorable and admirable pursuit. But all this political power in the hands of political nitwits REALLY scares me and I don’t know yet if it’s TRULY worth it to hang myself out with them. People like Henk ‘get it’ and would make a good politicker (… until he was corrupted by power and money); Ed doesn’t have a damn clue. He fits best as a serf in a kingdom. (The more witless the serf, the better off the serf!) … bah … sorry for the soapbox. I’m sure Ed is a nice guy, I’m sure no one gives a shit what some faceless punk on the internet says about law, govt and politics. Never chalk up to conspiracy what can otherwise be explained by incompetence. You folks have a good night.

      5. Great comments.
        This effort to return this govt to the supreme rule of law requires that we use software before anyone deploy hardware. Reliance on hardware is one dimensional and the info war- software must be equipped and deployed 24/7. Faure to do so allows a false portrayal of the OK’ers mission in the lamestream media. A tactical messaging system and reinforcement requires much more thought and is greater than any one person or founder’s ideas. Focus on connective tissue and ideals and disperse.
        This should be what OK’ers counter with when questioned by anyone-Media about why they are in the OK and other Patriot groups. We are not anti government- we are anti corrupt govt. If we are labeled as “extremist” it is that we are very extreme in ensuring and protecting the Rule of Law of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We are dedicated to ensuring that these Natural rights are not threatened by the corrupt govt that seeks to rescind and or deny or remove our rights as it moves more toward tyranny. The Rule of Law found in our Constitution and Bill Of Rights is the backbone of law and the very govt that seeks to deny those rights is in fact guilty of violating the law.

    2. Actually he said repeatedly that it needs to be returned to the state who should with its citizens decide the outcome.

    3. Ammon is on video calling for all inclusive use of the lands including recreation and America. Indians.I saw it and heard it.Truth!

  4. Hey OK… Will not let me post warning against attending tactical trng. Says, ” already posted concerning this topic” ?!!! Red flag!

  5. Agree on court system.Indefinite detention,NDAA,,corrupt judges etc.Once it begins we will receive no justice so options are scarce, once tangled up there Will be no more of you.

  6. Don’t know how to link but all of Ammon’s videos are on “Bundy Ranch” Facebook page.He is very savvy but not a good communicator, kind of like Moses LOL.

  7. Really enjoyed listening to these men discuss the situation. I’m glad you have these Patriot Report interviews and discussions to keep everyone informed. It’s always great to hear from Stewart Rhodes himself. We know he’s incredibly busy and appreciate his taking the time to communicate with us. Thank you, gentlemen, for all that you’re doing for our country. I feel so much better knowing that there are brave good-hearted men who are working to protect our liberty. God bless you.

    Found this interesting article on the Southern Nevada Oath Keepers Facebook page today. So refreshing to read an article about the Malheur Refuge occupation that’s full of facts and responsible reporting.

    We must dispel myths surrounding protest
    By Clint Siegner
    February 11, 2016

  8. From Arnold Law, Ammon’s attorneys, Facebook page re. OSP body cams:

    Arnold Law (Eugene, Oregon)
    February 12
    The FBI stated yesterday that there was no body camera on any of the four state troopers involved in the January 26 shooting of Lavoy Finicum in the snow in Harney County. Coincidently, the same day of the shooting the Oregon State Police released body cam footage of state troopers rolling over an elk stuck in the snow.
    Clearly the technology is there and was available. The question remains: If there was enough time to set up a tactical roadblock with at least one trooper flanking the roadblock in the trees, why wasn’t there time to attach body cams to the troopers?

    Arnold Law (Eugene, Oregon)
    February 12
    Everyone be calm about accusations about lack of body cameras being a lie. We have no reason to doubt the FBI. OSP’s In-Car Video will show video of the troopers and we will be able to confirm the lack of body cameras.

    Arnold Law (Eugene, Oregon)
    February 11 at 2:37pm
    We learned that there is no body cam footage from LaVoy’s shooting. In a misdemeanor traffic stop for DUII, we routinely receive body cam footage of our clients doing mundane field sobriety tests.
    At the beginning of this case we attempted to assure people that this footage would be received in the normal course, as we receive it in our State-level misdemeanor cases…

    1. How convenient, no body cam recording of this incident ! They meant this to be an opportunity for murder and they were not going to be incovenienced by facts and witnesses to the contrary !
      I know those of us here are all familiar with the phrase, “trust me!” Now we are to believe a “standing army” of irresistible force arrayed against quiet citizens on a desolate highway is to be trusted? Finicum and his associates were not fleeing felons and the level of violence exhibited against them is reprehensible. These quiet people were no Bonnie and Clydes !
      The aerial footage has been completely moderated to prevent any identification of type of aircraft, operator, operator’s location, altitude, and lacks sound. It is essentially a mute, unreliable witness.
      We can only hope that there is one person of conscience who was present who will eventually come forward to reveal this for what it is, a deadly ambush.
      I drove to that location and it is disparagingly desolate. The lack of other vehicles traveling between Burns and John Day cannot help but be noticed. The area is noticablly uninhabited, at least little evidence is seen from the road itself except for the intermittently placed campgrounds.

  9. An Oregon Democrat is not seeking to rush through legislation that will prevent identifying the Leos responsible for LaVoy Finicums death.
    How is that supposed to work out.?

  10. If they are able to secure legislation sealing the responsible officers for LaVoy’s death from being revealed, that will be one more law to see abused.
    Also, the bullets that struck LaVoy should be forensically matched to the guns to determine the actual shooters involved.
    I am sceptical of allowing the shooters identities to be sealed from the public who is the employer.
    It may seem like a good idea now but the dangers arising out of such legislation are significant.
    If you don’t want to be held responsible for your actions, don’t become a law enforcement officer.

  11. Attack and expose the language of the collectivists and the left. The “people”, “the masses”, “the country”, “the citizens”, “the common good”; they are all straw concepts. I have never met Mr. Masses, Mrs. People”, “Mr. Common Good”. Emphasize that using collective terms enables one to justify or ignore the harm to the individual. Notice that if you emphasize every individual, the collective is taken care of, by definition. And remember always: never waste time on the ideologically committed. They will never change, and attempts to change them are a drain on time and resources. Finally, let us all stop wasting our efforts on worrying and over complaining about what the people and institutions on the left say and do; it is just the enemy acting like the enemy. Instead, engage only in activities that are likely to defeat or eliminate their threat to liberty. We didn’t complain about Hitler, we destroyed him.

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