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California Sheriffs Threaten Feds For Usurping the Constitution!

Sheriff Palmer

I ran across this video on YouTube. It is from 2011. It is great to see some great Sheriffs standing up for the Constitution. Sheriff Palmer of Grant County Oregon was one of the Sheriffs at this meeting. Ammon Bundy, and Lavoy Finicum were on their way to a meeting which Sheriff Palmer planned to attend on the tragic night that Lavoy was killed.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. An outstanding recording and a wonderful presentation. Kinda restores my faith in our sheriffs and our country—kinda. We still have a long way to go to get our federal government OUT of our lives and restore the economy for millions of unemployed Americans. Let’s unleash capitalism and get Americans back to work.

    On another subject—Sheriff Dave Ward in Harney County Oregon needs to watch this video and take a very important lesson from these sheriffs and what they said. Sheriff Ward needs to do his job for his citizens in his county. He is NOT doing it. I read his Bio. Sheriff Ward was not elected. He was appointed by the local government as an interim sheriff. The FBI and the Oregon State Police have Sheriff Ward in their hip pockets as evidenced by his comments and actions over the course of the “armed” occupation in his county. Instead of obtaining a set of testicles and standing up for the people in his county, he totally ignored them and trashed his oath to the U.S. Constitution. I’m hoping and praying that the citizens of Harney County elect a new Sheriff with some courage and fortitude.

    I have met my county sheriff where we live but have yet to sit down and talk with him. I plan to very soon.

  2. This is a really good video gives me hope. Everybody should be talking to their sheriff if they have not done so.
    I was not aware that attorneys have to take an oath so maybe we should find some good ones and recruit them.

  3. So while we’re holding up all those Sheriff’s for taking a stand for the constitution, States’ rights read this latest article from the OR Sheriff’s Association. I do want to tell you my personal position on this standoff in Harney county: While I do believe the grievance of the State’s are just, I also don’t believe the means that were employed at the wild life refuge stood and snowballs chance in hell of exceeding.

    Bundy and those that joined him were doomed to fail right from the beginning. They didn’t have the support of the Hammonds nor the community. A failure to plan will result in failure of any operation.

    LaVoys death is now a separate issue in and of it’s self at this point.

    The Sheriff of Malheur County Brian Wolfe was the Sheriff that Bundy and company were to be meeting with. Sheriff Wolfe is also to OR County Sheriff’s association president. After reading their statement in this article, one cannot wonder if Wolfe was in on the set up to detain Bundy which ultimately lead to LaVoy’s death. Decide for yourself.

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