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Sam Culper and Forward Observer Magazine

An open letter from your friendly editor about:

Forward Observer Magazine

Sam Culper FOMagIn recent times Oath Keepers’ regular readers have been fortunate to have Sam Culper publish his “SitRep” (Situational Report) articles here at Oath Keepers national. Oath Keepers has also emailed his articles to our full lists as he published them, and I would venture to think that thousands of good readers felt empowered by Sam’s written Intelligence regarding recent events in Burns, Oregon.

I’ve spent a few hours at Sam Culper’s Forward Observer Magazine, enjoying everything I found there. For our readers who have not visited Sam’s site, I’m inviting you to do it right away. Look around the site. If you sign up for FO’s weekly email you’ll be glad you did. There is no spam with incessant barrages, just a weekly email bringing you “information about Intelligence, Security, and Defense”.

A real hit with our readers here at Oath Keepers was one of Sam’s Forward Observer podcasts, number “034”. If you missed this one first time around, do check it out now. In that podcast you’ll hear,

Peter White, Western Rifle Shooters Association

Matt Bracken, former SEAL and fiction author

Mike Vanderboegh, III% Founder and Sipsey Street Irregulars

Stewart Rhodes, Founder and President of Oath Keepers

David Codrea, War on Guns

Bob Wright, New Mexico Militia

fo-podcast-cThat’s a unique lineup of original thinkers and doers. Listen closely to David Codrea’s closing remarks. Share the link to that podcast with friends, eh? It’s packed with good perspectives.


From the Forward Observer Magazine website we read about Sam:


Samuel Culper is the Director of Forward Observer’s Open Source Intelligence service. He was an Army and contract Intelligence analyst with multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He now splits his time between the American Redoubt and the Deep South.

Subscribers receive for a small monthly subscription fee

“Forward Observer – Open Source Intelligence provides expert insight into SHTF intelligence, security, defense and warfare from current and former intelligence professionals and special operations soldiers.”

Great News For Oath Keepers:

Forward Observer Magazine will do a 25% discount for OK’ers. Our membership is 9.99/month, or $7.50/month with the discount.

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One page I particularly enjoyed at Sam’s site is about Psy-Ops. Now that’s a subject right up my alley, yes? I love it, and Sam has done a great introductory article on Psy-Op, titled “Apocalypse Advertising: A PSYOP Primer”. Sample passage —

Patriot Prepper PSYOP

Ultimately, patriot-prepper PSYOP should encompass a range of efforts, with a variety of target audiences. First, there is the ongoing effort to reach like-minded people already within the movement and convince them to alter their behavior by actually getting training, then getting outside and practicing what they learn and using their gear in a realistic, effective manner.

Second, we have to reach out to like-minded people, amongst libertarians, gun owners, non-political preppers, and groups that should share our goals, whether they realize it or not, and whether they currently share our values and goals or not.

Finally, we have to reach and influence the behavior and mindsets of people intrinsically opposed to our goals and values. In this last case, we’re not concerned with convincing them to side with us, but to either leave us alone or to be so afraid of us, that the mere thought of our presence makes them piss themselves.

I encourage everyone to study that page and make notes. In today’s volatile world, it is absolutely imperative that principles and techniques of PSYOP are understood by all patriots. But that is not all one can find at Forward Observer Magazine. There is a real treat in their online store. When one clicks on “SHOP”, one finds among other items Sam’s book.

A paragraph from Sam’s blurb about the book found on that linked page –

Sam Culper FOMag_SHTF-Intel-470x600SHTF Intelligence is filled with the how-to’s of building and running an intelligence section for community security.  The ability to gather and utilize critical intelligence information and provide early warning is what separates you from your peers and adversaries.  If you don’t have threat intelligence before SHTF, and no way to get it during SHTF, then you’re going to be screwed.  You’re going to be stressed and probably scared because you won’t know what’s going on.


 I have ordered my copy of SHTF Intelligence: An Intelligence Analyst’s Guide To Community Security.  I can’t wait to find my copy of Sam’s book in my post office box, but I already know I’ll appreciate the Intelligence that Sam will have meticulously packed between the covers.

Oath Keepers is pleased that Sam Culper has shared his reports with us, and we’re happy to recommend his website, his organization, and his book.  Thanks Sam,


Elias Alias, editor


Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. This Forward Observer magazine is great! Glad to find it via Oath Keepers. I’ve saved the link to it.

    I just read this article by former SEAL Matt Bracken on Forward Observer magazine. Excellent! It talks about exactly what my fear is: a “dirty” civil war, electrical grid going down, what could happen to the suburbs, etc. Plus it discusses the current state of affairs in the Southwest, the pro-Aztlan attempt to take over the Southwest, and the corruption throughout all elements of government in the Southwest, eventually turning it into the way life is in Mexico. Living in the Southwest, I found this section of the article especially interesting. Thank you very much for this valuable information. I’m saving this article, reading it again, and sharing it with my family and friends.

  2. Thank You AM for a glowing report. I’m sure Matt and Sam both will be pleased to see your comment.
    I’d like to offer you something from several years back, during the time the globalists were trying to get the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) through.

    The past four Presidents in a row have all been globalists, as you will see. It’s not just Obama. Our Federal government is now owned by larger powers, and it matters little who gets into the White House any more because the mechanism of government is now out of control, running on its own momentum.

    Elias Alias, editor

    1. Mr. Elias, Thank You SO much for the link to that video. Very informative! “America is at risk of being transformed through invasion.” Wow! So more than 10 years ago some smart people realized what’s happening.

      Oh I agree with you about all our recent Presidents. Both President Bushes are definitely pro open borders, cheap exploited labor, globalization, North American Union. Consequences to the American people and sovereignty of the U.S. be damned.

      It was so good to see Rep. Tom Tancredo’s remarks quoted! One of the good men who served in Congress. He’s absolutely right that some very powerful people, including some in Bush’s admin and in Congress, want to do away with borders entirely. I had supported Rep. Tancredo during his brief run for President in 2008 — first supported Rep. Duncan Hunter till he dropped out — primarily due to their strong stance against illegal immigration. Rep. Hunter was instrumental in getting a wall along the Mexican border with San Diego county built, which greatly cut down on illegals coming across at that section into California.

      I think there are a handful of good Republicans in Congress. I directly asked my Republican Congressman, who often spoke against illegal immigration, back in 2008 why that promised Mexican border wall was not being built. He told me that the Bill supported by the Republicans passed, but the Democrats pulled funding for it, so no progress was made on the wall. Then here we are years later and the illegal immigration problem has only worsened. It’s true that it’s encouraged by both Democrats AND many Republicans.

      Those pro Aztlan Mexicans are militant! Pro Aztlan protestors were at the Murrieta protests where area residents were turning the buses of illegals away, and they were threatening. If you go into some cities in Southern California, such as parts of downtown LA or Escondido in the San Diego area, you will swear you’re in Mexico! Most of the Hispanics will not assimilate. Their Mexican leaders are telling them to go “el Norte” and then using them to obtain power within our country.

      I do think we need more people to perform certain work in our country, and therefore some workers need to be brought in. We have an aging population, plus we have so many young able-bodied citizens now on welfare who refuse to work or don’t have to work to survive. So I am all for bringing in needed workers … Legally. They must have background checks to weed out the criminals.

      But there are also so many American citizens willing to work who have been displaced by the illegals. These American citizens must come first. Our middle class is shrinking, which is bad for the future of our country. Our freedom and prosperity are dependent upon a large healthy middle class.

      Thanks again, Sir, for pointing me toward this video. I enjoyed watching it and learned from it and am sharing.

      P.S. I’m now able to post here again! Yay! I had tried to post these 2 comments almost 2 weeks ago right after reading both articles on Forward Observer magazine, but they never appeared. Don’t know what was happening, but so happy to be able to not only read the informative articles and comments here, but also to contribute once again. Oath Keepers has a great site here. Thank you!

  3. Read another excellent article by former Navy SEAL Matt Bracken on Forward Observer magazine. Highly recommend it! I heard Stewart Rhodes mention “Tet Two” in an interview and I didn’t understand. Now I know what he means. All I can say is God help us all.

    Islam, Europe, and the Tet Offensive, Take Two

    I found Mr. Bracken’s in-depth analysis of the 3 social forces — Islam, Socialism, and Nationalism — very compelling. It goes along with what another former Navy SEAL believes, that Communists and Muslims are working together to bring about the downfall of America. Mr. Bracken’s explanation clearly lays out the plan for Europe, and greatly helps me as I struggle to understand why this large Muslim migration to Europe and the U.S. is taking place. I wondered how these very poor people displaced by war can afford to travel all the way to Germany, France, Sweden. And why they want to come to countries so culturally different than their homeland. And why the majority seem to be young men. I considered that some country or some organization might be funding this migration. But who and why?

    Mr. Bracken tells us that during the 1968 Vietnamese Tet Offensive 80,000 Communist infiltrators struck in over 100 cities. He points out the casualties inflicted on innocent people in Paris by only 8 Muslim terrorists armed with AKs, shotguns and suicide vests. Extrapolate to attacks by 80,000 jihadists in Europe. “Ten thousand Paris level attacks!” All across Europe. A “Super Tet Offensive.” My God!

    If Americans are disarmed via gun confiscation and a Tet Two happens here, we will be left completely defenseless and thousands upon thousands will be slaughtered. We should definitely follow Mr. Bracken’s advice, his final words in his article: “Never ever give up your guns. You’re going to need them.”

    Everyone, please read this entire article to understand what is happening in the world and why, and to become aware of what awaits us unless we stop the Muslim jihadists from entering our country. And prepare, so that you can protect your family and help defend our country. God bless America.

  4. As a Public Safety Officer at a major private New York university in NYC, and a volunteer with the NYPD Auxiliary. I find this book very helpful, I am have way through it and all ready I have gained some new insight in this area. I have recommended this to all of my friends, coworkers since this knowledge will be very useful both professionally and privately.

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