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Rest In Peace LaVoy

This is the last picture taken of LaVoy before his death.

(NOTE: Jason Van Tatenhove, SGM Joseph Santoro, and Jordan Page, are attending Lavoy Finicum’s funeral today):

Today we a bury one of our best…A true friend and  hero to the cause of Liberty. A family man, loving husband, father, friend, mentor, man of faith, a true American Patriot. Why is it always the best among us that seem to be taken from us first?

We vow to continue on with LaVoy’s legacy; his sacrifice will not be in vain.

lavoy bundy ranch

LaVoy at Bundy Ranch, April 12, 2014.

This video shows, for all to see, what kind of man LaVoy was:


The funeral services for LaVoy will be held today in Kanab, Ut at the Kabab Stake Center, 1435 S. McAlester dr., Kanab UT

Viewing is from 11- 2 pm funeral services start sA 2:30 pm.

There will be a fundraising memorial concert at the Kanab Middle School, 690 South Cowboy Way in Kanab that starts at 5:30 pm. 100% of the donations raised go directly to the Finicum family.

Jordan Page and members of Finicum family will be performing at this fund raising event.

Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers today.

Here is the last interview I had the honor of conducting with LaVoy before he passed:


Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. No Disrespect intended, however, seems to me, if the “Oath Keepers” Really supported this cause, LaVoy may still be Alive today! A Interview is nice, but without any sort of Real Backup, this very possibly did more harm than good. Why could these “Oath Keepers” not have provided some tactical armed support, is this all you do is ask questions and claim to uphold your oaths?

    1. Howdy.

      In earlier posts, this was discussed at length. The upshot was that the entire thing was not well-thought-out, and that more arms and people would only have lit the tinder faster.

      So, no. It is not all they do. The conversation has been going on for as long as the event, and going back to read contemporaneous posts would provide answers.

      1. does not matter if not well thought out..these folks have been begging for help and support to what has been happening for years..folks go and support them as in 2014 then leave…we MUST now more excuses!

      2. I have an Idea Stewart hear me and think about it. No Guns just a mass of people can we get 1000 people to show up and march right through the check point sing God Bless America or the Star Spangled Banner March down there and walk those 4 Brave men and woman to Safety that’s what they need that kind of Help Not Guns and Treats that will get us No where. I am ready Your Call you give the Word And it is done.I will be on the way.

      3. So, what happens now? I believe this man had a good cause. I believe he was murdered for that cause. So, now what? We all saw our federal government murder this man. Seems to me no one is doing anything about this. Could you please tell me if anyone is going to try to stand up to them legally or hold a march are anything.

      4. Not answering for Oath Keepers, but I would say the answer is yes, yes, and yes. People are calling for protests indefinitely! There are going to be dozens of court battles fought over this just for those arrested, and a wrongful death suit! Lawyers are lining up! Well known ones!

        I would guess that had this not been in zero degree January, and not a take over, things would be much different. And there would have been more support. I seriously doubt the BLM or fedgov will learn anything and there will be another. Texas could be the next flash point! No cold weather issues there! But the best thing is to own the narrative! Talk, write, educate, learn the constitution, and spread the news far and wide!

        LaVoy was an incredible man, and what happened is unforgivable! You can see his history with the BLM at:

      5. Where would this be found, which posts? I would like to understand why the oath keepers are non responsive even now.

    2. I have lost respect for Stewart Rhodes. They run to Ferguson to educate and protect the people there. Here a non-violent group went without support from Oath Keepers. You didn’t have to be at the site taken over by Bundy. You could have been in the town to help the people deal with the harassment of FBI and cops to all the town folks. No Stewart wouldn’t even think of that. Very disappointed in Oath Keepers who seem like they are so much..

      1. Actually, we were there. in spades. Oath Keepers was part of the buffer operation there, by the PPN. We put out a call to our members to go there and do just that. And I also sent SGM Joseph Santoro (Ret) who is on our national BOD and our National Operations NCO. He spent THREE WEEKS there, 24/7. And it was eight Oath Keepers from Nevada who served as a medical aid station for two weeks just outside the refuge.

        So, please get your facts straight. And, by the way, were you there?

      2. Stewart its always the ones that were not there that run their sucks. They are on the sidelines watching, waiting, giving lip service and do nothing not to mention not knowing the whole story and running their mouths. Glad Tuaca 1107 was not there he is probably a liberal. We dont need his type.

      3. Hi Stewart, will anything legally be done to shine the light on what happened to LaVoy????Investigations and such??? House investigations???

      4. Hello sir, I have utmost respect for what you do, without you we would have no voice. The joint military style counter terrorism operation conducted on the peaceful protesters at the wildlife refuge, by the FBI and OSP, shows a total disregard for law, life , or liberty. This mans death is the first casualty of the newest fight for freedom. Where can we sign up for the militia our founding fathers said would rise up in the face of tyranny??

      5. While I have the utmost respect for Steward and Oath Keeper I to share the Out rage of the few that are on here. I had Faith that in our Nations time of greatest need that you that took that Oath would stand and do what you swore to do. What we have here is a Communications problem there are so many out there that need to know what the Oath Keeper are doing and all we get is silents and when we express our out rage we get Ostracized and all, but called Cowards. You know some of us have been beaten into the ground, Myself I can barely walk I have no car and no money, but I am willing to do what it takes to give all of our children a future of Freedom and Peace. I take My Oath very seriously and Had i had the means I would have been there in a heart beat. You guys ether don’t understand the stance Ammon took or you just don’t care. You Can only stay neutral for so long. That Refuge is sold to Russia along with the Hammons Range land. That is why they took it, plus it has signs there saying open to public. Lets use Public land that is being sold illegally to stage a very public protest while waiting for a response to and official “Redress of Grievance” Served to the BLM , the FBI, The Governor, and the local County Government before they took the Refuge.

    3. The big mistake these patriots made was no security force to protect them (I know, hindsight is 20/20). A major FUBAR. They needed at a minimum two each squads (9 to 12 per squad) armed patriots escorting them to the meeting in John Day, Oregon I believe in 6 to 8 separate vehicles. Also, they should have had at least Two camera men/reporters with cameras rolling 100%. As high profile as these folks were they should have known that they were going to be stopped/arrested/ambushed sooner or later. That’s why the state police and the feds let them run free (to give them a sense of security/freedom) so these so called lawmen can set them up on HiWay 395 with a questionable road barrier/road block out in the middle of nowhere (road blocks or barriers are rarely used in law enforcement any longer and not recommended or forbidden in Oregon and much of the U.S.; escalates the “pucker factor” and increases the danger for everyone involved). I am appalled.

    4. They would have, but the FBI purposely isolated and ambushed him and the others in his truck so they would have no backup. The FBI may have committed a criminal act, but I can guarantee you, they did not commit a rash or unplanned assault. They broke what sounds to me like implied safe conduct just to get him away from the group where they could attack and protect themselves. They ain’t blind or deaf, they know it will be a bloody assault head-on on the compound, bloody in lives, paperwork and investigations that just might turn up more than should be seen.

      1. Leroy put himself in arms way. He and his buddies commandeered a federal building. Then caused 100’s and more federal employees from working. Also you could see him reaching for his a gun. Then wanting land for free, believing he deserves the land. Anyone can be a good lair and others will believe it because they like the lie.

      2. I’ll pray for you, for your soul’s ability to exercise proper talents in awareness, for your psychologicl development which some day may approach that of a fully-developed mind, and for your hoped-for capability to discern between propaganda-laced illusion and reality. Thank you for reading here. You are released to your highest good.

        Elias Alias, editor

      LaVoy put the issue on the people’s radar. Oath Keepers have educated the people as to why LaVoy was there and what laws his protest was based on.
      Now, since LaVoy was killed in cold blood, the PEOPLE are suspicious of why these SPOOKS suspiciously pulled him over and did NOTHING. DIdn’t even get out of their vehicles (because they hadn’t chased him to the ‘ambush area’ yet), then chased him into what is possibly an illegal ambush, where he was gunned down in cold blood and left to die without ANY attempt of first aid (however they did shoot him a few more times while he laid there), while the rest of the people in the vehicle, that weren’t given the opportunity to surrender, (including 2 women not involved) miraculously escaped death while the vehicle was riddled with bullets after the fact.
      Now, it’s horrible that LaVoy is dead, but who is winning? Tyrannysaurus gets the bad press (which isn’t a lot in the MSM) and will be investigated. Oath Keepers will NOT LET THE ISSUE JUST GO AWAY. If justice is not served……….I wouldn’t want to be the a-holes that were at the barricade, the person that gave the orders, or the governor of Oregon (who insisted on the Feds putting an ‘abrupt’ end to the terrorist occupation).

      1. I am a member of local media, watching from far , far away. I can tell you with ABSOLUTE certainty, the portrayal of any events in Oregon that end in bloodshed will end up saying exactly that: “Anti-government Militia blah blah blah.” There simply aren’t enough people who understand what’s really going on in this country. I had a talk with a few of my newsroom colleagues after the shooting, not a one could see any reason for anything going on up there. I even think “whack-jobs” was the term thrown out…There is too much “white noise” that drowns out any shred of truth out there. Couple that with countless newsrooms headed up with “kids,” right out of “school,” you can see why the headlines read like they do. Be smart, be safe…thank you for all you do! God bless you and yours, and God Bless America!

    6. I agree. Where were the Oath Keepers. Did one man in Oath Keepers make the decision to stand down? The right to uphold and defend the Constitution seemed to be theirs. I hope to god that Levoy did not have to die in vain.

    7. If Oathkeepers was not going to go to the Refuge in support, then they should have kept completely out of it. Your updates you sent to me showed a pattern that, either unintentionally or intentionally, you were working directly with the government against the Bundy’s group approach. That, and putting out info that the FBI was drawing down their numbers and seemed more willing to let negotiations happen with the local law enforcement, made it almost seem you were complicit in the death of a good man. You better search your conscience and make amends because I, and apparently others, have lost faith in your organization; that I thought was the country’s best hope. you need to make amends to heal the rift you created fast.

  2. From our family to yours,may God shine a light for your family and surround you with a peace that passes all understanding.

  3. I am confident that The Founding Fathers and thousands of other American Patriots were awaiting his arrival. His spirit is just one more Patriot now fighting with us from the other side. Salute!

    LoneStarHog (Hog)

    1. Right on, Bro. They can kill our bodies but they cannot kill our vision of freedom. LaVoy will go down in American history as one great inspiration in America’s ongoing struggle for freedom.

      Elias Alias, editor

  4. Rest In Peace Lavoy Finicum, the blood of an innocent man rests upon the hands of those responsible for this cowardly deed.

    1. Here’s a list of those responsible Charles: the FBI shooters, Oregon State Police shooters, Harney County Sheriff–Dave Ward (appointed not elected), the Oregon Governor, Kate Brown, the two Oregon Senators and the Director of the FBI. The two Oregon senators Ron Wyden and Jef Merkley stated that the occupiers trip to John Day is “a situation where the virus was spreading”. The two senators met with the FBI director, James Comey and guess what happened.

      RIP LaVoy, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today.

  5. I am in agreement with the occupation but it WAS NOT thought out well, at all. Hindsight IS not necessarily 20/20. Perhaps a media person independent of the local and lame stream media would have been useful. I disagree about the security details as that would have been more inflammatory. Any meetings should have been at the refuge and well televised. I am very upset with the GOP candidates re. this as they are CLUELESS about it, apparently. Next protest, Folks, wear body cameras with audio capabilities. maybe on headbands? Teams within the town, unarmed, to let towns people know what is really happening. That is our right to do so. Unarmed smacks of educating rather than “occupying”. AND STOP ATTACKING EACH OTHER! Before you attempt to bad-mouth Oath Keepers for not being there-were you there? LaVoy was obviously killed/murdered, and That was sooo wrong, but never did I get the feeling the protests were well-organized. More thought needs to go into these things.AND hold that sheriff accountable.

  6. If they kill off all/. enough of our bodies, there will be no freedom, except in the minds of our children! I am deeply saddened by Lavoy’s murder, especially so close to where I’m from (Wheeler County, OR). But I am also very angry that the ‘patriot groups’ who were there to be a ‘buffer’ between the Feds and the Protesters were nowhere around when this all went down. MAYBE I have a different version of buffer than they…. I dunno.

    1. We were there as a buffer to prevent a “Waco” style assault on the refuge occupation, period. And we succeeded in that. We (oath Keepers, PPN, III%, etc.)were not, at any time, security for Ammon and crew as they drove back and forth to multiple public meetings, including meeting with the FBI. We never promised to be his mobile security detail.

      If we had promised to be his security detail as he drove around, then you would have something real to complain about. But we never did, and that is not something we would do, since we were not part of his operation, for all the many, many reasons already stated elsewhere. We did not take part in the occupation, and thought it was a very bad idea from the start. But we did what we could to prevent another Waco. And in that vein, we worked VERY hard to keep lines of communication open between Bundy and the FBI, and we also worked hard, behind the scenes, to get women and children off of the wildlife preserve. And we succeeded. – Stewart

      1. Did I miss the official Oath Keepers position/announcement that Oath Keepers was assuming an official role in the buffer operation that the PPN had announced?

        I know that there was at least one individual involved, identified as an Oath Keeper, but I did not see any official organizational announcement, nor much of anything except to call hands-off, largely due (as I understand it) to certain of the ‘suspect’ actors involved and also due to the ill conceived surprise occupation undertaken without coordination or local support.

        None of that negated the righteous underlaying goal of drawing attention to federal land abuses, to the plight of the Hammonds and to other such victims of federal tyranny and to forcing the fed-gov to back off their increasingly overt abuses and ultimately, to reassert Amendment X.

        THAT was a cause that could have been officially championed and supported, even if only openly and morally, along with ensuring media and public attention remained fixated on it and eyes remained on what Leviathan intended or did to those who took action.

        I must have missed the official position declaration.

      2. RIP LaVoy. With gratitude and admiration.
        “Not on our watch”……… Items one through ten; “We will not……….…”
        I, and a mutitude of others, would like to know what we ^WIIL^ do, and WHEN?. The clock is ticking and the time is getting real close to 00:00 hrs..
        ***** I have been an Oath Keepers Lifetime Member (paid in full) since
        April of 2014 and have tried every available means (accept ‘meet up dot com’ – I don’t trust social media) to find other members and meetings. Karen Reinerson, the POC for Southern CA. gave me an email address of a ‘contact’ in San Diego County. I sent a message which was lost or ignored.
        I am not “in this” for my personal survival – I am here to contribute, and I don’t mean money. I mean a LOT more – time is life and life is time.
        Do I need to make a trip to your Nevada office so I can find other Oath Keepers in my area so we can be “prepared localy” which you have very strongly advocated and urged us to do?
        IRONY: I need to ask for help to be able to help. Anyone? Thanks. ~ Joe ~
        PS: Combat grunt; RVN & Cambodia ’69 & ’70,,,,,Alpha Co. 2/5 Cav.

  7. RIP Finicum! Your blood has reawakened the Tree of Liberty from her 150 year nationalist coma. Let the feeding commence.

    Thank you for PUTTING UP when so many are content to SHUTTING UP.

    Resistance to tyrants [yes, even those who commit their crimes under color of law] is obedience to God.


  8. You can rest easy now Cowboy.

    You laid out your case, asked for fellow Liberty advocates to stand with you and, sadly, were largely abandoned in what ended up being your last struggle.

    Fear not though, people and groups will now hold up your name and finally champion the cause that you and your compatriots took up.

    From a fellow rural Arizonan…may you rest in peace, Brother.

    1. We always championed the cause, which is why we were also at Bundy Ranch, right along with LaVoy, and why we also were at Sugar Pine Mine, and in Lincoln, MT, and why we did several interviews with LaVoy regarding his own personal stand against the BLM. He is one of the ranchers we were prepared to defend ON HIS RANCH if he needed our help there.

      But we did not, and still do not, agree with the method Ammon chose here, which LaVoy decided, at the last minute, to take part in (he stated that he didn’t even know about it till just before the rally on Jan 2). It was both a strategic and tactical error, and one we could not take part in, for all the reasons we have already stated at length on this site. But that does not mean we won’t champion the cause he died for. That we will do, as he well knew.

      I spoke to LaVoy on Sunday night, Jan 24, just two days before his death, and I (along with a respected Bundy Ranch veteran from Idaho) tried to convince LaVoy to just move his operation to a county with a strong constitutional sheriff, who could protect them as they continued waking up ranchers and organizing them.

      We could see that the Feds, along with state police, were about to Ammon/LaVoy down one way or another, and we wanted to see them get out of there before that happened, and simply do a “lateral tactical move” to someplace with a real constitutional sheriff, in a county with ranchers willing to also stand strong. That would be a real game changer, with maximum credibility, and maximum authority, and something the domestic enemies of the Constitution just don’t know how to deal with.

      The “optics” of trying to crush an elected sheriff, who had his community behind him, and was standing up for brave ranchers, would be horrible for the regime and would start a massive nationwide fight on very bad terms for the bad people, with a maximum of the military, veterans, and gun owners on their side).

      That is what they should have done in the first place – pick a county with a strong sheriff to take a stand in. LaVoy acknowledged the wisdom of what we were saying, but in the end, he and Ammmon just would not listen. They “stayed the course” and were shut down decisively two days later.

      What needs to be done now is to do it right, by starting with actual ranchers who want help, defending them on their own land, with their own cattle, and preferably in a county where we DO have a sheriff willing to stand with us. If you have the option of picking a place to take a stand, why insist on doing it in a county where the local sheriff has already made it clear he will not do the right thing, and is in fact your enemy? That just makes no sense. Since they were not actually defending a particular rancher there, they did not have to take a stand in Harney County, OR. Once it was clear the Hammonds were not willing to take a hard stand and were going to report back to prison without resisting, Ammon and co could have easily gone instead to a county with a stronger sheriff, such as nearby Grant County, OR, with Sheriff Glenn Palmer. – Stewart

      1. Stewart,

        Appreciate the reply.

        You said…”But we did not, and still do not, agree with the method Ammon chose here…”.

        Neither did I, nor do I. It was ill conceived and piss-poorly executed.

        As for me, I did not advocate arming up and rushing to the refuge to stand with them. I did, however, and still do, believe that there should have been open, moral support declared for the bedrock reasons that they acted.

        Coupled with that declared support, Oath Keepers could have officially stepped in (not necessarily physically) as an organization, to ensure that the shit-sandwich got morphed into something more palatable and that the underlaying reasons for the action were kept in the public eye, rather than the demonization of certain of the actors and the horrific negatve broad-brushing of the entire mess.

        A focused effort to salvage something positive from the initial negatve could have happened.

        There was likely a lot going on behind the scenes that I and others were unaware of, but there was damn little specific or official information flowing on this site in a plethora of posts, as to an ‘official’ position or any ‘official’ action or efforts.

        My experience has proven that a lack of information breeds speculation, often leading to frustration and, amongst some, anger.

        In many posts where people were asking editors/moderators what the ‘official’ position was and/or what the hell was Oath Keepers doing or going to do, even if ‘officially’ nothing…those legitimate questions for clarity were met with either silence or a vague promise of ‘something’ being forthcoming from you.

        I may disagree with certain approaches, I may at times make assessments and post criticisms, but the fact remains that I recognize the critical need for organizational approaches to thwarting Leviathan and its minions and apparatchiks. I alse remain a committed member of Oath Keeper s and also remain steadfast and grimly resolved to honor my Oath.

        I have been and remain impressed and proud of the work done and progress made by this Organization.

        What I am not, never have been and will never be, is a sycophant or yes man (and I expect that you do not desire such people), so if any critical commentary of mine ruffles feathers, please look to the underlying message, it is likely designed to shine light on a different opinion, assessment or approach.

        Take care Brother.

      2. Mr. Rhodes, Were they not trying to make it to the next county to possibly proceed as you suggest? Maybe I have bad information on that. So why can’t someone else with a better plan pick up the flag and carry it to Sheriff Palmer? Is there anyone else evolved that would be willing to do that, is Sheriff Palmer willing to proceed. What about the other 8 ranchers that offered to back LaVoy? It seems to me that we have a much stronger case to proceed against the coruption in Hearney county now. There is some momentum here and maybe all is not lost. I’m just asking.

      3. Fellow constitutional Patriots and Oath Keepers, most of you already know my uncompromising positions for aggressive patriot unification and for standing up against Leviathan.

        Most of you know that for seven years that I have been striving to encourage all of our entire constitutional patriot movement nationally to refer to our renegade tyrannical “employees” in the usurping bulbous overreaching Federal Government only as “LEVIATHAN”.

        It is my goal,…. it should be all of our goals, to make this part of our common language for a specific purpose.
        The reason being, is that we need to nationally “brand” Leviathan, and to overtly convey and to communicate directly to Leviathan,… that we as “UNITED” constitutional patriots, explicitly wish to communicate, that we jointly wish to very politely convey “NO RESPECT”,….where no respect is justified..

        That being said, myself and many others have done much soul searching after Lavoy’s cold blooded murder about what we coulda-shoulda-mighta done differently.
        And more precisely, what Stewart Rhodes might have done differently.
        There have been plenty of criticisms hurled around some pretty recklessly..

        We have had internal bickering and resignations surrounding this subject that involves minimally, life and death decisions.

        Stewart’s deeply thought out actions are rooted in thinking through the possible scenarios and the controlling of that single first incident of a retaliatory holster being unsnapped or the safety’s coming off, all while being on nearly completely isolated in indefensible terrain, isolated from resupply, isolated from reinforcements, with limited communication, in the jurisdiction of a very deeply corrupt county leader and BLM puppet Judge Grasty, an unelected BLM agent turned Rent-A-Sheriff, and a LGTB far left wing Agenda 21 aligned Governor that is all to eager to enlist direct military support from Barack Hussein Obama to kill every dissenter necessary as soon as possible.

        This is Indefensible terrain for patriots on every front and at every important political level.

        As constitutional Patriots, for better or for worse, we must all put forth the honest effort necessary and strive to UNITE not divide behind a policy and “strategy” going forward that could bring us all together and keep us strategically UNITED for our common good and for our common well being.

        Thank God that Stewart Rhodes was keen to envision the “potentially very serious mistakes” at the Malheur Refuge and in Burns and Harney County.

        I will strive to honestly justly to all and to make the legitimate case for why we should understand that Stewart Rhodes was “absolutely dead on correct in his assessment and in his actions in correctly taking personal responsibility to protect Oath Keepers and fellow Patriots in Harney County” under ill-conceived, strategically compromised, politically incorrect and emotionally charged dangerous circumstances.

        Critical facts that we “should” all be able to agree on and learn from:

        1 We will NOT allow our members, without prior strategic planning, to be sucked into any operation that is both a serious strategic and a tactical error that could needlessly put our members at risk of imprisonment or grave physical harm, not on our terms, and not in a defensible environment, politically, or physically.

        2. Lavoy’s murder was on Leviathan’s turf and terms, PERIOD.
        All involved in the patriots networks were all isolated 30 miles away from the State Police and the FBI’s staging of Lavoy’s murder.
        We were prepared to defend ranchers ON THEIR OWN RANCHES if we were needed. This event was on Leviathan’s turff.

        3 Stewart Rhodes could clearly see by what he saw in front on his own eyes on the ground that the Feds, along with State Police, were about to bring the hammer down onto Ammon Bundy and his group that included Lavoy Finnicum, one way or another.

        Stewart, from a strategic stand point very desperately wanted to see Ammon and Lavoy get out of there before Leviathan could play the winning hand, and circumvent the continuation of Ammon’s struggle to enlighten ranchers to unite and to stand-up together to resist the BLM and Leviathan.

        Stewart very much desired to continue the fight against the BLM, but wished to do so successfully from safer political and physical terrain

        4. Stewart Rhodes personally worked tirelessly right up to Lavoy’s murder, to move his operation to a county with a strong constitutional Sheriff, who could protect them as they continued motivating ranchers to stand up against the BLM and to continue organizing them to fight back.

        A strong constitutional Sheriff, would have been a complete tactical game changer. And Ammon Bundy and Lavoy could have achieved their stated goals on friendly turf, all while violating no actionable Federal laws that played precisely into the BLM and complicit Leviathan’s evil hands.

        5. I will admit to being an individual that initially did not see the Forrest for the tress at Burns Oregon, and that I badly wanted an eye for an eye..

        In hindsight, I have come to the complete realization that in the long game against Leviathan that an eye for an eye was the losing strategy, and that Stewart Rhodes has shown us all that he was “correct all along in his strategic and in his tactical assessments of Oath Keepers role and capabilities in Burns Oregon”.
        We simply did not have the political high ground.
        We did not have the strategic or tactical high ground.
        The national media had the narrative ALL WRONG and we had no advance time or planning to hold the “informational’ high ground here either. Because of that we were in no position to control or influence the narrative or the critical public perceptions of patriot actions.

        Quite the contrary, Leviathan was in full command of the nation narrative. And that creates an environment where the public potentially does not oppose the use of illegal or excessive potentially lethal force against us. The public, the sheepeople, will generally not tolerate Leviathan murdering people that are seen publicly as having a just cause.

        The only option given the timing and the situational hand that we were dealt, was to protect our united patriots “long game”, and to show up to protest and to provide armed perimeter security if Leviathan tried to WACO the compound.

        6. We are all very fortunate that Stewart Rhodes, despite being dragged into this situation, and the initial lack of clarity of purpose and mission, and the lack of communication from Ammon Bundy, that Stewart got it nearly 100% right relative to playing into Leviathan’s hand and to putting our members in harms way.

        “Silence in the face of tyranny is your consent to that tyranny”

      4. Spot On!
        I especially like the last paragraph Stewart. That is exactly what needs to happen. It’s also the thing this repressive government fears the most….

        My thought is to pick a friendly county and get names of ranchers, then send them examples of where the Federal Agents set up Trojan Horses in the agreements they have signed with other ranchers. There are a host of illegal acts performed by the Agents at Malheur Refuge.
        Great Post,

  9. Look folks, this post is about showing respect to LaVoy, and his family. If you want to argue about what we did/didn’t do, shoulda done, etc, and what should have been done differently by the occupiers, please do it on the post where I interview SWAT Officer Greg McWhirter:

    I’ll be happy to answer questions/debate you there, but not here. Not anymore. – Stewart

  10. So the message the Feds sent was don’t fuk with us or will stick your constitution up your arse.

  11. LaVoy Finicum is home with Jesus. God Bless his family. Thank you OathKeepers for being a light in the darkness.

  12. My contribution in spirit to Oregon Senator Merkley today:

    Mr. Merkley,

    I just received your email update regarding climate change actions…..seriously? What I, and I’m certain thousands of other Oregonians would really appreciate is updates on what the state of Oregon is doing to:

    1) Overturn the tyrannical imprisonment of the Hammond’s immediately.
    2) Take back our state land from obviously militant and ineffective BLM control.
    3) Insure prosecution of all those directly responsible for the ambush and assassination of LaVoy Finicum, starting with the appointed Sheriff of Harney County and Dan Love of the BLM.
    4) Restore and preserve Oregonian’s Constitutional Rights going forward.

    The former Governor and his mistress are the Oregonian’s that should be serving prison terms, not the Hammond’s.

    – Upon taking office, senators-elect must swear or affirm that they will “support and defend the Constitution.”

    Thank you.

  13. When I had the chance to meet and sit down for a while with Stewart at the occasion of the 2015 Patriot’s Day in Canon City, Colorado I told him that I was afraid of how things were developing in our country. Stewart simply asked me: “What is the counterpart of fear?” – Surprised a little, I scratched my head and said “courage!” – Stewart’s answer not only surprised me but it changed my whole conception when he told me this: “The opposite of fear is simply love. Love for your family, love for your country and love for your land, love for your friends! It is only in that love that you can find the courage and the power inside yourself that you need to fight the evil.”
    You, LaVoy Finicum have given your life in the service of love. You went to reach out for peace and for justice and you paid the ultimate price. No, it was not in vain and now it will be upon us to pick up and carry on the flag where it fell out of your hands! And in support of our Oaths to defend our Constitution, we are standing by your grave and we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our freedom and our fortunes to carry on for you and for our children that Flag of our Republic of the United States of America!

    Tom Pescatore
    Oath Keeper

  14. I see the cracks in the dam. Disrespect for the leaders/disrespect for the fallen/backbiting. Considered joining your ranks, not sure now.

    1. Well Bob, consider that anyone can post in the comments, regardless of whether they are members or not. And we also always get trolls who live for arguing. If they are truly trolls, we don’t approve their comments, but that is rare, as we like free exchange of ideas. But you are right, some people just cannot resist posting arguments on a memorial post. Not good, but comes with the territory. The internet is what it is – a double edged sword.

  15. To the daughters, thank-you for the video! It was very emotional and I sure wish I knew how to help to stop what happening to this country. I’m sadden that our children will not have the same opportunity to live in the freedom I experienced.

  16. RIP LaVoy… will never be forgotten by all of “us” and trust that we will “settle” the matter when it is appropriate. The time is rapidly approaching when we will be forced into a settlement to retain this Sovereign Republic. Only the blind can not see it approaching. The remainder of this year will reveal “the bottom line”. I feel that when there is a “settlement”, you will be there side by side with us LaVoy…God Bless and Rest in Peace Sir.

  17. LeVoy Finicum should make the history books, one day. His gentle informed passion and commitment is evident in everything he said and was.

    The MSM made extensive widespread use of LeVoy’s so-called promise that he “would not be taken alive.”

    I can’t imagine a source for that. It doesn’t sound like LeVoy at all. Who first wrote it and what was the source? ….Lady in Red


    Romans 8:33-39Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

    33 Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifieth. 34 Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us. 35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? 36 As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. 37 Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. 38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, 39 nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

  19. First and upmost, THANK YOU LAVOY for your respect of all, devotion to your country and the love in your heart. You gave the ultimate sacrifice for your country. Your place in Heaven was given to you by Father at the beginning of creation. His plan for you was fulfilled. Your sacrifice must and shall now be embedded in the American people to awaken their inner strength, courage, fortitude and devotion to stop this tyrannical take over of our country you so loved. You LaVoy, Soldier of God, Defender of Truth and Giver of Love will NEVER BE FORGOTEN by me and like minded FREEDOM FIGHTERS. You SIR are the TRUE AMERICAN HERO that instilled the spark for what’s to come. See you on the other side.

  20. He is truly RIP if he is part of the annointed. He was smoked with extreme prejudice. Law enforcement is supposed to shot center mass. Him getting shot in the face was a message. It was an intended slap in the face to the militia, oath keepers, and the image of the cowboy. Once again it proved that Ammon Bundy was their for the sake of vanity and not cause he was a warrior. If he was he would of gone down in the heat of battle. He even bowed down whupped and defeated. Throwing in the towel.

    1. I would humbly submit that you are wrong about Ammon Bundy. Ammon Bundy is a true patriot with full knowledge of everything LaVoy taught. It was not a battle, not a gun fight, in which LaVoy was gunned down. Never forget that. Ammon Bundy would be welcome in my bunker any time, and I’d be proud to have him.

      Elias Alias, editor

  21. Rest In Peace Lavoy. Your battle will not go down in vain……

    To all the armchair quarterbacks getting down on the Oath Keepers; A good leader defines their mission and sticks to it. They enable their teams to complete the tasks at hand. Most of all, they never use coulda, shoulda, or woulda, they always learn and move to the future. Oath Keepers are doing that, and living to fight another day. That’s what Lavoy would want, period!

    If you have a gripe take it to twitter, this article had nothing to do with your personal wishes. Doing so makes you a second layer opportunist, nothing more; nothing less…..

  22. A day before he was shot we all got the same update that there has been a “shift change” and a decrease in law enforcement At the fbi compound.
    I say no more, the setup was in works as everybody payed no attention to what was going to happen.
    Rest in peace Robert.
    And for better note, im a two strike felon that loves my country and would have been there but my time will come when we all pull our heads together and stop the feds at there game as a family of one.
    BooBoo from TerraBella, Ca

  23. RIP

    “You will remain, in my mind-
    A Man Among Men ”

    Prayers for the family, in their time of sorrows.

  24. R.I.P. my brother, the liberty movement will sorely miss your words of love for America and your countrymen. May your family and close friends find peace in their hearts knowing that you gave your all…for all of us.

  25. As a founding member of Oath Keepers which I joined while still deployed in Iraq on that God forsaken quest I am very saddened to see Oath Keepers jump on this murder after the fact. Stewart you disavowed this action from the get go now you want to associate yourself with it or at worse possibly profit from it? We held a 2nd amendment rally here in Missouri a year ago which I personally requested you attend. We had Richard Mack and others on the frontline of that most important issue. You declined since we wouldn’t pay your freight upfront. We did have Elias Alias attend thankfully and he did a tremendous job. With all the interactions I have had with you as a Veteran I am still wonder which side exactly you are on on? You claim you were with those in Oregon yet you made public statements to the contrary. You now see to endorse what they have sacrificed at a great cost to accomplish without you. What is your angle exactly Stewart? Just a fellow patriot and one who has fought for this country wondering where you stand exactly?

  26. I think this will go Down in History Americas federal Government ambushed , Killed & Jailed Armed peaceful protesters protesting Government abuses and Lawlessness WE have Peaceful protesters as was their Constitutional right still in Jail on Charges I am wondering what is planed on a Lot of Noise It is time to Unit and list the Abuses and lawlessness of federal Bureaucrats. Time to Demand Representation by the peoples representatives or get the Hell out of Office And Follow Constitutional laws period , Did I leave anything Out.

  27. LaVoy, your sacrifice will not be in vain. History will remember you and your name will be a rallying cry when inspiration is needed. “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” You have shown so many what a good man is. God bless your family.

  28. LeVoy, you are exactly the kind of persons I want to be surrounded with. When I saw you on videos, the one where you said you were so angry, yet LeVoy, you could not even show anger. The one video where you talked about your ranch and land and how your eyes lit up and the beautiful smile as you proudly expressed your love for your hard work and family.

    You are a ray of sunshine. I cried so hard for you and my eyes are still wet. You are exactly the kind of father I would want and I feel like I lost my father.
    RIP Mr. Finicum You are surrounded by the wings of an Eagle and will forever soar high above. And when the sun is on my shoulders, I’ll know it is you giving us the strength to carry on your flight to fight for the land and Country you loved.

    You did what was Mountain Right and I dedicate this song to you. You will not be forgotten.

    To Oath Keepers. Thank you. I wish I knew how to help but am lost.

  29. R.I.P. Lavoy.

    Thank you for loaning us your grand wisdom, for being an example by showing us your deep love of family and for your beautiful and bountiful land.

    Thank you for your selflessness in risking so very much to expose, and to take a stand against a truly evil and tyrannically out of control Leviathan.

    Your efforts cannot be allowed to be in vain.

  30. Lavoy left us Truth in his gentle dignity.
    The man was/is an American Icon….. A slice of the American of the true cowboys, worthy of a white hat.
    God Grant you Rest.

  31. We can honor LaVoy Finicam best by continuing his work. Rest in peace, LaVoy. You were a great teacher and we are still learning from you.

      1. I was busy … went to the funeral … drove hundreds of miles to attend … what about YOU?

        I noticed only 3 OathKeepers at the funeral.
        Why didn’t OK send ‘security’ to ensure no one was harmed? Haven’t they done that for others in the past? Or why didn’t they send a ‘detail’ to be present to honor the man? And why haven’t they posted my other comments?
        Bottom line: ACTIONS speak louder than words, and OK’s ACTIONS and lack thereof, tell me quite a bit.

      2. I too attended the LaVoy Finicum service on Friday and came from a distance, as did many many others. I know for a fact that there were several Oath Keepers in attendance at the visitation, the service and the tribute concert afterwards — definitely more than 3, more than a dozen who I saw. I recognized some Oath Keepers I know, and I met a few who I had not yet had the pleasure of meeting, and I personally spoke with several Oath Keepers. I saw a few members of one OK chapter who participated (walking) in the escort after the service with the horse riders. Plus there were some of us attending who have not officially become members but fully support Oath Keepers.

        Security was present at the church, a quiet understated presence. One notable family in attendance had a bodyguard. Nothing disrupted the visitation or the service or bothered those there to mourn and pay their respects.

        As for the guest book, the information from the LaVoy Finicum family, which included the link to the mortuary’s web page, was released by the family on their Facebook page and it was re-posted on several other Facebook pages, including local Oath Keepers chapters pages. OK National and my local OK chapter have been continuously posting information about LaVoy’s death and related topics on Facebook. Myself, I do not wish to post on the guest book, I’ll leave that for family, relatives and close friends. Some of us prefer to leave a brief comment here, or leave a condolence message on Facebook pages such as the LaVoy Finicum family or Bundy Ranch page. To each his own.

    1. I think rather than scolding you should just inform Oath Keepers as to its’ existence. I’ve never heard of it and I’m sure many others haven’t either. Remember, nobodies perfect. Anyhow, I visited the site to give my condolences and thank you for posting the link.

  32. I’m from Long Island, NY and we don’t have cowboys here (as you all know), but when my 4yr old son wakes form his nap in a little bit, I’m going to show him the above video with Lavoy and his dog Diamond, to show him what a Cowboy and good guy looks like, a patriot who loves his country. I’m not prior or active service in any branch or police (I tried, but a medical condition), but there is hope even here on Long Islan,d NY, There are people who breath Red, White and Blue, like Mr. Finicum here, and I’m very happy that we have a constitutional Shrieff here, the only Sheriff by chance who flew out west and attended the CSPOA convention from all of the counties from the North East States back in 2012. R.I.P. Brother in Christ, and fellow American.

    Mr. Rhodes, Thank you for your service and all that you continue to do along with other good men who are doing more than some of the complainers here. Faith, Hope and Love to all Fellow Patriots here.

  33. Such a tragic waste of a beautiful life–deepest condolences and prayers sent to the Finicum family. As horrific as the treasonous killing of Lavoy Finicum was, America also lost much that day–though most will never know it. Judging by the vitriolic comments of ignorant, insensitive people following new articles of this incident, it is dishearteningly obvious that most Americans have no idea of how our liberties and God-given right have diminished. God help us all.

    “If a person cannot walk into the middle of the town square and express his or her views without fear of arrest, imprisonment, or physical harm, then that person is living in a fear society, not a free society.” Natan Sharansky (Soviet dissident, gulag survivor, human rights advocate, author)

  34. Pls post a mailing address (and information about how to address a check) for LeVoy’s family.

    (I don’t “do” PayPal.) ….Lady in Red

    1. The LaVoy Finicum family posted on their Facebook page a PO Box where people can mail sympathy cards and send their condolences and also send donations to help Mrs. Jeanette Finicum, LaVoy’s widow, if they’d like. I don’t do PayPal either, Lady in Red, so I understand! God bless you for helping LaVoy’s family. Go to their Facebook page, it’s the top post now.

  35. I attended the LaVoy Finicum funeral service on Friday. There were SO many people paying their respects to this wonderful man and trying to bring comfort to his family. You would not believe how many flowers were sent from all around the country, as far away as Brooklyn New York! The chapel, the viewing room, the large extra room for the service, the hallways, the foyers were all filled with gorgeous flower arrangements, each representing someone whose life LaVoy had touched. Each entrance foyer of the Church had a nice display of LaVoy’s saddle, boots, cowboy hat, photos, a handmade piece with a poem to Dad.

    The service was beautiful and emotional. LaVoy’s wife Jeanette, his two brothers, a sister, and each of his children spoke. Each child told of one thing which they love about their father and something which they will now miss. Each child was strong as he or she spoke through tears. It was very moving. It’s clear LaVoy was a wonderful father. I pray God will comfort his children, as they are all grieving terribly.

    Being there you realized how well loved LaVoy was, and how great a loss it is to those who knew him. A good man was taken from this earth. I spoke with a lovely couple (such nice people), the wife had known LaVoy her whole life, they grew up together, she’ll miss him. One couple was ranchers from Oklahoma, another couple was ranchers from Montana. Some folks attending from California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah had (like me) never met the man and did not know the family, but felt compelled to be there to pay their respects. I hope LaVoy’s family found some comfort in seeing how many people care. The true comfort is in knowing that LaVoy is now in heaven with God.

    Rest in peace, LaVoy. May God bless his family.

  36. Good-By for now, my Brother ‘LaVoy’. By the Grace of “Ya Ha Va”, I’ll Be Seeing” You on the other Side!

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