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REASON Magazine: Utah Fusion Center Warns Cops: Watch Out for Don’t-Tread-on-Me Flags


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Utah Fusion Center Warns Cops: Watch Out for

Don’t-Tread-on-Me Flags


Funeral services will be held today in Kanab, Utah, for LaVoy Finicum, the rancher killed last month during the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. In a bulletin distributed this week to cops across the region, the Utah Statewide Information and Analysis Center—one of the dozens of intelligence-sharing “fusion centers” around the country that get funds from the Department of Homeland Security—warns that “extremists may utilize such a high profile funeral for media attention or to further ideological beliefs.” Although “no credible threats to law enforcement are present at this time,” the authors still think police should be wary: “Caravans of individuals traveling to the funeral services may be comprised of one or more armed extremists. Law enforcement should remain vigilant and aware that confrontation with these potentially volatile persons, may include more than one individual. These individuals may adhere to a sovereign citizen ideology, and may not recognize law enforcement as a legitimate authority.”

The report includes several “visual indicators” to help police determine whether they’re dealing with “extremist and disaffected individuals.” These range from images associated with specific political groups, such as the Oath Keepers and Three Percenters, to a more generic patriotic symbol, the Gadsden flag—a famous Revolutionary War banner featuring a coiled rattlesnake and the slogan “Don’t Tread on Me.” One of the “indicators” is a slightly altered version of a picture popular with fans of the Grateful Dead; the guide does not note this potential source of confusion, describing it only as “common sovereign citizen imagery.”

Reason Mag graphic Feb05 2016

Reason Mag2Feb05_2016
Although “some or parts of these symbols are representative of patriotic and American revolutionary themes,” the report says, “they are often associated with extremism.” There is little effort to apply even that much nuance to the individual symbols. The Gadsden flag is associated with several political movements, such as the Tea Party protests; it has also been adapted by apolitical subcultures, such as the fans of U.S. Soccer. But the bulletin simply declares that it is “commonly displayed by sovereign citizen extremists.”

One private-sector security professional who received the bulletin worries that it could lead to a kind of profiling. “I work with a young man, 24 years old, three associate’s degrees, volunteer fire fighter, dreams of becoming a police officer,” he says. “He’s also an Armenian-Russian immigrant who just earned his American citizenship. He sports a Gadsden flag on his car because of what it represents in our country’s history.” If a cop sees that car today, the security worker worries, the officer’s “thoughts will automagically flip to profiling him” as a violent extremist.

Mike German, a former FBI agent who infiltrated far-right groups in the 1990s, has a similar objection. “I always try to look at these alerts from the perspective of the police officer on the street,” he says. “What will the officers know after reading this that they didn’t before? Here all they know is to be afraid if they see a Gadsden flag, which could result in an unnecessarily hostile encounter that would increase the chances of violence. There’s nothing here that would help them correctly identify someone who held these beliefs, understand what might trigger hostile reactions, or how to talk to them in a way that would defuse any unnecessary tension.” He also worries that the bulletin “improperly implies holding such beliefs makes them dangerous”; most of the people involved in these movements are nonviolent, he says, and treating them all like budding terrorists just makes a confrontation more likely.

German, who is now based at New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice, thinks it’s “perfectly reasonable for the fusion center to make law enforcement aware of the situation regarding the Oregon standoff and police shooting, and how the upcoming funeral might make those out-of-state events more pertinent to local enforcement needs and officer safety.” But he feels the report’s approach is “is unhelpful because it is overgeneralized in describing a threat and lacking in any useful advice. It seems almost like CYA, so they can say ‘we warned ’em’ if anything bad happens.”

The Statewide Information and Analysis Center has not responded to my requests for comment. To read the full bulletin, go here.


We salute Reason Magazine for sharp reporting. View this article there please – give ’em some clicks.


Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. It’s time for Sheriffs, and states to step up! If fedgov does not want to follow the constitution, then they should not be allowed to operate in the states at all! Fedgov is now a danger to the safety of the people, and the states, and the United States of America!

    1. They have over stepped their constitutional bounds in every way! Decimated the Bill of Rights! Fail to do the few items they are supposed to be doing such as protecting our borders! They allow our enemies to flood in! They allow drug dealers, cartels, human traffickers, murderers, and rapists to come here at will, and refuse to do anything about them! They knowingly release these criminals into the streets of America! That is treason! And America yawns! But it is time to yawn no more! Why would they be doing these things, if they are not actively trying to destroy us! This isn’t incompetence! It’s intentional!

    2. The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA)

      I am sure that many are aware of the work of a true American Patriot by the name of Sheriff Richard Mack. Sheriff Mack has been on-the-ground numerous times when duty called – Bundy Ranch, Nevada, and Burns, Oregon, for recent examples.

      America’s County Sheriffs are “America’s Last Hope”. The County Sheriff is the Chief Peace Officer within a county. No one including the Feds may enter and operate within a county without the approval/permission of the County Sheriff. Illegal/unlawful operations can lead to arrest and prosecution.

      We have just seen in Oregon the operations of an unconstitutional sheriff in Harney County (Sheriff Ward) and a Constitutional Sheriff in Grant County (Sheriff Palmer). Sheriff Palmer is a member of and was trained by CSPOA. He stood Patriot Tall when duty called. Salute!

      Sheriff Mack needs the support of every American Patriot in his efforts to reach and train America’s sheriffs.

      Establish a relationship with your county sheriff. Provide information to him/her about CSPOA. The most important weapon that your county sheriff can carry is: The U.S. Constitution.

      LoneStarHog (Hog)
      CSPOA Lifetime Major

      Note: Here is a brochure that I just finished designing for CSPOA and approved by Sheriff Mack>

    3. Precisely put. The Feds are “in a movement” to advise ALL THE SHEEPLE (and cops) to be wary of Constitutionalists (who are the feds enemies! …obviously). So, if they can tarnish and eradicate us then it will be done via the destruction of The Constitution and the introduction of all the sh*t THEY want to do …to us. The feds are indeed the greatest danger to the United States of America (and the entire world is now well aware of it). Need I say more? (Even Putin believes we should “oust the lot of them” and make this country what it’s supposed to be …or we’ll cease to be).

  2. It would appear the feds are defining a narrative against a very large portion of America! Conservatives, gun owners, Christians, patriots, beware a government that considers you a threat for believing in the constitution, when they’ve thrown it under the bus! They are wholly un-American! They are traitors! They are oath breakers!

    America can’t afford to wait any longer! The Sheriffs, and states must do something now! Or, watch the flood of evil overrun it all!

  3. Yet another example of the federal government labeling the American Patriots as terrorists! It’s absolutely infuriating that they refuse to acknowledge actual extremist terrorists as such! America, we’re in. BIG trouble here! They target us becaise they know we wont go silently into the night! WAKE THE EFF UP PEOPLE!

  4. The powers to be are attempting to shut down the First Amendment which means the Second Amendment comes into play. Without the Second Amendment, you have no recourse and no First Amendment rights.

    If LaVoy Finicum had a security force with him on that fatal afternoon on Hiway 395, I strongly believe he would be alive today. The cowardly Oregon State Police and the shooter FBI agents (or contractors) would have shut down operations when confronted with an “equal or larger force then their own” (Sun Tzu, The Art of War). I recommend that everyone fly the flag or banner of your choice but keep your powder dry.

  5. This area of Utah has about 140,000 residents. The city of St George itself has 40,000. In 2014 they hosted the USPSA Handgun Nationals because they are one of the few places that had a large enough range and the initiative to do it. They have a 28 bay practical shooting complex with a kill house which is very unusual for an area of this size. CQB shooting is very important to these people so I would imagine that they are more prepared than most police or military teams. They always seemed to be very friendly and peaceful, but I wouldn’t press my luck there. It would be a bonus if more communities had this humble mindset. Power under control is true humility. What I see too often is unrestrained “militia” beating their chests and carrying rifles they really can’t use.

    1. Mark, Started shooting and practicing with the International Defense Pistol Assoc. (IDPA) 4 months ago at my local gun club and range. We have 12 covered rifle bench positions out to 400 yards to include outdoor hand gun ranges also. We also have a 30 yard indoor range. Encourage everyone listening here to join their local gun club and/or range for preparing and to make new like minded friends. Your implication is correct. Many of us need practice in shooting safely and learning when to shoot and not to shoot–very important. If you join a gun club, watch out for spies….they are everywhere. I suspect that local and state law enforcement would encourage their officers to join local clubs for practice and to “keep your eyes and ears open”.

      We the people are the “Militia”. These folks beating their chests as you so put it are the very people that will defend this great nation against a tyrant(s). I am with them and we might be using our rifles sooner than you think.

      May LaVoy rest in peace.

      1. “If you join a gun club, watch out for spies….they are everywhere. I suspect that local and state law enforcement would encourage their officers to join local clubs for practice and to “keep your eyes and ears open”.”

        This is absolutely true Shooter. Here in my region, the largest gun range is owned and operated by the Washington Dept. of Fish and Game, and by the Dept. of Natural Resources.
        The other range I used to shoot at, has been seriously invaded. In fact, it was an IHMSA range and now it is predominately a rifle range. The police had a separate range at the same facility, but are now down the road at the rifle range mixing it up with all the shooters. We don’t have a strong Sheriff, and even worse our police departments have been super militant for a very long time. Best to keep to one’s self, don’t answer any unwarranted questions. Most of all, know who you are talking to. I mean really get to know them outside the range……

      2. GREG, Are you referring to Spokane WA. I belong to the Spokane Rifle Club, do you know any thing about them? Geez am I getting paranoid or what?

      3. You’re not paranoid; you’re a witness to a cultural shift.
        I’m in the Tri-Cities. The WDFW club is just outside Benton City, and the second club is outside Pasco. Fact is Charlie, some of what I mentioned comes from folk still associated with the Pasco facility.

      4. IDPA_shooter If you could make the transition from IDPA to USPSA (three gun) it would be more of a benefit. The Army Marksmanship Unit uses USPSA format to train and actually has a team. As for the LEOs, the clubs are full of them and you’ll see military there too. The ones I meet have no taste for what’s going on but that may be different in other parts of the country with little Mormon influence. God Bless. Pray for Peace. Prepare for War. Mark

  6. I cannot help but morn the fact that the individuals on both sides of the progressive/patriot divide fail to realize just how expansive the divide has become. For those on the progressive side the march towards totalitarianism began with the defeat of Al Gore to GW Bush in the 2000 election. This is the event that polarized the militant progressives. Following this loss, an attitude of “the ends justify the means” become the mantra for doing whatever was needed to move the country in their direction, legal or illegal. The liberty movement awoke from a long period of sleep following the 2008 election and the seemingly endless persecution of liberty minded individuals that followed. The point I am trying to make is that the progressives had a solid 8 year head start and their morals do not prevent them from using whatever tactics are needed to succeed. The patriot movement is bound by honor, a belief in God by the vast majority of the members and a series of lines that honest people just won’t cross. Now I know that a lot of patriots feel that they are outnumbered by the progressives, but I assure you this is not the case. The progressives are absolutely scared to death by our numbers. Whether you like Donald Trump or not, his candidacy and the issues of liberty and sovereignty so prevalent in his campaign, have the progressives and the one-world Government Republicans working as one to plot his demise.
    I know many in the patriot movement feel that the Leviathan of government is just too large to oppose. Again, I am sure that if/when the liberty games commence patriots will find that FedGov is a paper tiger. At least 50% of our military and law enforcement personnel are just as fed up with FedGov as any Constitution carrying patriot. Less than 10% (unfortunately the 10% in charge) are committed progressives. I know this is true based on where I live, where I have worked and the time I have spent with FedGov agency personnel. Patriots have nothing to fear except fear itself. Now I am not suggesting that things will not get sporty should the patriot movement draw a line in the sand and muster to hold it. The initial response from FedGov will be ruthless. The key is that it will be based on the cooperation of a very limited number of assets that will actually follow orders to engage US citizens. Once this group of resources is exhausted, the true nature of the FedGov paper tiger will become apparent. The key to minimizing the number of patriot casualties will be the cause and the ability of the patriot movement organizations to spread FedGov resources geographically. Train and build your team locally. Enlist the support of local law enforcement, the State National Guard and the County Sheriffs. Prepare your tribe and community to exist (food, water, medical care) without the need to beg FedGov for relief. This has been the message of Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath Keepers. I agree with him.
    Now, about that line in the sand; the excesses of the BLM are well documented; however their impact is rural, localized and extremely difficult to communicate to even the most ardent patriots East of the Mississippi. It is a righteous cause; however it will be difficult to leverage this as a line in the sand message. The 2nd Amendment is the clearest line and the easiest to communicate. The issue here is that the progressives are smart enough to know this front is dangerous to them. They will move at turtle speed, as they inch towards confiscation.
    I suggest an alternative approach; find their line in the sand instead of waiting for them to find ours. The progressives are absolutely frantic about keeping Trump and Cruz out of the White House. Shouldn’t we be protesting at every Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton and Bernie (Sandinista) Sanders campaign stop? This is what keeps the progressives up at night. Now I am not suggesting who you should vote for, but if the progressives fear that they are about to be pushed from power, they will take action. Those actions will expose their ruthlessness and would easily garner support for the liberty movement. It would be much better for the progressives to take action leading to a domestic emergency (read, Martial Law) than for the patriots to be the ones provoking a fight. Remember, this is what occurred at Lexington & Concord. The British were the aggressors. They, not the minutemen, took the step into revolution. Were the British baited into taking that step, probably; but it did not matter to the public.
    There are a myriad of other progressive causes that could easily be leveraged to bait the hook; Global Warming and the elimination of coal as an energy source, abortion rights, open borders, etc. Protesting any/all of the above will cause the progressives to react. I believe that the fear of losing the White House is the cause that will provoke a Lexington Green moment, but whatever the reason it must be the progressives that take the offensive action to guarantee our success in the patriot games to follow.

    1. The key is for the liberty movement to expand rapidly when the republicans hold the white house. Every time a so called conservative republican gains the white house the liberty movement goes to sleep. The opposite should occur.

      1. Smitty is correct. Spread the Patriot “disease” (Oregon senators words about Bundy group headed to John Day). I’m currently working on acquiring several hundred acres of land that will be able to provide a source of food (grains, corns, veggies, meats). It will also be able to sustain several dozen families, or small squads. I’m going to try and make a legit business out of it, and set up several like it through out the Western States. This will take me several years to complete, so a Constitution sympathizer needs to hold the White House.

        Please expand thoughts on this.

      2. Starting many moons ago, the wife and I decided that FL was NOT anyplace we needed to be (given our love of firearms, shooting paper, cans, innocent beasts (j/k) …so we moved to FAR Western North Carolina ….up HIGH in ‘them thar hills’ we’ve managed to use our land (which is a good sized ‘mount’ surrounded by (sorta) flat-land). Chickens, gardens (three so far – all of them “hay” weedless type), perimeter sensors ( I made these as I am fortunate enough to be able to design ‘not so intricate’ circuits and then put them to use (as I may need them to do) …not to mention far cheaper! Anyway, just like Wmjoe hopes (and will) accomplish, we are prolly FAR older (I am 59 …gawd, and I just keep getting olderer and olderer)!
        There are SO MANY THINGS that a person can do with their land (as do many country folk), that it is impossible to touch upon all aspects of it in this post ….but I promise I’ll get the info into a PDF and then supply a link to it for those with land. (If you are within city limits or anything but rural (and have a small bit of $$), strongly consider moving away from any ‘raging metropolis’ AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Major cities will be the first ones “they” will hit. (I am unsure how they’ll go about dealing with “country folk” …since we know our land better than they, and for this ex-Navy vet being rural makes it all much less complex. imho
        Ya know, it is possible that “it” will hit the fan when the patriots realize that the next elected prez was “installed” by the feds …and screw who everyone actually voted for. Yes ….they ARE THAT IMMORAL and as everyone agrees, they are not above doing anything (legal or not) to see that things go “their way.” (…and f*ck whatever you want or to them; THINK you want). Signed, Equorial – pissed off big-time Navy retiree. Also, I do agree THEY must make an offensive “move” that we can then “go on the defensive against” …and the rest will be history.
        Why do we not establish an ‘unknown site’ on TOR? After all, the last thing we wish to be doing is ADVERTISING and openly discussing everything (cuz you KNOW they are watching horrible terrorists such as ourselves …so why not use the same damn TOR that they do to hide everything? Feedback please? Also, using GNU/Linux is 1000x safer than any Windows will ever be, and is now so very much like windows (but a bit harder), you’ll hardly notice the diff. To give you an idea of what you can do with Linux ….there are now over 43,000 “stable” and very useful programs (not to mention you can write your own for ANYTHING you wish …and your Linux ‘box’ will happily teach it all to you – and you never ever have to reload if it happens to break (you simply fix the errors (usually tells you how), and you are back up in seconds or minutes.
        Any thoughts on making use of TOR anyone? I am just thinking ‘security’ (and we know THEY love watching us …so let’s just disappear)? lol…

      3. Both political parties are basically the same, they are two sides of the same coin and NOTHING changes no matter who is in as BOTH use Election Fraud, criminal activity, and occasionally Treason to destroy our nation from within.

        Both political “parties: need to be dumped, all who committed crimes arrested and prosecuted, and all who serve within our governments removed as NONE has kept their Oath – Except those who have been murdered or imprisoned for putting out, or trying to put out the information of the crimes committed before the public.

      4. Cal,I agree with you 100%. That being said there is not a more difficult task to articulate or make people understand even though the facts and history are all there for all to see as you state. Thanks for all your info, Always…

  7. How Joseph Goebbels of them.

    It seems everyday a new tenet of Nazism pops up. Eisatzgruppen/Drone Strikes, Goering/Corporate Control, etc. I could go on, but this crowd gets it. Question is; How do we get the rest of our Republic to understand it’s just a matter of time before the cannon is pointed in their direction?

    1. You’ll have to get them away from playing “Candy Crush” on their I-Pod first.
      The “herd” won’t be bothered with such foolishness,. Freedom? That’s too much work.


      1. That made me LOL, right up until my brother said almost exactly what you said Knarley…

        mark said in a post this morning, “God Bless. Pray for Peace. Prepare for War.” Mark
        I think he has this right.

  8. Note that one of the emblems on the black poster is the NRA. I guess NRA members are all terrorists now as well. Let’s see I am white, christian, combat veteran who is a member of the NRA. I guess the fact my 7th generation great grandfather, General George Weedon, who fought with General Washington to format this country was antiamerican too. Tell you what. This is my country and I will speak my 1st amendment right where I damn well please. I will exercise my 2nd amendment right to its fullest. And if you violate my 4th amendment right you will see how far my 2nd amendment right goes. Every generation of my family has served in the armed forces since General Weedon, my son just graduated basic and is proudly serving his time. Esentially this is my damn country, my family built it and if you think that those who rob our freedoms and rights, who call us names and place labels on us for still beliving in America are right than please join with them and get the fuck out to whatever third world hole in the wall your people crawled out of. Oh yeah and my grandmother was full blooded Cherokee so those that say the Indians were here first can also kiss my assignment and get out my country too!

    1. Don’t have the name, but my dad recently uncovered the information linking my family to Revolutionary War service. That was the last piece of my family Army service puzzle. He’s linked us with every conflict or war this nation has endured, including both sides of the Civil War. I’m the last to have enlisted, and my only big brother is still in. There are more of us Americans than a lot of people realize. Fought to create this great nation, and will damned sure try my best to help it achieve greatness again.

      1. After my father passed on I was given a parchment that had been in the family for years. In The Battle of Bunker Hill, my ‘direct’ ancestor was the wagoneer for that battle. Aaron Eames. So, I am also in this for the long run. 🙂

  9. RustyC: “Every generation of my family has served in the armed forces since General Weedon, my son just graduated basic and is proudly serving his time. Esentially(sic) this is my damn country, my family built it …”

    I had no idea the military was a privileged class in America. Kinda like the Praetorian Guard, in Rome?

    Better read that Constitution [Six words deleted by Elias Alias, editor] a little more closely, “patriot”.

    1. I am quite sure he was not excluding any other good Americans who did not serve in the military. You presume a bit much there. Are you being defensive? Why so?
      There is nothing in the world wrong with being proud of serving our country in the military. In fact, I look forward to the day when we return to the Founders’ culture in which every able bodied man (and now woman!) served in the Militia of the several States. That is of course the ultimate in inclusiveness, where we all share equally the duty to oversee our government and protect our communities as true Americans defending liberty and freedom.
      Elias Alias, editor

      1. Exactly!

        The Militia is all of us, though all must know and understand the US Constitution and be trained as congress requires the military to be trained. Want to know why we are in the mess we are currently experiencing? “We the people” are not doing OUR duty to our nation and stopping the Domestic Enemies, Traitors by enforcing the US Constitution and each state’s Constitution as is required of us plus we re not out there defending our borders.

        No governmental agency has those duties delegated to it, only the Militia does.

    2. I have read it many times. I suggest you take the course in constitutional studies offered through Hillsdale college. It is free and quite good. The military is not a privileged class by any means. They are men and women who are willing to lay down their life for an idea born 240 years ago. Are you willing to make that ultimate sacrifice? My point is simply that people from all over the world want what we have.. People here have become ladistical over what is needed to keep what we have. Quit trying to change America to be multicultural when we had a really good thing going. If you do not be live in God, than the Christian priciples on which this country was built do not HAVE to apply to you. But do not take away from those that it does apply to. Do not tell me I can not speak my mind unless I stand in a free speech zone. The language in Amerca is English. Learn it or do not expect to communicate here. Voice your opinion, but remember that mine is mine and do not try to change mine because your little feelings get hurt. Be proud to be a true Amercican and not a pacifist who lives here that I and others have to support.

      “The budget should be balanced, the treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt, the mobs should be forced to work and not depend on government for subsistence.Freedom suppressed and again regained bites with keener fangs than freedom never endangered.
      Peace is liberty in tranquility.”
      Since you have a knowledge of the Praetorian Guard of Rome, I assume you are also familiar with Cicero.

  10. FREEDOM? It’s a great word and an even better idea but unfortunately it is not a reality.

    You are allowed just enough rope to make it seem like you’re free but if you stretch that

    rope just a little to much it will be used to hang you……………………When you

    wake up in a country, any country, and there are 1200 more laws than when you went to bed,

    WTH, does that make you feel free? And if that doesn’t make you wonder about how free you

    AREN’T then think about this………………Federal Taxes, State Taxes, County Taxes,

    Municipal Taxes, Fuel Taxes, Sales Taxes, Fees and Penalties………….Do you still feel

    free?………….If you try to justify these deplorable conditions then my next question

    is……..when are you going to pull your head out of your butt?

  11. Elias- you are obviously an intelligent man who has spent considerable time pondering these sorts of matters, so I’m confident these words wont be wasted on you. The term “patriot” is perhaps the most over-used and misconstrued word used among the “three-percenters”, to the point is has been essentially bastardized-

    “Patriotism”, first and foremost, is a SELFLESS dedication to, and sacrifice made for, the love of one’s country. There is no implied reward in being a “patriot” outside of the fact that an individual takes on a cause in defense of their nation and its ideals and its people. Too many people are eager to place the mantle of “patriot” upon themselves after having done nothing more than peeling spuds and changing out the oil in Humvees while lying on their back in the sand while Eminem plays in the background. Then, once they get back to the states they expect everyone to bow at the ankles over their “sacrifice”. It’s enough to make some dogface who wintered in the Chosin Reservoir cough up his Jack Daniels from laughing.

    Let’s get a little f##king perspective here, shall we, ladies?

  12. It’s all part of a psyops created by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to demonize, categorize and 10-51 anyone displaying the symbols that oppose tyranny. It should ONLY be a warning to law enforcement that “I understand the law and my rights under the Constitution.” PERIOD !

    “10-51” is often a code used by Highway Patrol to suggest the suspect vehicle and occupants are “anti law enforcement.” What follows is the “Probable Cause (PC)” to stop the vehicle for any reason the patrolman can conjure up. It’s basically a carte blanche extension of the Police State.

    1. Understood. Given just that much as decidedly being the truth (as we have all seen the “memo” that was distributed to LEOs and such ….then it is a foregone conclusion that one should remove (except from their home’s front/back doors), any and all stickers that might (potentially) get you pulled over. This is a way of (passive) disarming an LEO in that “he sees nothing therefore knows nothing” – so down the road you go. I believe in operating as covertly as possible. The more of a surprise that you can make, the better your odds are of surviving “immoral & illegal” tactics currently being employed by (non-constitutional) LEOs, DHS, FBI, etc) <—All of these alphabet agencies need to be done away with in totality. Whatever happened to the Federal Government being "next to nothing"? In these so called modern times, it appears we are about to be inundated with "crazies, lunatics, and power-hungry nutzoids from every corner of the globe!
      Prepare for a war that will exceed the sum-total (in horrors) of all other wars combined …now, that is hard to imagine, but as immoral as ppl have become (those 'seated in power') …it would be illogical to presume anything less than 100% havoc, never-ceasing and of course, 100% psyops (at full fury) being dumped into ALL media. (Which is why we NEVER watch TV …movies, etc). Lies lies lies lies lies….

  13. Honduras, Panama, Iraq. 3 years on East/West German border (Coburg)12 months on DMZ Camp Casey (Dongducheon). 19D Cav Scout. 14 years total until slick Willie started issuing pink clips. Caught me on the trail at Fort Jackson. Words are never wasted on open minds. Laid on my back in the sand a few times, but only when I was looking up and praying…..And thank you for your service.

  14. For individuals in the cross-hairs of government-sponsored, community-based organized stalking and harassment, the Constitution has already been suspended.

    Please help expose domestic counterintelligence stalking:

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