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Oath Keeper Testimonials



Testimonial: As an American veteran, I swore an oath to uphold the constitution from all enemies domestic, and foreign. With what I have been witnessing? God, family, democracy, freedom, and the brotherhood, is what I hold as valuable to a civil society. These are what I find very important. I am not for corporate control of a “free society.” America’s forefathers had a vision. What is happening, is not that vision. I will do whatever it takes to protect our way of life, and the constitution as it was written… I am not a big talker. But I pledged an allegiance to the republic…


Chuck Dailey:

Testimonial: I joined the U.S. Air Force in May 1970, during the tale end of the Viet Nam war. I spent 22 years in the service, and spent half of my tours overseas. I was stationed in Texas, England (2x’s), Wyoming, Germany, North Dakota, Korea, and retired (honorably) from Castle Air Force base, as an E-7 (Master SGT), 8/1/92. The month after retiring I went back to college and received two A.A. degrees (Liberal Arts) (Administration of Justice). After graduation, in 1996, I applied for State Corrections, where I was accepted, and spent another 15 1/2 years, being a civil servant, which appears to have been my destiny. I spent 10 1/2 years as a Correctional Officer, and retired from State Corrections as a Correctional Counselor

I swore to defend my country from enemies, both foreign, and domestic, which I could have done a better job. I know if all of us Christians, Patriots, believers in the Constitution, and Second Amendment advocates had fought for our rights, 40 years ago, we would not be, as a nation, in such dire straits today. It saddens me/makes me livid, to see my country in its true transparency; The Evil Empire, who loves to force its agenda upon the world!

I love my country, and hope and pray that we turn back to our Lord before it is too late, and God destroys Mystery Babylon.  We all must continue to pray that God changes hearts in the Beltway, and exposes all the virulent evil promulgating this, once, great nation. We need moral people, with integrity ethics, honesty, and above reproach, to run for political office, by starting on the bottom, in our local city, and county governments. The federal level is like a behemoth (too big), which we were warned, by our forefathers, not to let happen, but in our ignorant stupors we refused to take this warning seriously. So we ca go from local to county, to State, and to Congress.

God bless you, and God bless our CHRISTIAN nation, upon which we were founded, Mr. President!



Testimonial: I wish to become involved for the safety of my family, community and country. I am not ex military or law enforcement however I am fit and capable of becoming well trained. I want to be part of a group to assist and be better trained and prepared to deal with any forces that try to infringe upon or freedom and way of life, foreign and domestic. I do believe things here in the USA will get ugly and I feel that helping each other be prepared and trained is our best defense. I’m not sure how to get started but I know this organization can help. I don’t know what the next step is. I’m wide open to moving forward.



Testimonial: Took my oath to defend the USofA in July 1970. Served as CBR NCO in the 116th Combat Engineers only briefly until I received a commission thru the state-run OCS. Serving as detachment commander when the Teton Dam disaster washed thru Rexburg, ID (1976).

Further strengthened my beliefs in defending the US constitution when I got involved in the Appleseed Project, first qualifying as a ‘rifleman’, then involvement as an Appleseed instructor.

I do all I can to inculcate my beliefs as an NRA senior training counselor (teach and qualify individuals as NRA instructors) and when teaching local residents to qualify for their concealed carry permits.


Tim Tapio:

Testimonial: To me, the Oath means exactly what it says. To defend the country from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. That includes a runaway government. We see so many other countries where dictators are removed, isn’t it time we stood together and removed ours?

Is anyone really happy the way our country has lost respect in the world? Our allies no longer believe we will help them…our enemies laugh at us knowing we are like a gelding horse. Is this the country you swore to protect?

It surely is not the country I did. Our president has made a mockery of the office. But, he did not do it alone. People put him in office twice…and there is a good chance his replacement will be no better…. and it doesn’t matter which party gets in, only a few have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the establishment. And the establishment is fighting tooth and nail to prevent those that reject them
getting elected. Is that what we want?

And can anyone guarantee that the current president will not manufacture an excuse to declare martial law and suspend elections? And the Congress will support him. Those people that we elected have no regard for our desires, they follow the holy grail of big money. How have all these people become millionaires on their salaries? And why are they always willing to give themselves a raise, yet no one else gets them? And they choose to not use the healthcare program that they voted for.

Our country is in dire straits. It is time to stand up for what we believe in. I joined Oathkeepers because I am afraid. This government knows no bounds. It makes a mockery of our laws. It is no longer responsible to the people. The last election had no consequences. Why am I reminded of Orwell’s Animal Farm…some animals are more equal that other animals. When they come for my guns, I will gladly give them up, one bullet at a time.

Am I paranoid? Perhaps. But is it better to fear what can happen and be prepared? I can only hope I can find others that feel the same way and will join me in resisting the efforts of this government to exert more control of the people. We need term limits. People in office for 30 years is a travesty. They are used to the perks of the job, they no longer know what reality is. They pay lip service to us, tell us what we want to hear with absolutely no intent of doing any of it.

A secretary of state responsible for deaths of 4 Americans. Then tells the victims families that it was due to a “video” on YouTube. And now claims that is not what she said. It was the “fog” of war. And a new secretary of state that thinks we can have sympathy for another country by having a singer sing them a song. Or when they have a terror attack, we promise to help them..that help being a conference on a non-existent fear of global warming. Did that do anything for them? Nope.

The current president sent a bust of Winston Churchill back to the British as one of his first acts in office…I have no doubt he would send the statue of liberty back to the French if he could. He is a lawless man. His allegiance is to another country. And now, due to his total disregard of military advisors, has allowed a terrorist group to flourish. And now they have penetrated the world. And he tries to ignore that they even exist.

It is time to stand up and be counted. That is why I am a member.


David F. Barrows:

Testimonial: USAF 9-23-65 thru 7-31-86

Although paid for my service, the greatest compensation was in knowing that I was a member of the US Military. My Oath was to my God, my Country, and to myself. I believe that Oath is still alive, meaningful, and binding today. Although older now, I can still watch, report and act when necessary. Oath Keepers, thank you.



Matthew Wheeler:

Testimonial: I am a veteran of Desert Shield and Desert Storm. I served with the 101st. Airborne Asslt. 3/502 inf. I have always believed in our United States, her Armed Forces, our Constitution, and the sacred principles of our founding fathers.  I have always considered myself to be a patriot in the purest form. Like my family, I consider it, not only my duty but my honor to serve my country and her citizens. My solemn oath to defend the United States Constitution is an oath that I took seriously and understood that my solemn vow was for life. I am forever in debt to those whom have served before me and have paid the ultimate price and have no intentions of leaving that debt unpaid and know that it may cost my life.

I have also served as an Engineer with the 11th Eng. Bn. Combat Heavy and the 44th while in Korea. The skills I learned while serving have served me well through out my life.

My proudest moments are the times when asked to carry, fold, post, or retire our nations colors and/or color guard details both while serving, as a veteran, or civilian. These were times of honor and privilege.

I am a proud American as is my wife and two step children. I have led by example and have set very high standards in regards to what it means to be an “American” as opposed to a person who resides in America, there is a BIG difference. With regard to our Great United States the principles I try to live by are duty and honor. I will serve no masters except God and Country. I consider it an opportunity to be an “Oath Keeper” and it is my honor.



“When I die, I desire no better winding sheet than the stars and stripes, and no softer pillow than the constitution of my country.”
– Andrew Johnson



Testimonial: As an American citizen, I was unable to join the U.S. Armed Forces due to medical issues. I now believe that this was meant to be my call of duty, and I will stand with the Constitution, no matter what the cost. Those of us who love our way of life need to wake up and smell the corruption and withering of our constitutional rights. Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it, and those of us with the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action. Make our countless sacrifices for freedom count, and honor them by making your stand. God Bless America.



Testimonial: In the year 1988 I joined the US Army. It was then I took my oath of enlistment. A 19k m1a1 armored crewman. A front line combat mos and I was part of the lead platoon when called to Iraq. There was nobody in front of us. I have been to war and still dream of things I saw and was ordered to do. We lost 3 guys to indirect fire. Brothers who we trained with. I would do it again for the country I love and my children’s future. I am an OATHKEEPER. Till the day I die. Short and sweet. DV Bubba.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. I don’t belong above as I was not in the military or police force, but I swear an oath to the Constitution, as an American born, and raised, in Colorado by a drill sergeant (who went easy on me) who served in the Marines during WWII. Who served in the pacific all through WWII. And a grandfather who was a mustang in the Navy. Also served in the pacific on the Indianapolis, but was reassigned before the tragedy. He joined at 17. Both lived the life, until they left. They would both be appalled at what we see today. As am I!

    I will live, and die, a God fearing American! I will stand with my fellow Americans to defend, and protect, the Constitution, and the people, and face whatever comes at us! Anytime it comes at us! Those who came before us, and fought and possibly died for us, shall not have done so in vain!

  2. I took The Oath in October 1967, whereupon it was buried deep within a special place in my heart, and honored until my separation from active duty in 1972. It has resided dormant in that special place until being called to active duty, once again. The first time it protected against a falsely-touted “foreign enemy”. The second active duty is to protect against a known “domestic enemy”. My Oath and I are committed and ready to give “Life, Fortune, and Sacred Honor”.

    For the Republic,

    LoneStarHog (Hog)
    Texas Life Member #140

    1. An Oath to Whom?

      The USA was taken over post civil-war by UK, 1910 they setup federal reserve bank, in 1930’s US citizens were sold to INTL bankers. In 1963 JFK tried to ban ‘Israel Affairs Lobby’, a few months later they killed him, and rename to AIPAC.

      US Constitution, while a fine doc, hasn’t been law of land, since pre 1860’s.

      What is needed is ‘reset’, go back to declaration-of-indepedence, abolish this evil GOV, and make a anew per Jefferson.

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