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My 5 Novels – Shorty Dawkins

I am an Associate Editor of the Oath Keeper’s website, and I am a writer of novels. Over the past 10 years I have written, and published, five novels, under two pseudonyms and now, with the 5th novel, I am using my real name, Alan Milner. When I was young, I thought I would someday write a book. It wasn’t until I was 54 years old that I finally had the inspiration to write one. It literally “appeared” to me in a very strange way, but isn’t that how inspiration works?

My first book, The Legend of Shorty Dawkins, became a trilogy, with Books Two and Three to follow. I wrote them using the pseudonym of Cody Larson. It was when I moved to Montana that I took on the use of the alias, Shorty Dawkins, as I liked the character in the book.  Eli and Me was the fourth book, authored by Shorty Dawkins. Recently, I finished We Will Endure, using my real name, Alan Milner.

All my books are about freedom, and the people who believe in freedom. Throughout my life, I have had the pleasure of knowing many interesting people who, when given the freedom to be themselves, had marvelous ideas, or had the courage to question the realities of life. And yes, I have known those who sought to control me, to crush my individuality and make me one of the “slavish masses”, which I have always resisted.

Today, I am offering my books as a means for Oath Keepers to make money. From this point forward, for each paperback book sold, regardless of where, or by whom, I will donate $5 to Oath Keepers. For each Kindle book sold, I will donate $2. Below is a description of each book, with links to my store, where paperback versions of my books are available, along with links to the Kindle versions. I believe in what Oath Keepers stands for. I believe in the Constitution, and in freedom. I will not be a slave.

I hope you enjoy my books. It has been fun, and a work of love, to create them. It was always my desire to create likable, real characters, for it is real people that we meet each day.

We Will Endure

We Will Endure

By Alan Milner

List Price: $18.95

388 pages

This is a story of survival and endurance. It is also a story of love and compassion, which, if this world of ours should ever fall apart, will more than likely be in short supply. If civilization is to endure, it must be based on compassion, respect and the simple belief that every life matters. Our present “civilization” is moving away from these simple human qualities. It is, therefore, doomed. No society can long endure without honesty and respect, backed up with compassion. Technology cannot replace basic humanity, for the wellsprings of that humanity reside in the spirit of man. Those who say, or think, otherwise, are lost souls.

In each person, there resides a spirit, which is not a part of the reality we perceive, but of the reality of the Creator, whatever you may call it. The Creator, is the complete consciousness, of which we are but a small part, yet within our spirit is all of consciousness. It sounds contradictory, but it isn’t. We merely have to learn how to access that consciousness. Mankind once had that capability. The Bible refers to the Fall of Man. It is a reference to the descent of man into savagery. It is the loss of the connection with the complete consciousness. With that loss, mankind fell into savagery, which continues to this day. Most will deny it, but if they were honest, and looked at the wars, the genocide, the narcissism, the psychopathy that exists in this world, and the evil of those we call the Elite, it cannot be denied.

Most people prefer to exist with blinders on, preferring the numbness of ignorance,to the possibility of pain and suffering, yet to experience true joy, one must first face pain. It is our purpose, in this life, to experience both, not the numbness of nothingness.

There is a mystery within this story, that I invite you to unravel. Few will try, but those who are willing may find something of value in the solving of it. It is not the obvious mystery you will see in these pages, but something far deeper. I invite you to discover it.

Available here.

Shorty Dawkins Book One

by Cody Larson

350 pages

List Price: $18.95

Shorty Dawkins, a Legendary young man, takes on the task of bringing true freedom to his friends, family and neighbors. Along with some curious and lovable friends he faces the odds of fighting the Enlightened Ones, the rich and powerful few who wanted complete control of everyone. Shorty and his friends had other ideas.

Living free, as they did, they had some remarkable adventures. Shorty wrote songs, which he and his best friends, Mad Mountain Jack and Caleb Johnson played together.

Adventure, and living free went hand in hand with each other, and they never turned down an adventure.

Available here.

Shorty Dawkins Book Twoby Cody Larson

380 pages

List Price: $18.95

This is the second book in the Legend of Shorty Dawkins series. More fun, adventures and danger await Shorty and his friends, as they face off against those who would seek to control them, the Enlightened Ones. Shorty and his friends just want to be left alone, to live their lives simply, while harming no one, but the Enlightened Ones will never let them be. The Enlightened Ones want total control, and they will stop at nothing in their quest for control. Shorty refuses to bow to them, however. He and his friends are not about to be slaves. It will be freedom for their clan, or it will be death.

Available here.

Shorty Dawkins Book Threeby Cody Larson

400 pages

List Price: $18.95

This is the third book in the Legend of Shorty Dawkins series. Much has happened to Shorty, our hero, and his friends, Caleb Johnson and Mad Mountain Jack. They very nearly lost their lives, but now, they are healthy and rich. They are Legends, to the people they know, and to many they don’t know. The battle with the Enlightened Ones continues. Shorty, Jack and Caleb are determined to end this constant warfare once and for all. They leave their children in the care of Shorty’s parents and his Uncle and Aunt, and travel across the width of Canada, in the dead of winter, to face off with foreign troops brought in by the Enlightened Ones. When the Enlightened Ones are destroyed, they will return to Freedom Valley, and not before. This is a story of determination, of bravery, of dedication, and, above all else, of love, respect, joy, compassion, and, of course, adventure.

Available here.

Eli and Meby Shorty Dawkins

266 pages

List Price: $18.95

What if the world’s engines just stopped? Suppose the electric grid suddenly stopped supplying electricity. Supposing your car won’t run. Suppose no electronics worked. This is the stark reality of what might happen should there be an EMP blast, high up in the atmosphere. Would you be ready for it? Would you be ready for the breakdown of Society? The Government hates those it calls “preppers”. Why? Because preppers are prepared. To be prepared to look after yourself and your family is now considered questionable behavior by the Department of Homeland Security. They don’t want you self-sufficient; they want you helpless and subservient. Eli and Me explores what could happen, if the world, and all its lying, manipulating politicians suddenly go crazy.

Available here.


Shorty Dawkins



    1. Gerardo,

      I had never investigated pantheism, so was surprised by your comment. I did a quick Wikipedia investigation of pantheism, and found Spinoza is credited with developing it as a philosophy. Never read Spinoza. My beliefs come from a lifetime of questioning and investigation. Thanks for your input.

      Alan Milner

  1. Hey Shorty, I would be very interested in buying the whole set, you have my email, drop me a line. It might be a few days before I can access that account, but I am interested.


  2. Hey Shorty. You may not remember me but I helped you ”pound nails’ for a patriot retreat in Montana a few summers back. I just wanted to thank you for the work you do with Oath Keepers.

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