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Is The American Dream Dead?


This article was written by Tom Chatham and originally published at Project Chesapeake

The American dream is not a thing in physical terms but an idea that lives or dies with certain beliefs in society. Can it die? Yes it can if those beliefs are purged from the conscience of society. This is what Jefferson meant by watering the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots from time to time.

Many people bemoan the loss of the high paying jobs and the mansions and swimming pools we all want to have. They look around them and see their dreams of easy living collapsing and the debt piling up about to drown them. They see life becoming harder every day and society becoming more dangerous.

The American dream is not about houses, swimming pools, expensive vacations or fancy cars. These are all benefits of that dream. They are the icing on the cake, not the cake itself. The American dream is about the freedom to earn those things if you are smart enough and work hard enough.

The American dream is about freedom. The ability to live the way you desire and to be all you can be in society. It is the freedom to build and accumulate and make something of yourself. It is the freedom to go from rags to riches in one generation because of your will and abilities. It is the freedom to own your own property and use it to better your position in society.

The American dream is about the freedom to walk into a clearing with a hoe and shovel and build a farm. It is about the freedom to walk into a stand of timber with nothing but an axe and an idea and build a town. It is about the freedom to design a new machine from your imagination and build a factory to use it.

For the dream to die freedom must also die. As long as you have the freedom to do your best the dream is always possible. The slow loss of personal freedom over the past century has led to the diminishing of the possible. We no longer see the possibilities because that ability is being taken away from us. Tyranny is the lack of possibilities forced on the population. You can no longer be all you can be because you are constrained by others that want to limit those possibilities.

When your freedom is constrained by those that are willing to use force to limit those possibilities, you must defend that freedom with force to preserve it. That is when the tree of liberty gets watered. That is when the dream is reborn to flourish once again.

The American dream can die but only when we fail to water it and let it die. If Americans want to eat cake then they first must bake it. Only then will they be able to treat themselves to the icing on it that we all love so much.


Brandon Smith



  1. There comes a point when there is nothing left to fight for. I’m 32 years old. I do not personally know anyone my age, or younger whom has what one would call prosperity.

    People can not improve their homes without a building permit. People pay property tax, which is rent. We the people have free speech zones and gun free zones. We learn about the holocaust, but not about the Japanese bubonic plague fleas. We never hear about the 20 plus million Stalin killed. Schools don’t tell you about Belgium, Congo, and Leopold 2. We give away foreign aid, fight radical Muslims, and keep the roads paved on military bases in over a hundred countries. We never consider how we would feel if China built a military base in Ohio.

    We laugh at Homer Simpson sleeping at his job at a nuclear power plant, but don’t get furious when journalists show sleeping or absent guards, and pay little attention to whistleblowers. Our government has no problem using tax payer money to sue Volkswagen though. We splice scorpion DNA into cabbage, and eat food that other countries won’t accept during a famine. We drink and shower with fluoridated water coming through pipes that cities don’t fix until they crumble. We export more jobs than we do goods. We’re in more binding alliances than we can manage. We must get our Gestapo papers, vaccines and retinal scan to travel abroad. We live in a country with privatized prisons, microwave crowd control, and spend a currency that is loaned to our government by a private bank, at interest.

    So someone please tell me, is this George Orwell’s 1984, or is this Idiocracy? We buy fireworks from china, and flags made in Malaysia to celebrate our independence. Is there a line in the sand? Maybe, but its probably not going to be noticed when it gets crossed. Did you see that Bronco defense? We need taxpayer funded power outlets every 30 feet with glade plugins, because it all stinks. I’d like to believe that a movement could change things, but George Washington did too. Abraham Lincoln and JFK share something in common, but most people don’t know.

    Anonymous hacking the 6 o’clock news would do more than 10,000 patriots blood flowing, and Eminem could write a song about Flint Michigan and cause terror in the hearts of those involved by saying names. That’s where we are. Will the real slim shady please stand up?

    It is a shame that Lavoy Finicum died. It is a shame Ammon Bundy and many others are facing prison. It is a shame that were at this point. Sadly, restoring liberty requires people knowing what it is, plus wanting it, and re-education of 100 plus million is the real battle.

  2. Unfortunately my friends, my countrymen, my brothers…”it is finished”…. When only a fraction of the original populous even question, let alone remember, or care to remember; our sacrifices, what we were, what we stood for??? One world PC has dominated our lives/culture. It no longer matters that we were, only what we have become. The vast “majority” of young people I know say they are willing to give up their freedoms to be “protected”. They care more about their “likes”, than actual LIFE. If YOU truly want to make a change, a difference, You have to teach the young what we, yes WE, have taken from them. I will give anything for my young son to feel the pride, the willingness to sacrifice, the honor, for a country that IS his. His dad’s. His papas. And so on….it begins at home my compatriots…

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